Whats better, a Uber Falcon blade, or an Inferno Blade?

  1. An Uber Falcon Blade, has an attack bonus of 27, and can attack twice in one turn.
    An Inferno Blade has a bonus of about 90-something, and can be used as an item in battle

    User Info: epb45

    epb45 - 6 years ago

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  1. Like the other two have said, the Uber Falcon Blade is easily the better weapon.

    First of all, it may have lower attack, but since you hit twice per turn, you still do the same amount of damage as with the Inferno Blade. Plus, the Inferno Blade loses some effect against fiery foes, especially dragons.

    Second, as previously mentioned, using the Falcon Slash skill with the Uber Falcon Blade equipped allows you to hit four times in one attack as opposed to twice. This is especially useful when buffed up against bosses (as previously mentioned) or when trying to take down an elusive foe.

    All in all, this weapon's speed and versatility more than make up for its lack of raw power, and it's an absolute must when power-training on metal slimes.

    User Info: LeonKrilangiVII

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  1. I'd say uber falcon blade.
    Well see, it all depends on your character. Take the character you're looking to equip either one to and go to alltrades. If there are any jobs you haven't touched yet, switch to them and equip the best armor you can and go grind some liquid metal slimes until you get some skill points. Invest them in a something that will give you a strangth boost like courage (warrior skill) or guts (gladiator skill). With high strength, the uber falcon blade can be devastating, especially if you use falcon slash with it. You have a chance of getting up to 4 hits with it! Thats 4x the damage you normally would have done. It far outstrips the inferno blade in my opinion, btu that's just my opinion.

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  2. The stronger your character gets, the better the Falcon Blade gets (ESPECTIALLY with Falco Slash).

    The Inferno Blade has 99 Attack, but eventially, (like when you get to the Legacy Bosses) it starts to suck. Also, the Flames the Inferno Blade breaths do pathetic damage (I've never done more than 21 damage)(though I haven't used it very much, mainly becuase of such weak damage)

    So I'd say Falcon Blade, awesoming you can use Falco Slash. (BTW, use it against bosses, raise you Attack and Tension and then DEVISTATE) =)

    User Info: Armamentalist01

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  3. That is a very easy question. the uber falcon blade is one of the best weps on the game. the inferno blade may have 99 attack but its rly not very good once u fight decent monsters like moai minstrels and slugly betseys. the falcon blade does double attacks that altogether do about 40% more damage (at around lvl 60) than a single attack from inferno blade. if u raise ur tension to 100 and use falcon attack with an uber falcon blade, you will utterly destroy all enemies (besides legacy bosses) mainly because you do 4 attacks as opposed to normal 2. raise ur attack or use double up, sap ur opponent and u will very easily be doing around 2000-3000+ damage.

    User Info: Hazzathedestroy

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  4. When it comes to tough enemies like legacy bosses, uber falcon blade + falcon slash + right fource + attack boost = dead boss by turn 2.
    On the higher grotto levels it wrecks just about everything after a single attack boost. Never steered me wrong. Other blades don't really even come close. There's a good reason why falcon blades are post game shop item and other ingredients for the upgrade is annoying to get.

    User Info: gamemaster712

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