"Square you did a good job making this game."

This game is the sequel to the old GBA Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This game is in no way related to the last one. That doesn't mean it's not good in fact that means it's much better Square Enix you did a great job when you made this game.

Sound 8/10

The music is just sublime. I got to say they don't really use the same music from all of other games or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Most of the time the volume on my DS is blasted. This is probably one my favorite sounds out of all handheld games.

Graphics 9/10

They greatly improved the graphics in this game the character portraits of different classes have gotten much better. There are many different character sprites showing the great thought they gave in every thing. Also, when your in the pub the background looks so real. When they walk it looks different from the last game. when they use spells you can see it very clearly and it looks really nice. The graphics are great.

Story 6/10

Well you know the first game they didn't really have much of a story. Well it's the same in this game. Boy finds book , looks in it does something having to do with the book and gets stuck in a world. I was really disappointed with this happening in this one. It looks like they tried to give some other side mission characters a story it worked out a bit.

Controls 8/10

The controls are really easy and simple. Also Square gave us an added option to use the touch screen too. You have to touch to face direction when you finish your turn and when you move. The touch screen use is harder, but they still gave us a choice and that's good.

Game play 8/10

Battling in this game is fun though there are many changes. Instead of leveling up during battle EXP is given to the player after battle. This is good mostly because you can easily level up in about two levels. Also, the AP you get is a bit uh.. bone dry. Story missions give you good AP, but other missions don't. There are many new things like a new way to get weapons call the Bazaar. Similar to the synthesizing in Kingdom Hearts. Also clan privileges that you can use in battle boost your units

Bottom of the line all things applied this game gets a 8/10. Great game Square and good job.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/02/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (US, 06/24/08)

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