I need help with the dreadmaster?

  1. I am on the dreadmaster and would like to know what level I should be. My levels are lvl 27 minstrel, lvl 24 Mage, lvl 22 gladiator and lvl 24 priest. My equipment is: minstrel steel broadsword iron shield feather headband flamenco shirt iron gauntlets swine dimples slacks acroboots sorcerers stone, Mage wizards staff magic shield cat ears fizzle reflectant suit leather gauntlets red tights siren sandals strength ring, gladiator iron axe steel helmet iron cuiruss iron gauntlets swine dimples slacks iron sabatons sober ring, priest wizards staff kitty shield mercurys bandana bunny suit leather gauntlets swine dimples skirt sheepskin shoes spirit bracer. Thanks

    User Info: cor4life

    cor4life - 5 years ago

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  1. Just lvl up a bit more >.< seriously people keep moaning that they cant kill a boss when all they have to do is grind metal slimes for awhile, then spend the money that they got from grinding to buy the best stuff they can. ta-da your a higher lvl (more health,mana,deftness,stength ect.) and you have all the best times you can get so far.

    User Info: TheSkyHasTrees

    TheSkyHasTrees - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. defeating bosses is all about using stratagy and for any boss battle have one person or more heal the main attackers in your party. if you have iron stuff you should use alchemy to make them into steel stuff and after that gigasteel stuff. for your steel sword make it a gigasteel sword by using the alchemy pot in stornway and throw in Gigasteel broadsword = Steel broadsword x 1 + Iron ore x 2 + Hephaestus' flame x 1
    Hephaestus' flame = Lava lump x 1 + Royal soil x 1 + Toad oil x 1

    User Info: keytothecity333

    keytothecity333 - 5 years ago 0 0

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