What level of grotto does grotto Grenyarl live in?

  1. Every one I know has Grenyarl grotto version, even my best friend! I think it is unfair and that is why I need to find grotto Grenyarl. Also, I have a PKJ grotto.

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    rh3ia - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Umm... the easiest way at this point, if you live near them, is to just go into canvassing mode at Quester's Rest, and have them share the Greygnarl map. If, by friends, though, you're referring to people not local to you, then here's some info taken and extrapolated from the grotto mechanics guide:

    Greygnarl (and, for that matter, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks) require at least a rank 10 grotto. To get this, you need a quality of at least 181. There are random seeds, but for an even shot at a grotto with a chance for him to be the boss, your main character's level in his highest level class, plus the map level, plus 5 times the revocations in the most revocated class, must be at least this number. Interestingly, your best odds for him showing up are in a rank 10, where there is a 1 in 8 chance of him being the boss. The target number to aim for with the best chance of a rank 10 map would be 190.

    That now said, the maps themselves. A rank 10 map will be at least level 58. But, this level is too small for Grey to show up in. The minimum level for Grey to be in on a rank 10 would be 70. (Conditions for this are 11 floors, rank 6 (or F in some rating systems) monsters on floor 1, and the seed giving the map level the maximum reduction.) Of course, the higher the level, the better the chance, but even at a level 99 map, it is not assured.

    Should you start getting higher levels, and push the sum from the prior paragraph above 200, your odds of getting Grey drop significantly. (You can still get rank 10 maps up to a summation of 222, with odds obviously decreasing the higher you go.) At this point, you look at rank 11 maps, and to have any chance of Grey in these, it will be at least level 79 (12 floors, monster level 8/D), or level 88 (14 floors, monster level 9/C) for rank 12. And even then, your odds at the low end can be as bad as 3.5% of him showing up. (Equinox, Nemean, and Shogum are not capable at showing up in a level 79.)

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