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    Levelling Guide by Arashmin

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      .                                                                     .
      .                   Dragon Quest 9 Levelling Guide                    .
      .                   ------------------------------                    .
      .                           By  Arashmin                              .
      .                           Revision 1.2                              .
    1. Welcome!
    2. Version History
    3. Guide to the Guide
     ~3a) When to Start Power Leveling
     ~3b) Abbreviations, And What They Mean To Us
     ~3c) How XP Is Divided Amongst Characters
    4. Suggested Setup
     ~4a) Skills
     ~4b) Gear
    5. Where And How To Hunt
     ~5a) General Practices
     ~5b) Metal Slimes (MSli's)
     ~5c) Metal Medley's (MMs)
     ~5d) Liquid Metal Slimes (LMS's)
     ~5e) Metal King Slimes (MKS's)
     ~5f) Platinum King Jewel (PKJs)
    6. Conclusion, Copyright, and Thanks
    1. Welcome!
    To be reading this means the title of this FAQ caught your eye, and power 
    leveling, in order to take on some of the bigger challenges, is something 
    that you are looking to do.  There isn't going to be any actual main game 
    play help listed here, except where it directly pertains to how to increase 
    the rate that you accumulate experience.  
    I wrote this guide for the love of the game and the genre.  This is the 
    first Dragon Quest that also gives you great incentive to push to the 
    limits of leveling up, though I also find it to be the easiest title of the 
    series for getting to level 99.  Then again, to get the best grottoes, you 
    need to get to level 99 a whopping 10 times in one class.  Yikes.  And 
    technically, to be to the fullest of revocations, that's level 99... 
    120 times!!  CRAZY.
    The focus of the guide is to direct you on how to track down Metal Slimes of 
    varying grade, and successfully slay them - the buggers have the tendency to 
    get skittish and flee from combat.  In essence, we want to one-hit them in 
    the first turn, and if not, then give them a reason to stay multiple rounds.
    This guide will cover various parts of the game, from early to post, and 
    give details on how I power-leveled.
    Hope you enjoy, and send your feedback to sasquatchmaster@hotmail.com
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0: Started the Guide with the sum of my knowledge thus far.
    Version 1.1: Wow, thanks for the quick feedback!  I'm implementing some
    changes based around them, and adding appropriate thanks.
    Version 1.2: A few more discoveries made to help the hunting process.
    Final Version: I Found PKJ's, found out they weren't great... so I'm
    wrapping up this project.
    3. Guide to the Guide
    ~3a) When to start Power Leveling~
    This is a very hard question, because it seems like there's a couple of 
    things that could be considered power leveling.  For example, getting to 
    level 99 in one class as fast as possible would be power leveling.  But so 
    would, say, getting to level 20 in 10 classes as fast as possible.  This 
    guide basically works starting with the latter, then it grows in to the 
    former.  Here's a breakdown of what I did to be as time-savvy as possible. 
    Also, I know of nobody in my hometown that plays DQ9, therefore you might be
    able to skip some steps if you get a decent map handed to you with some 
    MKS's/PKJ's through Tag Mode.
    Once I got...        Got to...                  Via...
    Paladin Class        lvl 20 in 10 classes       Sword-wielders vs. MSli's
                                                    and MMs
    Sage Class           lvl 30 in 11 classes       4 Sword-wielders, 1 being
                                                    FB, vs. LMS
    4x FB sword          lvl 36 in 11 classes       4 FB-wielders vs. LMS
    2x DS spear          (MC) lvl 80 in main class  2 DS-wielders vs. LMS
    MKS grotto           lvl 45 in all classes      4 DS-wielders vs, MKS
    lvl 45 all classes   (MC) lvl 99 in main class  2 DS-wielders vs. MKS
    MC back to lvl 1     (MC) lvl 99 in main class  2 DS-wielders vs, MKS,
                                                    switching second person with
                                                    other party members every so
    5x Revocate+lvl 99   10x Revocate               4 DS-wielders hunting PKJ
    +lvl 86 Grotto
    For the sections labelled (MC), I was only focused on the main character 
    levelling, and not so much whoever the second wielder was.  Since there's no
    real point in revocating your partner characters (you get the item, but not 
    the accolade, and you can only get the items once).
