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Reviewed: 08/11/10

Dragon Quest IX Long Awaited Treasure

One of the most awaited games in the history of games themselves! For all of us that have been playing Dragon Quest since nintendo days, and Dragon Warrior on GBC, this game is an extreme sigh of relief! I have long awaited another game that could even compare to the creativeness and length of Dragon Warrior III. As many of us players know, Dragon Quest IX has one of the best features that could come out on a DS game, creating your own characters. Now many people out there are saying, "So what? There are tons of games that you can create your characters." This may be true, but on how many games can you create your character, choose his/her class, and change appearance for every piece of equipment? Not too many apparently. This game not only has the looks, but it also has the lengthy story that will keep you playing for hundreds of hours.

Story: 10/10
Right from the get go the story is very well thought out and even kicks in with some twists. I won't go into detail too much about the story because I want you to go out and get the game! But I will tell you that it offers anywhere from 50-90 hours for the base story alone, so it is worth every single penny. But just because the base story is over doesn't mean you are done with the game, so read on

Gameplay: 10/10
So besides the many hours you will invest into the story mode and into training for the big bosses throughout the story, there are also hundreds of side-quests to complete. You won't be able to complete all of them right away as some become available after you beat the game and furthermore, another 100 or so quests will be released on the Wi-fi connection for free. Many of these quests give you valuable equipment and items you will need for better items. Besides all the questing, there are also grottos which are basically random dungeons that have new, bigger, badder, bosses available. Some hardcore Dragon quest players will recognize some of these "Legendary bosses" as they are called from the other Dragon Quest games. (Dhoulmagus, Rhapthorne, Murdaw, Dragovian Lord, Psaro, Estark, Just to name a few.) Oh and if you are still not satisfied with all of that there are multiple Accolades that you can earn for your various achievements in the game, an alchemy pot to achieve the best gear in the game, and last but not least, a multiplayer mode in which you can play with upto three other friends and adventure into any part of the game they have unlocked! Overall completion of this game could be hundreds and hundreds of hours. (I would know, I am upto 110 hours now.)

Customization and Graphics: 10
The characters in this game are fully customizable including : Name, Hair and color, eye type and color, and skin color. Which to me is one of the sweetest addition to the series since Dragon Warrior 3. Also every piece of equipment that goes on your character changes his/her appearance, which is another great addition since most games don't do that. The overall graphics of the game are actually very well done, the attacks, spells, and different skills are very well done and just add that overall Zing (haha) to the game. Even the detail on the monsters creates a new level on battling, not to mention the newer 3D look in the battles that actually brings the game to life. Probably the most important thing in customization in this game has to be the classes though. A few are given to you such as: Minstrel, warrior, priest, mage, martial artist, and thief. The rest of the classes have to be unlocked by special quests spread throughout the game. These include, gladiator, paladin, ranger, armementalist, sage, and superstar. The superstar can only be unlocked after the game is beaten. Mastering of the skills in this game for each class is a MUST! You will be able to use all of the abilities you learn no matter the class you are. But sadly you lose all of your spells every time you change classes

Overall: 10 (duh)
With the addition of the new character creation and ever changing appearances, Dragon quest IX is easily one of the best games not only for DS but overall for all systems. While it lacks the full 1080P graphics like PS3 you will be immediatly drawn into this game if you are a big RPG person. I would fully advise this game to anyone who likes turn-based games and is looking for a game that you will enjoy for hundreds of hours.

If you need any help with the game contact me VIA my contacts any time of the day. I am still shooting for the 100% at this game so I will be playing it any chance I have outside of work.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (US, 07/11/10)

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