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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nethicite

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    Digimon World Dusk
    By: Incinerator345
    This for the 79 characters-----------------------------------------------------
    Table of Contents:
    1. Intro
    2. Stuff I've done
    3. Legal Stuff
    4. DarkMoonCity
    5. Stuff you need to know
    6. Walkthrough
    7. List of Areas
    8. List of Quests
      a. Machine
      b. Dark
      c. Insect/Plant
      d. Beast
    9. Stuff I haven't mentioned
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Credits
    12. Contacting me
    Intro (INTR)
    Okay, this is a guide for doing the quests, not how to get Digimon. This 
    won't tell you what digimon digivolves into what.  It will contain Shop 
    stuff (like what you buy at what store).  If you want a list of of Digimon, 
    then go here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/937344/49842.  
    Anyway, let's get started.  Click on New game, and choose whether you want 
    a boy or girl.  Next,enter your name.  Next choose the pack of Digimon you 
    want, they all have Lunamon.  Here are the packs and the Digimon they have:
    Balance Pack: A well-balanced pack. It lets you get Clockmon Digimon more 
    quickly: MegaGaogamon, Lunamon, and Clockmon
    Attack Pack: This pack raises attack quickly.  It lets you get SkullGreymon 
    Digimon more quickly: SkullGreymon, Lunamon, and WarGarurumon.
    Defence Pack: This pack raises defence quickly.  It lets you get Kurisarimon 
    Digimon more quickly: MegaKabuterimon, Lunamon, and Kurisarimon.
    Pretty Pack: A pack with a set of pretty Digimon.  It lets you get Pandamon 
    Digimon more quickly: Pandamon, Lunamon, and Lillymon.
    For my first game, I chose Attack Pack.  This time around I'm using Balance 
    Stuff I've done (Version History)
    Friday, October 5, 2007
    Did the Intro
    Did the Legal Stuff
    Wrote about DarkMoonCity
    Did the Stuff you need to know
    Did the prologue
    Started on Info about areas
    Put in Contact info
    Saturday, October 6, 2007
    Did Chapter 1
    Started Chapter 2
    Updated Info about areas
    Updated quest info
    Sunday, October 7, 2007
    Finished Chapter 2
    Updated Info about areas
    updated quest info
    Submitted to G'faqs (first time submitting anything to G'Faqs)
    Monday, October 8, 2007
    Started and finished chapter 3
    Started Chapter 4
    Updated Info about areas
    Updated quest info
    Tuesday, October 9, 2007
    Quest Info added
    Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2007 by Ryan R. Haberman a.k.a. Incinerator345
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal 
    and private use.  This guide may not be placed on any other site without my 
    permission.  Doing so is strictly forbidden, and a violation of the Copyright.
    All Trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holder.
    DarkMoonCity is the main city for Digimon World Dusk.  You can check what 
    area you are in by pressing X and looking at the top screen.  There are 
    5 different areas to DarkMoonCity all of  them start with the dark >.>  
    The areas are: Dark Office (where the quest area and the entrance to 
    the Union Room is), Dark Gate (where the exit and entrance to DarkMoonCity is), 
    Dark Hall, Dark Square, Dark Plaza (where the entrance to your house, 
    and the shop is).
    Stuff you need to know
    Main Menu:
    When you open it up, on the top menu it shows your party, your relief 
    your bits, and your location.
    DigiFarm: On the top menu is the list of your farms.  On the bottom screen you 
    can see the farm status of each individual farm.  Digimon List, you can 
    see all the Digimon you currently have. Farm Goods, you can see how what 
    farm goods you have.
    Digimon: From here you can check on the Digimon you have and Digivolve 
    them.You can also switch them around, and switch them with your reserves. 
    You are allowed to have only 3 digimon out in battle at a time.  
    Click on a Digimon and it takes you to another menu.  
    Here on the top menu you see what personality your digimon has, 
    it's type, how many traits it has, it's strong attribute, it's weakness, 
    and it's friendship.  On the bottom menu you see your digimons stats.  
    Also, you can choose from one of five menus: 
    Techniques (the moves it knows and it's Sp. Tech.) 
    Equip (where you can equip different items) 
    Traits (stuff that beefs it up in battle) 
    Digivolve Route (it's where you digivolve your digimon) 
    and S.Exp (short for Species Experience Points, more about it below
    This for the 79 characters-----------------------------------------------------
    Items: The items you have, excluding Equipment.  The items heal your hp, 
    mp, or a gate disk which returns you back to DarkMoonCity.
    Quests: This shows what quest you are currently on, your Quest Completion 
    rate, and your Tamer Points.  Once you receive enough tamer points you can 
    talk to someone and they'll give you a gift, usually it's just a large sum 
    of Bits.
    Tamer Info: Here you can check stuff about your accomplishments, like under 
    the first menu, Digimon Completion, Quest Completion, Digimon Defeated, 
    Most damage done, Top Digimon Level, and Number of Friends.  Under DigiEgg 
    Gallery it shows you what Digieggs of you have (no, not the DigiEggs that 
    armor digivolve, those you have under Key Items in the Items menu), and in 
    the third menu you have the Digimon Gallery.
    Save: Saves your game.
    Battle Menu:
    Fight: Choose an attack to use to either; damage opponent, lower opponents 
    stats, lower opponents resistance, increase your own resistance, heal your 
    hp, heal your MP, or increase your own stats.
    Move: You can move your digimon around to use there abilities, or switch in 
    your reserves (if your digimon are weak to a certain type).
    Item: Use items to heal your Digimons Hp, Mp, or their status infliction.
    Defend: Decrease the damage you take. Personally, I never use it except to 
    save MP.
