Liquid Metal Slimes help?

  1. I'm in bowhole hunting liquid metal slimes, near the stairs from B3-B4. I've looked around and I've looked at some videos, this one for example: So I know that I'm in the right spot. But nothing is spawning in the corner under the steps. Everything spawns up on the bridge, so it's harder to see and harder to get too. And the first monster always goes from the bridge to the corner, so it keeps walking there. Meaning when a slime comes I'll have to dodge my way up the bridge an chase after it. So how do I get the monsters to spawn in the corner instead of on the bridge?

    User Info: Sheeba-Sama

    Sheeba-Sama - 5 years ago

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  1. There technically is no way to GET a liquid metal slime to spawn in a certain place, but they can spawn in any spawn point on that floor. My best advice is keep looking, and also some decent-leveled grottoes can have LMSs spawn in them (I don't actually look for them though, my team are all lvl99).

    I hope this helps,

    User Info: cheesepuff121

    cheesepuff121 - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. That happened to me for a while too, until I found out that you have to go ALL THE WAY to the corner and NOT MOVE AT ALL(go up from the B4 staircase-go all the way north as far as you can, and then all the way East as far as you can, so that you are in the torch corner). Hopefully, the enemies should spawn in the left of the platform, and an LMS should appear soon.
    Good luck with your Exp Grinding!

    User Info: NetBoy288

    NetBoy288 - 2 years ago 0 0

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