How do I beat King godwyn demon of hell?

  1. Seriously this guy is like the GOD of the bosses in this game...i can beat his first form without TO much trouble but he mostly kills my mage then when he transforms i can't keep my party alive due to him using frizzle or whatever inferno breath or anything else Heres my party
    Hero minstrel:Level 36
    warrior:Level 36
    Priest:Level 35
    Mage:level 35
    warrior and hero are focusing on swords up to gigaslash right now priest is focusing on spears up to multislash now and mage is focusing on wands up to MP recovery each turn
    What i'v been TRYING to do is have my mage use oomph on my warrior and have my hero use one or two egg ons then have him use falcon slash but he always uses disruptive wave RIGHT before i can use falcon slash i'v tried grinding off liquid metal slimes but they always run away if i even GET to encounter them but they barely appear

    User Info: nicka209

    nicka209 - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Since when do people call him "demon of hell" ?!

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    To4oo4 - 4 years ago

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  1. I don't think it's worth it to use egg on just once or twice. If you really want to use tension boosts get to 100. And since that doesn't always work, I wouldn't bother. What I would do first is consider unlocking some other vocations(eg. unlock gladiator class at Alltrades Abby downstairs)because a level 35 or 40 gladiator has really good attack power, and thier coup de grace boosts his/her tension to either 50 or 100 in one turn. I think that you should make your priest level 38(learns multiheal.) As for grinding liquid metal slimes, you should use an uber falcon blade and use metal slash(can do up to 4 damage because you hit twice.) Also have you done any work on your shield skill? A plus 2percent block chance doesn't sound like much, but it can really help, especially if you raise your shield skill enough to learn stuff like defending champion etc. As a strategy for your current team I'd recommend having your warrior and minstrel on offense, your priest using multiheal(when you get it)and your mage doing a mix of offense and stat raising. Hope this all helps!

    User Info: bobbobbob111

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  1. I beat king godwyn with level 34 gladiator level 34 palidan level 47 priest and level 28 armentalist. my strategy is first for form use normal attacks not alot of mp then when next form comes i get my gladiator 100 tension then double up to get big attack boost then i do life fource with armentalist equipt uber falcon bllade then use blind mans biff which does like 8k dmage to him and i won.
    I think blind mans biff is way over poered thats why i love gladiators.

    p.s i used same strategy for corvus and won on my first try . { i boost my tension up with pyshe up martial art skill}

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  2. If u want to grind metal slimes nicka 209 use skills like thunder thrust that do critical damage thats how i do it.

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  3. axe skill hatchet man is also good for Lms

    User Info: bobbobbob111

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  4. Definitely get your Priest to Level 38--it learns a spell that helps handle attacks hitting more than one person (which, I recall, Godwyn does a lot of).

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  5. If you Think if he is the god of bosses think again you wont be able to beat lv.1baramos.....Change your minestel to paladin. He got Amazing defence and hp. Hes perfect for any boss fight. I almost died until i used hatchet man and killed him with a critical. My team is a lv50 paladin, Lv 77 sage , lv. 69 gladiator and a lv 37 warrior. Go to the bowhole and Start grinding for exp

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