Good level for corvus and how to beat shogum?

  1. i'v been making stuff from alchemy *the upgraded mirror armor and a uber falcon blade* And i wanted to know..
    Any good levels to fight corvus at? Heres my team
    minstrel hero level 38
    warrior level 38
    Mage level 37
    priest level 37
    Also my second question
    Also any good tips for shogum? as i'v gotten tired of the "Fight equinox 5 times then fight nemean 3 times then equinox a couple times more" thing

    User Info: nicka209

    nicka209 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Get your Priest up a level at least, for Multiheal. Grinding to Lv. 40 all across the board might be a good idea, actually. I didn't beat him until I was around Lv. 45, but people have managed to take him down earlier.

    Shogum is generally bearable, but his critical attack can murder most characters in one blow, so get the Shield scroll from Swinedimples and give it to your Priest, so that s/he can at least Zing dead characters.

    User Info: Akiraita

    Akiraita - 6 years ago 0 0

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