How do I beat (Baramos lv.1)?

  1. My team, their weapons, and their armour and skills are listed below:
    ( the vocations listed are just the ones that they are highest lv. in. Im willing to change)
    1. Minstrel lv.77- sacrosanct armour, dragon warrior boots, helm, gauntlets, and pants, ice axe, mighty armlet
    omni-sword, shield, and axe

    2. Gladiator lv.64- gigant armour, light gauntlets, battle briches, erdricks helm, gigasteel sabatons, erdricks sword, meteorite bracer
    omni-sword,axe working on- shield, guts

    3. Priest lv. 56- Dragon robe, ethereal shield, gigasteel helm, red tights, ethereal gloves, wellington boots, life bracer
    omni- wand, faith working on- shield

    4. Paladin lv. 50- ethereal armour, boss shield, iron kneecaps, safety shoes, thugs mug, gigasteel gauntlets, storm spear, agility ring
    omni- spear, shield working on- virtue

    My strategy is:

    Paladin uses kabuff and magic barrier as needed

    preist uses multiheal or moreheal( total faith means that his healing is so strong he doesn't need fullheal)

    Minstrel mixes with healing and offence

    Gladiator only stops attacking to use coup de grace or to defend if baramos is outraged at him

    Any suggestions on better foot and leg wear for the priest are appreciated. Im working on upgrading the paladins foot and leg wear. anything that requires an agate of evolution to make, forget it( ive been working on one for the zere rocks quest for days and i still haven't got one) otherwise any help is appreciated

    User Info: bobbobbob111

    bobbobbob111 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Also, is it better to take the experience after, or give it to him

    User Info: bobbobbob111

    bobbobbob111 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Since Your Minstrel is 40+, Do the quests Tom Foolery (Ghost in the bottom of Alltrades) to Get Minstrels Manual. Then You can use Gritty Ditty, Which Raises Attack of Everyone.

    Give Your Priest a Meteorite Bracer So He/She Always Casts First. Also Start the Battle using care prayer, So Multiheal Can do 300 Healing to Everyone.
    Heal every round if Necessesary.

    And also Change your Paladin to Arnementalist And Have him learn Frost Fource then change back. Then Use That on Everyone.

    Hope I helped!

    User Info: lion3748956

    lion3748956 - 6 years ago 0 0

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