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"Possible not to love?"

Epicness. That is one of the many words I can use to describe this one game. DQ9 is a great game, even though it moved away it's original course, though it was for the better (in my opinion). DQ9 got a much better battle system, that was actually animated, it got a new party system and class system, which allows you to create your own customizable character with it's own unique class, and not to mention the Grottoes and Legacy Bosses, which are bosses from past games, which you can also in fact, fight. Other additions are the DQ Shopping Channel, the Acolyades, and the party tricks. Though DQ9 starts off with a new spin, it still keeps many of it's old features, such as party members that you gain throughout the story (though they pushed that back to the Postgame), a basic outline of all the Monsters, Items, and Spells, a group of epic audio tunes and more. Perrsonnally, I could not put this game down, though at some parts it was challenging. I redid the game over and over several times, with a total play time of more than two hundred hours. This game is a good game to use when you are bored or unhappy, as this game throws you a punch of excitement and a pinch of awesomeness that can pick anyone out of a bad mood. Nevertheless, this game is still epic. Square Enix has a horribly masterful mind that shook us. This it truly the most epic RPG in the history of RPG's.

Dq9 had a well schemed plot and gave the player a very high amount of anticipation. They left Cliffhangers at every turn and they scattered suprises everywhere, which in fact blew my mind. To think that someone could plot out something so great... Well, this it hard to top. What will Square Enix do in the next Dragon Quest? Will it turn out better or worse? Or will they revert back to the normal Dragon Quest way of battling (or the old way, to specify clearly?)

Classic Dragon Quest/Warrior theme. Hard not to love? Probably. This audio OWNS!!!

Compared to other DQ games, the Graphics were Great. Dragon Quest 9 had a impossibly high amount of cutscenes, not to mention that all the fighting was animated, which it a HUGE step up from where DQ is currently standing.

Overall: 9.95/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/03/12

Game Release: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (US, 07/11/10)

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