    The last step is opened to the most debate, as I put in there the point
    where you would have a total combined base quality of 210, therefore giving
    you a 25% chance per new grotto map to find a PKJ.  They're first possible
    to find through a map, according to the calculator at 
    http://plumeria.vmth.ucdavis.edu/~saintly/gaming/dq9_grotto.html, at a 
    quality of 166, but they have less than 1% chance of appearing.  25% chance 
    seemed the best bet.  You could always try to find them later on, as well - 
    more revocates and higher lvl grottos gives you a better chance at finding 
    them.  MKS doesn't give you as much of a choice, unfortunately... I had to 
    find mine through a 146 quality dungeon, which only gave me a 15% chance. 
    LMS-leveling was just way too slow at that point.
    To note, this is revision 1, and the PKJ section is still not complete. 
    Because I haven't found PKJs yet.
    ~3b) Abbreviations, And What They Mean To Us~
    AGI = Agility      = Your speed, and thus what determines turn order.
    BTY = Beauty       = From equipment, increases rate enemies will be
                         dazzled by your characters by adding to style.
    CHM = Charm        = Increases the rate enemies will be dazzled by your 
                         characters by adding to Style.  Comes naturally from
                         the character.
    DFT = Deftness     = Increases the chances that you'll get a preemptive
                         strike against the enemy, increases natural crit 
                         chance, and I've noticed accuracy differences too.
    LVL = Level        = More of these means more of everything else here!
    STL = Style        = Sum of Beauty and Charm
    STR = Strength     = Determines combat damage, but more importantly, it
                         factors in to the calculations used in MSla, as it
                         compares to the defense value of the enemy and gives
                         decision of it doing 1 or 2 damage (before multiplier)
    MP  = Magic Points = Having more allows you to use more skills, which 
                         depending on the strat you take may help in keeping 
                         you down in the grotto longer before having to surface 
                         and rest, if using methods like TT or HM.
    FB  = Falcon Blade      = 2x attack sword, with very low power.  But against 
                              these metallic beasts, we don't need power.
    UFB = Uber Falcon Blade = Same as above, but stronger.  Requires you to 
                              sacrifice a Meteorite Bracelet, though... your
    DS  = Demon Spear       = Spear with a chance to Whack the target, though 
                              not all too often.
    FE  = Falcon Earring    = 2x attack Knife with very low power.
    TT   = Thunder Thrust = Spear Miss-or-Crit skill, 8MP
    HM   = Hatchet Man    = Axe Miss-or-Crit skill, 8MP
    MSla = Metal Slash    = Sword skill, against Metal Slime family, 1-2 damage
                            if hits, 0MP, characters can chain damage, 2x with
    ML   = Metallicker    = Boomerang skill, similar to MS but hits all enemies.
    MT   = Multithrust   = Spear multi-hit skill, 
    AS   = Assasin's Stab = Low chance auto-kill, damage otherwise, 2x with FE.
    FS   = Falcon Slash   = 2x attacks at 75% power, 4x total with FB.
    See Contents, section 5, and also, section 5 itself.
     ~3c) How XP Is Divided Amongst Characters
    I puzzled over this for a little while on my own, but it just proves to be
    basic math.  Each LVL gives a "part" of the XP gained.  These are added
    together and then re-divided with the experience.  To explain, say your main
    character is lvl 10, with 3 lvl 1's backing him, and you kill a MSli.  The
    XP of 4096 would be calculated as such:
    -Add together all levels (total of 13)
    -XP is divided by total levels (for a value of 315.07 (roughly))
    -Each character then gets X of those parts of experience (The lower level
    characters each get 1 part of the experience each, as they only have one
    level. Therefore they get 1/13th of the total, which makes for 315 XP
    gained, as it would round down.  Them getting 3/13 parts altogether means
    that the main character would get the remaining 10/13 parts, or 3151 XP).
