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    Walkthrough by MaxDarkSoul

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    Digimon World: Dawn(Sunburst) Walkthrough  By MaxDarkSoul
    4-0)Let's start the game!
    4-1)The Normal Tournament
    4-2) Infiltrations!
    4-3) Investigate the Login Mountain
    Free Quests - Part 1
    - Find Tapirmon
    - Find the L-Mushroom
    - Find a Water Pillow
    - Find the materials to make red shoes in Login Mountain.
    4-4)Explore Limit Valley
    Free Quests - Part 2
    - Dorugamon the Digger(s)
    - Find the Pink Lipstick
    4-5)Sortie to Loop Swamp
    4-6)Night Crow Assault!
    Free Quests - Part 3
    - The Stolen Awards
    - Find Shellmon
    - Dig in Task Canyon
    - DigiDeliCake
    4-7) The Palette Amazon
    Free Quests - Part 4
    - The Assualt Balancer
    - Macrobattle Tourney
    4-8) Go to Thriller Ruins
    Free Quests Part 5
    -The Haunted House
    -The Secret Letter
    4-9) Search the DigiArea
    Free Quests Part 6
    - Minervamon Challenge
    - The Combat Game
    4-10) Merchant of Death
    Free Quests Part 7
    -The Mystery Blub
    -Goreous Nuts
    4-11) The Final Battle
    Digimon World: Dawn is a role-playing Nintendo DS game. The battle mechanics  
    is similar to Digimon World DS(Digimon Story in the Japanese version). At 
    any time should you be stuck simply open the main menu and select "Quest".
    The story of Dawn revolves around the appearance of a unknown virus and your 
    adventure in unraveling the truth behind it.
    7/10/2007 Version 0.01
    Done up to 10% of the quests(according to the game)
    21/10/2007 Ver. 0.25
    Only Union quests get chapters, the rest are labeled as ?gFree Quests?h
    Late update due to busy school schdule
    Finally done the whole storyline Version 1.0
    1 year anniversary! minor updates and some filling in of exp, and added
    in afterthoughts and some major word of thanks at the end of this document.
    Legal stuff   
    This walkthrough can be only used on gamefaqs.com and neoskeer.com or for 
    personal use. Digimon World: Dawn belongs to their respective copyright 
    owners, not me. This walkthrough is made by MaxDarkSoul 
    Chapter 4-0: Let's start the game!
    Hit "Start Game", and you will be given a choice of a boy or girl, doesn't 
    matter. Then enter your name(once again, doesn't matter anyway).Now comes
    the important part-choosing your digimon "pack". Each pack contains 3 digimon,
    and all of them contain Coronamon, your version's main digimon.There are 4 
    different packs to choose from, each of them slightly different. Please note
    that all your digimon will be warped back to their rookie levels during 
    Chapter 4-2.
    Balance Pack : Coronamon, RiseGreymon, Angewomon
    Attack Pack  :
     Coronamon, Growlmon, MSeadramon (MetalSeadramon)
    Speed Pack   : Coronamon, Airdramon, Sinduramon
    Japanese Pack: Coronamon, Reppamon, Karatemon
    Choose whichever you like, and enter your digimon's nicknames.
    Chapter 4-1: The Normal Tournament
    After a lot of talking of you being late for the Tournament, and Night Crow 
    winning 2 straight battles , you finally get control of yourself. 
    northwest into waiting room, and get more conversation on you being the 
    Light Fang's last hope for Group B.You will automatically be transported to 
    the battle ground. Get ready for your first (extremely simple) battle!
    Kokuwamon Lvl 35
    HP: 600 ~
    EXP: Machine 41 
    Seriously, how hard can the battle get? One rookie, one champion and one 
    ultimate stage digimon against ONE rookie. Just use whatever skills you like
    and kill him.
    Gabumon Lvl 
    Hp: 450 ~
    MameTyramon Lvl 
    Hp: 600 ~
    EXP: Beast 30 
         Machine 83 
    Nothing dangerous, and hack and slash away.
    Mushroomon Lvl 31
    Hp: 550 ~
    Volcanmon Lvl 43
    Hp: 800 ~
    Golemon Lvl 34
    Hp: 600 ~
    EXP: Dark 101 
         Machine 57
         Insect 33
    A tiny bit more challenge, but still nothing to fret about. Use your double
    slot attacks if you like, or just use any other things will do fine.
    After this battle, you will be back at the LF Waiting Room. Exit to the 
    southeast, and another talk will commence on the winner of Group A. Return to
    the waiting room after this. Move up the slope and talk to the guy there.
    Lilamon Lvl 38
    Hp: 800 ~
    MechGaogamon Lvl 40
    Hp: 1100 ~
    Lunamon Lvl 32
    Hp: 550 ~
    EXP: Exp:Dark +50exp
         Beast +120exp
         Insect +110exp
    Your Coronamon might get KOed, but he doesn't help much in fact. Use double
    slot attacks or 2 times attacks and whack your way through. 
    When you return to the waiting room, move southeast for another conversation .
    A suspicious man in red exits the room, so follow! Move southwest this time 
    for another scene(sigh). You get teleported back to the Union Room, 
    receive a gift from your chief, and get control again.
    Head northeast into the blue teleporter and hit A to get warped out. You 
    arrive at Shine Office. Move southeast again to Shine Gate, where you will be
    going through like half the game, so remember this place. From Shine Office
    you can also head into Shine Square, which leads to Shine Hall, and back again
    Shine Gate.
    From Shine Gate head southeast again for yet another scene(they are getting
    irritating) at the Shine Plaza. From Shine Plaza two places are accessible,
    the Shine Market(where you exchange your gift card for a DigiIsland) and 
    the gate that leads into your tamer home. Go into the teleporter and warp 
    back to your tamer home.
    Reaching home, your NaviDigimon(something like a housemaid) Gatomon 
    you on your victory, and sending you off to sleep.
    Note: At any time you can simply step into your tamer home and all digimon's
    hp/mp will be recovered.
    Chapter 4-2:Infiltration!
    A virus infiltrates Shine City, and turns all digimon back to digieggs, with 
    the exception of those at their tamer home. Those at their tamer homes
    (aka you) gets affected to a lesser extent. All your digimons get reduced to 
    level 1 (other than Coronamon) and to their respective rookie form. Finish 
    your morning convo with Gatomon, head out of your home via southeast and into
    the pink teleporter.
    Note: It may sound stupid to say this, but to climb ladders press A when 
    near it to get on the ladder, up and down to move up and down. Head back to 
    Union room(just head northwest all the way back to the blue teleporter). 
    Before you head in, SAVE! 