    Flee: Put your tails between your legs and run away.  Doesn't always work 
    Attack Types: There are 6 different types of attacks, Fire, Holy, Dark, 
    Steel, Wind, and Water. Each type of Digimon has a primary type (what is 
    ineffective against it) and a type it's weak against.  Like most Dark 
    Digimon are weak against Holy, and most Holy are weak against Dark type 
    Species Experience: This is experience that lvls up your digimon.  All 
    digimon can take any kind of Species Experience, but to Digivolve, a digimon 
    can require a certain amount of Species Experience, i.e. Seriphimon 
    requires 77777 holy points.
    Friendship: Some Digimon require a certain amount of Friendship percent to 
    digivolve, some only need 50%, some need 70, others may even require 100%.  
    Not all Digimon require friendship to digivolve, and it's really easy to 
    gain, and hard to lose (so far, I think the only way to lose it is if you 
    lose a battle).  To check your points, open of the menu with X, click on 
    Digimon, and highlight whatever Digimon, and on the Top Screen there will 
    be 3 hearts.  Filling one heart gives you 33.3 percent.
    Other Methods to Digivolve: The other ways to Digivolve are just simply 
    level up your digimon, or in some rare cases you need to have certain 
    digimon in your Digimon List.
    Shops:  In Digimon World, you use a currency called Bits.
    It starts out after you pick your Digimon that a girl named Julia is talking 
    to you.  She says something about defeating LightFang, and that NightCrow 
    will always win.  Then she'll send you to train in threes.  Your friends, 
    Dorothy and Newton will drag you out to a secluded area.  Three other people 
    will try to follow you, but Newton drags you further in.  You'll then reach 
    the end because the Gold Tamer, Raigo will block your path.  Then Newton 
    will battle with you.  Also Note, I call my battles that force you to fight, 
    Forced Encounters.
    Forced Encounter - Kokuwamon
    Newton is using a Kokuwamon...  This battle is seriously easy, it doesn't 
    even deserve this part.  Anyways, just use simple attacks and it'll be over 
    before he can even attack you.  Even if he does attack you, it doesn't do 
    anything. For winning, your Digimon gain 43 Machine Experience.
    After the battle, Dorothy burns Newton by telling him he gives his Digimon 
    poor direction, Newton disagrees with her, then the ground shakes.  
    Afterwards several digimon, called Vilemon, appear.  Dorothy will tell you 
    about the items menu in battle.
    Forced Encounter – Vilemon x1
    This guy is even weaker then Newton.  
    Beating him nets you 63 Dark Species Exp.
    After beating Vilemon, Dorothy has you report to Julia, and then insults 
    Newton, again.  Newton gets ticked off, and Dorothy tells him to stuff it.
    If you go and try and help Raigo, he'll just say to go to Julia.  
    If you try to leave in the opposite direction then from where you entered,
    Raigo we'll stop you again.  Exit to the upper left area of your screen.
    When you enter, you'll find Ponch and his friends surrounded by Vilemon.
    Barone will tell you about the Move command in battle, and the Digimons 
    Forced Encounter – Vilemon x2
    Still pretty easy, gets you 126 Dark Experience.
    Ponch's group will thank you, and then send you to Chief Julia. Jeez, 
    everyone is pushy today, huh?  Enter through the next area and you'll see 
    Julia and ChaosGallontmon defeat a couple of Villon.  They'll question why 
    the Vilemon attack them, and then they see a red cloaked figure that warps 
    away before they catch it.  The screen will switch and everyone starts 
    asking why the Vilemon attacked.  The screen goes dark and then you're at 
    the Arena.  Newton will tell you to hurry up (on the top screen you see 
    Angemon fighting a mushroomon (note that the guy fighting there will be 
    your rival, Koh)).  Newton will talk on and on about you always being 
    late, and then finally drags you to the waiting room.  The waiting room 
    is down-right from your location, next to the Kurisarimon.  You'll then 
    have another long talk about how you're great, and you should CRUSH 
    LightFang.  Then Gutts will walk in and declare his defeat at the hand of 
    Koh.  Just about everyone else says they lost to Koh.  Afterwards, talk to 
    everyone, exit the area (not up the ramp, just through the door) and you 
    should see Chief Julia talking with a stranger.  This guy is Chief Glare, 
    LightFang's leader.  Koh will then show up, and talk for a bit.  After 
    that, go back to the waiting room, and then go up the ramp.  Talk to the 
    guy and he'll ask if you are ready.  Answer yes, and then you'll find 
    yourself face to face with Koh.  Everyone starts to cheer you one.
    Forced Encounter - Angemon, RiseGreymon, Coronamon (it might be different 
    based on which pack you chose, this is just me choosing the Balance Pack)
    This battle isn't too hard.  Chances are Lunamon goes out pretty quickly. 
    I don't know what happens if you lose, if someone could tell me, I'd 
    appreciate it.  Winning nets you 151 Holy points, and 132 Dragon Points 
    *note: if Lunamon gets knocked out then it doesn't gain anything*
    Once you win everyone is happy, and Koh appears to be stomping his foot on 
    the ground.  Koh will then congratulate you on your victory.  Least he 
    isn't a poor loser.  He'll then runoff.  After that you end up in the 
    waiting room where everyone is waiting to congratulate you if you talk 
    to them.  Exit the area and Chief Julia and Chief Glare are talking again.
    Once again, everyone congratulates you on a job well done (what, do they 
    think your guy has short term memory loss or something?).  Ophanimon says 
    that Koh and your character are going to be good rivals.  Then the guy in 
    the red cloak runs outside and Julia and ChaosGallontmon chase after him.  
