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"Same song different dance."

Ahh yes. Another addition to the great Final Fantasy Tactics series! WOO! Right? Yes. For the most part this sequel is not a disappointment. Many things have been improved upon and changed to make this game very enjoyable.

STORYLINE!!!(if you can call it that...)-
My only full complaint on what is otherwise a great game is the horrible storyline. It seems Square took the leftovers from the first Tactics and recycled it into a second rate meal, so to speak. Once more you find youself being a child that gets thrust into the magical world of moogles and bangaa etc via a magical book. From there you try to find your way back. Big surprise? Nope. Not one bit. I really can't say much else in this area because the story truly does lack, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it.

Score- 9/20

Although the terrain graphics are not a HUGE boost, the skills/abilities look excellent. The paravir's Hoarfrost Blade looks fresh, Firaga actually looks like something worth being called Firaga, and other skills such as Aurablast just look plain awesome. Character art is improved as well, which is especially noted on the Viera who looked like creepy vampires in the first. No really. They did. Overall this game does not disappoint in graphics, especially being a handheld. It just feels refreshing....

Score- 10/10

It's like they ripped most of it off of FF12 and shoved it into a handheld game. However, the music sounds just as good as FF12, and so it is not a downside. There are a few new compositions that are involved now, but most of the music is recycled. The music doesn't fully cater to the moment either to me in most scenes, but then most don't generally notice that. Aside from not many original tracks, no problems.

Score- 9/10

The battle system has no new innovations, but the introduction of 2 races(Gria, Seeq) and a few new jobs here and there(most of which involved guns/cannons) add a bit of fun. Problem is this game is not really difficult. Although it has a hard mode, even then it can be extremely easy. The paravir class for humans is nice, but it is so overpowered that you can fly through the game with 1 or 2 on your side. Most missions are easy, and even the final boss battles are pretty simple. However, if you are new to this kind of board game...innovation, then you would find it a decent challenge. For the hardcore FFT fan though, it almost makes you want to cry.

Score- 26/30

For the price, this is worth it. You can easily get over 50 hours on this game. Easily. In fact, you could possibly double that just AS easily. Although this game might be too easy for some, it can still prove fun testing out job combos. The amount of items you can collect and the bazaar system taken from FF12 also give you other goals to work towards, since the vast majority of the items in this game(I'd say probably 95%) come from this loot system. You definitely get your money's worth on this game. I gaurantee that. Unless you are not into strategy at this level. Go play Halo then. Just kidding....

Score- 27/30

Total- 81/100. B-
The story was the only thing that hurt the score really....

-humans have power!
-law system is no longer a huge annoyance!
-Gria and Seeq are new!
-more difficult than the previous.
-music and visuals can hardly disappoint.
-viera don't resemble scary vampire people...cats/bunnies!
-bazaar system is actually somewhat fun to use.
-enough side quests to make you want to streak down Broadway in joy. Or...not.
-I just like it. O.O

-Seeq are slower than bangaa, and honestly get their booties pwned later on.

-paravirs are far too powerful.
-some jobs are entirely useless compared to others.
-Arcanist was a major letdown.....
-storyline. end of story. ha....pun...sorta.

EIGHT! out of TEN!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/09/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (US, 06/24/08)

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