A bit of advice on soloing Corvus, please?

  1. So, before much else is said, here's some info and assumptions to make. One, although I am not currently so, assume that all of my vocations are level fifty or higher, and that all of the classes' skill branches are maxed out, as well as Swords, Axes, and Shields. I have Erdrick's Sword, and considering how willing I am to put time into it, anything that's not post-game in terms of alchemical stuff is available (save the grotto-only equipment, I haven't done much at all in that area of the game, and don't plan to until I beat it once, or the DQVC).

    And now, my plight is such: I have a good feeling that I will be able to beat Corvus solo, but I'm not entirely sure what would be best to do it with. I've been leaning to either Paladin or Ranger, my motives mostly lying in that they have good self-healing capabilities, as well as a decent Strength score. The Ranger is faster and has Moreheal, but the lack in truly exceptional armor makes me wary, but with the Paladin I get much better defensiveness on the whole, although I have to use up the Accessory on the Meteorite Bracer so as to keep up (I imagine that Corvus has a wicked Agility score).

    That said, I am willing to hear whatever you may have in mind.

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    mastersam4000 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I am by no means an expert on this game (i've never actually tried to solo Corvus), but I'll do my best to help you out.

    I would recommend the Paladin class for soloing him, as he can hit pretty hard, so you'll need all the defense you can get. In terms of equipment, I would suggest:

    -Either the Erdrick's Sword or the Uber Falcon Blade.

    -A Great Helm (Hades helm+Saint's Ashes)

    -Either Sacrosanct or Catoptric Armor (I had Sacrosanct when I fought him. Catoptric armor has higher defence and has a chance of sending some of corvus's attacks back at him, but Sacrosanct has a minor healing effect each round.)

    -If you can get one (not sure if you can get one before beating Corvus), a Silver Shield. If you can't get one, an Ethereal Shield will do.

    -Heavy Gauntlets

    -Transparent Tights

    -Footwear is up to you. You can either go with more defense (my personal preference), or go for a chance to evade attacks (I don't go this route, as the chance is usually small, around 3%)

    -A meteorite Bracer is probably your best bet for the accessory, as you'll need to be able to heal pretty quickly.

    Here's the stats of Corvus's final form:

    Attack: 248
    Defense: 278
    Agility: 157

    For strategy, I would recommend erring on the side of caution. Stock your inventory with healing and MP restoring items, and preferably the shield scroll if you have it, to avoid being blindsided by a critical hit. In combat, use either normal attacks (if you're running low on MP), Miracle Slash (if you need a few extra HP), or Falcon Slash (if you have the MP to spare), with maybe a Gigaslash or two if you can take the MP hit and still cast healing magic afterwards NEVER use Gigagash against him, as the damage is almost always not worth the massive MP drain. Make sure to keep your health up (preferably around 75%, but a minimum of 50%). Other than that, try to end the battle as quickly as possible, as a solo battle against him is usually a battle of attrition.

    I'm sure there's probably things I've missed, but I've never tried fighting him solo. Given the final form's massive HP, it'll probably be a bit of a slog to deal that much alone. Hope this helps.

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Other Answers

  1. You should level your character up in the gladiator vocation.

    Maybe up to 55, keep in mind that it's been a little while since i've played. Although I believe that my knowledge hasn't faded away yet.

    When you level up as a gladiator, your strength increases dramatically. I would recommend getting you sword skill up as high as you can too. Or at least enough to get falcon slash. Aslo you should obtain the skill "Feel the burn" as he doesn't use disruptive wave a lot. This skill will allow you to increase your tension when he hits you.

    If you have those two skills, along with an Uber Falcon Blade, then he shouldn't be difficult.

    As for gear, just use anything that has good defence. I myself used the dragon armor that Greygnarl gives you.

    If you haven't leveled up in the sage vocation enough to learn "Right as Rain", then you should bring a lot of herbs that replenish your health.

    Basically the strategy is to use "Feel the Burn" on the first turn so he can raise your tension each hit. Then you can either use "psych up" or "defend", either way your tension will go up. Then when it gets to 50, you can either use "Falcon slash" to deal massive damage, or you can psych up again to get to 100. Of course you can use herbs when your health gets to around 50%. This will most likely not kill him in one hit, but repeated this strategy should have him beat within 2 - 4 turns.

    Another useful move that you can use would be "Blind Man's Biff". This move does tons of damage when at 100 tension. It's powerful enough to potentially one-shot Corvus. Though this is all when you're a Gladiator, i've never tried to solo anybody as anything other than a Gladiator because Gladiator's are far above any other class. The only downside is that they can't use shields, but if you get 100 in shield skill through another vocation then that problem is gone.

    Hope I helped :)

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