    -Lastly, for each character wearing Elevating Shoes, times their XP gain
    value by 1.05, and again round down (if the whole party was wearing
    elevating shoes, it would mean the lvl 1s would get 330 XP and the main
    character would get 3308 XP).
    4. Suggested Setup
    ~4a) Skills~
    These are the suggested skills for hunting Slimes, in order of importance.
    To get the skill points, you've got to level up, which of course is later in
    the guide.  Also, this section won't highlight all of the skills and traits
    gained via the spending of the skill points, but rather the highlights of
    what we need that skillset to do for us.  And even though they're in order
    of "importance", I wouldn't suggest holding off on putting points in one of
    the traits further down the list until that skillset becomes available.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I didn't note this at first when I was playing, but you
    can port skill points to use from class to class.  Therefore, even though we
    don't have any real use for learning the Priest, Mage, Paladin, and
    Gladiator skill sets, nor the Armamentalist skillsets in full, we can level
    these classes to mule the points over to more pertinent skills.
    1)Sword Skill lvl 100 - Allows swords to be equipped regardless of class,
    MSla + FB means 2-4 damage if both hits strike, and if all four characters
    launch with it and strike before the enemy can and do not miss, it becomes
    2-6 damage for the 3rd fighter, and 4-8 damage for the 4th.  With the FB,
    MSli's die in 1-2 sets of 2 hits, MMs die in 2-3, LMS in 2-4, MKS in 4-4+. 
    And each strike may crit, which will kill the slime.  Also, you have FS,
    which is 2x attacks or 4x attacks with a FB, each one of which can crit.
    Boomerang Skill lvl 100 - Allows boomerangs to be equipeed regardless of
    vocation, and it gives you access to ML.  Hits all enemies as well, so can be
    useful for hunting weaker metallies, and taking care of other mobs with ease.
    However, there's no 2x attack boomerang, so the max damage from metallicker is
    reduced in comparison, and any misses will ruin the chain damage.
    Knife Skill lvl 100 - Allows knives to be equipped regardless of vocation.
    Knifes get the FKE for 2x, and Assassin's stab, a low-chance auto-kill skill.
    Not my preferred choice, but whatever suits you, I guess.
    Spear Skill lvl 100: More on that below, no reason why you couldn't choose it
    first, but for other gameplay reasons, I might not suggest it; also, unless
    someone gifted you one of the Metal Slime-series spears early in the game,
    you would lose the advantage of the MSla skill, and its potential 2x hit.
    2)Martial Artist trait "Focus" lvl 100 - total AGI bonus of 100.
    3)Thief trait "Acquisitiveness" lvl 82 - total AGI and DFT bonus of 60.  If
    you go for 100, Treasure Eye Land helps you to find the stairs down in
    Grottos.  You really only need one person to get to lvl 100 for that,
    4)Ranger trait "Ruggedness" lvl 100 - AGI bonus of 20, and total DFT bonus
    of 120.
    5)Illuminary trait "Je Ne Sais Quoi" lvl 100 - AGI bonus of 20, total CHM
    bonus of 60, and though not directly level related, Disco Stew is handy for
    taking out larger Grotto baddies with high DEF.
    6)Spear/Axe Skill lvl 100 - Allows said weapon to be equipped regardless of
    class.  Gives Thunder Thrust for Spears and Hatchet Man for Axes, both are
    8MP, and it will either miss or crit.  It's almost necessary for hunting
    MKSs, and pretty much needed for PKJ.  Demon Spear is also good for when you
    might be low on MP and just want that extra little chance to get the kill. 
    There is also the Metal Slime series of spears, however that just gives it
    the 1-2 damage property like a MS/ML.  Seems like it might be handy to have
    with MT.  Speaking of which, MT does carry forward any weapon effects, thus
    the instant-KO of the DS might be a good choice, however I don't favour it
    myself; the Crit skills have a 50% chance of success, whereas the instant KO
    effects seems to have a ~20% chance of success.  So when you're talking of
    dealing with at most 20HP of damage, you might want to choose the method
    which has the highest rate of success.
