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    Blue Magick FAQ by Knightauron

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    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
    Blue Magick Guide
    By: Knightauron
    Table of Contents
    Part I: 		Introduction
    Part II:		Version History
    Part III:		What is a Blue Mage?
    Part IV:		Blue Magick Itself
    Part V:			Monster Locations
    Part VI:		Beastmaster Insturments
    Part VII:		Frequently Asked Questions
    Part VIII:		Class Combinations
    Part IX:		The Final Verdict
    Part X:			Legal and Contact Information
    Part XI:		Credits and Thanks
    Part I: Introduction
    Blue Magick is one of the recurring skill sets of the Final Fantasy universe.
    It involves learning enemy skills and using them, whether they are offensive
    or defensive.
    Blue mages themselves are very useful to the team, though take the longest to
    develop. This guide is devoted to helping you craft a powerful blue mage, or 
    at least a powerful arsenal of blue magick.
    Part II: Version History
    Version 1.0 - 07/04/2008, Wrote FAQ
    Version 1.1 - 07/07/2008, Fixed a couple small errors
    Version 1.2 - 07/08/2008, Fixed a couple more errors, added section on 
    Part III: What is a Blue Mage?
    "These peculiar mages can learn the abilities of beasts and monsters, making 
    them their own."
    This is the in game description of blue mages, though it hardly even breaks
    the surface. Blue mages are one of the few magick classes that can support,
    fight, and heal all at the same time. They can add a whole new level to the
    playing field and pack some very deadly spells. First, the basics:
    1 Black Magick A-Ability
    Weapon - Sabers
    Armor - Clothing, Robes
    Head - Hats
    Stat Growth:
    HP:	84/6
    MP:	30/3
    SPD:	57/50%
    W. ATK:	80/8
    W. DEF:	88/9
    M. POW:	84/8
    M. RES:	92/9
    Blue Mages themselves do not excel in any area in particular. Their greatest
    advantage is their arsenal of magick abilities. Best used as a support class.
    Part IV: Blue Magick Itself
    Unlike the other classes in FFTA2, Blue Mages learn their skills by having 
    that skill used on them while having the skill "Learn" equipped. However,
    because of Learn, the unit does not have to be a Blue Mage in order to learn
    Blue Magick.
    1. Magick Hammer
    MP Cost - 4
    Description - Deals damage to target's MP.
    Learned From - Bakanamy
    Usefulness - 2/10. Better to deal damage to the target's HP.
    2. White Wind
    MP Cost - 20
    Description - Heals other allies in a small area for user's current HP. Does
    not affect user.
    Learned From - Sprite
    Usefulness - 9/10. One of the best skills in the game. Costs 2 MP more 
    than Curaga and can cure for way more. The only downside to this skill is
    that the user does need to have a reasonable amount of HP in order for this
    skill to be effective.
    3. Angel Whisper
    MP Cost - 32
    Description - Recovers a little HP and grants Reraise.
    Learned From - Sprite
    Usefulness - 6/10. One of the only Reraise skills in the game. Probably 
    better than the regular Reraise if only for the fact that Blue Magick can
    offer more than White Magick in general.
    4. Night
    MP Cost - 22
    Description - Casts Sleep on all other units.
    Learned From - Lamia
    Usefulness - 4/10. Good if your team is immune to sleep, otherwise a little
    risky. Note that this skill does not affect the user.
    5. Screech
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Deal damage and cause confuse.
    Learned From - Wolf
    Usefulness - 7/10. Confuse is always fun, plus it costs a low amount of MP.
    6. War Dance
    MP Cost - 12
    Description - Raise Attack in a small area.
    Learned From - Dreamhare
    Usefulness - 6/10. A nice simple buff that can be obtained early on.
    7. Roar
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Remove Buffs from all units.
    Learned From - Werewolf
    Usefulness - 6/10. Good for teams that are heavy on buffs, but not
    to be used if your team uses a lot of buffs. You need a buff on your unit to
    8. Sandstorm
    MP Cost - 12
    Description - Deals Earth Damage in a small area and inflicts blind.
    Learned From - Antlion
    Usefulness - 7/10. A solid attack skill that you can get early on. The
    Earth damage can act as a counter measure if your default weapon has a 
    different element. Blind is a nice effect too.
    9. Cornered
    MP Cost - 4
    Description - Deals a massive amount of damage if the user has health in
    the single digits.
    Learned From - Shelling (The turtle guys)
    Usefulness - 3/10. One of the riskiest skills in the game. It deals 999 damage
    100% of the time on one target, but can only be used if the user is at 1-9 HP.