    Everyone surrounds him (even the guards and Glare).  But before anyone even 
    tries to do anything he once again disappears.  Chief Julia will explain the 
    matter to Chief Glare.  Then there will be a dark screen and you end up in 
    another area, the Union Room.
    Julia will be talking to two other tamers, and then send them away.  
    Julia will ask you to stay.  She'll then talk about the red mystery guy. 
    Afterwards Julia says there's a gift waiting at home for you.  
    Exit the Union room by going down the ramp and going to the North East 
    (up-right) and press A on the portal.  Going North East will land you in 
    the Quest Guild (right now you can't do any quests).  Keep going straight 
    and it will put you in a cut-scene involving everyone that was at the 
    tournament.  Everyone asks about your prize, and then everyone leaves.  
    Afterwards, go South West and enter your house (there is nothing you can 
    do right now, the DigiShop is closed right now).  The area to your house is 
    next to a Guardromon.  Go deeper into your house and be greeted by a 
    Phascomon.  He'll tell you about the Farm Island Card and how you get a 
    Digimon Farm.  Right now you can't do anything about it, so you have no 
    choice but to listen to his long speech about how exited he is.  You'll 
    then go to sleep.
    *NOTE: Whenever you enter your Home, your Digimon fully recover it's MP 
    and HP*
    Everyone is exited about the Tournament and people all over are talking 
    about it.  Then you'll see a MetalEtemon talking to the City Guards.  
    Then another scene through the portal where even more people talking about 
    the tournament, and then another earthquake.  The alarm to Digital City 
    goes off.  And then some weird ball of darkness appears.  They try to stop 
    it and it laughs and knocks the tamers unconscious and turns digimon into 
    eggs.  It enters the City and BPChessmon and Rookmon try to stop it there.  
    Once again it laughs, blows open the shield, and turns everything into 
    digital eggs and turns people into an unconscious state.  Phascomon wakes 
    you up.  He talks to you and WHAT??? You're digimon have been reverted back 
    into Rookie state.  You also can't get a Farm Shop right now.   Phascomon 
    then sends you to the City and talks about your home healing your digimon.  
    If you picked the balance pack, right now your digimon are Gaomon, 
    Solarmon, and Lunamon.  Head through the portal to end up in Dark Plaza.  
    Upon entering the first thing you notice is that everything is an egg, 
    except for the people who have regained consciousness.  You still can't 
    buy anything because of the downed system.  Keep going straight and when 
    you reach the Dark Office, you'll notice that Neemon isn't a digimon 
    egg... weird...  anyway, enter the union room and you'll see Julia and 
    ChaosGallontmon trying to keep there minds against he virus.  It'll 
    send off that weird attack causing ChaosGallontmon to fall down, but 
    not turn into a DigiEgg.  Then you'll fight this thing...
    Forced Encounter - ????x1
    This thing actually has potential to be strong if you used all your items 
    against Koh.  Otherwise just wail on him (Lunamon is your strongest digimon 
    now).  His attack is Call Cat which only deals 30-40 points of damage to 
    your digimon, and Dark Crusher which deals 25-35 and Paralyzes your 
    digimon.  Beating him nets you 26 dark and 26 holy exp, 300 bits, and 
    Digimin200S (heals one digimon 200 hp).  Your lvl 1 digimon 
    (if they both survived) should now be lvl 5.
    After the battle the virus disappears and then everyone 
    (Raigo is still knocked out, and your digimon remain at Rookie lvl) 
    talks about what that was.  Afterwards, you, Newton, and Ponch's group 
    will talk a bit and then Dorothy comes in and takes you to Julia.  
    The city has been damaged and several areas can't be accessed.  The 
    bridge to Sunshine City has been destroyed also.  But good news is that 
    3 dungeons are available for you to explore, Sunken Tunnel, Chip Forest, 
    and Thriller Ruins.  You get sent to Sunken Tunnel.  Ponch's group comes 
    in and demands to go to one of the dungeons.  Julia says no, and that 
    they have to stay and work.  They insist, and then ChaosGallontmon says no.
    Everyone gets ticked off and leaves.  More good news is that you can now get
    your farm.  Before you exit, note that Ponch's group isn't working... hm...
    Anyway, exit and then keep going straight (you still can't do any quests).
    Don't exit the city yet.  Go to Dark Plaza and go into the shop.  You'll see
    a cut scene involving a women and her Tentomon.  Afterwards, you'll get to
    name your farm, and then you get your farm.
    Here are the shops and what the have:
    DemiDevimon - Equipment:
    Novice Blade - 200 bits
    Bronze Blade - 600 bits
    Silver Blade - 3000 bits
    Double Axe - 1200 bits
    Shade Mace - 1200 bits
    Orc Dagger - 1200 bits
    Titan Saber - 1200 bits
    Bronze Plate - 900 bits
    Silver Plate - 5400 bits
    Novice Cloak - 250 bits
    Bronze Cloak - 1200 bits
    Double Plate - 3700 bits
    Shade Helm - 3700 bits
    Orc Helm - 3700 bits
    Titan Shield - 3700 bits
    Speed Ring Beta - 800 bits
    PoisonCore Beta - 480 bits
    NumbCore - 480 bits
    SleepCore - 480 bits
    Haguromon - Consumable Items:
    Digiar150S - 20 Bits
    Digiar150D - 40 Bits
    Digiar150T - 70 Bits
    Digiar300S - 60 Bits
    Digiar300D - 90 Bits
    Digiar300T - 130 Bits
    Digimin80S - 12 Bits
    Digimin80D - 26 Bits
    Digimin80t - 40 Bits
    Digimin200S - 38 Bits
    Digimin200D - 76 Bits
    Digimin200T - 110 Bits
    AntiBrainS - 12 Bits
    DigiReviverS - 130 Bits
    AntiNumbS - 12 Bits
    AntiPoisonS - 12 Bits
    AntiSleepS - 12 Bits
    GateDisk - 200 Bits
    Wormmon - Farm Goods:
    Scale - 2720
    Sandbag - 1800
    AutoPuncher - 1800
    Bookshelf - 1800
    Side Stepper - 1800
    Key chain - 1500
    Fire Road - 1600
    Ball - 1600
    Mini Shower - 1600
    Flowers - 1600
    Computer - 1600
    Birdhouse - 1600
    Phonograph - 1600
    Odd Pot - 1600
    Tiny Field - 1200
    Kumamon - Farm Upgrades
    Farm - 24000
      BGM Board:  All cost 3000 bits
      Terrain Board: 3200, 4000, 6300, 7000
    Memory Expansion
      +1  - 2400
      +1  - 3600
      +1  - 5400
      +1  - 8100
    DPU Expansion
      +8 - 4000
      +8 - 6000
      +8 - 9000
    Right now, just get your farm.  If you feel that you aren't going to do 
    well in Sunken Tunnel, grab a couple of DigiReviverSs and then head out.
