How can I defeat the dreadmaster?

  1. My MC is Lv. 21 with 120 Attack and 156 Defence. My Warrior is Lv. 21, has 168 Attack and 199 Defence. My Priest(My Healer) is Lv. 20,has 82 attack and 120 Defence with 152 Magic Mending. Finally, My thief is Lv. 20, has 121 Attack and 129 Defence.

    Now, the main thing that is devastating is the "Double Trouble" attack. It is almost a OHKO on my healer and is incredibly frustrating since I rely on him to heal everyone while we attack.

    Is there a place I can get better armour than what I have now? Or do I just need to go off and do something else to level up? Or is there something else I can do to beat him?

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    griffinboy775 - 4 years ago

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  1. At your current level, i'd be pretty shocked if you beat him. He's one of the tougher fygg bosses after you get your boat.

    I do have a few suggestions that may help.
    First, change your party's vocations around a bit and grind for points. That way you'll be able to buff your characters higher when you change back into whatever skills they use. Also, i'd change the thief into something a bit more damaging, such as a Martial artist, Warrior, or Gladiator. There's nothing wrong with the thief vocation in general, but it generally is used more for item stealing than damage dealing. Just putting that out there.

    Second, up your gear. Personally, i like to grind up money in Gleeba's desert and buy the best weapons i can find during the story. It'll take a while, but for your situation it may prove useful. Also i'd recommend looking into Alchemizing. Self-created weapons and armor are more often better than those bought in the stores, but i've not really dealt in this area too much. There should be a link on this site that can provide you with a list of recipes that could prove helpful as well.

    Third and finally, train up your party more. I'd advise grinding either in the Quarantomb and killing metal slimes, or in the cave north of Bloomingdale and killing metal medleys for experience. I don't really have a specific cap that i'd recommend given that i don't even bother to fight Dreadmaster until my party is mid thirties to low forties because of his difficulty, but if i had to make a limit i'd say around level 34-35 should be good enough.

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  1. The Dreadmaster is a fairly hard boss, especially when compared to some of the other fygg bosses. His spells can wreck most teams, and he has 1680 HP. My suggestion to beat him is to first and foremost, level up your team. Your Priest learns Moreheal at level 36 I believe, but don't quote me if I'm wrong. Also, a big help can be to have every possible member of your team trained in Shields. The reason for this is you get a wonderful ability called Magic Mirror at 40 skill points. This reflects ALL spells back at the enemy. This stops the Dreadmaster from using his horrid spells to murder your team. Hope this helped.

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