Quest: 093 Eggclesiatics?

  1. I know how to do this quest very easy but does the egg hatch into a monster and you keep it like a dragon egg to keep on greyngral's spirit ?

    User Info: gingerninja6000

    gingerninja6000 - 5 years ago

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  1. This sounds like a combination of a number of things. First Quest 93 doesn't get you an egg or involve greygnarl's spirit. Greygnarl is met later in the game in a grotto, hopefully when you are high level. Eggclesiastic, quest 93, is about defending and has to do with your priest - and you can do it at a much lower level.

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k (Expert) - 4 months ago 1 0


  1. is this the lvl 40 priest quest? (SPOILER IF IT ISNT) if so the answer is no. the old man turns into a female angle, and gives u a scroll.

    User Info: epb45

    epb45 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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