What should I do next?

  1. I have completed the game. I have 2 team members in my team.
    Paul: Lv. 50 thief
    Louise: Lv. 25 Priest
    I have unlocked all vocations apart from Luminary.

    User Info: ExpertGamer13

    ExpertGamer13 - 4 years ago


  1. Do extra quests, do legacy and dungeon bosses, level to 99 (like I did when I completed the game in January 2011).

    User Info: rh3ia

    rh3ia (Expert) - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. There are actually loads of things you can do! You can just copy this list, so I'm making it easier for you to cross out options.
    - Talk to Jona for initiating a quest
    - connect to wifi for awesome items and download quests
    - take on harder grotto bosses
    - try unlocking the Luminary
    - there is a beast on the (Tower of Nod???) not sure about the name.
    Refers to another quest, try waking it and fight,
    - try to unlock patty and sellma as team members
    - most importantly, level up!
    Level up and revocate.
    I think that's all. You can also try multicomm on someone else's Nintendo and play with a friend.
    So yeah. That's pretty much all the interesting things I could think of right now. Will get back to post if I find something. I'm on my NG+ so I know how you feel. Right now, I'm hardcore levelling.
    Best of Luck!

    User Info: Corvus_29

    Corvus_29 - 1 week ago 0 0

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