    Right now you can't do anything with your farm due to being poor.
    Anyway, exit the area and go to the DarkGate area and exit through the 
    portal to the North East.  The two Kapurimon will stop you, but then
    realize there mistake and allow you to pass through with there apologies, 
    then mention 3 other people who forced there way through... hmm...  
    Anyway, head through the portal and you'll see Ponch's group trying to 
    be stopped by a Tamer.  He fails, and they get through.  Go through the 
    Portal they did and you'll see the World Map.  You can enter one of 5 
    areas. DarkMoonCity, DigiColiseum, Thriller Ruins, Chip Forest, and 
    Sunken Tunnel.
    Choose Sunken Tunnel (as DigiColiseum will obliterate your digimon, and 
    Chip forest has nothing of interest, same with Thriller Ruins).  
    Adventuring tips
    Low on Hp/Mp, use a GateDisk and enter your home.  It's better to come 
    back alive then lose Friendship with your Digimon
    Stock up on Digiar and Digimin, they heal Hp and Mp
    Stock up on Anti stuff, you never know who can deal what to you.
    Stock up on DigiRevivers, just in case your digimon gets Ko'd
    Every time you level up, the digimon that leveled up restores all HP and MP
    Status Effects go away after battle.
    Don't immediately digivolve the first time you have the chance, unless 
    your level is of a decent level.
    Your Digimons Aptitude is your max level.
    The only way to increase your Aptitude is to Degenerate/Digivolve
    It's better to Degenerate, Digivolve and then Digivolve again then to just
    There are treasure chests in dungeons that I may not mention in the guide,
    you can grab them if you want, but make sure you get back on track, because
    my guide doesn't bend around to get them.
    If I say to get a certain Treasure chest, then it either contains a Key, a
    digiegg, or something really good.
    Chapter 1: Sunken Tunnel
    I will refer to the union quests as chapters.  You do not receive a reward 
    for this, but it ends in a boss.
    Sunken Tunnel:  Home to Aqua and Machine Digimon
    Walk down and you'll have a cut scene with Barone.  She said she got 
    separated with Ponch and Gutts.  She'll apologize for entering w/o 
    permission and leave you to go rescue Ponch and Gutts.  Afterwards you'll 
    notice that this place is big.  Your first objective here is to stop the 
    flowing of the water from a giant faucet so you can get past. First walk 
    over the trash and go through the next area.  Here you'll see the giant 
    faucet.  Continue down the path and you'll see a blue button.  Press it, 
    and the first valve has been closed.  Go back to the first area and 
    climb down the ladder.  Walk across the small piece of trash, and enter 
    the next area.  Ignore the trash and continue to the next area.  In the 
    next area walk across both trash and flip the switch.  The flow from the 
    faucet should have stopped.  Go back to the first area, but instead of 
    going up the ladder, head across the long line of trash.  (You'll notice 
    a treasure chest, you can open it if you want).  Next head across the one 
    piece of trash to the next area. Walk across the one piece of trash,
    ignore the small path of trash and keep going, until you reach the end,
    and go across that path of trash.  Go into the next area, and ignore the
    ladder.  In case you haven't noticed by now, you can see the area around
    you by clicking on the bottom screen and moving it around.  Go into the
    next area.  Climb up the ladder, and then go down the other ladder. 
    Head through the middle trash path and then into the next area.  Head
    across the shorter trash path.  Head across the one that has the faucet
    above it (it shouldn't be flowing anymore).  Keep going pass the 2 trash
    paths and go into the next area.  Pass across the trash and up the
    ladder.  Head Left and flip the switch.  Head back, pass the ladder
    and grab the Treasure chest because it contains a Tunnel Key.  Go back
    down the ladder (the next area is a dead end) and go past the Red gate
    to the Red thing sticking out of the ground (ignore all nasty thoughts
    you have about that, I'm serious) and talk to it.  If you got the Tunnel
    Key, the red door should open and you can go into the next area.  Climb
    up the ladder, go across the trash path, up the other ladder, and into
    the next area.  Go across the first trash path, ignore the second, go
    across the third, ignore the 4th, and go across the last trash path,
    climb up the ladder, and you'll find Ponch and Gutts beaten by a Raremon.
    After a small talk scene...
    Forced Encounter - Raremon
    He has around 900 Hp. Lunamon's Water Attack can finish it off alone no 
    prob.  My digimon were around lvl 10 (except Lunamon, who was lvl 21)
    Beating him nets you 420 Machine Exp.