    ???? (Virus) Lvl 22
    Hp: 2000 ~
    EXP: Holy 25
         Dark 25
    A proper fight at last. For Coronamon use Gatling Punch all the way, anything
    else for the other two digimon you have. the virus might use Call Bat to 
    poison, or another attack which causes one of your digimon to be distracted,
    refusing to attack.
    After receiving your first mission from Chief, head out of Union Room (there's
    only one teleporter in there). From there on head southeast to Shine Gate,
    then northeast to the yellow teleporter. Head in to get warped to Shine
    Terminal. move southwest to the teleporter that those three used, and select
    Login Mountain.
    Chapter 4-3: Investigate the Login Mountain
    You arrive at your first proper "dungeon". Move down to your first crossroad,
    ignore the conversation, and take the lower split path to the next screen.
    Second crossroad, head up for the Digimin80S(weird names). Down and down the
    ladder for a Gatedisk(Digimon version of Escape Rope, use to teleport out of 
    dungeons like this one). Back to the second crossroad, head up the slope and
    into the next screen. Follow the road, up the ladder, into the next screen, 
    for Digimin80D and another Gatedisk.continue southwest, and grab the Digimin80
    from the chest, and move back 2 screens(back to the place where the ground
    is greyish color), up two ladders towards the northwest and into the last 
    screen. Up the ladder, east to Digiar150D, then west to boss fight
    Aquilamon  Lvl 30
    : 1200 ~
    Once again, Gatling Punch all the way, along with whatever other attacks you 
    wish to use, heal when needed. More conversation and arrive back at Shine Gate.
    Since you finish investigating, report back to Union Room. 
    Now you are in free mode, do anything you want. Few important things:
    1) Exchange your Farm Island Card for a Farm Island at the Shine Market by 
    talking to Veemon, then heading back to Gatomon for tutorials. The two
    computers in your tamer home are for accessing your Digi Island and 
    Digivolving your digimons. The upper one for the Island, right one for 
    2) Get scan data from Login Mountain if you wish, and convert them for your
    own use. Remember even if you run from battle, you still get the scan data.
    3) Get quests. From Shine Office, head northeast into the big yellow building
    and accept quests. A small tutorial is available once you warp out of Union 
    I will continue with the first quest available, Find Tapirmon. Accept the 
    quest from SPStarmon at the Shine Center.
    NOTE: You can only accept one quest at a time.
    Free Quest (1) -Find Tapirmon
    First talk to Gummymon at Shine Plaza( he's at the northwestern area, standing
    alone). He asks you to go to Thriller Ruins to find Tapirmon. Warp over there.
    Upon arriving, head up the ladder for a Digimin80S. Head up to the next 
    screen. Head right for a chest containing the Thriller Key, then up the ladder
    to find Tapirmon. Tapirmon says he's fine, so run back to report to Gummymon.
    Before leaving, run left to grab the GateDisk, use it if you want. You MUST
    talk to Gummymon before returning to Shine Center to receive your reward.
    Talk to SPStarmon to get your reward- 60 tamer points and a whopping 3280
    bits (Boy Gummymon is sure rich for a in-training digimon) along with a 
    novice blade.
    Quest Complete!
    Free Quest (2) -Find the L-Mushroom
    Get the quest from MetalGreymon at Shine center, and talk to Veemon at Shine
    Square. Head southwest from Shine Office to reach Shine Square, and talk to
    Veemon. He can't find a L-mushroom in Chip Forest, and he's asking you to 
    help. Head over.
    NOTE: You might want to stock up on recovery items now since you are rich.
    Man this is one heck of a maze! Head north a bit then west for a Novice Cloak.
    Head south and into the next screen. West a bit for Forest Key in the Chest,
    then continue down into the next screen. At the southern end of this screen
    you will see a pillar with a red light on top. Press A near it to insert the
    Forest Key and the door will open. Leave it for now, instead head for the 
    northwestern exit to another screen. Get the Novice blade and GateDisk
    in the chests. Head back out to the place where you opened the door and head 
    through. Head south for a bit then west/east(use the touch screen to poke 
    around) for a chest containing the L-Mushroom! Continues downwards for a 
    conveniently placed gate that warps you back to Shine Terminal. DO NOT 
    continue and use the black gate. It's suicide.
    Reward: 60 tamer points, another 3280 bits and a bronze plate!
    Free Quest (3) - Find a Water Pillow
    Accept the quest form Zudomon, and head over to Shine Office (right outside).
    Betamon is the green frog-like digimon. He wants you to retrieve his pillow,
    so head over to the terminal and warp over to Sunken Tunnel, the new area
    that opened up.
    Sunken Tunnel looks more like a sewer... Nevertheless, head down and then left 
    at the first ladder for a AntiPoisonS. Continue southwest to another screen, 
    and all the way southeast to the third screen. Up the ladder and there will
    be a Gizamon there.
    Gizamon Lvl
    Hp:730 ~
    EXP: Aqua 180
    Use your Holy Shoot on him, and any other attacks will do perfectly fine.
    Heal when needed.
    Slightly north of Gizamon is a AntiNumbS.Grab it and GateDisk or walk back to 
    Betamon.For walking 3 screens, and fighting a easy rookie digimon, you get
    95 tamer points, 3685 bits, and a Speed Ring alpha
    Free Quest (4) -Find materials to make red shoes in Login Mountain.
    Get the quest from that ultimate digimon beside Zudomon, Garudamon and head 
    over to Shine Square to find Patamon, then warp over to Login Mountain.
    Here you are supposed to get two items, Bark and Paint Oil(weird translations)
    Move southwest one screen, up the slope and towards to next, and follow the 
    road west, north a bit and up a slight slope there will be a chest with the
    Paint Oil inside it!( If you followed my directions the first time round to
    Login Mountain, all the chests would have been opened and now simply look for
    unopened chests. You can look at your surroundings by using the touch screen.
    Drag around to look at your surroundings.)Return to the ladder you saw earlier
    and climb up then follow the path to the next screen heading east. See that 
    chest there? Head down via the ladder just slightly ahead and grab it. Done!
    Return to Patamon at Shine Square and get your reward from Shine Center, which
    is 120 tamer points, 4080 bits, and a Novice Cloak.
    Chapter 4-4: Explore Limit Valley
    Accept the Union quest from the center counter, and head out to the Union Room
    and talk to Glare. Warp over to Limit Valley and let's investigate.
    Things to do before this quest: Before you rush towards our quest location, 
    take some time to stock up on revives, AntiBrains and AntiNumbs.Buy 5 or 
    so DigiarS/D/T300 and DigiminS/D/T 200 as it will help greatly in our 
    upcoming battles. Also if you have any Digimon's nearing evolution, have 
    some patience and train to evolve them. It will be worth it.
    From the starting screen, a chest at the northeast containing a Digiar150D
    is there for taking, so take and move northeast into the next screen.
