How do i get new digimon?

  1. I cant figure out how to get new digimon. Can someone please help me?

    User Info: Chase166

    Chase166 - 8 years ago

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  1. By battling digimon and obtaining digicode. How much is scanned per digimon depends on how high your tamer rank is. You can only digiconvert if you have 100% or higher on the the digimon. If you have more than 100%, the starting stats are increased. The digimon is then sent to your digibank where you have the option of placing it in your party(you can have up to six digimon in your party) or placing it on your farm island. You can also get digieggs via Wi-fi, which require certain speices experience(somtimes more than one) to hatch.

    User Info: animeobsession

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  1. Ok you get new digimon by battling them you know that scan thingy
    that happens before a battle and if the scan percentage is 100% or higher
    than you can go to you Digilab PC go to Digiconvert look for the digimon
    name and it will also show you how many percentage you have
    the higher the percentage the stronger the base stats are

    also you can get a new Digimon by getting a Digi-Egg
    via DigiMatching

    User Info: Burst_Stream

    Burst_Stream - 8 years ago 1 2
  2. Really simple. if your digimon is on lv 1 and on rookie or lower i prefer you flee instead of fighting. when you incounter digimon (besides boss fights) you can see something like 15 %, 10% 20% (goes up to 999%) before the fight starts. once the % goes up to 100% go to the tamer home log on to the digilab pc. there goto digiconvert and find the digimon u like a convert it (max 40). have fun :)

    User Info: digimon_rules12

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  3. Go to the location of the digimon you want and once you see it you should get 10 percent of scan data if u are a normal tamer and you should go for weaker digimon to make sure you don't die. Then once you get 100 percent scan data and head to the digilab pc in your tamer home then click convert and it should show the digimon then you have got yourself a digimon.

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  4. Well these answers are correct in every essential but u all are forgetting something, DNA digivolving! By repeatingly Dna digivolve, you can get a whole variety of digimon( the only thing thats not that groovy about it is you need 2 digimons and certain requirements. Go to the in depth Faq to get more info on DNA digivolving requirements

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  5. Go to Trainer Home
    Go toDigiLab PC
    Select DigiConvert
    Select the Digimon you want
    If the percent is 100 or higher you can digiconvert it
    The Scan Data (%) will be erased
    To get more, go find and battle that digimon

    User Info: txtaddict96

    txtaddict96 - 7 years ago 0 1

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