    After you whoop him, he forgets everything... huh? He says he doesn't 
    know what's going on...  Anyways, he apologizes, he leaves.  Ponch thanks 
    you, but Gutts says he could've beaten him no problem.  Yeah, this coming 
    from a guy who begged for your help moments earlier... and then he runs 
    off.  Ponch apologizes for Gutts behavior, and then runs off.  Follow 
    them and you'll see a green portal.  Step on it, and you'll end up back 
    at DarkMoonCity  Head over to Dark Office and into the Union Room.  
    You'll have a talk scene, and ChaosGallontmon is really ticked off at 
    Ponch's group.  An annoying talk scene, and then Ponch's group is forced 
    to do yours, Newtons, and Dorothy's work also.  A small talk between 
    them and Barone gets ticked off at them for leaving her in the tunnel.  
    After leaving, you'll hear a Kabukimon saying to take on a quest.  Once 
    it scrolls over to him, you'll see he's talking to a guy.  Enter the 
    Quest Guild and you hear Kabukimon explain them further.  He explains 
    them so listen to him.  To do quests, skip down to part 7, the lists of 
    Quests.  From now on to continue with the storyline, you have to come 
    here and talk to the middle digimon, Piedmon.  Right now to do the next 
    quest you have to complete one quest before advancing on.  At this point 
    it would be a good idea to go back to your home and access the computer.
    Start the DigiLab Computer and click on DigiConvert.  Here convert all 
    the digimon you have who have over 100% for scan data.  At this point it 
    should only be Kapurimon, and maybe Betamon, unless you did a lot of 
    battling.  Next, access the Farm PC.  Here you will find: Farm Island, 
    where you can modify your farm, and train digimon, and Digimon List, 
    where you add Digimon from the DigiBank to the DigiFarm or to your 
    party/reserve.  Exit and do a quest. 
    Chapter 2: Limit Valley
    Reward: 110 Tamer Points, 7180 bits, DigiEgg of Love!!!
    When you complete a quest from either Myotismon, Lillymon, Andromon, 
    or War Garurumon, (recommend to do all 3) go to Piedmon and accept 
    his quest, Explore Limit Valley, by Julia.  Go to the Union room and 
    a cut scent ensues.  Sukekiyo and Kakumi are telling Julia about a 
    new digital area that appeared, Limit Valley.  ChaosGallontmon sends 
    them off to explore Limit Valley. Your character will walk in, and the 
    2 girls leave.  Julia then talks to you and then sends you to explore 
    Limit Valley as well.  Go to Dark Gate, and then into the world map.  
    You'll see a new area open.  It'll say quest next to it.  Go there.  
    (If you're low on items, stock up on some, and also heal at your house).  
    When you arrive at Limit Valley head across the long bridge. And into the 
    next area.  Follow the path and up the ladder (not down) and exit to the 
    North East.  Keep going and go into the next area.  Climb up the ladder, 
    and walk across the bridges and into the next area.  Climb up the area and 
    some weird ball will tell  you to obey him.  Then he summons a Seasarmon 
    to battle you.
    Forced Encounter - Seasarmon - 950-1050 hp - 346 beast exp. - digimon150T
    I hate this guy.  He confuses your guys, and when confused, you have 
    a chance of not attacking.  Hopefully you bought a couple of Digimin150T 
    for this fight, because he has an attack that deals over 100 digimon to 
    at most 3 digimon.  
    After Seasarmon loses, the energy ball summons up 3 sandyanmamon.  Well, 
    that means... wait, it's Sukekiyo and Kakumi.  The energy leaves, only to 
    be replaced by a giant Grimmon. 
    Forced Encounter - Grimmon - 2450-2550HP - Dark/Dragon/Bird/Insect Exp. 
    315 - Digimin600S
    Wow this guy is big.  He's so big that if you have an attack with more than 
    one square attack, take advantage of it.  He covers the middle three squares
    so you can deal 3x the damage.  Every once and awhile, he'll use an attack 
    called AT Change.  I'm unsure about this, but I think it changes his 
    attribute (which also changes his weakness I believe).  Be ready, he's 
    even tougher.  But beating him gets you a lot of experience.
    After winning, the Sand Yanmamon are defeated and Grimmon runs with his 
    tail between his legs and says that you will meet with him again, and 
    warns you that you will be crushed by someone in your group. After that the 
    two girls talk a bit and you'll be back in control.  Walk into the green 
    portal and go into DarkMoonCity.  Then go to the Union Room.  Everyone talks
    about Grimmon and wonder what he was.  They say that he was the one who 
    destroyed DigitalCity.  They don't have enough info, so they just play there
    cards carefully.  You show up and they praise you.  Then they tell you to go
    collect your reward.
    * New quests are unlocked
    Chapter 3: Loop Swamp
    Reward: 115 Tamer points, 7185 bits, Novice Blade (peh.)
    After completing a quest (or all of them)  go to Piedmon and go to the
    quest menu.  Accept the quest, Sortie to Loop Swamp, by Julia.  This quest
    is extremely hard, so you'll have to listen and follow these instructions
    exactly when you get to Loop Swamp.  Go to the Union Room and Julia will
    welcome you.  She says that the link to Loop Swamp has been reestablished.
    Raigo says that you suck and shouldn't go (okay, he doesn't say it exactly
    like that, but still...).  Julia understands Raigo, and then starts to
    question it.  ChaosGallontmon sticks up for you and sends you on your way
    (I like this guy).  Afterwards you'll be sent on your way.  Heal and stock
    up if needed, otherwise head to Loop Swamp on the World Map.
    When at Loop Swamp there are whirlpools.  You can only jump in the big ones,
    not the small ones, and you need to jump in them to get to the boss.