    7)Sage trait "Enlightenment" lvl 100 - +60MP and MP cost -25%, helps with
    the cost for Thunder Thrust and Hatchet Man.
    8)Ministrel trait "Litheness" lvl 100 - CHM bonus of 30 and DFT bonus of 50
    9)Armamentalist trait "Fource" lvl 42 - CHM bonus of 10
    Final Stats: CHM +100, DFT +230, AGI+200, MP+60, and 824 skill points used
    (842 if full thief is learned).
    The skill points work out that, if you get to lvl 30 in all classes, you
    will be able to learn all of the above skillsets.  You would have a total of
    864 points, so you would have enough to get the final Thief skill for the
    character if you really wanted.  If you got to lvl 29 in all classes, you
    would only have 804 skill points.
    These will help you to weasel your way around their pesky defenses and help
    to keep them from running away, but as MKS's and PKJ's have some tough
    friends in their grotto homes, I'd also suggest getting Shield lvl 100 to
    give the capacity to block to your whole party, Paladin lvl 100 for HP and
    RES, Gladiator lvl 100 for STR and HP, and then the rest for however you
    want to develop that character.  If you feel you need more MP, Priest, Mage,
    and Armamentalist all have some MP bonuses.
    Seems like a lot of points, huh?  But it really turns out to be quite
    manageable if you decide to get all of your job levels up to 45 via the
    earlier training methods in this guide.  Even getting to level 20 in 10 of
    the classes is enough to net you 400 skill points, or 4 complete skillsets.
    STR is such a slight factor overall, and one that can be varied far more
    greatly than the other classes, that I won't list it for the traits.  It
    would make the list too long to include all the STR bonuses and raise the
    entry bar for going up from one mob to the next.
    ~4b) Equipment~
    Equipment is a bit more simple, since it's more or less the skills that will
    do the talking.  But here's some suggestions, nonetheless.
    If multiple are listed, goes in order of relevance.
    I was going to list the equips with highest STL, but instead, I'm going to
    refer to an excellent equipment resource by fellow guidemaker The Mystical
    One, quite simply titled Equipment Guide, which you can find on GameFAQs.
    If you look at the URL for this document (found in you address bar), if you
    change the number to 60806 and hit enter, you'll be taken right there!
    ~Sword: FB, UFB, Metal Slime series, highest STL
    ~Spear: DS, Metal Slime series, highest STL
    ~Knife: Pruning Knife, Assassin's Dagger, highest STL
    ~Boomerang: Highest STL.
    Shield: Highest STL.
    Body: Highest STL.
    Pants: Highest STL.
    Gloves: Highest DFT/STL.
    Boots: Elevating Shoes would be best, as they give a 5% XP bonus to the
    wearer.  From there, if AGI is the concern, Rangers have Agiliboots and
    Thieves have bandit boots.  And then from there, highest STL.
    Accessory: Mercury Prize, Meteorite Bracer, and Agility rings if AGI is
    the concern, and then highest STL.
    5. Where And How To Hunt
     ~5a) General Practices
    When hunting down slimes, you'll have a few barriers to work around to even
    get in to the battle.  First, there are the other enemies.  They can be
    broken down in to a couple of different types:
    Chase enemies: The bane of most slime hunts, these enemies will chase you
    upon sensing you (I don't know if there's any that will only chase on line
    of sight).  They're faster than you, but your main advantage over them is
    the ability to turn on the spot, whereas they have to turn in an arc. 
    Running a circle around past them and getting them to start turning the
    other way to chase you is the easiest way to get past them.  
    Common ones include, well... most of the enemies in the game are of this
    Cower enemies: I notice with rockbomb-type enemies and some other types that
    the enemy may react to you, turn towards you, and... sit in place,
    shuddering.  I don't know if this is a bug in their movement or if it's
    actual fear.  If you come across this, just walk around them...
    Only common one I've met is rockbombs.
