How to Get Imperialdramon?

  1. How do you get imperialdramon from exveemon and stingmon?

    User Info: CamMetalgreymon

    CamMetalgreymon - 7 years ago


  1. Easy need is ExVeemon lv 36, attack 280 and 80% friendship...then evolve it to imperialdramon or imperialdramon fighter mode, it's your choice...or after finishing gaia origin challenge, go to task canyon and get the scan data...if you beat just 1 imperialdramon fighter mode, you can get 8000 dragon exp...

    User Info: PlayDigimonDawn

    PlayDigimonDawn - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Imperialdramon DB
    - Vermillimon + Triceramon
    (Lv55+, Dragon EXP16000+, Must have Befriended ImperialdramonDB)
    Imperialdramon Normal/DM
    - Allomon + RiseGreymon
    (Lv52+, Dragon EXP19000+, must have Befriended ImperialdramonDM)
    Imperialdramon PM
    - Omnimon + Imperialdramon FM
    (Lv68+, Holy EXP50000+, Attack 440+)
    43. Pail Egg (Dragon)

    Required Digimon 1: XVmon/ExVeemon
    Required Digimon 2: Stingmon
    Hatching Requirements: Dragon & Ins/Plant EXP at 300+ each
    Hatched Digimon: Paildramon, Dinobeemon, Exveemon/XVmon, Stingmon
    *Paildramon Line
    - Paidramon -> ImperialdramonDM or ImperialdramonFM
    Evolution Requirements:
    Paildramon -> ImperialdramonDM: Lv56+, Dragon EXP 22000+, Must have Befriended
    Paildramon -> ImperialdramonFM: Lv60+, Friendship 80%+, Must have Befriended

    User Info: bobesponja1020

    bobesponja1020 - 7 years ago 0 0

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