    When you get here, head to the west exit by heading down the west ramp (the
    East ramp only leads to a small whirlpool).  In the next area climb up the 
    vine follow the path, then climb down the vine.  Pass the whirlpool, and go
    into the next area.  In this area, seek out the big whirlpool and jump into
    it.  Climb up the ramp, and then jump into the big whirlpool again.  Ignore
    the whirlpool and go into the next area for a DigiReviverS, otherwise just
    jump into the whirlpool.  Go into the whirlpool.  In this area, just follow
    the path to the next area.  In this area, jump into the whirlpool.  Walk up
    path and you run into SkullBaluchiomon. He asks if you're the client, and 
    before you respond he gives you the D Word.  He'll tell you to give him the
    goods and seeing as you can't give him anything, he gets upset.  He then 
    attacks you.
    Forced Encounter - SkullBaluchiomon
    HP: 3300-3500 Lvl: 41  DarkEXP - 1500
    This guy is hard.  But the battle is roughly like Grimmon.  He occupies 3 
    spaces and by now you should have an attack that hits more then one space.
    Just like Grimmon he uses AT Change.  Unlike Grimmon this guy poisons you.
    Poison takes away health from you every turn after your command input.  Also
    upon battling this guy, I've discovered one of 2 things. 
    1. His right side is weak against wind, middle - light, left - metal
    2. AT change changes his weakness to one of his sides
    I'm not totally sure, but i know that metal is doing more damage than usual.
    After beating him he realizes his mistake and lets you keep the D Word.  He
    also tells you that he was hired to make the D Word.  Leave the area and go
    back to DarkMoonCITY.  Go to the Union Room and a cut-scene occurs.  Julia
    congradulates you on a job well done, and says the D Word is being analyzed.
    A researcher says the D Word was supposed to power up the virus.  He says they
    used the virus to their advantage and restored a bit of DarkMoonCITY, but they
    couldn't restore all of it.   Afterwards Julia tells you to go collect your
    *New quests unlocked, Dark E Area unlocked
    Dark E Area
    Here you can find better shops, and some useful information.
    Deputymon - Consumables
    Digiar300S - 60
    Digiar300D - 90
    Digiar300T - 130
    Digiar600S - 90
    Digiar600D - 160
    Digiar600T - 210
    Digimin200S - 38
    Digimin200D - 76
    Digimin200T - 110
    Digimin400S - 72
    Digimin400D - 126
    Digimin400T - 180
    AntiBrainS - 12
    DigiReviverS - 130
    AntiNumbS - 12
    AntiPoisonS - 12
    AntiSleepS - 12
    MultiRecovrS - 250
    Full RepairS 500
    GateDisk - 200
    Wizardmon - Equipment
    Bronze Blade - 600
    Silver Blade - 3000
    Bone Club, Obelisk, Flow Cannon, Nidhoggr - 6500
    Broad Rapier, Shaman Spr, Crystal Swrd, Scale Scimitar - 1200
    Bronze Plate - 900
    Silver Plate - 5400
    Novice Cloak - 250
    Bronze Cloak - 1200
    Silver Cloak - 6000
    Broad Shield, Shaman Helm, Crystal Guard, Scale Shield - 3700
    Speed Ring Beta - 800 
    Speed Ring Alpha - 2800
    Poison Core, Numb Core, Sanity Core, Death Core, Sleep Core Beta - 480
    Health Ring Beta - 3800
    Sniper Ring Beta - 500
    Parry Ring Beta - 1100
    Critical Ring Beta - 3000
    Dash Ring Beta - 900
    Damage Ring Beta - 2600
    Kabuterimon - Farm Goods
    Crystal Ball, Bonfire, Sandbox, Water Fntn, Streetlight, Sat. Ant., 
    WeatherCock, Church, Graveyard - 2720
    Log, Cannon, Study Desk, Trampoline - 3600
    Cell Phone - 6000
    Strawberry - 2400
    And Mojyamon is in charge of Farm Remodeling.  Everything is always the same
    price with Farm Upgrades of buying a farm.
    Anyways, if you think you can, you can enter the Bronze Tamer Tournament.  I
    accidentaly forgot to keep track of the two guys's names, Hp, and Exp points.
    Also, if you become a bronze tamer, talk to the two guys in the second room
    behind the counter for some prizes (for tamer rank and tamer points).  After
    complete a quest, go to Piedmon for your next assignment.
    Chapter 4: Resistor Jungle
    Yada yada yada, you know the drill.  Collect supplies if you're low, heal at
    your house.  When your ready, go to Piedmon and accept the quest, and then go
    to Julia at the union room.
    List of Areas
    ---Sunken Tunnel
    Digimon Available to Battle
    Betamon lv. 11 - 15exp - Aqua
    Hagurumon lv. 13 - 17exp - Mach.
    ToyAgumonB lv. 16 - 24exp - Mach. 
    Kapurimon lv. 5 - 8exp - Mach.
    Kotemon lv. 15 - 19exp - Mach.
    ---Thriller Ruins
    Digimon to Find
    Kokuwamon lv. 13 - 16exp - Mach.