    Take the upper northeast path, follow on to the northeast to the next screen.
    A chest to the east with Digiar150T is present, so grab it as it will come 
    in handy in the upcoming boss fight. Climb up the ladder, and continue on to 
    the southwest. Next screen, down the ladder for a Broad Shield (Equip It!)
    and make your way north to a boss.
    Seasarmon lvl (?) 
    Hp: 930 ~
    EXP: 330 Beast
    Another harmless boss, except for his 3 zone confuse, which could seriously
    reduce your damage output for one turn. Heal when needed, but try to have all
    three digimons alive and with more than 90% health because...
    We are thrown ungraciously into the next fight!
    Grimmon Lvl 33
    Hp: A sweet total of 2800 ~
    EXP: 300 of Dark,Dragon,Bird and Insect.
    The first challenging boss fight. He takes up 3 zones, making him vulnerable 
    to area attacks. His Hp bar takes up half the screen, and he
    would get around 2 turns per one round of all your digimon's.This AI can
    and will focus fire and kill off one of your digimons.As he takes up 3 zones,
    duel target zones attack(Raging Flame, Flame Dive, Poison Powder etc.)will do
    hefty damage to him. His notable attack would be only a 2 zone stun(which 
    hurts, since you can't use items too).Take note that if he uses AT Change, his
    attribute/type changes so his weakness will be altered at the same time. Heal
    whenever below half life. If you have any attacks that reduces a particular 
    attribute/type's resistance, use them now as this will be a long and drawn 
    out fight.
    With Grimmon subdued, and him making a long speech that I highly doubt he
    understands it himself, he disappears and you can make your way back to the
    City and get your reward- 110 Tamer Points, 7180 (!) Bits and Love DE (aka 
    Digi-Egg of Love from Digimon Season 2)
    OPTIONAL: Now with probably 3 champions following your back, it's time to 
    increase our tamer rank! Head over to the Coliseum , talk to Leomon(third 
    from the bottom behind the counter), pay up and move into the waiting room,
    speak to that yellow hair dude and begin our test!
    NOTE:I hope you have someone with a 0X0X0 zone attack.
    Mangamon and 
    (I need the approximate hp, level and exp of these people as I failed to 
    take them down)
    Mangamon will do a EXTREMELY irritating 3 zone attack called Blizzard which
    hurts quite a bit so feel free to set your Digimon in these formations
    you get the idea, just don't put three together. This is also because the 
    other will do a 0X0X0 attack, so if you follow one of those split-up 
    formations, only one of your Digimon will get hit at any time, 2 from Blizzard, 
    and all will get hit from a quite weak 4 zone attack from Mangamon call 
    WAR Ext.Unless you are worried about the stats support that each digimon gets 
    from standing next to each other, set them apart to prevent taking too much 
    Down those two and your have attained the Bronze Rank ! At the main office of 
    the Coliseum, where there's a counter and 3 Digimon behind them, speak to the
    middle and right most ones to get freebies. Back on track to quests!
    Free Quests ? Part 2
    Free Quest (5) -Dorugamon the Digger(s)
    Accept the quest from the Shine Center, speak to Renamon(fox like and yellow 
    fur) and back to Login Mountain!
    You arrive at yet a different warp from the previous times. Take the upper 
    spilt path to the east for a Digimin80S, and double back to the lower to the
    next screen. Up the ladder for a Digimon80D,continue to next screen via the
    path. Follow the path once again to the next screen (kinda monotonous).Move
    south down the path to find the first of our diggo trio!
    Dorugamon Lvl 26
    Hp: 1200
    EXP:212 Beast
    You should have 3 champions now, and with a few criticals here and there,
    this battle should be finished quickly.
    After this first one, move east, ignore the ladder for now, we will be back.
    Follow the path to the next screen, and down the ladder for our second 
    Dorugamon. He's exactly the same. For the third one, return to the ladder we
    skipped, and follow it all the way to the next screen, and delete the last
    Dorugamon.And for killing 3 idiots, we get 145 Tamer Points, 6585 Bits and a 
    PoisonCore Alpha.
    Free Quest (6) -Find the Pink Lipstick
    Accept the quest, speak to Bayamon at Shine Square and head over to Chip
    Forest. Move southwest  to the next screen, then southwest twice to the map
    containing the gate. Ignore the gate, instead head Northwest to another screen.
    Once there(it should be a darkened area of the forest), head west then north
    along the road to find Flymon.Apprantly Biyomon was trespassing on Flymon's 
    territory and somehow the lipstick ended up with Flymon.
    Hp: Need help on this.
    Exp: Insect 239
    Other than a 4 zone poison, which should not appear as Flymon should be dead? 
    by then. Reward? 145 tamer points, 6585 bits, and a Sleep Core alpha.
    Chapter 4-5: Sortie to Loop Swamp
    Head over to the Union Room, speak to Glare and let's go! Warp over to our new
    area, Loop Swamp. After arriving, pick up the Bronze Plate from the chest.
    Follow the path to the Southwest to the next screen. Enter the first big 
    whirlpool you see and you will get teleported to another screen, netting you
    a Full DigiarS.Follow the path up again to get to another big whirlpool and 
    hop in, bringing you back to the starting screen. Go southwest again, this time
    bypassing the whirlpool, and moving on to the next screen. At the spilt path
    head northwest for a Speed Ring alpha, and down the path to the big whirlpool.
    Do not move into the next screen yet, instead head inside another big whirlpool
    again. Move west for a Gate Disk, then into the whirlpool again. No more 
    whirlpools this time, just move east and southwest to the next screen. Head 
    into the first whirlpool you see, take the lower spilt path for a MultirecoverS,
    then onto the platform for a boss fight!
    WaruSeadramon Lvl  41
    Hp: 3600
    EXP:Aqua 1590 
    Same as Grimmon, WaruSeadramon is simply too big to fit into one tiny zone,
    and therefore he occupies the middle 3 zones.Multi zone attacks are 
    devastating(if you have Gatomon's Starlight its good game to that dragon)
    Notable attacks are 3 zone Poison Rain(damage and poison) and nothing else.
    Before leaving through the gate, head up towards the whirlpool and go in.
    Down the path would be a Bronze Blade. Exit this area via GateDisk, and 
    report our sortie with the big black dragon to Glare.115 tamer points,
    7185 bits and a Novice Blade( I am starting to think this is a random item)
    Chapter 4-6:Night Crow Assault!
    Get the quest from the center, speak to Glare, and head over to the new area 
    unlocked, Resistor Jungle. Bring all your Digimon that needs insect/beast exp 
    as this place is crawling with them.
    Upon arriving, head right and up the ladder, then right again to the next 
    screen. Right take the lower path towards to the next screen. Grab the 
    DigiReviverS to the left then up the two ladders, heal up and prepare for
    a confrontation.