    Dash-On-Sense enemies: These will run directly towards you as soon as they
    are able to 'sense' you, which seems to mean simply geting close.  I'm
    guesing that these enemies have good hearing, or something.
    Common ones include sculpture vultures and slugly betsy's.
    Dash-On-Sight enemies: These ones will run directly towards you upon you
    entering their line of sight.  They will not pursue, they will just keep
    running forward until they come to a stop.  Easiest way to avoid them is to
    get somewhat close, like a character's length away, and run slightly away
    from your intended path, then when they start chasing you, start going the
    direction you intend to again.  They'll most likely hit a wall.  
    Common ones include the moai family and the charmour-type living armor
    Dumb enemies: They move from spawn-to-spawn, oblivious of you.
    Examples include gigantes and drakulard.
    Flee-On-Sense enemies: Enemies that flee when you come too close and they
    have time to sense you.  The best strategy is to just rush em' before they
    get the chance to avoid you.
    Common ones include the entire non-king Metal Slime family, and enemies that
    are afraid (some eventually just run no matter what when you're around).
    Flee-On-Sight enemies: Enemies that run away from you once they see you; not
    much strategy here, except when catching them, avoid line of sight.
    Common ones include MKS and various other creatures.
    Warping enemies: They will not move, but suddenly you'll see the fade and
    appear again in an adjacent spawn spot.  No real strategy to avoiding them,
    but if you do encounter them, visualize the spawn spots ahead of time.
    Examples are magmalice and live lava.
    Also, keep in mind that when you enter a combat, the enemies that are
    walking around will be reset, and you'll have to wait for them to respawn. 
    On field, they generally spawn within 2-3 seconds, whereas in dungeons, it
    takes about 5 seconds.  If you don't get a good run, you could potentially
    flee from or Mercy an enemy that you know to be weaker.
    There are some work arounds to the enemies, as well.  The skill Whistle, from
    the Warrior's trait "Courage", can call up an enemy to reset the board if 
    you're forced to work with a small area, and even though it's random, you 
    could end getting your choice mob to spawn.  It's 0MP too, which is nice.
    In addition, if there are certain nasties on the field that you want to avoid
    but you want to keep moving around, the Vanish skill from the Ranger trait
    makes you invisible to enemies for a short while, and it will disappear after
    combat or switching rooms.  This means you can get by mobs without them giving
    a reaction, and come down on the metallies without being sensed.
    If you so happen to encounter one of our choice mobs with some sort of revival
    creature assisting it, you might be griefed by thinking your XP was just given
    another chance to run away.  Not so!  In fact, if a creature gets revived, you
    get the XP even if it runs from battle.  On the flipside, you don't get the XP
    again for killing it once more, but really, that's no skin off our backs, eh?
    Some special rules on the Metal Slimes themselves:
    MSli: When fleeing you, ~33% chance of disappearing.
    MM: When fleeing you, ~50% chance of disappearing.
    LMS: When fleeing you, ~66% chance of disappearing.
    MKS: When fleeing you, ~100% chance of disappearing.
    PKJ still yet to be encounted and discovered.
     ~5b) Metal Slimes (MSli's)
    Where to find: Quarantomb, Pluvi Isle, Slime Plateau
    Suggested: Quarantomb.  I've never seen a single one on Pluvi.
    What level you should get to through these: 1-13
    How to kill: MSla them with 1-3 characters, or with FB, 1-2 characters.
    How to hunt: They appear rarely, and they run away quickly.  In the 
    Quarantomb, it's all long, narrow chambers, meaning that you're more than
    likely to come upon them before it notices you and runs.  Just keep moving,
    and avoid anything you don't want to fight.
    HP: 2-4
    XP: 4096
    Don't do this for all classes.  I'd say just do it enough to get the
    points for all of the characters to get 100 points in swords for all
    characters, then move on to Metal Medley's.
     ~5c) Metal Medleys (MMs)
    Where to find: Lonely Coast, The Bad Cave, Slime Plateau (Angel Falls),
    low-lvl grottos
    Suggested: The Bad Cave.  Again, I've never seen one at the Lonely Coast.
