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    FAQ/Walkthrough by deathfisaro

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                                  Digimon World Dawn
     Table of contents                                                       [TABL]
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    -Walkthrough                                                             [WKTR]
     =Quest 1: Enter the Tournament                                          [QS01]
     =Quest 2: Fly to Login Mountain                                         [QS02]
     =Quest 3: 2 Species Quests                                              [QS03]
     =Quest 4: Explore Limit Valley                                          [QS04]
     =Quest 5: 4 Species Quest                                               [QS05]
     =Quest 6: Sortie to Loop Swamp                                          [QS06]
     =Quest 7: 6 Species Quests                                              [QS07]
     =Quest 8: Night Crow Assault                                            [QS08]
     =Quest 9: 8 Species Quests                                              [QS09]
     =Quest 10: The Palette Amazon                                           [QS10]
     =Quest 11: 10 Species Quests                                            [QS11]
     =Quest 12: Go to Thriller Ruins                                         [QS12]
     =Quest 13: 12 Species Quests                                            [QS13]
     =Quest 14: Search the DigiArea                                          [QS14]
     =Quest 15: 14 Species Quests                                            [QS15]
     =Quest 16: Merchant of Death                                            [QS16]
     =Quest 17: 16 Species Quests                                            [QS17]
     =Quest 18: The Final Battle                                             [QS18]
                                    =End of Game=
     =Quest 19: 18 Species Quests                                            [QS19]
     =Quest 20: Gaia Origin Challenge                                        [QS20]
     =Quest 21: The Legendary Tamer                                          [QS21]
    -DigiArea                                                                [DGAR]
    -Evolution Chart                                                         [EVCT]
    -Tamer Ranks                                                             [TMRK]
    -Frequently Asked Questions                                              [FAQS]
    -Credits / Special Thanks To                                             [STHX]
    -History                                                                 [HSTR]
      Walkthrough                                                            [WKTR]
     -Quest 1: Enter the Tournament
     First create your character. You can choose any pack. Immediately you'll be
    sent to a Normal Tournament. Your team is currently losing and you're the last
     This is pretty much the tutorial stage. You can talk to NPCs and they'll 
    teach you EVERYTHING (almost). You fight three battles in a row. It's quite 
    hard to lose any, just attack and they'll fall.
     After beating three of them, you advance to finals. It isn't any harder, the
    enemies are stronger but nothing you can't handle. 
     You receive a gift from your team captain, and find out that a virus has 
    broken into the servers. Go to the farm, go to bed and when you wake up track
    the virus. Due to the virus two of your Digimons has turned into Rookies. 
     Fight the virus, it isn't that strong considering it turned so many Digimons
    into eggs.
     -Quest 2: Fly to Login Mountain
     The virus is defeated for now, but the damage is severe. Chief wants you to
    investigate Login Mountain. Before you head out you can go exchange your Farm
    Island Card for a Basic Island. Since you have 400 bits by now you can grab 
    some healing items and maybe a weapon for one of your Digimons. 
     Head past the city guards and you'll find out that three kids ran off on their
    own. Follow them, or you can check out the coliseum for any tutorials you want
    to hear again.
     Head to Login Mountain. You should meet one of your friend, Kenpa. She'll head
    back town because she didn't bring any Digiar or Gatedisks. If you haven't
    either it's not too late to go back and get them.
     You'll find a Digimin 80S and GateDisk in the second map. You can never have
    too many GateDisks, since it's a full heal item. If you're low on HP and
    recovery items, don't push it. Accept the fact that your two Digimons are weak.
    The best skill at this point would be Gatling Punch. It attacks twice and yet
    still does decent damage. If you perform two attacks on the same enemy and the
    enemy gets killed by the first blow, your second blow will automatically target
    another Digimon.
     Getting lost is a necessary evil in my opinion. You don't have any Digimons
    fully scanned nor have a high level Digimon either. I'd recommend building up
    two Rookies to level 10 at least.
     You'll come across two of your pals and AquiLamon. AquiLamon is at level 30,
    but it's not that hard. Your Coronamon can probably do 1:1 and win. After 
    you defeat AquiLamon, you find out that it was affected by the virus. You 
    can head back to the chief now. 
     Now AquiLamon can be encountered in Login Mountain, and you can scan it.
     -Quest 3: 2 Species Quests
     Before moving on to the main quest, you are forced to do 2 species quests.
    There should be 4, you can choose any two. 
     Holy Species Quest: Find Tapirmon
       Talk to Gummymon at Shine Plaza. He says Tapirmon was separated, and is 
      worried about him.
       Go to Thriller Ruins, Tapirmon can be easily located on the second map. 
      Talk to Tapirmon and go back to the CITY. Talk to Gummymon again to tell him
      that Tapirmon is fine. Gummymon will send you to the quest center. Collect 
      your reward.
     Dragon Species Quest: Find the L-Mushroom
       Veemon at Shine Square wants to taste a L-Mushroom, but can't find it in the
      Forest. He wants you to locate and bring the L-Mushroom to him. 
