Party Classes?

  1. I've been going through tons of party drafts. I have:
    MC Gladiator
    2 Sage
    3 Mage
    4 Paladin

    I read a bit through some pages about the ranger and was thinking of maybe getting one of my teammates into the ranger vocation. What class would be best changed to ranger? Or if you think it's a bad idea, please talk me out of it!

    User Info: Aswang1337

    Aswang1337 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. i would personally change the mage to a gladiator because that is one of the best team because the sage can help heal your team when in dire need and really nifty with kazing, while the paladin can help support your team with buffs ,kabuffs ,and taking hits, and the 2 gladiators (if you agree with this) will help be your beaters to help beat bosses down with the great amount of attack. But, if you change to ranger at least max out the ruggedness. after you max it out switch back to your gladiator (Char. 2).

    User Info: Crazy_man8

    Crazy_man8 - 4 years ago 0 0

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