How to beat dread master?

  1. I'm in the old school but i can't seem to defeat the dread master heres my party
    Minstrel hero:Level 25
    Warrior Level 25 and hes also a tank he survived double trouble from the super slugger boss when it was 25 tension!
    Priest level 25
    Mage level 25
    Minstrel and warrior are focusing on swords
    Prist is focusing on spears
    Mage is focusing on staffs
    i have mostly up to date stuff except for the staffs and swords for the hero due to the fact hero=Egg on slave

    User Info: nicka209

    nicka209 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. That's the line-up I used, but I think you may want to level a bit more, especially if the monsters in the Old School are giving you a hard time. Metal Medleys in the Bad Cave are a good place to level - grind to maybe Lv. 28-ish, maybe more, if you feel you need to. Not really a lot to say, except that your Mage should be casting Bounce to reflect the Dreadmaster's spells. In a pinch, you can use your Hero to heal as well, even though the best healing spell Minstrels get is Midheal.

    If you haven't beaten Larstastnaras or the Grand Lizzier yet, go back and thrash 'em before attempting Dreadmaster again - the first time, Dreadmaster was a brick wall for me, but you may actually been doing some of the bosses out of order, which may explain why you may be having problems.

    User Info: Akiraita

    Akiraita - 6 years ago 0 1

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