    Bronze Tamer Boy
    Kogamon Lvl 34
    Ninjamon Lvl 34
    Musyamon Lvl 34
    EXP: Dark 159
         Insect 318
    Free food, seriously.
    Continue to the chest behind the boy and grab the Digiar300S, then right to
    the next screen. Follow the path, then down a bit for a GateDisk(premonition?)
    Go through the lower path towards the next screen. Grab the Jungle Key, head
    back to the previous screen, this time take the upper spilt path to the next
    screen, open the gate, and go back to the screen where you got the key and
    proceed through the gate.
    OMG!!! It's NEWTON!!!
    Erm who's that again? Oh it's the first person we fought in the game. and he's
    back. And guess what? He's still having one Digimon!
    Kokuwamon Lvl45
    Exp: Machine 530
    Okay this time he can kill, should he decide to spam Burst Tackle like crazy.
    Heal when below half life(all your digimons, not just the main attacker).Use
    ALL the reduce resists move if you have them of the same type(i.e. Raging
    Light and Starlight together is quite painful)
    He runs off, saying what the heck he is doing here. Heal up and continue. Our
    little adventure is far from over. Follow the path, ignore the ladder and grab 
    Digiar200D and climb up the ladder this time. Heal up, save and let's go!
    Sayo/Male Character
    Mechgaogamon Lvl 47
    Rekisumon Lvl 40
    Hp: 2400
    EXP: 583 Beast exp
         538 Dark exp
    (Thanks to Tim for this!)
    Machgaogarmon has Great Tornado which damages all zones and reduces speed, 
    while Rekisumon has an attack which attacks twice, each time having a chance
    to sleep your Digimon.A difficult fight, just kill whichever digimon with 
    whatever attribute you have(light or fire respectively).
    Head back to the gate, report and get our rewards , 160 tamer points,
    10580 bits(if you have been saving up, you can start getting terrain boards
    and training some powerful digimons.) and a Log(used to increase attack by
    placing it on your farm island)
    Free Quests ? Part 3
    Free Quest (7)-The Stolen Awards
    Seems that there are some mischievous digimon running around, having stolen
    Kyuubimon's two awards. Accept the quest from Shine Center, and speak to 
    Kyuubimon at the Plaza(Kyuubimon is the yellow fox with 9 tails).The two
    hooligans are Dokugumon and Arukenimon, and both are in Resistor Jungle. So
    bring along any Digimon that requires insect/beast xp, and let's go!
    We arrive at the same portal, so head northeast to the next screen. Right 
    before the ladder we see Dokugumon.
    Dokugumon Lvl
    Hp: 1900
    Exp: Insect 130
    I got a lucky crit with Holy Arrow dealing 1215 damage, and therefore he died
    too quickly for me to record his level.
    Take the lower path northeast to the next screen. Up the ladder and we see
    out second target!
    Arukenimon Lvl 40
    Weakness: Wind
    Hp: 4000
    Exp: 650
    Quite a fat Digimon, with a whooping 4k hp, you just can't expect her to do 
    much to you except tank your damage as much as possible.
    With the two awards in your hands, head back for our reward- 140 tamer points
    6580 bits and FullRepairS.
    Free Quest (8) - Find Shellmon
    Shellmon is lost, and I have no idea why a fire spewing digimon will search
    for a water shooting digimon. Anyways we just want the tamer points and bits,
    so let's do them the favor of reuniting them. Accept, speak to Agumon at the
    Square, and off to Loop Swamp! Remember to invite your watery digimon along!
    Insect/plant digimon are also welcome to this fun trip!
    We arrive in the middle of nowhere, so kindly step into the wavehole on our
    left and lo and behold! There's our not-quite-friendly Shellmon!
    Shellmon Lvl 28
    Weakness: Metal
    Hp: 2500
    Exp: 147 (Water i guess)
    In my fight Shellmon didn't even get a turn. I had a continuous 5 turns and
    it STILL wasn't his turn when he died. Meaning? Nuke him with all you got 
    before you get rampaged on(though it wouldn't hurt much).Feed him the Antidote
    and head back for tamer points, bits and ... What the !? More digimon sick?
    Looks like we got dragged down into the water(pun intended).Let's find the
    Head right and southwest to the next screen. Open the first chest you see for
    and AntidoteFruist(wonder who planted the thing there, shouldn't fruits be 
    from trees!?)and step into the wavehole to the left. We are back at the place
    where we fought WaruSeadramon.Save, heal up and engage.
    ShogunGekomon Lvl 38
    Weakness: Elec
    Hp: 3500
    Exp: Aqua 580
    Once again, our dear old frog didn't get a turn before he got defeated. We?fre
    done here, so head back for our reward- 145 tamer points, 6585 bits and a
    fancy Crystal Sword!
    Free Quest (9) -Dig in Task Canyon
    At last a new area opens up! Accept the quest from Garudamon, and go over to
    Shine Square to speak to another Garudamon.I wonder how can a mere human take
    over a Ultimate Digimon in digging? Anyway head over to Task Canyon. Bring any
    digimon that needs bird or dragon exp.
    From the starting screen, head right for a Gorgon(equipment), then left, down
    a ladder follow the road southeast to the next screen. You meet the researcher
    who had just found a chest but needs a key, which seems to reside in this 
    place. Move southeast to the next screen, then northeast to the next screen.
    Slide down the slope to find someone who hates waking up...
    Shakkoumon Lvl 45
    Weakness: Dark
    Exp:1105 Holy
    Harmless with the exception of him being a big fat tank with tons of hp.
    Continue southwest after our confrontation to the next screen, and grab the
    key in the chest. Return to the researcher in any way you wish( I can't be 
    bothered and just gate back and walked to the researcher).Rewards are
    110 Tamer points, 6180 bits and an ExpRing alpha.
    Free Quest (10) -DigiDeliCake
    Another foodie quest. Accept the quest from Zudomon, and speak to Gizamon 
    who is right outside at Shine office. Warp to Shine Area W via your tamer home
    portal, and go down the right ladder and speak to Sunflowmon.Now we need to 
    get some Sp DigiMilk, which is only held by Hookmon at the Sunken Tunnels.
    (how on earth can you keep milk fresh in a sunken tunnel which looks more 
    like the sewers?) We already accept and agreed on the quest, so let's head 
    over like it or not.
    Once there, for those who did not bother to explore, you would need to close
    off 2 valves before moving on deeper into the dungeon. Follow the set of 
    instructions below:
    From the starting screen, ignore the first ladder, cross the small trash, 
    follow the path to the next screen to find the first valve. Close it and 
    return to the first ladder. Head down the ladder, across the short trash path,
    follow to the second valve.