    If you can actually get to that low level of health, begin spamming as much as
    you can. You will need Reraise on your Blue Mage to Learn this skill. The skill
    is called Limit Glove on Shellings.
    10. Matra Magick
    MP Cost - 22
    Description - Switches HP and MP of target.
    Learned From - Shelling
    Usefulness - 9/10. Thanks to the new MP system, this skill can slaughter. If 
    you use the proper clan privilages, you can OHkO a unit or two before the
    other team can even move.
    11. Bad Breath
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Causes Blind, Silence and Poison in a T-shape in front of
    the user.
    Learned From - Malboro
    Usefulness - 2/10. In FFTA, this was one of the best skills in the game.
    In FFTA2, it suffered a massive nerf, cutting out most of the status
    effects and all the very useful ones.
    12. Eerie Sound Wave
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Removes buffs on one unit.
    Learned From - Malboro
    Usefulness - 4/10. Like a pinpoint version of Roar for the same cost.
    13. Unction
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Inflicts all units in a small area with Oil.
    Learned From - Red Flan
    Usefulness - 5/10. Good if your team has fire damage, otherwise not that
    14. Self-destruct
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Sacrifice the user to deal massive damage to all surrounding
    Learned From - Bomb
    Usefulness - 6/10. Can deal some pretty heavy damage from behind, the only
    downside being you have to sacrifice the user. I think this deals fire damage,
    but I'm not 100% on that.
    15. Doom
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Inflicts Doom on the target, which kills them in three turns.
    Learned From - Deathscythe
    Usefulness - 8/10. One of the only Hume skill that gives Doom, which can be
    very handy in the right circumstances.
    16. Roulette
    MP Cost - 12
    Description - Randomly kills a unit, friend or foe.
    Learned From - Ahriman
    Usefulness - 4/10. Really only good if your either outnumbered or feeling 
    lucky. Need to have Reraise on your unit to learn.
    17. Quake
    MP Cost - 12
    Description - Deals Earth damage to units in a small area. 
    Learned From - Headless
    Usefulness - 4/10. Like Sandstorm without the Blind. The only Blue Magick
    spell that can be used with Magick Frenzy. Credit goes to Bulbopon88 for
    pointing that out.
    18. Expose Weakness
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Lower Defense and Resistance of the target.
    Learned From - Drake
    Usefulness - 5/10. I'm not a huge fan of debuffs, but this skill is one
    of the better ones.
    19. Mighty Guard
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Raises the Defense and Resistance of the target.
    Learned From - Drake
    Usefulness - 8/10. The opposite of Expose Weakness. Good for weaker units.
    20. Dragon Force
    MP Cost - 8
    Description - Raises the Attack and Magick of the target.
    Learned From - Drake
    Usefulness - 8/10. Makes any unit stronger, whether they be caster or
    1. Immunity
    Description - Neither buffs nor debuffs can be removed from the user.
    Learned From - Survival Vest, 250 AP
    Usefulness - 4/10. There are better skills, such as Half MP/Turbo MP, or 
    Weapon Attack +. 
    2. Learn
    Description - The essential Blue Mage skill. When this skill is equipped, if
    a learnable is used on the Blue Mage, he learns that skill.
    Learned From - Light Saber, 100 AP
    Usefulness - 5/10. Absolutely necessary to learn Blue Magick. Otherwise
    completely useless.
    1. MP Shield
    Description - Damage is dealt to MP before it is dealt to HP.
    Learned From - Mirage Vest, 300 AP
    Usefulness - 3/10. This skill depends on who it’s equipped on. For a caster,
    this skill isn't very useful without the ability Blood Price, seeing as how
    it depletes MP faster. For defensive skills, Reflex or Strike Back are better.
    Part V: Monster Locations
    Some of the monsters spawn in locations you may not be able to access until
    after you finish certain quests. These are the areas I know that the monsters
    appear in, and if I find another one that area will be added. Each area has
    different counters that occur during different months. This list will not
    include monsters found in quests.
    Bakanamy - These can be found in several locations. Targ Wood is a great
    location though because that encounter has Sprites, a Dreamhare and a Bakanamy
    Sprite - Again, Targ Wood is the best place for Sprites. One Sprite has
    White Wind, the other has Angel Whisper
    Lamia - The Rupie Mountains has three Lamias, each with Night. The Drake in
    the same area does NOT have any learnable skills.
    Dreamhare - Dreamhares can be found all over the place too, but Targ Wood is
    once again good because you can knock out four skills at once there.
    Wolf - The Bisga Greenlands has three Wolves, all with Screech, as well as
    three Werewolves, all with Roar.
