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"Final Fantasy Tactical Failure?"

To be completely honest, this game was not that good at all. It's basically a repeat of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which was so much better. The thing that makes me upset about this game was the ending. I will not say more about it. I played the whole game, 300 missions and the ending surprised me for the worse. Some jobs are utterly useless. Other supreme jobs got downgraded to uselessness, to be frank. This game made a lot of jobs too balanced up to the point where they are weak.

Now, the story. A boy running around in Fantasyland. Wow. Was that not Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? That is pretty much it here. I was hoping for a good story that keeps people on their toes and guessing what happens next. I could predict what would happen next and be right.

Gameplay: Some parts were kind of neat, the rest of it made me sleep. I mainly played this because it was a Final Fantasy Tactics game. Sure, it kept me busy. But it was not original material. If Square Enix had more time, they could have made a masterpeice. They just need a new storyline. The main character seemed really boring.

Graphics: An improvement. Better than FFTA. Better backgrounds make gameplay a little bit better. Best graphic visuals were the uses of special items.

Battle System: The same as before and will always be. They need it to be more intense.

Job System: The same, with new jobs and a few new races. (potential spoiler?) Some jobs and races are useless.

Ohhh yes, the character naming system. This was one of the highlights for me. Some of the names make me laugh!

Nintendo Wi-Fi and DS wireless usage: Totally worthless, and a SEVERE flaw in gameplay. This was the staple of FFTA and they killed an essential. WHY?!

Overall: I would recommend this if you are a Final Fantasy fan. This game was not meant for the story to be good. It was the gameplay that I and everyone else was after. This was only my personal opinion. I know you might have enjoyed it, but this just didn't seem like the Final Fantasy tactics that I used to play. Final Fantasy Tactics was my all time favorite but this game did not hit the mark of the truly exceptional tale.

Final Score: 4/10
6/24/08 US

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/20/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (US, 06/24/08)

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