    Back to the first screen, head southwest to the next screen, then southwest
    to the next screen again, then southeast to the third screen. At the 3rd screen
    (where we fought Gizamon) at chest to the south holds Digimin80D.Move 
    northeast to the next screen. Another chest containing a Gatedisk, close the
    valve, then move northeast. Another GateDisk, then head over to the north of 
    the screen for the Tunnel Key. Open the gate and head across. Head up the 2 
    ladder, grab the Digiar150S, and move on to the next screen. Find our pirate
    friend , Hookmon.
    Hookmon Lvl 31
    Hp: 1800
    Exp:270 machine.
    Weakness: Electricity
    I didn't realize he's a tanking type until I checked his weakness. Nuke him
    as per usual. After getting the milk, find the gate just behind Hookmon 
    across the trash and up the ladder. Speak the Sunflowmon to get the cake,
    and deliver the cake. For all those trouble we get 120 tamer points, 6190 bits
    and a Scale Scimitar.
    Chapter 4-7: The Palette Amazon
    Another nice Union quest, one that allows you to explore yet another new area.
    This place contains holy, dragon and a bit more of plant exp, so bring those
    as you wish. At the forest, you can choose to either go straight to the quest
    objective, or take a slight detour and grab the key first to allow easy 
    access to this place next time and for exploring. If you wish to get the key
    first, follow the set of instructions below.(I recommend you do this to 
    level up and grab all the items along the way)
    From the starting screen, head west a bit for a Spirit Ring beta, then move 
    southwest to the next screen. East for a Digiar400D, south for a AntiBrainD.
    Take the southwest path on the right side to the next screen. Grab the chest 
    containing Digiar600S, then follow the path to the next screen. Once there, 
    Grab the chest for the Amazon key. Return to the first screen via GateDisk.
    For those who wants to go straight to the quest objective, follow this:
    From the starting screen, head southwest to the next screen. Take the 
    southwest path on the left to the next screen. Follow the path to the next 
    screen. Ignore the path going south, but head right at the split road for a 
    DigiReviverS,then continue northeast to the next screen. Take the first
    road heading to the left for DigiEgg of Courage! Move northeast again to the
    next screen. Take the left path for a GateDisk(seriously there's no need to buy
    these things anymore).Follow the path for another DigiReviverS,then follow
    on to another screen. move northwest to another screen, go around the path to 
    the northern path of the screen for a Digiar600T(gotta use this later).
    Continue right to the next screen. The chest contains AntiNumbD.Continue on
    the path for the last screen. Grab the Silver Cloak, equip to whoever you wish
    and engage.
    Fugamon x 2 -lvl ?
    Exp:Beast 940
    Spinomon-lvl ?
    Exp:Dragon 2100
    I had 3 ultimate digimons by that time, and since Spinomon( whatever his 
    name was) did only 73 damage to me at max.We get 165 tamer points, 10585 bits
    and a Silver Blade.
    If you feel like you can head over to the coliseum and try the silver rank 
    test. Only try this if you have 3 ultimate digimons.
    Parasimon Lvl
    Weakness: Light
    MoonMilleniumon Lvl
    Hp: 2500
    Weakness: Light
    Vadermon Lvl
    Weakness: Earth
    Exp:1000 Dark
        2000 machine
    Bring in all the Digiar600T,AntinumbT,AntisleepT, and all the single target 
    holy and earth type attacks. If you have sleep/stun/paralysis, use them, 
    unless you want to be at the receiving end of them. Stun whipping, poison 
    pollen, nightmare all these moves induce status aliments that will seriously
    reduce your damage output. Always focus fire on one first, preferably Parasimon
    then MoonMilleniumon, then Vadermon.
    After attaining your silver rank, speak to BANLeomon for 10000bits, then speak
    to DarkDramon for a Belt Machine and TarotCards, both items to place on your 
    farm island.
    Free Quest - Part 4
    Free Quest (11) - The Assualt Balancer
    Get the quest, talk to wargrowlmon, head over.New area huh?This place contains
    only aqua digimon, so bring those that needs them.
    We are somehow underwater.Follow the path to the northwest to the next screen.
    Go across the rised platform, give the gate a miss(i don't think we need it
    as yet), and collect the Damage Ring alpha before moving on to the next screen
    via the southwest.And behold our adversary!Well there wouldn't be a fight
    after all.He wants a Digicircuit, so move towards the next screen via the 
    connector behind MarineDevimon.Move slightly north and we see our target-
    Divermon.You get the without a fight again.Before returning, grab the 
    Digiar400T slightly south of Divermon down the slope.Return to MarineDevimon,
    pass him the circuit...
    MarineDevimon Lvl 47
    Hp: 4500
    Exp: Aqua 1157
    Most of his attacks poisons you, but he shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Fun tip: MarineDevimon says "Assualt Balance" , while the quest and 
    WarGrowlmon and the item says "Assualt BalanceR".Must be hard to pronounce
    words with fangs.
    You get the Assualt Balance(r) back, so bring it back to WarGrowlmon.For
    playing fetch we get 130 tamer points, 8680 bits and ExpRing beta.
    Free Quest (12) - Macrobattle Tourney
    Accept,speak to Ebidramon(the lobster looking one) and head over.
    We arrive at the second gate,so head southwest to the next screen.Head right,
    grab the Digimin400S and Digimin400T,move into the next screen through the
    southwest,southwest again, until you see a gate on a raised platform.Ignore
    the gate, instead head left and northeast.Pick up the key, and open the gate.
    Now double back and open the gate, following the path all the way you see
    Dragomon.Now we have find two other digimons and defeat(kill) them for their
    items to win the competition.Head back to the screen with the gate, go 
    southwest and you will see Pukumon.
    Pukumon Lvl
    Hp: 6000
    Exp:Aqua 2350
    FRom Pukumon, move Northeast back to the Gate map,then southeast, and 
    northeast again.BAck at the map where we can see Dragomon, head northeast
    to the starting screen, then southeast lastly to find MetalSeaDramon
     Lvl 55
    Hp: 5000
    Exp: Aqua 2500
    After getting what we want from him, head back to Dragomon.For reward we get
    130 tamer points, 8680 bits, and a Scale Shield.
    Side Note: If you have a particular Digimon that requires Dark Exp, it would
    be wise to start training it to ultimate stage now.A few more quests after 
    this upcoming one we would be receiving around 10 k worth of dark exp, 
    Chapter 4-8: Go to Thriller Ruins
    Another Union quest, but this time the quest starter is Litton.Pick up the
    quest,speak to him in Union room.Seems our good old chief is MIA for the time
    being, but quests go on, so we get to dig into Thriller Ruins.Light and dark
    exp hanging there, so bring those who need them.And also another almost 10k
    Dragon exp.
