Opinions for best character job combination?

  1. In my team I have Luso, Adelle, Cid, a Nu Mou, a Viera, and a Hume
    there jobs are here. Luso Parivir / Fighter. Adelle Heritor / Ninja. Cid White monk / Gladiator. Nu Mou illusionist / Black Mage. Viera Elementalist / Summoner. And Hume Hunter / Archer. Any opinion is ok.

    User Info: yoshismile

    yoshismile - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, for luso, i use a Paladin dual wielding with strike back and flair, and works very nicely. For Adelle, i use Heritor with high magick, dual wield and strike back. Nu Mou, i use any mage with illusion, halve mp and magick counter. Viera, i use assassin with summon, any good react ability, and blood price. I dont actually got a nice bangaa setup, but for now, it is trickster with martial arts, blink counter and ribbon bearer. Now to an explanation, Luso will pack quite a punch with this set, as will Adelle with magick frenzy. The Nu Mou will do nothing on the first turn to use illusion the next one. The Viera will just walk up to the enemy with masamune, and blood price ultima masher. If not in range, will summon something. The bangaa will attack with cards, and sometimes pummel. I also like to use a dragoon with sparring, wich does some nice damage and gets ultima sword. For the other hume, i do not have any nice one, so i would suggest to put in a gria ravager with trapping, or gria hunter with feralism. the hunter works better, but has poor stat growth when compared with the ravager.

    User Info: Arkmenhah

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  1. I agree with Luso being a Paladin with dual wielding , strike back and flair abilities. Luso is godly if u put him as a Paladin. (equiped with Sequencer and another godly weapon which must be one-handed and Materia armour) This way Luso will become a godly character with godly attack stats due to Sequencer and another of a godly weapon and defense stats due to Materia armour. However, for Adelle, I put her as a Parivir with Heritor abilities, dual wielding and strike back. I don't really bother much about Adelle so I just put her as a Parivir. This is just my opinion only because I still put her as a Parivir. For Cid, put him as a Master Monk as it is very good and godly. Nu mou either an Alchemist or Sage with black mage abilities, alchemist abilities or sage abilities. For viera, put her as a summoner, assassin, elementalist or red mage as red mage has the double-cast ability which is good. As for hume, I am not too sure because I don't really have another Hume in my team besides Luso and Adelle. My team consists of Luso, Adelle, nu mou, viera and a bangaa.

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  2. The luso and adelle above are good. (paladin and seer)
    Make cid a double monk.
    The viera sholud be a double cast blood price summoner.
    Also have a gria hunter w/ devastation (ranged chush) instead of a hume one or at least a seer one to spam ultima.

    User Info: lindle_777

    lindle_777 - 6 years ago 0 0

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