What is the best job combination for all the races?

  1. The question tells itself, but once again, What is the best combination for each race? (Please give me a Magick and a Combat combo, as I still want to decide whether or not I should make someone a Mage/Melee)

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Accepted Answer

  1. Hume: (Melee) Paladin/Parivir. Paladin has great equipment and growths, and Parivir has great abilities. Throw geomancy in for the win.
    (Magick) Illusionist/Seer. Illusionist's ability to hit every enemy in play, and great magic and MP growths make it a strong magic class. Seer's magic frenzy and replemish MP are a great asset.

    Bangaa: (Melee) Master Monk/ and Templar/White Monk. Templar gives great support and power boosts, while White Monk gives good ranged attacks and other types of abilities. Master Monk has the best close-range ability set for offense in the game, with Pummel and cross-counter.

    (Magick) Gladiator/Bishop. Gladiator with Ultima, Bishop with Holy, Aero, Water, and Break. Train as a Trickster for great magic growth, but it won't be very useful anyway. Stick to physicals with Bangaa.

    (Support) Cannoneer. Ether Shell FTW! Also has great damage if other abilities are charged up, allowing massive damage from a distance. Bad growths, though.

    Nu Mou: (Melee) Beastmaster/Scholar. It will be bad either way. Both have good attack growths, but not much else. Stick with magick for these guys.

    (Magick) Sage/ and Illusionist/Alchemist/Black Mage/Arcanist. Sage has the most powerful set of moves in the entire game. Illusion/Alchemist/Black Mage have good magic growths, while Arcanist have Drain and Dark level-specific spells.

    Moogle: (Melee) Fusiler (Gunner)/Moogle Knight. Fusilers range and debuffs and Moogle Knights powerful abilities stack up for massive damage and sheer annoyance.

    (Magick) Black Mage/Time Mage: Not much else to choose from. Pretty good, nonetheless.

    (Support) Bard (Hurdy only)/Tinker/Flintlock (if moogle isn't Hurdy). Bard has best support abilities. Period. Tinker has good buff/debuff if used properly and with the right equipment/abilities.

    Viera: (Melee) Sniper/Spellblade. Great range and growths from sniper, good abilities from Spellblade.

    (Magick) Dancer (Penelo only)/Summoner/Elementalist (if not Penelo). Penelo has great debuffs as a dancer, as well as speed boosting knives. Summoner has great range, and strong growths for good long range damage. Elementalist also has good debuffs if you're using a standard viera.

    (Support) Green Mage/White Mage. Green Mage has great abilities to support your units while debuffing opponents. White Mage mostly for healing.

    Seeq: Not much in general. Rangers are a great job. 400 damage Mirror X-Potions FTW. The rest is all opinion, but they are all very similar to one another.

    Gria: (Melee) Raptor/ and Ravanger/Hunter. A bit late in the game, but a great class nonetheless. Raptors' damage + defense lowering abilities are some of the best in the game. Ravanger has good sneak attack... but that's about it... Hunter is the same as a Hume hunter, but with better movement.

    (Magick) Geomancer. Good spell range + debuffs. The flaw (other than accessibility)? Terrain and wheater can limit the abilities used.

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Other Answers

  1. Melee and Mage? Hmm.

    Hume - Ninja/Seer
    Moogle - Juggler/Time Mage
    Viera - Sniper/Sumoner
    Nu Mou - Sage/Illusioist
    Bangaa - Master Monk/Bishop (train for a few levels as a Trickster first for both Speed and Magick)
    Gria - Ravager/Geomancer
    Seeq - Berserker/Viking

    I'm not 100% sure on these. A few of those may be debatable

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  2. your request isn't very well thought out, because some classes are made to be melee or combat, not both. Here are the combinations I would suggest:
    -Hume: Tese are very mixed characters, so I would suggest a seer/fighter, mor a fighter paladin if you' re willing to give up magic. Of course, you could also use a hunter/ black mage, useful combination of ranged attacks(always include geomancy to a black mage, its a lifesaver)
    -Nu mou: Ah, my favourite class. Trying to make a melee fighter out of these is a waste of time. My Nu-Mou is a black mage/Arcanist or time mage, depending on the situations. You could also combine sage and white mage, to deal both heavy dammage and regenerate, but YOU NEED TO USE MAGICK.
    -Bangaa: I personally do not adore these. They only have 1 magick class, which is bishop. It' s sort of medium level green, white and black mage, all mixed together. Don' t bother, it's not specific enough in it's spell range. He also has templar job, which can cast some buffs or debuffs but i personally find it useless. On the other hand, they are really good melee fighters. There also are the artillieurs, that saved me so often by giving quick MP to my teram and dealing major built up attacks.I have a dragoon/Gladiator, which can both deal elemental dammageand a artillieur/trickster(to deal dammage, debuffs and support)but a good cambination would be trickster/Master Monk, for both reaged and close attacks.
    -Moogles: This class is bizarre. Some of the jobs I wonder how I could possibly use in a battle. For magick, they can be Time mage or black mage, which I don' t find spectacular. Their only real melee job is moogle night, which i like a lot for the ultima attack and wide range of actions. Then come the"bizarre jobs". Tinkers cast buffs or debuffs randomly on your team or the opponent' s, totally useless. Chocobo night can mount a chcobo and use it's abilities. If you want to control a monster, use a nu mou beastmaster and get it over with(Note: beastmasers are ap pain in the neck to teach all the abilities, and a complete waste of time.). Jugglers can deal smallish dammage and cast debuffs/buffs, so I find they aren't too bad at the beginning. Finally, I love the fusillier/Filntock combination, for dealing raged dammage/support. This polyvalent class can do pretty much anythig, but I wouldn' t bother withe the magickes that are just as good on annother class and have a juggler/moogle night or fusilier/flintock.
    -Viera: Viera are a very good class throughout the game, for there wide range of jobs that make them sutable for any situation. For magick, summoners are the best. You can also have a green/ white mage combination for supporting your team, which is very useful. dont bother wits elementalist or fencer, there useless. Take a spellblade(or red mage) for melee, but they also have special magicks un their blades.My favourite combinations would be white/green mage for support, and spellblade/summonner for offence.
    -Seeq: Hate em'. I, as tou know, prefer magick over melee; these are hell for me. Ranger is a waste of time, berserker could be a good melee but not my cup of tea, Lanista not to bad with some useful moves and Vicking is a complete joke. A seeq, well known for being the worst possible magician, casting elemental spells? No thank you. IF i were to have a seeq, it would be a Barserquer Lanista, or MAYBE lanista /viking.
    The rest of my tips are in a seperate message, for I have reached the limit.

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  3. -Gria: The golden trophy. It tages ages to let alone get one in your team, let alone train one, unlock the jobs and get the material. I' m on the last scenario mission and I barely finished training my first. Oh but it' s soooo worth it. The hunter is practical because its easier to obtain and move than a hume, and makes a great combo with a raptor. Raptors deal wind dammage and lower opponet stats, so adding a range to that is devastating. It took me ages to get a geomancer, the only real magician, and absolutly love it. Not only are ther low cost spells that deal medium dammage and really good debuffs to a unit, not only can we use the leftovers of these to do area high dammage, but they have a superb range of action. Ravager is one of the ultimate classes of the game, with sneak attack dealing loads of dammage. My favourite Gria combos are hunter/raptor, geomancer/raptor and raptor/ravager.
    Well, i didn't exacly awnser your question because it was complete rubbish, but UI hope this was useful to you.

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