About Skill Points Upgrades?

  1. I need some help to locate them properly...I did a few Upgrades, but I have some doubts of what to do next:

    The main character I'm just upgrading Sword and Shield Skills...Don't know if ministrel skills are good...Also don't know if I'm going to change vocations...I'm thinking of using her as a armamentist...

    The thief, the martial artist and the mage I'm just upgrading the vocation skills...Don't know which weapon is good to upgrade (mainly use knives for thief, fans/claws for M.A. and whips for mage) also, I want to change the thief and M.A. to a Shield-wielding vocation just to get the omnivocational shieldmaster skill, but don't know which is a good one...

    For warrior, same as main character (going to upgrade vocation skills later, maybe) probably gonna change into gladiator...

    And for priest, I'm upgrading shield and vocational skills (for weapon, I tend to use lances) And probably gonna change her into a sage...

    So, if any one has a good Idea, just let me know!

    User Info: Abyss2011

    Abyss2011 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. well, for the shield skills, you could switch to a priest as he gets 20% extra exp. and the minstrel skills are NOT worth it. other vocational skills are a good idea, mage for mage, and ma, warrior, paladin for everyone else, with priest for priest. hope this helps!

    User Info: beanojuice

    beanojuice - 4 years ago 0 0

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