    Pagumon lv. 6 - 8exp - Dark
    ---Login Mountain
    Tokomon lv5 - 7exp - Bird
    Hawkmon lv14 - 15exp - Bird
    Monodromon lv13 - 16exp - Dragon
    Patamon lv9 - 14exp - Bird
    Gotsumon lv17 - 23exp - Machine
    Armodillomon lv18 - 22exp - Beast
    ---Chip Forest
    Gummymon lv5 - 6exp - Holy
    Kunemon lv12 - 13exp - Ins/Plnt
    Tanemon lv6 - 6exp - ins/Plnt
    Kokomon lv5 - 7exp - Dark
    Goburimon lv16 - 17exp - Beast
    Kumamon lv18 - 15exp - Beast
    Mushroomon lv14- 14exp - Ins/Plnt
    Tentomon lv17 - 16exp - Ins/Plnt
    ---Loop Swamp
    Otamamon - lv21 - 29 - AquanExp
    Shellmon - lv28 - 54 - AquanExp
    Numemon - lv25 - 50 - AquanExp
    Poyomon - lv9 - 13 - AquanExp
    Kamemon - lv23 - 31 - AquanExp
    yanmamon - lv27 - 53 - Plnt/InsectExp
    Gekomon - lv26 - 52 - AquanExp
    Kogamon - lv30 - 56 - Plnt/InsectExp
    Seadramon - lv31 - 55 - AquanExp
    List of Quests
           Dark Species - Myotismon
     Pagumon - Find Tsukaimon *
    Reward: 60 tamer points, 3280 bits, speed ring beta
    First go to Dark Plaza and find Pagumon (the small little blue guy with
    wings on his head).  Next go to Thriller Ruins.  Go past the ladder and
    exit the area to the NE.  You'll see a ladder, go up, and you'll find
    Tsukaimon.  Talk to him, go back to DarkMoonCity, go to Dark Plaza, and
    then talk to Pagumon.  Go back to the Quest Counter, and claim your reward.
     Kokomon - Find the Pink Lipstick **
    Reward: 150 tamer points, 6590 bits, PoisonCore Beta
    Go to Dark Plaza and talk to Kokomon.  Go to Chip Forest.  Go to the area 
    where you flip the switch at the dark gate, and head North West from there 
    and you should see an entrance to another area.  (DO NOT GO THROUGH THE 
    GATE. I believe a lot of people screw up here).  Wander a bit through this 
    area and you'll find a Nanimon.  Talk to it and...
    Forced Encounter - Nanimon lv29
    2000HP - 163exp machine
    He's not that hard to beat.  Just wail on him and he goes down
    After winning he asks what you're doing.  He'll give you the Pink Lipstick
    and tell you to never come back.  Go back to Kokomon and then claim your
    reward at the Quest Center.
         Beast Species - WarGarurumon
     Armodillomon - Red shoe Material *
    Reward: 90 Tamer points, 3680 bits, Novice Blade
    First go to the Dark Office and talk to Armodillomon.  That'll unlock 
    Login Mountain if you haven't already unlocked it.  Next, go to Login 
    Mountain.  Follow the straight path until you reach a three way fork in 
    the road.  Use the touch screen to find the entrance to the next area.  
    In the next area, go down the ladder and grab the GateDisk if you haven't 
    and want to, otherwise, ignore the ladder and continue on to the next area.
    Follow the path, ignore the ladder, and grab the treasure chest near the 
    virus gate.  Go back and climb up the ladder, follow the path, and enter 
    the next area.  This is the last area.  Follow the path, and climb down the 
    ladder and open the treasure chest.  Go back to the Dark Office, talk to 
    Armodillomon, go to the Quest Counter and claim your reward.
     Shamamon - Apemon's Golden Hair **
    Reward: 175 Tamer Points, 6985 Bits, Double Axe
    Go to the Dark Office and talk to Shamamon.  Shamamon sends you to see Apemon
    on Limit Valley, so go to Limit Valley.  Climb down the ladder, and walk into
    the next area.  Walk along the path, climb down the ladder and talk to Apemon.
    He says he wants beads that Shamamon make.  Don't climb up the ladder, 
    instead, walk downt the path to the lower left and enter the next area.  Keep
    going. Climb down the ladder, and take the path below the one you just came 
    from.  Look for Shamamon in this area, and he'll tell you he wants Apemon's 
    bone.  Go back to Apemon (he's still in the same area) and he gets upset.  He
    attacks you.
    Forced Encounter - Apemon lv36 - 2400Hp - 402 BeastExp
    Pretty Easy, not much to say, just beat him like an ordinary battle.
    After winning, he hands you his bone.  Head back to the second Shamamon (not
    the one in Dark Office, the one on the mountain) and he'll feel bad about 
    taking Apemon's bone.  He gives you the beads, and tells you to take the bone
    back to Apemon.  Go back to Apemon and he'll take the beads and the bone, and
    give you his hair.  Now go back to the Shamamon back in the Dark Office and
    then go claim your reward.
         Machine Species - Andromon
     Kapurimon - Find the Iron Pillow *
    Reward:  95 Tamer Points, 3685 Bits, Novice cloak.
    First go to Dark Square and talk to Kapurimon.  Then go to Sunken Tunnel.
    Go down the ladder, and across the long trash path and into the next area.
    Here go into the next area (like you did to find Raremon).  In this area, go
    up the ladder and talk to the little guy next to the Virus Gate.
    Forced Encounter - Gizamon
    1000 HP.
    He's not too hard, but still kinda hard.  Just wail on him and he'll go
    down eventually. Beating him gets you 189 Aqua points.
    After winning he'll see that you were just trying to give the pillow back
    to it's owner.  He'll give you the pillow, and his apologies.  Return to
    Kapurimon and talk to him.  Then go claim your reward at the Quest Counter.
     Kotemon - Digideli Cake
    Reward: 140 Tamer Points, 6580 bits, Titan Saber
    Go to Dark Square and talk to Kotemon.  Now instead of going to a random area
    you'll go to Dark E area.  Sunflowmon will send you to go get SP Digimilk. 
    Now you head to some random area.  Go to Sunken tunnel and seek out Hookmon.
    Head to where you fought Raremon and you should see Hookmon along the way.
    Talk to him and he'll attack you because he doesn't want to give up his milk.