    Note:The boss here holds a whooping 9000 dragon exp.It would be wise to find
    someone to invest those hefty exp in.
    We arrive at the mansion area.For those who explored all the way till here
    (like me) the lvl and types of digimons have changed.From the starting screen
    step into the black swirly hole.Follow the path southwest to the next screen,
    then southwest once again.There we find the other end of the black hole.step
    in to find ourselves in another mansion.Take the lower notheast path for a
    AntiBrainD, then continue northwest.Heal, save and we get a scene of us being
    Tsukaimon x 4 Lvl 38
    Exp: Dark 2200 (isn't that a bit too much!?)
    Dark Patamons are harmless purple flying creatures.
    And once again we are thrown uninvited into a boss fight!Of course not before
    our dark alter ego comes out to help.
    Gaiomon Lvl
    Exp:Dragon 9000
    This fight can be tough if not done properly.If you have been noticing 
    which two members of your main party takes the most damage, place them side by
    side.Gaiomon can do a 0X0X0 targetable attacks , hits twice ( fire damage)
    that is pretty lethal.Another one of his attacks twice move can lower your 
    defence.He can also AT change. Note that he also takes up 3 spaces.
    After that the story unravels saying that the light and dark sides of the 
    union is being made to fight each other.Therefore we exchange mails with 
    the dark version of ourselves, and the mission ends.190 tamer points, 13590
    bits, and a Gold Cloak get!
    Free Quests Part 5
    Free Quest (13)
    The Haunted House
    Accept, speak to Digitamamon and head over to thirller ruins.Our first target
    is right below us.
    Myotismon Lvl 34
    Hp: 4700
    Exp: Dark 928
    Weakness: Light
    Simple fight.Spam all the light you want.
    Continue into the black hole, follow the path like we just did in the 
    previous mission, exit from the black hole, take the upper northeast path
     ]and find VenomMyotismon.
    VenomMyotismon Lvl 60
    Hp: 7500
    Exp: Dark 5088
    He kills.Literally.If you have any digimon with Dark resistant Aura, bring 
    them and align them such that everyone has the aura.His attacks include 
    "01 Crusher"(hits thrice, paralyses), Venom Infuse (hits thrice yet again,
    poisons), Choas blast ( 0XXX0 targetable). He will use Choas Blast to 
    weakened any member, then proceed to kill it with one of the two 3 times
    attack. Use holy/light attacks for mamximum effect.
    Report back to Digitamamon via GateDisk to get 160 tamer points,11190 bits,
    and Full RepairT
    Free Quest (14) The Secret Letter
    Accept, speak to Akatorimon (the bird digimon), and off to Palette Amazon!
    Bring plant/insect to get exp.
    Arriving at a different place again.Head southwest to the next screen,then
    northwest and northeast into the third screen to find Lilamon.
    Lilamon Lvl 46
    Hp: 5600 ~
    Exp: Insect/plant 1886
    With the exception of a 4 zone paralysis attack, nothing much.
    That's it.For those who wants to save money on a GateDisk head northeast to 
    the gate back to the city.Head back for our reward- 195 tamer points, 11235
    bits and a StormMaker(Bird species weapon).
    Gear up as it's another Union quest!
    Chapter 4-9 : Search the DigiArea.
    Looks like we aren't going to rush headlong into fights.We have to gather 
    inormation on our dear missing chief, and to do so we look for other tamers.
    Exit the Union Room, and another scene will occur.And our tamer home will get
    invaded.The other tamers asks if we should invite Sayo/Dark Male Chatacter
    (someone give me the name please) to your home.The two choices doesn't seem
    to make much of a difference, they mean exactly the same thing though(needs
    clarification).And Sayo makes her appearance like in half a minute.
    We get access to Access Glacier ( dumb translation i know).Bring your aqua
    digimon for exp and head over.
    Head up the first ladder to obtain a Digiar600T.Continue southwest to the 
    next screen.I can't seem to do anything about the boxes,so we will jsut leave
    them alone for now.Head south a bit then west for DigiEgg of Friendship.If
    you head up the ladder and jump down the chute,you will end up at Macro Sea.
    Exit the map where you got the digiegg through the southeast.A chest with 
    Digiar600S is there.move back to the screen with the DigiEgg.Southwest to the
    next screen.Grab the chest(Digiar600D).Take the spilt path on the right to 
    the next screen.Once there, head north, up the ladder for a Full DigiminD,
    then southwest to the next screen.Take the NumbCore beta,head right, and
    southwest to the next screen.Take the Gold Blade and Digimin200D, and return
    to the first screen via the Gate(Gate back to city and warp to Access Glacier
    again) Since we have collected all the items in here.
    Bring your digimon that needs Holy exp. One that need loads of them.
    Although we are asked to head to Access Glacier, there are some areas that
    we can't access through the Glacier alone.To arrive at the quest objective
    area, we have to go via Macro Sea, which is linked to ACcess Glacier through
    the pipes.For those who remember,simply head to where Dragomon was(the blue
    octupus like digimon) and (save before this)walk into the pipe.
    Directions after warping into Macro Sea:
    Down the slope, southwest into the next screen.Head right at the split path,
    proceed to next screen via southwest again.Take the left path, move northwest.
    Up the slope, past the previously locked gate, northeast to next screen, 
    follow the straight path to southeast,head into the pipe.
    Ophanimon Lvl 60
    Hp: 5500 ~
    Exp: Holy 4240 
    (so little compared to Gaioumon)
    Weakness: Dark
    Okay we get to fight with our dear chief with a Mega level digimon, a 
    "supposed" good guy at that.She's able to lower the spirit of three zones
    (which i have no idea what spirit does anyway),Sephiroth C(rystal) a 
    OXXXX attack ,lowers light resist, and a 4 zone attack.Simply heal when 
    Before leaving grab the Digimin400S and head back into the gate.
    Return to the Union Room for another short convo, and you get to choose 
    whether to keep Sayo or not.I chose to keep her, if it's any different if you
    chose not to keep her someone please tell me.For kicking the CHEIF'S Digimon's
    pretty ass we get 150 tamer points, 13180 bits and a Gold Blade.
    Extra:With Shine North area open, get the new stuff there if you want.
    Free Quests Part 6
    Free Quest (15) - Minervamon Challenge
    Accept the quest from MetalGreymon, grab your plant/dragon/bird/beast 
    digimon,speak to Triceramon and head over.Minervamon is right at the gate 
    where you warp in,and she wants to you to defeat Deramon before she takes you
    on.Move to the next screen through the southwest.Northwest to the 3rd screen,
    then southeast and southwest to find Deramon.
    Deramon lvl 
    Hp: 4000 
    Exp: Bird 2252
    Just ram her with Fire attacks.
    Move southwest twice to find Minervamon.