    What level you should get to through these: 20-25
    How to kill: MSla them with 3-4 characters, or with FBs, 2-3 characters.
    How to hunt: They appear rarely, and they run away quickly.  In the far
    reaches of the Bad Cave, you have to deal with 3 other enemies that are all
    Chase types.  Keep moving, but keep in mind that some of the sub-chambers in
    the back area might be a little constrictive when they get filled with an
    enemy body.  Grottos may be the better bet, as MMs have a good chance to
    appear in low level grottos, and can appear with a variety of fellow
    creatures that might be of a better movement type.
    HP: 3-6
    XP: 12288
    This is where I started doing it for all classes.  With 10 classes unlocked,
    that is 400 skill points, which allows you to get developed enough to hunt 
    the next mob.
     ~5d) Liquid Metal Slimes (LMS's)
    Where to find: The Bowhole, Slime Plateau (Angel Falls), mid-lvl grottos
    Suggested: The Bowhole or Slime Plateau; I prefer the former.
    What level you should get to through these: 36-40
    How to kill: TT or HM them if you are hunting with two people, or if you're
    hunting with a full party of 4 each with FBs, 3-4 MSla's will do it.
    How to hunt: They appear rarely, and they run away quickly.  On Slime
    Plateau, you don't have much room to work with, so getting a spawn point to
    reset can be rather hard.  I'd say use the cave at the north side for this
    purpose.  In the Bowhole, the best strategy I've come across was to go in to
    the room with the overhead bridge and where the stairs down to the next room
    are surrounded by water.  Right near those stairs down, there's a set of
    steps to the right that lead up to the overhead bridge.  Stand on the top of
    the steps and position yourself so that your character is basically hugging
    the wall, and tilt the camera to the right, so now that your character is
    right in between the torch and the wall.  The enemies will come out from
    near the stairs down, and then move up the steps towards you.  If you're
    positioned right, even if the enemy is a big fat drakulard, it won't enter
    you in combat.  The enemies will spawn, for a maximum of about 5 enemies. 
    Then you'll notice the enemies won't move any more.  To remedy that, rush
    past whatever enemies are nearby and go to the stairs down, and then right
    back up, and repeat.  Or instead of going down the stairs, you could always
    kill the closest thing to you and not have to move much.
    HP: 5-7
    XP: 40200
    I got all my characters up to lvl 36 in all classes this way, but
    maaan... it was pretty tiresome.  It threw on about an extra 5 hours of
    playtime.  I did this right before the last boss... well, right after he
    pretty much whooped me once, heh.  Anyways, this gave me a total of 1056
    skill points per character, giving you the full hunting skillset and then
     ~5e) Metal King Slime (MKS's)
    Where to find: Tower of Nod, mid-to-high lvl grottos.  I met one in the
    Tower of Nod, actually, but it's really unreliable.
    Suggested: Grottos, especially if you get one where they're on floors 1-4.
    What level you should get to through these: 45 in all classes, and then 99
    and revocating your main class for the main character.  Just keep in mind
    that less characters in party = +XP for them, -chances to kill as well.
    You COULD do a level 99 stretch and revocations with the whole party, but
    in doing so you'd spend a lot more time killing.  Hey, isn't there some
    accolades where you need a ridiculous amt. of time clocked before beating
    the game?  Hint hint!
    How to kill: TT or HM them if you are hunting with two people, or if you're
    hunting with a full party of 4 each with FBs, 4 MSla's may kill one, but
    considernig you can meet multiples of them (up to 3 in one combat), it's
    really better to stick with TT and HM.
    How to hunt: Grottos vary in the baddies that haunt them, so it's really
    hard to give any one strategy here.  I would suggest if you find a grotto
    that they're in, clear the grotto first so then you have the full map, and
    then see how you can use the terrain to your advantage to have the enemies
    respawn at a steady rate, whilst keeping yourself abreast of any trouble.  