    Werewolf - The Aldanna Range has three Werewolves and two Headless. All three
    Werewolves have Roar. The Bisga Greenlands has three Werewolves as well, as 
    well as three Wolves with Screech.
    Headless - The Aldanna Range has two Headless and three Werewolves. Only
    one of the Headless know Quake though.
    Drake - Aisenfield as three different Drakes, each having one of the three
    skills learned from Drakes.
    Malboro - Zedlei Forest has two Malboros, both of which have Bad Breath. The
    Green one has Eerie Sound Wave. The Dreamhare in the same area has War Dance. 
    Deathscythe - Tramdine Fens is the only place where I have found Deathscythes
    in an encounter. You need to finish the Witch of the Fens quests first.
    Flan - The Ruins of Delgantua has four varities of Flan, but only the Red
    one will give you Unction.
    Shelling - Flourgis has all three species of Shelling. The green ones give
    Cornered and the yellow one gives Matra Magick. Note that the green ones have
    a skill called Limit Glove, which is Cornered.
    Ahriman - The Galerria Deep has three Ahriaman's all of which have Roulette.
    Make sure to pack a Reraise.
    Antlion - Kthili Sands has two Antlions and three bombs. Both Antlions have
    Sandstorm, and the Red Bombs have Self-destruct.
    Bomb - Kthili Sands has 3 bombs, but only the red ones have Self-destruct.
    Be careful though, you cannot force Bombs to use Self-destruct with a
    beastmaster. Bring the Bomb into HP-Critical and it will Self-destruct next
    to the nearest target.
    Part VI: Beastmaster Instruments
    I know what you're thinking: If this is a Blue Magick guide, why is there a
    section on Beastmaster, a Nu Mou class? The answer is simple: Beastmasters
    make learning Blue Magick ten times easier and twenty times faster. It takes
    a little time to train a Beastmaster and you have to use a unit slot to bring
    him along (or a secondery skill slot if you use a Nu Mou regularly), but it
    is incredibly worth it. This section will cover the Beastmasters Beast Lore,
    and the insturments that teach those skills. Each Beast Lore skill requires
    only 150 ap to learn.
    Lamia Harp - Dreamhare, Deadly Nightshade
    Demon Bell - Bakanamy, Flan
    Glass Bell - Lamia
    War Trumpet - Wolf
    Conch Shell - Shelling
    Hurdy-Gurdy - Drake
    Satyr Flute - Headless
    Faerie Harp - Sprite, Antlion
    Blueleaf Flute - Malboro, Bomb
    Heal Chime - Cockatrice
    Frigid Viol - Werewolf
    Brilliant Theorbo - Ahriman, Floating Eye
    Black Quena - Undead, Ghosts, Deathscythes
    Part VII: Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: The skill I wanted to learn wasn't learned! What did I do wrong?
    A: You need to have Learn equipped. Nothing worse than having a hard to
    learn skill used on your unit and not having Learn equipped. So if you are
    planning on learning Blue Magick, be sure to have Learn equipped. Also, be
    sure that the skill is one of the twenty that can be learned.
    Q: I want Blue Magick but i hate the Blue Mage stat growth. Do I have to be 
    a Blue Mage to learn Blue Magick?
    A: The answer is thankfully no. As long as you have Learn equipped, you can
    learn Blue Magick, regardless of your job.
    Q: My unit died and didn't learn the skill! What happened?
    A: Reraise is your friend. If a skill kills your unit, he won't learn that
    skill. This status effect is needed to learn Cornered and Roulette.
    Q: This is taking way too long and the monsters are using the wrong skills. Is
    there a faster way to do this?
    A: Have a Beastmaster. No one said that monsters will focus on your Blue Mage.
    Beastmasters can make your life so easy by forcing the monsters to target your
    unit with the desired skill. This is also the most effective way of obtaining
    defensive or healing skills.
    Q: I don't have a Beastmaster! Can I still get the buffs and White Wind?
    A: When a Beastmaster is not available or you don't have the proper instrument,
    Confusion is a viable option for learning defensive skills. Confusing an enemy 
    leaves the chance to learn a defensive ability to fate, but it becomes a chance.
    Q: I have Learn equipped, but my unit still isn't learning the skill. What 
    A: Certain skills require you to prepare ahead of time. Roar requires your
    unit to have a buff, and debuff skills require you to be vulnerable to those
    debuffs. One of the bigger ones is being immune to KO when trying to learn
    Q: Are any skills one-time only or do any monsters become "extinct?"
    A: No skills are one time only, and to the best of my knowledge, all monsters
    can be fought in encounters, meaning all skills can be obtained regardless of
    what point you are at in the game.
