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"Dragon Quest 9, I'm not so sure about the Dragon part, but there are a hell lot of Quests..."

NOTE:- This game is actually a 8.5, but since Gamefaqs doesn't have such a score, I gave it an 8.

Dragon Quest has been around for a couple of years, being one of the earliest RPG's out there. It has since made a big mark in Japan, not that much in the US, until the release of Dragon Quest 8, which was a major success. Me personally, I haven't played any Dragon Quest except Dragon Quest 8, which I played halfway through and then it broke :(. So I'm not a Dragon Quest fanatic, but I'm sure that after playing this game, I might have a different opinion. The only reason Dragon Quest didn't attract me was because I didn't like how the battles looked. I love seeing characters carrying out all the cool moves and actions, which could only be found in Dragon Quest 8, and Dragon Quest 9 has fortunately brought that system back. Now enough introductions, let's go the review.

Story - 8/10

The story of DQ9 is basically about Angels looking over us mortals, and helping us out so that they can collect benevolence, to give to Yggdrasil Tree, found in the Observatory, so that It can finally blossom, and lead the Angels to salvation. But something goes wrong when our Hero gives the Benevolence, and He/She ends up falling from the Angel's Observatory(Which is above Earth, by the way) and crashes in Earth and He/She apparently lose their Angelic Powers, and must therefore start collecting Benevolence like crazy to get back their Angelic Powers, and finally be able to return to the Observatory. Nothing original but it seems to work well for the game. And by the way, all of your characters are silent, so they therefore do not play any major part, except the Hero who the story centers about.

Gameplay - 9/10

The Gameplay of Dragon Quest is where the game shines. If you are someone who likes simple Battle Systems, like me, then look no further for Dragon Quest 9 is your game. If you are someone who's looking for something innovative as for battle system, stop wasting your time, and do not even consider buying this game. The Battles are thankfully not random so you can see the enemies on the screen, and by making contact with them, you initiate a battle. The battles are turn-based, and the turn order is based on speed, the faster you are, the earlier you attack. In battle, you can choose to attack, defend, use spells, and skills. You can also flee, if you do not want to battle. Spells are learnt as you increase in level, and Skills are obtained by adding to Skill Points to a Weapon Category. Whenever you learn a skill for a weapon, it becomes weapon-exclusive, therefore you cannot use that skill with another weapon. But each character has a special category that doesn't require a certain weapon to perform that skill. And by the way, each character has five categories, but you should spend your skill points effectively, or you'll regret it later in the game.

The Game also features Quests which can be completed by talking to people with a blue bubble speech. Some of them are simple such as giving them antidotes, and herbs to finding specific items. There about 100 Quests so that's really a lot and Square-Enix has also announced that they will upload a weekly quest, so that should turn out to be interesting as well. The Game also features a Multiplayer option, where your friends can enter your world, and you can battle together, which is a really creative thing for a Turn-Based RPG.

In Dragon Quest 9, you create all your characters, by giving them certain hairstyles, hair color, eye color etc. I actually like that system, and it seems to work really, but that's why, the characters do not play any part in the story. Each time you add equipment, they will appear on your character, and in that way, you can be extremely creative.

Graphics - 10/10

The Graphics in this game are just AWESOME! I mean seriously, they look so good. The environments and characters have an Anime feeling and you can see they have really pushed the DS limits for this game.

Sound - 8/10

I actually love the game's music, but the thing is that they actually took a lot of tunes from Dragon Quest 8, and tweaked them a bit, which is a good thing, since Dragon Quest 8 had such good music. But they should have maybe come up with new and creative music.

Overall - 8.5/10

I really enjoy the game(I just started the game so that's why I don't use the Past Tense) and has to be on of the best Old-School RPG's to be found on the DS.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/21/10

Game Release: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (US, 07/11/10)

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