    Minervamon Lvl 63
    Hp: 8500
    Exp: Beast 6550
    she's lethal. So much so for being named after the goddess.Should she choose
    to spam Strike Roll, (OXXXO targetable, lowers earth resists) she can do some
    serious stacking damage.Kill her fast, use any status attacks you have to
    lower the chance of her doing crazy things to you.If you have any counter 
    moves, use them as most of her attacks hit at least two digimons.
    And we are done!Gatedisk back and receive 215 tamer points,11985 bits and a
    Dash Ring beta!
    Free Quest (16) - The Combat Game
    Accept the quest from Zudomon, speak to Hyogamon( right outside the centre,
    the ice-orgemon) and head over to Access Glacier.
    This "combat game" is similar to the previous competition from Dragomon.Beat
    3 Zudomon, get their items and return to Vikemon to complete.Move northeast
    to the next screen.The first Zudomon is there blocking your path.
    Zudomon Lvl 46
    Hp: 3000
    Exp: Aqua 530
    Weakness: Metal
    Just fight him like any other random battle digimon.
    Move northeast into the next screen.Notice the dark hole for this area has
    opened up.Explore if you like.The 2nd Zudomon is at the end of the path 2nd
    from the top.
    Zudomon Lvl 45
    Hp: 3000
    Exp: Aqua 530
    Weakness: Metal
    Step into the black hole to grab items.Southwest into the next screen to grab
    a Full Repair T.Move back northeast, then northeast again.Follow the path to 
    get a Sniper Ring alpha and a Health Ring alpha.Exit the digital area via the
    black hole north of the one you enter at the centre screen.You appear at the
    other side of the blocked area.Move into the southeast screen via the north 
    path to find the 3rd Zudomon.
    Zudomon Lvl 45
    Hp: 3000
    Exp: Aqua 530
    Weakness: Metal
    Kill it and move...not across Access Glacier, but back again to the bloody
    place where we fought Ophanimon(took me an hour of searching before realising
    that was the only place i have yet to check)Head back to the place where you
    exited the digital part of Access Glacier and look for the nearest pipe.The
    pipe is to the west of the screen.Once at Macro Sea, follow the path north
    and move southwest to the next screen.Take the LOWER southwest path into the
    next screen, then northwest to the screen with the unlocked gate, follow the
    path through 2 more screens, head up the pipe and meet Vikemon.Not suprisingly
    we get to fight Vikemon.Rejoice for those who brought digimons with fire
    attacks and water digimon to leech the bunch of water exp provided.
    Vikemon Lvl 56
    Hp: 8000
    Exp: Aqua 4300
    Harmless if you have fire attacks, if not just heal when needed.Now speak to
    Hyogamon again and get our reward- 160 tamer points, 11190 bits and Speed Ring
    Chapter 4-10: Merchant of Death
    As the chinese saying goes "Know yourself and know your enemy and you will 
    will win hundred battles". Therefore we are to look for the big boss himself.
    As i have spoiled earlier, we are going to get 20 k + dark exp soon.And it 
    comes from? GranDracmon! (the other we are supposed to speak to)
    Bring any digimon that has OXXXO fixed attack or 2 zone attack twice as we 
    are going to fight a boss. Also quite some beast exp, but if you need them
    bring them in to train someother time.Bring those that need dark exp instead.
    Head over to Proxy Island.
    Grab the Bit Ring alpha and move to southeast to the next screen.Follow the
    dirt path to the northeast for the next screen.At the spilt path take the
    right path and continue northeast to the next screen.Move on northeast,
    up the ladder and into the next screen.Climb down the first ladder you see
    to get a FUllDigiar S.Continue to the next screen via the northeast again.
    Head down the ladder for a Silver Cloak, go past the pineapples and down the
    ladder for a Silver Blade and back up again, cross the bridge, down the 
    ladder and southwest to the next screen(actually its the previous one).
    Take the left spilt path, up the ladder that has the yellow light(bulb?)
    beside it for a AntiNumb T, then back down to the lower southwest exit
    to the next screen.
    Move across the wooden paths, down the slope and southwesy
    into the next screen.Grab the first chest you see, a Spirit Ring beta.
    Continue down
     and take the norhtwest path to the next screen.
    Sidenote: For those who encountered a Triceramon, you will noticed the bad
    translation of his attack "Trihorn Attack" (It's been translated to Tryhorn
    Move across the short path and southwest into the next screen again.Take the
    Digiar600T there( you might need it later on) and move onto the next screen.
    Take the Critical Ring alpha there(equip it on digimon who have multiple
    hitting attacks). Once you see see the teleporter, stop, heal up, and save.
    Watch the scene, and step in for a double boss fight(no, not together.although
    that would be quite challenging)
    I think it's around here when GranDracmon asks you to pay him 100k, and he
    let it slide. Pay him( if you have the money) and you will skip this battle
    plus get a Kowloon Blade from him.
    (Thanks to Haruka Keichi for this info, although he used some "funny" method
    to get this amount of money)
    Gaioumon (V2) -
     Lvl 66
    Exp: Dragon 9600
    Exactly, the, same. As the previous time you fought him.
    GranDracmon Lvl 74
    Exp: Dark 15000
    A fairly dangerous fight.Quite a few of his attacks are 3 zones, and that 
    would wreak havoc.Poison Claw( OOXXO 2 times, poison) will ensure that most 
    of your comrades are poisoned throughout the battle, so don't bother to heal.
    USe your AntiBrain freely here as his Gorgon Eye(OOXOO, 2 times, confuses)
    will slow down the battle a bit too much.His Death Scream(OXXXO, 2 times)
    causes a lot of damage , so heal immediately when any of your digimon are 
    below half health, as usual.
    Free quests- 7
    Free quest (17)- The flower blub 
    Get the quest from Superstarmon and then go find Unimon in shine plaza, 
    outside the shop. Unimon needs to know about this flower blub so head out to 
    Resistor jungle. Once there head up the ladder then head up the other ladder,
    take the upper path then go south west to find Gabumon. Now we got to go 
    find woodmon, so head back northeast and northwest to find Woodmon.
    Woodmon Lvl 48
    Hp: 3000~
    EXP: Plant/insect: 730
    Fight him as per normal
    Now he tells you to go find Redveggiemon .To find him exit right then head 
    southwest to the next screen(where Gabumon is still there). Take the lower
    path and northeast into the next screen, up two ladders to find Redveggiemon.
    Redveggiemon Lvl 46
    EXP: Insect 680
    Now we got to go to find cherrymon. Head northeast into the next screen.Up 
    the ladder and to find Cherrymon(more like his back)
    Cherrymon Lvl 58
    EXP: Insect/Plant 2200
    Somehow it?fs all a misunderstanding. We need to get back to Lillymon but 
    she is back in the city. Head to Shine N area, Lillymon is right around 
    the corner.After talking to her and Unimon we get our reward:235 tamer 
    points,14485 bits and an Angel Ring.