       You need to find a Forest Key first, then open the Forest door. You'll find
      the L-Mushroom once you go past the door. If you'd like to collect some 
      extra gears and EXP, you can try the purple warp device past the warp portal
      back to CITY. Inside there are new Digimons like Goburimon and there are 
      chests for you to collect. 
       Once you got back to the CITY, talk to Veemon and it'll take the mushroom.
      Go to the center to collect your reward.
     Aquan Species Quest: Find a Water Pillow
       Talk to Betamon and you'll unlock new DigiArea Sunken Tunnel. Betamon can't
      sleep because it lost its Water Pillow. You'll find Sunken Tunnel quite 
      straightforward. Once you located the Gizamon. Talk to it, and it'll say 
      the Water Pillow is his. Fight it for the Water Pillow.
       After you defeat it, it is convinced to give you the Water Pillow (So brute
      force is the best way to negotiate huh?). Bring the Water Pillow back to its
      original owner, Betamon. Betamon will thank you and send you to the center.
      You can go there to collect the reward.
     Bird Species Quest: Red Shoe Material
       Patamon wants you to get Bark and Paint Oil from Login Mountain.
      You'll find new treasure chests, that are created just for the quest. They
      hold Bark and Paint Oil. If you've visited every corner of Login Mountain
      while doing the main quest Fly to Login Mountain, this is going to be very
      easy because there are only 2 chests on the map. Some paths are blocked off
      to make accessible number of maps even fewer. Pick up the Paint Oil, and 
      follow the only path to find Bark. You'll probably want to use the GateDisk 
      unless you want to backtrack the entire mountain. 
       Talk to Patamon again and same ol' center for reward.
     -Quest 4: Explore Limit Valley
     After finishing 2 species quests, this new main story quest is unlocked, but
    there's no message suggesting that it's become available. You can choose to do
    all the sidequests first, or do 2 and move onto this main quest. 
     Take the quest from the middle of Shine center, which is for Union initiated
    quests. Which basically means they're main story quests.
     Go talk to the chief, and a new DigiArea called Limit Valley gets unlocked.
    A bronze tamer duo Gaoh and Lyla will also get sent to the Limit Valley to
    investigate about the new DigiArea on their own. 
     This map is fairly linear. Once you enter a dark map, watch out for 
    NDrimogemon. It's level 27, and can come in 3 packs too. If you are afraid
    you'll run out of healing items soon, then don't hesitate to use the GateDisk.
    Meeting 3, or even 2 NDrimogemon in one battle can seriously hurt your party,
    and you don't want to get game over just before the end of the quest.
     Soon after you enter the dark area, you'll come across a MysticEnergy. It
    looks like the ???? that caused havoc in the CITY, or maybe not. It sure looks
    like it, but there's no specific script to suggest so. After some dialogue the
    MysticEnergy summons a Seasarmon. And you go into a boss battle against 
     Seasarmon is only a little bit stronger than the Ndrimogemon. But it has 
    better moves, such as attacking twice or attacking 3 areas at once. After you
    defeat the Seasarmon, MysticEnergy summons three SYanmamons. When you're going
    "sigh this is gonna be a tough one", Gaoh and LyLa appears to save you. 
     And another backstabber! Mystic Energy turns into a Grimmon and you go into a
    boss battle against Grimmon. Grimmon is a big monster taking 3 spaces. Not only
    is it big, it's got quite a lot of HP and attacks frequently. Basically all of
    its attacks are ranged. When you defeat it though, you get hefty 1200 EXP. Yep
    three NYanmamons would have been a lot easier, but it would have been much less
    rewarding at the same time.
     After you defeat Grimmon, the SYanmamons are taken care of, and MysticEnergy
    retreats. Now head back to the CITY and report to the chief. Gaoh and LyLa 
    questions what MysticEnergy (Or Grimmon) said, "You'll be finished by one of
    your own." Because communications with the Night Crow has been cut off, chief
    makes sure that no rumour suggesting Night Crow can backstab to spread.
    Now go and claim the reward at the center.
     -Quest 5: 4 Species Quest
     Now by 4 species quest I mean the number of quests you have to complete to get
    the next main quest. There are four new side quests, of which two are unlocked
    just by finishing the Explore Limit Valley quest, and two are unlocked by 
    having a specific Digimon with specific personality in the farm. There are more
    quests later on that are unlocked the same way. 
     Since quests give you a lot of Tamer Points and rewards in Bits and items,
    it would help a lot to do all new quests even if the next main story quest is
     Holy Species Quest: Dorugamon the Digger
       Talk to Renamon in Shine Plaza. You learn that three Dorugamons are digging
      the Login Mountain to the point the mountain could collapse. 
       Go to Login Mountain. You start from a different portal. That doesn't stop
      you from knowing the entire map. When you find a Dorugamon, it wants to dig
      and is going to put up a fight if we're to interrupt. So there goes a boss
      (well not really) battle. Do you remember there being three Dorugamons? So
      find the other two. Report back to Renamon and collect your reward.