    Q: This guide is awesome! What do you use your Blue Mage?
    A: Personally, I use a Hunter/Blue Mage. It takes a while, but a fully
    mastered Hunter/Blue Mage is a very useful and versitile unit. By the way,
    that same unit is my bewst unit.
    Part VIII: Class Combinations
    Blue Mage is probably the best as a secondary class. Blue mages don't have the
    best stat growth and their other abilities aren't that top notch. Thus,
    Blue Magick is best used as a secondary class. Blue Magick is exclusive to
    Humes, and can only be used with Hume jobs.
    1. Soldier/Blue Mage
    Soldiers don't have much MP, so they can't really use Blue Magick to its full
    potential. Some of the Buffs like Dragon Force and Might Guard are still good,
    and their high HP makes White Wind useful, but those are better if another
    unit gives them. Their support abilities don't really have good synergy with
    Blue Magick either. 
    2. Fighter/Blue Mage
    Same as Soldier.
    3. Paladin/Blue Mage
    Paladins actually have a reasonable amount of MP, not to mention solid defensive
    stats. Dragon Force on a Paladin can create a very nice tank that can deal a 
    nice amount of damage. Weapon Defense + can be very useful for tanking, and 
    Reflex is one of the best reaction abilities in the game. Not only that, but
    Paladins get some really good equipment. A pretty good combo if you ask me.
    4. Parivir/Blue Mage
    Parivirs are excellent attackers, but Blue Magick is more of a support ability.
    The two don't mix well in my opinion. Death Strike is neat though.
    5. Thief/Blue Mage
    Pretty much the same as the Soldier. Not really enough MP to bring out its full
    6. Ninja/Blue Mage
    Ninjas have good speed growth, and a little MP. Ninjitsu mixed with blue magic
    can cover most every status ailment in the game. Critical: Haste isn't that 
    great of an ability in my opinion, and double sword is good for attacking.
    Other than the Blue Magick Ninjitsu combo, not very useful.
    7. Archer/Blue Mage
    Pretty much the same as Soldier.
    8. Hunter/Blue Mage
    Another good combo. Hunters can learn Ultima Shot, one of the most powerful
    skills in the game, especially since it can be used from far away. Also,
    since Hunters can use bows, you can keep the unit behind the tanks and support
    the other units with buffs and White Wind. Not only that, but you can almost
    never go wrong with Weapon Attack +.
    9. White Mage/Blue Mage
    Blue Mages can heal and cast Reraise. Hume white mages aren't as effective as
    Viera or Nu Mou White Mages anyways. Turbo MP doesn't help most of the Blue
    Magick skills, so it’s best not to go with that.
    10. Black Mage/Blue Mage
    Black Magick is all about attacking, but only has three elements to choose 
    from. Blue Magick can throw a little variety in there, plus throw in some
    nice debuffs. Geomancy can help Sandstorm, but doesn't help Blue Magick
    11. Illusionist/Blue Mage
    Illusionists usually stay far away from combat to use their illusions. Not a
    great combo as Blue Magick is best used in the middle of the team. Half MP 
    isn't necessary, as most of the blue magic spells don't cost much MP in the
    first place.
    12. Seer/Blue Mage or Blue Mage Seer
    Magick Frenzy with some of the Blue Magicks could be fun, but other than that
    not overly exciting. Quake is the only Blue Magick that can activate Magick
    Frenzy anyways.
    This is one of the only class combos that work better the other way around,
    with Blue Mage primary. If tweaked right, Blue Mages can deal some reasonable
    physical damage with the Ninja Support Ability Double Sword. That with Magick
    Frenzy can do some nasty damage.
    Part IX: The Final Verdict
    Blue Mages are very versatile units, capable of handling almost any situation 
    and most any role. Though Blue Magick requires a lot of work, time, and most
    importantly, patience, it can be a major asset in the game. As for how you
    want to use it is your call. I only hope that you found this guide useful and
    Part X: Legal and Contact Information
    This is my guide, written by me.
    If you want to use this guide on another page, simply contact me and I'll see
    what we can do. Do not use any of this information with your own name.
    Sites Using this FAQ:
    Contact me at chrisrd4@hotmail.com if you would like to contribute or if I
    forgot something, or if you just want to like this FAQ.
    Part XI: Credits and Thanks
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift was created by Square Enix.
    This guide was written by me, Knightauron.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for Hosting this guide
    Thanks to all the people on the message boards for encouraging me to write
    this guide
    Thanks to Terrance and James for the Stat Growth on Blue Mages.
    And thank you the reader for reading my first walkthrough.

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