Vocation for solo???

  1. What's the best vocation for solo that will help me a lot in my adventure???

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    Lechnerd077 - 4 years ago

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  1. I will admit that the Minstrel is a good choice to solo with, although there are others with far more survivability. The Paladin, for example, gets a couple of healing spells, can wear the heaviest of armor, gets a decent weapon choice (those spears can be pretty vicious), and has the highest Resilience score in the game, atop a good Strength score. However, they also, I think, have the lowest Agility out of all of the vocations, so if you don't mind going last, then you've found yourself your optimum choice. Rangers are good as well, since they have even more healing and buffing spells, and get very high magic points in comparison to the other gish vocations. They have speed close to that of a thief, and their usage of axes can be damned brutal, especially when hunting Metal Slimes of all kinds, which you are undoubtedly going to be doing a LOT of. The only real complaint here is that they have a poor choice in armor, so you have to be careful there. A Sizzling Bikini Top coupled with Sturdy Slacks works well in my experience.

    A Gladiator isn't a terrible choice, but their low magic points and lack of healing ability makes them more of a challenge. The good part is that they're faster than either the Warrior or the Paladin, and if I'm not mistaken, have the highest Attack out of the game. Get their tension up and go crazy, especially if you have the Falcon Blade or maxed out the skills for your spears or bows and do your multi-hit attacks. I've broken three thousand damage in one attack like that. If you do go for these fellows, be sure to have gotten a lot of skill points in spellcasting classes to give you some breathing room in terms of your magic points, and lots of healing items as well; another cure for that is to have taken levels as a Martial Artist and gotten the ability Meditation, which lets you heal up a jolly high bit for a fair price. On that note, if you don't mind dumping a lot of your money into class-specific equipment, a Martial Artist a a pretty good choice as well, what with that Meditation ability to compensate for an otherwise complete lack of healing, and with their high hit points and absolutely beastly Strength and Speed, they'd probably be worth a go.

    The biggest thing to remember here is the ridiculous amount of time you'll be spending at the alchemy pot. No matter which vocation you choose, the best stuff to help guarantee your success is only attainable through alchemy. If you decide that you want to use a class that has heavy armor, for example, I highly recommend that you put the time and effort into getting an entire set of Gigasteel gear when you reach Alltrades Abbey. It's better than most of what you're going to be able to buy for a long time, and being able to see a boss like Master of Nu'un only doing two or three points of damage works wonders for your self-confidence.

    Basically, the thing here to consider is how your style of play is going to be. Note what your basic plan is, and go from there. I highly recommend using the Alchemy Recipe Guide and Equipment Guide on this very site to figure things out.

    Best of luck to ya, brah.

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  1. A lot will depend on your approach to the game. The Minstrel vocation you start out with is actually pretty handy - a little offensive magic, a little healing, and decent combat. But to make yourself as survivable as possible, it's helpful to build up more than one vocation. I'm working through the game right now, and my party members each have several vocations at level 40 or higher.

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