Dragon Quest 9 Unencountered Glitch?

  1. So I bought an Action Replay and was ecstatic about using it because I had already had over 215 hours worth of gameplay on my Dragon Quest 9 and was looking for a break. So I looked online (on this website actually), and found some codes ( you can find them by searching up "dragon quest 9 AR codes" and clicking on this website when it pops up), which were the unlimited skill points and exp multipliers, along with the HP 9999 codes.
    After a little while leveling up and pwning some monsters, I encountered a rather strange glitch that I haven't found on any other websites. While leveling up my main character, right after I was giving out skill points, a message board popped up and started listing abilities and spells my character was learning. At first i thought it was normal until I noticed that the abilities listed were the abilities you could only learn while having scrolls (like "Swordcraft in Summary," or "Minstrels Manual,"), in your current possession. All the abilities. It started with things like Hand Of God and Gigagash, and at the end of it it said Gigathrow and Miracle Moon. It went on for about ten seconds until it came to Weakening Wave, and when I pressed A it froze. Just like that. So I started it up again and leveled up my character. I put some skill points in some areas and then I clicked finish. The same message board popped up listing all the same abilities in the same order, until it came to Weakening Wave and as soon as I pressed any one of the buttons to proceed it froze again.
    It's been a couple of weeks since I first encountered it and now I've found out that it only happens with my main character. Not only does it not effect any other person on my team, but the glitch itself happens when I just go to Misc. in the start menu, go to Assign Skill Points, and click on my character, click finish without even assigning ANY skill points, and continue. Luckily, I had already maxed out one of my vocations to lvl 99 and I play with that one because I can't level up.
    I'm desperate for help because I'm so far in this game and I don't want to start all over. Please help!

    User Info: NomNomNomCookie

    NomNomNomCookie - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. ive had my experiences with glitches whilst using AR and playin DQ9. I had all the scrolls and then when I restarted my ds after saving, half of the scrolls had gone. So I just deleted that game and started again it was ok cos the glitch had gone and I could quickly complete the game again.

    What i'm trying to say is that you may have to start over eventhough you really don't want to because I can't think of any think else to solve your problem.

    User Info: Epicmarcster02

    Epicmarcster02 - 4 years ago 0 0

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