How the hell do i beat Hootingham Gore?

  1. My patry conatains lv37 minstrel lv27 paladin lv34 mage and lv 17 gladiotor (by the time you read this they will all be atleast lv 35, the closest i got was beating both bad karmours then hootigham killed my last person:the mage.I have got reallyt good gear and im planning to make caotriphic armour(golden mirror armour) but I just can seem to beat ive tried like 30 times first time we were all lv 34 and up.Please help me!!!

    User Info: Kaabii51

    Kaabii51 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hoothingham uses magic attacks, it's a good idea to use skill points for your shield abilities, That way you can use the Magic Mirror ability and deflect his attacks.

    User Info: lil109109

    lil109109 - 4 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Well, when I beat him all my people were AT LEAST level 35, so I recommend simply training your people up a bit. Also, I recommend having at least 1 warrior in your team, thier coup de grace Critical Claim is extra useful. Has your mage learnt caduceus yet? That move was the move that helped me kill Barbarus, the black dragon himself! Tip; if your people are dead, they can''t kill people.

    User Info: cheesepuff121

    cheesepuff121 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. PS- only 1 of my people was level 35, the rest were around 40.

    User Info: cheesepuff121

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  3. I had my main character: minstrel(lvl 40), Mage: lvl 39, thief: lvl 39, and my priest: lvl 26 battle him. THe priest's tatic was focus on healing, and my mage was fight wisely, thief was no mercy. that helped me a lot.... his hp was 1026, and his "body guards" were 360.... make sure to take themout first, because they protect hootingham from attacks...

    User Info: Kendra1989

    Kendra1989 - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. Another good tactic is to have a Paladin who knows Forbearance and Magic Mirror. He can only use magic based attacks. Your Paladin will jump in the way of everyone but will deflect all spells used.

    User Info: MagnumPSi

    MagnumPSi - 4 years ago 0 0
  5. You have great party levels, as I'm usually below that going against the Gore's. As for how to defeat him, I keep my self inventory stock full with strong/special medicines so I can heal myself if the people with such abilities run out of MP, and you want to go for Hootingham's two helpers first, as they will keep protecting him and buffing themselves to be more effective until they are disposed of. You want to try to avoid using too many spells to attack, as Hootingham's wall of light throws it straight back, but I would use hurtful abilities, and try to keep party HP over 100 (my goal for all the Gore's except 150 if there with Purrvis). Hit him as much as possible unless you require healing instead of "stalling", and you'll get far with any boss throughout the entire game. Good luck with the boss fight!

    User Info: AnonymousParody

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  6. Get some skill points and get Magic Mirror to deflect his spells, then raise your resilience by training in areas like the warrior vocation and putting skill points in on Courage. Hooting-ham Gore was actually the first boss this run that I had to go against more than once, mainly because of the Bad Karmors that protect him.

    I first used Magic Mirror, then took the Karmors down with gigaslash, then started pounding Hooting-ham.

    Because of my defense he could barely touch me with his physical attacks, he wouldn;t use magic after I used magic mirror so he was doing like 1 and 2 damage per turn

    User Info: Gamer-ishJazzie

    Gamer-ishJazzie - 3 years ago 0 0

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