1. I did the firs task but now i dont know what to do pls help!

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  2. Clarification Request::
    First task as in defeating the wieght knight

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    What excatly do you need help with Stornway?

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    Please explain further for a better answer

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  1. After you defeat the wight knight talk to the princess again and she will tell you about a song she was told.
    Then head to zere and talk to the people there until you have two elders sing the song for you. When they have try to leave town again and the wight knight will show up. Once he leaves head for the dungeon on the north-west map. Once you clear that dungeon head back to stornwall and speak with the king. Upon leaving the castle you will be told to try and start the train again. You will know for sure that you are done in stornwall when patty grants the use of the alchemy pot.

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  1. Ok, so, after defeating the Wight Knight, report back to king Schott. Then follow what everything says.
    If you want the full guide, look in the FAQs

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  2. Well, it depends on where you are, but here's a review of what to do:

    I think it's safe to say you have watched Erin's "happy homecoming" because that's the first thing that happens, and after that you want to go to the middle of town and read the wooden sign, which basically tells you to go to the king and defeat some guy that's "terrorizing" his daughter. Note that it has to be day time when you go to the castle, and then you talk to the guards, left one as I recall, and he'll ask if you're there about the sign, and you say yes. If you go straight you'll end up going up a staircase, and just keep going in that direction until you come to the king, who is easy to depict as he is blond and wears a crown. You confirm you're there about the "monster" and listen to what he has to stay, then agree to help him out. North of Stornway is a bridge, and once you cross it you follow the path to the clearing, and agree to wait for the Wight Knight. I'm usually a level 11 or 12 at this point (as I have strategies to help me) and once you've defeated him you return to the king once again during the day and tell him what happened, and note to get your party members at the inn at this time if you don't want to be solo in the game. He won't believe you, and Simona, the princess, leaves the room and waits right outside. You go out the same way she does, and her room is pretty much the only one accessible from that point, so you'll know where to go. Once you've heard her task for you, you go to Zere (along path west of the clearing), and, during the day, go to the house down the hill from the church and across from the church with the stairs leading down next to it. Upon going inside, there will be two old ladies sitting at the table, and you talk to the one on the left. They'll sing a song for you, and you'll leave once they're done and go back to the entrance, where you'll encounter the Wight Knight and tell him about the song. He'll leave, and you follow behind by traveling north along the path, and once you get to the new place, you'll see what looks like a dark cloud in the middle of your mini map, which was once a castle. You'll find your knight directly inside looking at was once his home before he runs off. You'll go down the stairs (directly forward until you reach other wall, then left until you reach staircase) and work your way to the ones leading up, and then you'll go up again. I advise unlocking the door you encounter before continuing to go down the other steps. You'll then come across a throne room, and you go inside, where you'll witness a confrontation where a hag curses the Wight Knight, and you go forward and talk to her. Her curse doesn't work on you for reasons that will be apparent to you at this time, and you get into a boss battle with her. Once you have won, the Wight Knight will end up dancing with "Mona", who turns out to be Simona, and once she has left you return during the day to the castle, where you will get a reward and the king will open the gates to Coffinwell. You get your reward, then return to the Starflight Express for your next mission.

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