    Side: Head over to the Colesium and speak to Darkdramon (inner room,
    digimon on the far right) to get 10000 bits.
    Free Quest (18)- Gorgeous Nuts!
    Yes Deramon is going nuts over nuts.And WE have to settle her cravings.
    Speak to Deramon at Shine Square and warp over to Proxy Island.
    Once arrived, head down the ladder to find Solarmon(bright orange and
    yellow coloured Gearmon), and he will tell you that Tortamon has them.
    Move southwest to the next screen.Tortamon is sitting there complaining
    that Vermillionmon took them.Move southwest twice, then northwest, the 
    screen with the gate.There you will find Vermillionmon.
    Vermillionmon Lvl 
    Hp: 4500
    Exp: Dragon 3960 
    Nothing dangerous. Bring back the nuts to Tortamon,then back to Deramon,
    then back to our reward of 
    170 tamer points, 13680 bits and Cyclone Ring.
    Chapter 4-11: The Final Battle
    Accept, speak with Glare in the Union Room.Big problems, along with Sayo/
    Male Darkmoon character acting suspicious with Waruseadramon.Head to the
    Center Bridge.(Bring digimon that requires Beast exp)
    Step into the yellow portal to reach the Darkmoon City side of the bridge,
    then southeast to the next screen. Head into the yellow portal there to 
    access Darkmoon city. You arrive at the Dark Gate (Darkmoon City equilivant
    of the Light Gate).Head southwest to the next screen to find a human.Talk.
    MetalGarurumon Lvl 53
    Weakness : Fire
    Hp: 4500
    Exp: Beast 1280
    Spam fire attacks with your Apollomon/Flaremon.
    Head back northeast, then move north west from the Gate screen.Find another
    human, talk, engage.
    Cherrymon Lvl 51
    Hp: 4700 ~ 5000
    Exp: Insect 1126
    Another weak to fire.Rinse and repeat.
    Return the screen with the gate via southeast,move southeast oncemore,
    then southwest to find our last human.
    Volcanomon Lvl 55
    Weakness: Light
    Hp: 5000
    Exp: Dark 1370
    You should have a few light digimon, so just use light attacks like
    Celetial Cross/Hand and Holy arrow.
    You get the Master Id card, so move northeast and into the blue portal 
    to the Dark Union Room.And here we have a fight of a lifetime!
    ChaosGallantmon Lvl
    Hp: 13000 ~ 14000
    Exp: Holy 9600
    This is actually fatal,due to the continuous paralysis.It advisable to put
    your digimon apart , so that his OXXXO attacks won't hit as much. Bring as
    much AntiNumb D/T as possible, along with digimons with traits that resist
    paralysis.Should everyting fail,if all three of present digimon falls, you
    can switch with those on back up.( This was the first time i knew that you
    could do this).B4t NumbCore beta (ring) and equip them.Start using 
    Digiar600 T the moment anyone hits below 50% life. This is the team
    i fought him with:
    Lvl 36 Apollomon(Sunmon's Mega stage) - SolBlaster all the way
    Lvl 52 RizeGreymon - item user, his attacks doesn't do much damage
    Lvl 47 Angewomon - Starlight.Starlight.Starlight.
    So after this frantic battle, the enemy opens the gate to their base
    in such a gentlemanly behaviour that it seems to be a trap.If you need to heal
    just walk back to your city, then come back to the DarkMoon City Union Room
    and head into the Big Bad Baddie's base - Chaos Brain.
    Note:Chaos Brain contains mostly Ultimate stage digimon.
    Note: I won't try and get all the items in chaos Brain.It's big.
    Upon entering Chaos Brain, head northwards then take the upper southeast 
    opening to another screen.Follow the path southwest,take the upper spilt
     to find a Speed Ring beta.Double back to the spilt and take the lower
    path and southwest to the next screen.Look for another opening to the
    southwest.Follow the path northwest to the next screen, then continue
    on the find the black portal.Step in.
    Take the first left to find a Dash Ring alpha.Save, then continue on for
    the last (?) boss fight.
    ChaosGrimmmon Lvl 88
    Hp: 8300 ~ 
    Exp: Holy 7500
         Dark 7500
    He looks weird.His attacks are not weird at all.He can attack all slots
    at once, so don't bother putting your digimon apart. Put them together to
    make good use of the power up traits.He has a deadly attack named Call Leyner,
    (attacks twice, poisons) that would require you to use a Full Repair on that 
    digimon.His Multi Gatling(hits 4 times) will chip some hp off especially if
    his target is weak to fire.He usually only targets the same person for this 
    Of course that wasn't the last fight. He evolves (ouch) and fights you again.
    ExoGrimmon Lvl 99
    Hp: 8200
    Exp: Holy,Dark,Dragon,Aqua 6000 
    He can and will wrack through your party like it's nothing. His Death God
    (XXOXX,lower spirit) attack damages, and Air God(OXXXO) has high damage too.
    Air God also lowers attack.The chances of having to heal every turn is high, 
    so hope you brought enough items.
    His rarely used attack,Prominence(OXOXO,
    lowers defence) won't be much trouble. The real trouble is that he often 
    damage digimon one slot apart from each other, thus making it difficult to heal.
    Last but not least, his Signature attack, Chrone DSR (OOOOO, Sleep) did over
    800 damage to my digimon, and made them sleep >_<. He also has a healing 
    move Moon Tears (XOOXX) , heals 300 for each slot.He does very rarely, only
    when he's dying.
    Total number of items used in this battle : Digi 600arT x 30, FullRepairT
    x15,AntiNumb T x 2,AntiSleep x 4,FullRepair S,5,FullRepairD.
    In short,stock up
    Once that's over, it's over finally.Get ready for a long credits, showing 
    you and all the digimon that you have.
    You will some neat equipment and a few badges for completing the game.
    Now what? Complete all the quest, level up your trainer rank, and complete
    your digimon list, breed eggs! Have Fun!
    WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! (like real) 
    Email credits to Javier and Jamie( not related i guess) for the exp from 
    Sayo, and the rest of you who read this faq, but did not bother to send
    me info on some of the exp(joking). Also "gerard arias" for quest 4-4,
    and "Haruka Keichi" for telling me that paying GranDracmon 100k really
    works;Tim for the exp from Sayo(Resistor Jungle fight)
    and All of you who sent me e mail of thanks. looking back 1 year later i
    couldn't believe i actually went and did this with all that flowery 
    language. Must have been tough times for me then, for me to speak in such
    a way. 
    Anyway a ton of thanks again. Till next time! ( forgive me for those 
    playing Dusk, for i have chosen the light)

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