Tips for defeating Corvus?

  1. I've been stuck on him for ages and I'm sick of it! Everybody else doesn't seem to have much trouble and I can't understand it. My team consists of:

    Minstrel: Lvl 51
    Warrior: Lvl 46
    Thief: Lvl 44
    Mage: Lvl: 43

    I've found all other bosses fairly easy. Please help! If you need any other details feel free to ask. Thanks in advance ;)

    User Info: GreyEyedAthena

    GreyEyedAthena - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Oh, forgot to say that I'm stuck on his second form.

    User Info: GreyEyedAthena

    GreyEyedAthena - 6 years ago

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  1. I was also stuck on his second form, started levelling up, and finally beat him with everybody at lvl 51 except the mage, who was 46 (I used the same team as yours). If you can, revocate the mage into a priest and level him/her up to level 38 minimum, when he/she will learn multiheal. Simply use multiheal every turn/every other turn and go all out with the others. I hope that helped.

    User Info: lisern

    lisern - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Well a few good tips are I have been pwnning with my paladin (earned by talking to guy at top of castle in gleeba) now I still can't beat him but I'm not that trained (lvl 41 warrior lvl 43 paladin) if u r willing to start from lvl 1 then give it ur best shot

    User Info: nextgenwalkthro

    nextgenwalkthro - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. My stategy requires a lot things you have to do for it to work. The finished party should be as follows:
    Paladin, Gladiator, Sage.
    First you should max the sword weapon skill as a ministrel and have a thief in your party and Max out Aquisitiveness.
    Next make a priest to max out Faith then revocate to Mage and max out Spellcraft to get the bonuses.
    Second unlock the vocations for the party. Change your Ministrel to a paladin and max out Virtue, Thief to a gladiator and max out the Hammer skill, finally change your Mage/priest into a sage and max out Enlightenment.
    Third for the battle make sure the paladin has the highest armor. Always use Forbeance as the paladin, attack with full force with the gladiator, and heal/damage with the sage. If the paladin dies use Kazing asap.
    With this you should be able to beat Corvus. Doing all this takes a lot of work but trust me it's worth it.

    User Info: MrDudsonify

    MrDudsonify - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. I beat him with 2 warriors(lv.49&52), a lv.37 mage and lv.40 priest. i used oomph on my warrior(52), sap corvus twice, get him to tension-100 and falcon slash away! also i use spooky aura, channel anger and a fire/blast spell. multiheal with priest, yggdrasil leaves and dew, elfin elixirs, warriors having silver shields, miracle/inferno swords, minotaur helm, catoptric armour, sturdy slacks, gigasteel sabatons, heavy gauntlets. mage-boss shield, hieroglyph staff, hocus hat, flowing dress, sorceror's slacks, sorceress sandals. priest-boss shield, demon spear, hermetic hat, flowing dress, ethereal gloves, sturdy slacks, gigasteel sabatons.

    i mixed and matched with different vocation skills as well.

    User Info: beanojuice

    beanojuice - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. I beat Corvus using a team consisting of: Sage (me), Priest, Mage, and a Martial Artist. Because i had the "Egg on" ability from being a Ministral, I would use that on my hardest hitter...the martial artist while having my Mage cast "Oomph" on my Martial artist and also having the Martial artist use "Psyce Up" at the same time to hit Corvus hard. Hoped it helped :)
    -P.s. It might take a while if you use this method because sometimes, Corvus, like any other boss would use "disruption wave" which takes all the magical effects off of your party.

    User Info: AAlvarez24

    AAlvarez24 - 5 years ago 0 0

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