King Godwyn ?

  1. I need to beat king godwyn.

    My levels are
    LV.38 gladiator/LV.31 minstrel (Ross)
    LV.45 martial artist (Fleur)
    LV.45 Warrior (sam)
    LV.26 Priest/LV.39 mage (evan)

    I do not want to change any vocations but i will if i have to. I have all the weapons and armour i can buy.


    User Info: lapris4

    lapris4 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Easiest Way, Of Course, Is To Use A Cheat To Get To Lv 99 And 100% Crit Rate. I'd Recommend Lv 50-70, But That's Just Me. Be Sure You're Ready For King Godwyn II. Stock Up On Medicines And Potions, MP, HP, Etc. Whatever. You'll Need It All For What's Coming Up After Him. Trust Me. I Believe King Godwyn Has 1970 HP In His First Form And 255 MP. King Godwyn II Has 3250 HP And 255 MP. You Have No Time To Heal In Between. If You Beat King Godwyn II, He'll Drop A Sceptre Of Gitt. Then You'd Go On To Barbarus And Then Corvus (God Bless You). That Probably Wasn't All That Helpful But I Gave You Almost All The Information I Could. I Hope You'll Pass Them. Good Luck,~ tul3.

    User Info: tul3

    tul3 - 6 years ago 0 0

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