    If you keep moving and keep getting to empty respawn points, you'll see an 
    enemy pop up once ever 5 seconds, roughly, and MKS's seem to pop up about 
    1/32 of the time.  Keep in mind there's also usually 3 other mobs that can 
    spawn, and those ones would generally be a lot more likely.  You may want 
    to find a grotto with as few Chase type enemies as well.  Right now I'm 
    using a water grotto where they appear at b5, and thus have slugly betsiy,
    charmour, and moai ministrel, which are all pretty easy to deal with as 
    they're all Dash types, and only the slugly betsie can actually sense my 
    character to dash at him. People have also told me of a Metal King Slime 
    room, i.e. in one particular grotto, they would be the only enemy you see
    walking around.  They may arrive to battle with other enemies you would
    expect to find on that floor/other floors within that group.
    I would be estatic to have such a map.  If you're lucky enough to have one,
    then I don't see why you're reading this guide!  Stop making me jealous and
    go kill em'!
    HP: 14-16
    XP: 120400
    I got all my characters to lvl 45 in all classes with this, except for
    the main character.  I left him in the main class and just kept revocating
    him until I got to 6 times revocated, so I could finally "easily" move on to
    the next mob.  However, once all the side characters were lvl 45 in all
    classes, I started getting them up to lvl 99 in their primary classes, and
    then to lvl 99 in secondary classes, designed for Legacy boss hunting.  If
    you get lvl 45 in all classes, you'll have 1512 skill points, which is
    enough to learn 2 weapons, shield, and all the class trait skillsets.  More
    than enough to be serious about hunting Legacy bosses.
     ~5f) Platinum King Jewel (PKJs)
    Where to find: High level grottos
    Suggested: Well, not much of a choice here.
    What level you should get to through these: As high as you want to get to.
    How to kill: TT or HM them only.  You could go MS, but these guys won't even
    fall in 4 hits from it with FB., even with combo's.  If you're lucky enough 
    to have all of those attacks hit, even.
    How to hunt: With extreme patience, and if you understand the process, queue
    manipulation.  They're Tower of Zot for the MKS-rare.  They don't even spawn
    themselves, so you have to hunt enemies apearing with it.  In fact, if you
    consider they give just less than double of the experience of the MKS, it all
    shows that it might be a good idea just to try and get this guys info for 
    the monster records and that's all - MKS wiil be reliable and easier to kill.
    As far as I know, PKJ maps are impossible without some sort of modification 
    of the game information.  That's all fine and dandy, I suppose.
    XP: 240000
    You need 2600 skill points to master all weapons and skills.  Even lvl 99
    in all 12 classes will only give you 2400 skill points (200 each at the
    end), therefore for all characters to master eveything, they would need to
    get to lvl 99 in all classes, revocate in one, just once, and then get to 
    lvl 99 again in that class.
    6. Conclusion, Copyright, Thanks, and Future Release Details
    Well, that's it for now.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel
    free to send them to sasquatchmaster@hotmail.com.  And from that I'll build
    the FAQ section.
    Copyright disclaimer: Property of Arashmin 2010.  Feel free to email me if
    you want to use this, just remember this is protected by mine AND GFaqs
    Thanks to SquareEnix, Level5, and all the other teams involved with the
    making of the game, for such a great game.
    Thanks to fallacies and his helpful Experience Guide for the low-down on the
    number of skill points obtained per level.
    Thanks to natejohn557 for giving the low-down on Vanish, Whistle, Multi-
    Thrust and Boomerang skill Metallicker.
    Thanks to chinesedragond for the information on the fabled Metal King Slime-
    roomed maps, where they would be the only spawning mob.  One day!
    THanks to E. Figaro for suggesting the Assassin's Stab with FE.  
    And to you, for being so great as to read the guide... even the thanks
    And to me, for being so great as to write this guide.  Yay Pride!
    Next release, I will add HP values for the slimes (HP seems to flux a bit
    for them, I've killed a MSli with 2 damage before, and sometimes with 3
    damage - same goes with MM and LMS).  Also will add a FAQ as the questions
    come in.

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