    Forced Encounter - Hookmon
    HP: 1900  Exp: 270
    Pretty easy.  Just take him down like you would everything else
    After winning, he'll give you the milk.  Go back to Sunflowmon and he'll give
    you the cake.  Take the cake to Kotemon in Dark Square and then go collect 
    your reward.
         Insect/Plant Species - Lillymon
      Tanemon - Find an L-mushroom *
    Reward: 60 tamer points, 3280 bits, Bronze Plate
    Go talk to Tanemon in Square.  Next go to Chip Forest.  Exit to the 
    South West, and head into the next area.  Head across the path over the 
    water (grab the Forest Key if you haven't) and into the next area.  When 
    you reach the switch, flip it (if you haven't) and go into the next area. 
    In the South East area grab the treasure chest, it should be the 
    L-mushroom.  Head back to Tanemon and talk to it.  Then claim your reward.
     Tentomon - Drimogemon the Digger
    reward: 145 Tamer Points, 6585 bits, Sleep Core Beta
    Tentomon, Dark Square. Login Mountain.  Follow the path that leads to
    the next area.  Go to the next area again (don't go down the ladder).
    In this area, use the touch screen to find a Drimogemon sitting in a
    corner.  Go over and talk to him.
    Forced Encounter - Drimogemon lv29
    1400HP, 162 Beast Experience
    Not too hard, but not going to be easy as you have to fight 3 of these.
    Go back an area and you should see another Drimogemon, find your way to 
    him and...
    Forced Encounter - Drimogemon lv29
    1400HP, 162 Beast Experience
    Not too hard, but not going to be easy as you have to fight 3 of these.
    Now climb up the ladder and leave through the north east area on the higher 
    hill.  Here, climb up the ladder, and follow the path into the next area.
    Follow the path, ignore the ladder, and you should encounter the last
    Forced Encounter - Drimogemon lv29
    1400HP, 162 Beast Experience
    Not too hard, and now this is the third one, so it's slightly easier 
    (unless you degenerated).
    Go back to Tentomon and then go claim your reward.
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
    Q.  How do I get this Digimon?
    A. Either Go look in my areas section.  If it's not there, then go back, 
    and click on Digimon Guide, by Zephyr.
    Q. How do I DNA Digivolve.
    A.  I don't know.  This is a walkthrough, not Digimon Guide, Zephyr wrote 
    the Digimon guide, his guide knows more about it.
    Q. Where to I get DigiEgg of ______?
    DigiEgg of Love - Finish the Limit Valley Quest and go to the Quest Center
    Q.  I've waited, but you still haven't updated, what's up?
    A.  Well, between Sophomore year of school, myself completely mentally 
    freaking out, and chores at home, I only have the weekends to do massive 
    updates.  But the thing is, G'faqs only updates on weekdays, so yeah...
    Q. What do you do in your spare time?
    A.  Don't go into my personal life.  I don't need to talk about that.
    Q. Why is this guide poorly written?
    A.  I accept the fact that it is seriously poorly written.  Reason? It's my 
    first guide.
    Q. Joo R liek za Gr8est doods.
    A. Wha????
    Q. Where can I find certain items?
    A.  Usually do the quests, buy them from shops, and also, once you beat 
    the game, you get a version exclusive Dark/Holy weapon.
    Q. What are Legend Weapons?
    A.  Only the best equipment in the game.  If you don't trust 
    in your skill, you can go and get them.  To find out how, just go to the 
    Cheats&Secrets Section.
    Q. My digimon isn't listening when I give it orders, what's happening?
    A. Your digimon's friendship is below one heart, you can get a Digivice 
    on the farm, place your digimon there, and use it to raise your friendship 
    back up.  *thanks to flametakuya and Demonbob for this info, and 
    Sbpachyderm311 for this info.
    Q. I'm talking to _____ but they aren't telling me what to do for a quest.
    A. You're either talking to it in the wrong area, or there are more of that 
    digimon in the same area.
    Q. How come I'm not in the credits?
    A. Because you haven't done anything, you haven't e-mailed me explaining 
    why you deserve to be in the Credits, or G'faqs hasn't reloaded the newest 
    addition to this yet.
    Q.  Why am I not receiving all the experience points I should be?
    A.  Because I accidentally screwed up.  I played through this game using 
    experience boosters sorry for any problems that may have occurred.
    Thanks to me, for writing this.
    Thanks to ZephyrantesKai for writing an awesome FAQ on Digimon
    Thanks to Suzaku and Kenji_03 for the Legend Weapon cheat, DotFalcomon 
    Sukamon, and DotMirageGaomon.
    Thanks to Nintendo for making this game
    Thanks to BandaiNamco for whatever they did
    Thanks to Toji Animation for whatever they did
    Thanks to all the people listed in the games credits
    Thanks to my cousin-in-law who is letting me borrow his DS while mine is 
    Thanks to GameFaqs for letting me have this on there site.
    Thanks to Kingdom Hearts for giving me the idea for my name, Ryxan
    Thanks to Final Fantasy 12 for giving me my new nickname, Nethicite
    Thanks to my parents for giving birth to me, allowing me to use this 
    computer, and posting this guide.
    Thanks to the doctors that helped my mother give birth to me
    Thanks to my schools for teaching me how to read and write.
    Thanks to my first computer teacher for teaching me how to type
    Thanks to money for being able to get me food
    Thanks to the following people who helped with this guide:
    Contact Info:
    Hey man, I haven't had anyone help me.  Here's how to get your name on the 
    Credit List.  
    just e-mail me some info about the following (topic DigiDuskInfo):
    Stuff I'm missing from what I currently have
    Questions you may have (I will add it to the FAQ, and then put your name 
    on the Credits)
    Grammar Errors
    Or if you feel you deserve to be in the credits, just email me explaining 
    why (topic: DigiDuskCredits)

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