How do i get all armor digivolve digimon?

  1. I want to know what i need in order to get every armor digimon(stats,digimon,egg,anything i need).

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  1. Digimon and required Digi-Egg

    Armor Evolution path for Armadillomon:

    - Friendship: Armadillomon -> Kenkimon
    Condition: Armadillomon at Lv24+ with 2300 or more Machine EXP

    - Light: Armadillomon -> Sea ho mon
    Condition: Armadillomon at Lv27+ with 2700 or more Dragon EXP


    Armor Evolution path for Hawkmon:

    - Sincerity: Hawkmon -> Shurimon
    Condition: Hawkmon at Lv22+ with 800 or more Insect/Plant EXP.

    - Courage: Hawkmon -> Allomon
    Condition: Hawkmon at Lv21+ with 110 or more Attack Stat

    - Kindness: Hawkmon -> Toucanmon
    Condition: Hawkmon at Lv20+ with 105 or more Defense Stat


    Armor Evolution path for Patamon:

    - Love: Patamon -> Pipismon
    Condition: Patamon at Lv21+ with 100 or more Speed Stat

    - Sincerity: Patamon -> Puncho mon
    Condition: Patamon at Lv 23+ with 2000 or more Dark EXP

    - Kindness: Patamon -> Prairiemon
    Condition: Patamon at Lv27+ with 135 or more Attack Stat


    Armor Evolution path for Tailmon/Gatomon:

    - Courage: Tailmon/Gatomon -> Lynxmon
    Condition: Tailmon at Lv29+ with 130 or more Speed Stat

    - Sincerity: Tailmon/Gatomon -> Kabukimon
    Condition: Tailmon at Lv31+ with 2000 or more Insect/Plant EXP

    - Reliability: Tailmon/Gatomon -> Tylomon
    Condition: Tail mon at Lv27+ with 2200 or more Aquan EXP


    Armor Evolution path for Veemon:

    - Courage: Veemon -> Flamedramon
    Condition: Veemon at Lv22+ with 2500 or more Dragon EXP

    - Miracles: Veemon -> Magnamon
    Condition: Veemon at Lv 40+ with 10000 or more Holy EXP


    Armor Evolution path for Wormmon:

    - Courage: Wormmon -> Shadramon
    Condition: Wormmon at Lv30+ with 6000 or more Dark EXP

    - Love: Wormmon -> Owlmon
    Condition: Wormmon at Lv21 & bove with 110 or more Spirit Stat

    - Miracles: Wormmon -> Kongoumon
    Wormmon at Lv32+ with 190 or more Attack Stat

    Digi-Egg Locations

    Courage- amazon palette
    freindship- access glacier
    honesty- loop swamp dark area
    kindness- resistor jungle dark area
    light- sucken tunnel dark area
    love you prolly have its the second quest prize
    miracles- login mountain dark area
    purity- limit valley dark area

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  1. Digimon+Digiegg=Armor Digivoltion

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