Should my paladin use a fan or a sword?

  1. So this is what my party looks like now:

    Gladiator (lvl 31)
    Warrior (lvl 35)
    Mage (lvl 33)
    Priest (lvl 33)

    I will be switching my warrior to a paladin (don't say "no! no! don't do that!!" my mind is set) but I am not sure what weapon to use. Right now it is between a fan or a sword. I don't care which one will be EASIER I want to know which one will be BETTER. I am thinking defensive because I have a gladiator which is beast at attack but it could go either way. I am not done with the story but I am really close.

    User Info: hopalight

    hopalight - 4 years ago

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  1. I, personally, would give them swords, and have the Gladiator use axes. Both are great for heavy damage, and they also have a nice few moves that can be good for utility. However, one of my favorite strategies is actually to go and give the Paladin a spear, usually either a Storm Spear or Gracos' trident, and focus on either Multithrust or Thunder Thrust. An alternative is to get the Paladin a Demon Spear and have them just constantly use Mercurial Thrust. Sure, it doesn't do a whole bunch of damage, but it's a great way to have a chance of taking out metal slimes in one hit with the Demon Spear's instadeath ability, since that Paladin just isn't going to go before them, pretty much no matter what they do.

    User Info: mastersam4000

    mastersam4000 - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. My personal opinion is that swords are better overall if you want a good attack weapon, but if you want more strategy oriented abilities go with the fan, which has multiple strange attacks from it's skill tree

    But, I would choose the sword WAY before I even consider fans

    User Info: BlueTamer

    BlueTamer - 4 years ago 0 0

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