What are the grotto maps that everyone keeps talking about?

  1. I know it's kind of a dumb question, but I'm sort of a newbie at this game. Could someone give me a basic rundown of these? I do know they're dungeons of some sort, but I'm still confused about their purpose in this game. Thanks.

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    jbl8199 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Grottos don't do much but yes, they are dungeons. As said before, you get your first one near Zere Rocks. Give Christopher Collapsus a special medicine and he'll give you a map for a grotto to the west of Stornway. Once you beat the boss (Equinox) you will get a new grotto map. I heard that the level of which will be determined by the level of your hero. Most grottos are gigantic dungeons and the higher the level, the stronger the monsters in it and the more floors. There are some grottos that hold only bosses. These bosses are called Legacy bosses. You get your first Legacy Boss map (Baramos) in a quest. Baramos gives you more of the maps. Now, you need to find the grotto before you can enter it. The map will show a small area around it. I used to find grottos by (SPOILER ALERT!) flying around on the Starflight Express. The express can be gotten in post-game.

    That's it! Hope I Helped! :D


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Other Answers

  1. Grottos dont really do anything in the story line you get your first one on your way up to zere rocks from a guy called christopher collapses you get treasure and other maps from defeating bosses at the bottom of them but you have to find where the grotto is first bylooking at the grotto map thats basically what grottos are about!

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