Easy Skill Point Question?

  1. I have put 4 points into the thief skills, which gives me extra dexterity. Is this only true while I am a thief? It does not say so, but it is pretty important to know from a strategic perspective.

    User Info: Scoates2

    Scoates2 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All skill points spent and all skills gained become a permanent part of the character and are retained no matter which vocation you later switch to. You can't lose learned skills through any means. The only thing to keep in mind is each classes equipment restrictions. A mage (for example) can't normally equip a sword so you'll bu unable to actually benefit from these skills unless you can.

    The way around this limitation is to put 100 points into the equipment skill. This will make you skilled enough to be able to equip those pieces of equipment regardless of class.

    All other skills (such as the Priest's Faith skill and the like) do not require specific equipment in order for you to use them. Once you know (for example) Benediction you can immediately change classes and it will still be available. The same is true for the thief skills.

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    pobatti - 4 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You keep the benefits of any skill points you put into any skills, regardless of what vocation you currently are.

    You cannot benefit from weapon or shield skills unless you are currently using a vocation that can equip them, unless you've maxed out the skill. For example, a Mage can't use swords, so you will temporarily lose access to all the skills you've gained from putting points into the Swords skill until you switch to a vocation that can equip swords. If you've put 100 skill points into swords, however, you gain an ability called Omnivocational Swordmaster, which allows you to equip swords regardless of your current vocation.

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