How do I solve (hail to the queen) quest?

  1. I found almost every item, I just need the technicolour tutu!

    User Info: yuiop980

    yuiop980 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You'll need to alchamise the tutu;

    Technicolour Tutu = Tint-tastic Tutu + 1x Technicolour Dreamcloth

    For the ingredients;
    Tint-tastic tutu - buy it at the post-game armour shop in Stornway
    Technicolour Dreamcloth - alchamise it from 3x Grubby Bandages + 1x Brighten Rock + 1x Celestialskien
    Celestialskien - alchamise it from 3x Fresh water + 5x Tangleweb

    Grubby bandages can be stolen from Mummy enemies found in the Gleeba dungeon
    Brighten Rocks can be farmed from spawn pts north of Gleeba and/or west of Wormwood Creek
    Fresh waters can be farmed from the spawn point north of Slurry Quay
    Tanglewebs can be bought from the item shop in Batsureg or Wormwood Creek


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    626 - 5 years ago 0 0

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