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  1. Ok so yeah, I need help with my team. I'm in the post-game (just finished the story). I have access to slime hill and all that so that's not a problem. What is a problem is I don't know whether my team's gonna cut it for hunting legacy bosses.

    My Team:
    - Main char: lvl 65 Minstrel; skills: 100 sword, 100 shield, 5 litheness, 90 courage, 21 wand(?), 68 focus, 53 acquisitiveness, 82 guts, virtue 100, fource 40; equipment: erdrick's sword, dark shield, mythril helm, victorious armor, einhander, dragon warrior trousers, tough guy tatoo

    - Sergio: lvl 53 MA; skills: 100 claw, 31 focus, 38 guts; equipment: hammer handrills, no shield, steely sweatband, dragon top, bruiser's bracers, dragon trousers, kung fu shoes, tough guy tatoo

    - Seth: lvl 28 sage; skills: 100 spear, 61 faith, 57 bow, 55 enlightenment; equipment: celestial spear, silver shield, minerva mitre, flowing dress, magical mittens, red tights, cannock boots, ruby of protection

    - Gohan: lvl 31 Glad; skills: 40 axe, 32 guts; equipment: king's axe, white knight's shield, no helmet, sacred armour, einhander, transparent tights, iron sabatons, lucky pendant

    I know that everyone besides the main character is lacking in skills. And I also know that most of the armor there sucks. I have been following this guide: to build up my people. I plan on making the main char and Sergio physical attackers and Seth a combination healer and magical damage dealer. As for Gohan, I think I might make him a physical attacker too, but I'm not sure yet.

    So for you Legacy boss-hunting veterans, is there anything that would be helpful to know? Any skills that are helpful that aren't mentioned in the guide? Any specific armor or weapons that would help? If so, how to find or make them? Is there any easier way to train the other people in my party besides the main character? Please help I know it's been a while since this game came out but I was stuck on goresby-purrvis for a LONG time and I finally beat him a couple days ago.

    User Info: flamz321

    flamz321 - 6 years ago

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  1. I say ur team's ready but at least get ur sage and glad to lvl 40+ trust me it'll help i beat baramos lvl 2 in 8 turns with my lvl 41 paladin (main)
    lvl 65 glad
    lvl 53 sage
    and my lvl 69 martial artist

    it was pretty easy considering i used kabuff 2x, magic barrier 2x, gritty ditty 2x with my paladin ^^

    User Info: DragonHunta

    DragonHunta - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. For the benefit of the doubt, ill give you my Hero. His name will be changed due to the fact that my hero is named after myself.BTW it dont matter about the team build. think about skills, weapons and shields. and levels, obviously.

    Geo (name changed) Level (as of post) LV 98 Minstrel Weapons: Fan: Maxed. (yes my character is male but i wanna be different!) Axe: 93 Spear: 68 Skills: Litheness: Maxed Acquisitiveness: 30 Faith:12 Fource: 81 Virtue: 8 Equipment (Minstrel only): Friendly Fan, Silver Shield, Mythril Helm, Aliahan Clothes, Vesta Gauntlets, Gigasteel Kneecaps, Aliahan Boots, Contra Band.
    There we go! Though i have completed the game and trust me, Goresby-Purrvis is HARD! Even I didn't beat him first time round. If you do not beat him first time round, go get new gear or level up your characters. I hope this should help.

    User Info: DQ9Master

    DQ9Master - 6 years ago 0 0

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