Help with my team? Thanks In advance

  1. I am really very new to this game and I want some advice for what I plan my team to be..whether it's good or not and some here is what I'ma make my team.
    Gladiator: 100 with axes
    Martial Artists: 100 with claws
    Paladin: 100...I need a good weapon to use any advice would be appreciated
    Priest: 100 in faith.
    That is basically what I plan my team to be I need advice...if its good and why..or of it's bad and why...I have one more question that im still thinking about..what is a solid weapon I should make my priest use? I'm only using spears right now but I'm not sure if it's necessarily good for priests.

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    Iamsoproat - 6 years ago

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  1. Hi there, I have player this game now for several months and in that time i have gone through 3 save files so ive got a real feel for the game my personal preference in weapons for a paladin would have to be either axe or hammer obviously it will be hard to get axe to 100 as a paladin as paladins cant hold them naturally however what i do is train my hero up in gladiator and ranger to get my axe skill to 100 before changing to paladin this is a very affective weapon if you are likely to be hunting for metal enemies howver it is easier to train up in hammer as a paladin whichever one you choose is a good choice though especially as you can get a special move for each weapon later on by doing specific quests. As for your priest the spear is probably your best choice as it gives you access to critical hit moves such as thunder thrust which can be very helpful against metal enemies (i fought a lot of metals because of the high experience gains) Your martial artist can be extremely effective with claws though it may also be worthwhile considering them to be a thief because of there ability to wear tougher armour early on. lastly the gladiator is probalby the class that will do the most damage my suggestion would be to train up the gladiators very last skill point slot at the bottom as well as axe though as moves like "blind mans biff" can be extremely helpful against enemies there are videos all over youtube of paladins using this move to take down tough grotto bosses. I dont tend to place any experience points into shield until i have maximised at least one weapon and near enough completed the skill input into the characters specified skill area at the bottom for example the sages enlightenment or the paladins "virtue"

    A good thing about the paladin is that if he/she unlocks there coup de grace this gives them access to Knight watch which you may or may not know completely protects the user from harm and enrages the enemy at the user when this coup de grace is combined with forbearance the entire team is protected basically turning one characters coup de grace into the co-op de grace of soul asylim obviously this lasts for a limited time.

    It might also be worth while at some point turning your priest into a sage at some point as this makes them more affective at resurecting because they can then use kazing which resurects without fail it also allows them to use powerful attack spells such as magic burst (seen in the final boss fight) the plus side to having a sage is the amount of MP available is increases majorly i had a sage with over 500 mp points in one save file without items plus the fact sages coup de grace allows you to replenish some mp as well

    hope this helps

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  1. For me I like to make my mage, priest, thief, and Ranger hang back and my warrior, main character, and gladiator up front. But that's just me. It all depends on your fighting style. If you like to get into battle, change your weaker ones with your stronger ones. I've played this game for about 2 years now, and I really like the swords

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