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"Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Was is worth it?"

This game, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was, again like all SRPG's fun, but as the score suggests, there are a few flaws. The story is basically about a kid named Luso, who is about to end his school year and go on summer holidays, however he gets called by his teacher who scolds him for been late for some 100th time, and sends him to the library to clean it up. He enters the library where he is supposed to find the janitor waiting for him, and instead finds an old book. The book is written in about half way and states, 'One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?' Luso then decides he will not miss a chance to write in a library book, and writes his name in response to the books question 'Luso Clemens' and is taken by the book to the land of Ivalice.

Story 4/10
The story just doesn't do it for me, a twelve year old kid getting in trouble for been late, then been punished by having to clean up the library and finding a inconveniently placed old magic book, taken to some parallel universe and gaining strength only a man can wield? No, though fantasy can make its bounds beyond reality, there still has to be some explanation to some kid slaying a powerful beast which is supposed to impale you easily with its claws. Not just the unexplained strength of a twelve year old that kills me, but the story isn't very attractive, its what you would call a skip story game, half the time the dialogue bores you so much that all you want to do is get to the next mission.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are beautiful for a DS game, the fact that they don't use direct, 3D looking models and use undirected 3D graphics to make the 2D look better, is much more attractive then block looking terrain. The spells and abilities are nothing short of awesome, but the movements aren't so good, I'm not into the whole walking on the spot thing >.<.

Sound 6/10
The music, like in the original Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a bit childish, there is no seriousness in the music (except for the clan trial theme). But that aside, the music is good, it doesn't sound like a trash heap from some old MIDI mixer like I've experienced from other DS games. The sounds for the spells, abilities and attacks are somewhat realistic, but they cut the chase.

Design and Gameplay 7/10
I like the style for these tactics games, but I preferred gaining job levels instead of abilities like in Final Fantasy Tactics. That said, the ability system isn't too bad, I especially enjoyed the loot system. The loot system is a new options for the shop, In the start there are many weapons to choose from, therefore making it impossible to progress to another class, and that's where the bazaar comes in. When you kill monsters in missions you get what you call loot, after you have successfully completed the mission you may also get loot as a price, after you have gathered the right loot, you go to the shops and select the option bazaar, you will then be able to send your loot to the local merchants in the area and unlock weapons, armor and accessories that you will be able to buy from the shop, after you have unlocked that specific item. The fighting system remain the same however, there is a new system called privileges. Privileges are like bonus's to your team, when you select a privilege the bonus will remain to effect your team for the rest of the match, privileges are gained from completing clan trials . The law system isn't a pain in the ass like it used to be. When you break the the law, the Judge penalizes you, however, instead of your character getting a yellow card or getting a red card and going to prison, the clan privilege is provoked and you will no longer be able to revive your characters, plus you will not get a law bonus if you finish the match. The class system is like it used to be in Advanced but they added quest only classes, (Quest completion required) and a few new ones. They have also added 2 new races, Gria and Seeq, They can be Worth it for the stats and so on but the number of classes is limited for them.

Overall 7/10
Although this games storyline sucks, the other elements of the game can help increase the playability and fun of the game. If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced then you should buy this game, but if you haven't played any of these games, I would recommend playing Final Fantasy Tactics first. Although you can't easily buy it for PSX they have remade it for PSP. This game is very childish and I did not really enjoy it much, although the class system and gameplay are worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (US, 06/24/08)

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