How do I beat` Illua)?

  1. Im at the last battle with her( at the place where you need the portal to get to) and i don't know how to beat her. I have 2 lv. 69 black mages, a lv. 68 soldier, a Lv. 57 soldier, a Lv. 65 warrior, and a Lv. 65 warrior. Is this enough or do i need to train more?

    User Info: king7348

    king7348 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Just to clarify here... do you know how to change jobs? Because you've got a totally basic team there, and even though they're leveled to a point that beating the game shouldn't pose much of a problem it seems to me that FFTA2 is more about how you use abilities and strategy than how powerful you are. That's how people manage to beat the whole thing at lower levels than you currently possess.

    If this is for some sort of challenge that prevents advanced classes then ignore me entirely, but if you really don't know how to change jobs then go look that up. You'll be pleased with the ease in difficulty once you've got advanced abilities and stat growth.

    Hope it helps!

    User Info: ru_rocks

    ru_rocks - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You've got a very basic party there. Instead of having two Bangaa warriors, could you change them to Tricksters and make their secondary job Gladiator? That way, you can use cards to throw Ultima Sword from a distance. Make their P-ability Halve MP (from the Bishop job) and they can Ultima her on their second turn.

    Smilarly with your two Hume soldiers, if you changed them to Hunters and learned Ultima Shot, it wouldn't matter what their secondary job was. And again, if their P-ablility was Halve MP (from the Illusionist job), they can Ultima her on their second turn too.

    Two successful Ultima attacks against Illua and she's toast. It really is that easy if you have the right jobs and abilities. As for your Black Mages, you don't say if they're Hume, Moogle or Nu Mou. So I can't offer much advice there. But the "trick" to beating Illua quickly is to hit her from a distance with Ultima attacks.

    User Info: joenumpty

    joenumpty - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. A good way to spam an Ultima rush is to get about two Fusilier/Mog Knights, accompanied by a Juggler. I know this sounds outlandish, but it does work.

    Get the Juggler to always use Smile Toss on one of the Fusiliers, and keep using debuff shots on her cronies to slow them down a bit so that your melee guys can immobilize them, and at any 4th turn use Ultima Charge from one of the Fusiliers to hit Illua with it, and the other Fusilier should follow. Keep following that pattern, accompanied by a healer and two melee fighters and it'll be over in no time.

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  2. I hope that you're not asking on how to beat Illua without changing Jobs even if you know how to.

    long-ranged Ultima Masher with Blood Price is better as you get to Ultima Masher something in the first turn
    support that with a Doublecasting Summoner with Blood Price to replenish lost HP
    Viera can also equip Ribbons right away to avoid that nasty all-targeting debuff that Illua uses

    User Info: gokiburi_1

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  3. Well if you could change 1 of the soilders 2 a palidin and a warrior to a dragoon then i think your good to go with an especially lvl'd up team cause i think i was only lvl 54 wen i beat illua

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  4. You should have a ranger with item lore as P-ability and mirror items as an A-ability. (And you will need some X-potions). When you can use it, you can take 400 HP from her, with 99% hitting rate.
    Another tip: Accept low leveled people in your clan as long it is not full. You do not need to use them, but if you accept them, Illua's level will go down. (Her level is the average of your clan, but min. 50 and max. 59.)
    I got a card which prevents Illua from breaking the law at the beginning. Do you have that one already?

    User Info: BinXyD

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  5. Also make sure that she never gets HP critical, but rather KOd immediatly. If she gets her turn while she's critical, she will restore all her HP at once. For example if she has 150 HP, it's your turn, the turn after that is hers. If you then want to use an ability that takes 50 HP from her, so she gets critical, she will use rebirth again and then you have to start it all over again. If you don't use that ability, she will also not use rebirth.

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  6. She stops Rebirthing after 3 times.

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