How do I beat the cat samarui?

  1. It's at the last dungeon standing in front of the door.

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    whotheman06 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What's your team ?

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  1. If you manage to get 100 skill in Shields, and do the quest in Swinedimples to get the ultimate shield skill manual, its a fairly easy fight; in fact I just soloed this guy today. Put the manual in the bag of your tank character (in my case, obviously the hero), and make sure they have a shield equipped. The skill automatically blocks all critical attacks, 100% of the time. Get some bonus natural resilience adds (shouldn't take too long), and some decent armor (if you've been saving up your alchemy items and using them wisely, you should already have some decent stuff), and the rest of his attacks won't hurt much at all. Throw in a Uber Miracle Sword (the regular one should work as well), and there's your healing.

    The only problem is when he uses his attack that makes you inactive; if he spams this, it can be daunting, but nothing to worry about if you have enough HP. Learning Meditation from Martial Artist class helps for healing (3 MP for 80+ hp), if you get too low, or just buy some special medicines for backup.

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  1. I had decent levels and placed my characters on auto, make sure you set your cleric on 'inochi wo daijini' if you dont have someone to cast higher level heal spells i suggest making a cleric 'souryo'

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  2. I found this astoundingly easy to be at simply with two paladin (of a slightly low level)... (however I raised some characters a bit for defense boosts... ) by simply casting "defense up" , whamming him, and healing... I guess I have a bad habit of leveling a bit though... I guess the idea was just to find a way to make it so that there were no physically weak characters, yet also healers ^_^v (man I love paladin >_>)

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  3. Action Replay simple as that

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  4. The simplest method I found was to have a backup healer in case he knocks your healer down, also having a cleric or sage with multiheal is very helpful as this can keep everyone's hp up, also buff/kabuff for less damage, otherwise just wail on him with heavy hitting combos.

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  5. My Team:
    Martial Artist

    This guy hits hard, really hard, I had a Paladin so I casted Kabuff for the first two rounds while egging on the Martial Artist (My MC is a Glad) and he using his Tension rising skill. After round 2 fully "Kabuffed" he was hitting me for under 25 on my Priest, making him go down really easy.

    If you don't have a Paladin, Priest's can normal buff, but it's not as fast as Kabuff and doesn't affect the whole party. Goodl uck.

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  6. the guy only does physical damage so the simplest way to do it is have a paladin and/or sageand keep casting kabuff. Then use a damage dealer and keep on hitting him such as a gladiator with falcon slash and falcon sword. You can lower his magic defence too and spam attack spells. Just keep making your defence higher and keep hitting him. If that doesn't help go train and get your guys to the mid 30's

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  7. Well I had my party somthing like this:
    Gladiator lvl 40 I had him with a sword and he always used falcon slash.
    Armamentalist lvl 39 he used sap every turn but somtimes I had him use falcon slash.
    Paladin lvl 37 I had him use kabuff till everyones defence was up alot then multithrust and thunder thrust.
    Archer lvl 36 I had him be my main healer and when healing wasen't nessecary he used rain of pain.
    With this stratagy I found him easy just time consuming.Hope I helped you out.
    P.S.Go back and heal right after you beat him because *SPOILER ALERT*Another boss is coming right up.

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  8. My team (works really well if you don' t have any of the secondary classes unlocked:

    Warrior - Around level 32 or so(Falcon Blade + Boss Shield)
    Gladiator - level 21 (Headsman Axe)
    Priest - level 32 or so (Magic Staff + Boss shield)
    Thief - Level 32 or so (fire claws)

    Each turn, I did the following:

    Warrior - Use boss shield to lower enemy defense, if already lowered to "a lot" use falcon slash (4 hits)
    Gladiator - Psyche up, if availiable, use Coup-De-Grace for max Tension (or at least 50)
    Priest - Set to "Focus on Healing" for first half of battle, more than kept everyone alive. (Had just learned moreheal)
    Thief - Attack, but if his defense was lowered at all, I used propeller Blades.

    A more focused offensive. Another decent strategy is to manually control your priest and have her / him cast buff on
    your main character. (the warrior in this case). It also helps to have your warrior (or whoever has the best deffense)
    with a Ygdrasil leaf, which can be found on the world map on the small island east of gleeba. I had 2, so
    my gladiator got the other one. He killed my priest on turn one, and I brought her back. He's not too hard, but he
    was harder than the boss after him, in my opinion.

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  9. alrite as stated before by another answerer purrvis hits really, really hard. if you dont have good shields on at least two of your characters you can kiss your ...rear end goodbye make sure at least one of your chars can survive a full-on crit (minor correction to another answerer. priests do, in fact, learn kabuff) i'd reccomend having a mage with oomph use it on two characters(who will be attacking).also having everyone lvl 33 plus helps you may not even have to use kabuff or buff, (sapping tends to not work on this one but if you can get it to work it might help some) you really don't need any prestige classes, but they do help. by now you should know that his slashes like a demon is an insta-crit, however, thankfully he doesnt appear to be able to crit otherwise. NEVER use egg on unless your main is a priest with no healing to do. its not worth it, and he'll probably upwards slash your character performing the attack, it seems to make him more likely to target that character. or maybe i'm just really unlucky. of course, being a boss, whack and thwack don't work on him. in short hes a pain and a boss you should really save after.

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  10. My Team was:
    Gladiator w/ infernal blade lv 37: Spammed Falcon slash
    Priest lv 39 : Multi Heal ALWAYS or at least buff
    Fighter lv 40 w/ fire claws: Tension to the max and the skill Maul Attack for about 700 dmg
    Warrior lv 40 w/ Storm Spear: Beast Thrust and cos i was over 350 in defense and i took from 0 to 21 HP of damage so i used Human shield on the priest when necessary

    in my opinion this is a very very easy boss and if you're at a good level u can break the teeth out of that damn furball! but i have to be sincere i had at most high level alchemy equipment xD

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  11. Move all characters but your highest defense character to the back row, use the best defense items you can get and have yourself buffed/kabuffed during the fight. If you have the lv40 dancer scroll use Gritty Ditty to get everyone in your teams attack up to Maximum. Use Uber Miracle sword and Life Bracers to keep your characters alive while you're fighting, A fully buffed up Falcon slash with the Uber miracle heals about 60 life. The life bracer heals 25 hp per round, and its supplementary to your healers healing will be a great help. If you're unable to acquire Life bracers, Rubies of protection will work as well as any other attack items.

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