       Dorugamon will start appearing in Login Mountain, you can scan it and have
      it around as Relief to benefit from its Lucky Medal. Dorugamon has about
      1250 HP when it's an enemy. 
     Dragon Species Quest: Interesting DigiComic
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Veedramon with "Cool"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Veemon at Login Mountain,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Veedramon and see if it has Cool 
      personality. If not, reset and retry. 
       If you accepted the quest, go to your farm and talk to your cool 
      Veedramon. Your Veedramon lent Kyubimon a DigiComic 2, and wants it back
      to know what happens. Kyubimon lives in Limit Valley so head there.
       Your starting position is in the dark map. To jump off one level, press
      A on a chipped section of the edge. The first map is the hardest part of
      this quest, but you should be able to take them on by now. 
       When you arrive at a T section right after climbing up a ladder, go up.
      Go past a device and another ladder. On the next map you find Kyubimon. 
      Talk to Kyubimon and it'll say the DigiComic 1 is its and attacks you.
      After defeating it, it'll say DigiComic 2 is indeed borrowed from Veedramon
      and the comic is secured in a treasure chest further down. You need to 
      defeat Kyubimon in order for the treasure chest to appear. Go ahead and
      you'll find a treasure chest as soon as you climb up a ladder.
       Return the comic to Veedramon and get the reward.
       Kyubimon can be encountered in Limit Valley area.
     Aquan Species Quest: Water Goggles
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Octomon with "Prissy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Betamon at Sunken Tunnel,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Octomon and see if it has Prissy
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Octomon at the farm after receiving the quest. It wants
      Water Goggles so it can see well underwater. Head to Thriller Ruins to 
      find them.
       As soon as you enter Thriller Ruins, you can see Shurimon. Talk to it to
      find out the Water Goggles are in Pakemon's territory. I was kinda hoping
      I could fight Shurimon for them =P. Anyway, move one screen further and
      see Bakemon. So its name is Bakemon, not Pakemon. Shurimon got it wrong.
      It attacks you for not getting the name right. Defeat it to get the Water
      Goggles. That didn't take too long did it? There's a portal right next to
      Bakemon, can't get any better than this. Give the goggles to your Octomon.
      It sure is prissy. Collect the reward.
     Bird Species Quest: Find the Pink Lipstick
       Talk to Biyomon in Shine Square for information. Apparently Biyomon lost
      her lipstick at the Chip Forest. Let's go there.
       Assuming you did the Red Shoe Material quest, get to the door. If you have
      not finished the Red Shoe Material quest, the door could be locked, but it
      doesn't matter. The door just serves as a landmark. Once you reached the door
      go up. You'll end up in a dark part of the forest. 
       If you scout around you'll find nothing interesting except a Flymon. When
      you talk to it, it accuses you of trespassing and attacks. It isn't too
      strong considering you've already beaten the Grimmon, expect a mid-boss 
      kind of enemy. 
       After you defeat it, you get the Pink Lipstick back. Return it to Biyomon
      and collect the reward.
       Or, while you're at it you could do some leveling. If the door is locked, 
      refer to its walkthrough for how to unlock the door. Go past the door and 
      You'll notice a black portal. 
       Inside the black portal is a digitalized world, it is a good leveling spot
      because the enemies are weak but appear in large numbers frequently. So it
      can save you from using healing items too much. And you're not obliged to 
      go through the entire area. Since you're heading back to CITY anyway feel
      free to use the GateDisk when your Digimons are around 20 or weakened.
       After this quest, you can encounter Flymon in Chip Forest.
     -Quest 6: Sortie to Loop Swamp
     After you clear 4 species quests, this one becomes available. There are total
    of 8 species quests that are available up to this point, of which 2 need to be
    unlocked in a specific way. 
     Go to Union room and you find out a link has been reestablished to Loop Swamp.
    Some members think you're too inexperienced and it'd be better to send Gaoh's
    team. But chief and Ophanimon have trust in you and decide to send you.
     New DigiArea Loop Swamp is unlocked. Let me explain a little bit about this
    map. Shallow water can be accessed, small whirlpools do nothing, and you have
    vines instead of ladders. Whirlpools are basically warp portals. Large ones are
    entrances, small ones are exits. So if you enter one, expect to backtrack some
     The pathfinding is really bad in this stage. When you're given a choice 
    between a foot-connected maps and whirlpools, check out the other map first
    because whirlpools are one-way. After a few whirlpools you'll meet 
    WaruSeadrmn. It says something about doing business with a client and gives you
    a D Word, which is created from a virus and it destroys the server that 
    archives it. Clearly it's confused you and someone else, when it asks for goods
    in return, you obviously don't have it and will go into boss battle. 
     It's 3 slots again, area and holy attacks are effective. Watch out for its 
    poison attack, either cure it or damage the boss quickly. It has about 4
    thousand hit points so it can be a long battle. 
     After defeating the boss, it asks you to not tell the union. When you refuse
    it'll give you the D Word which can restore the path between CITY zones. 
    Before you leave, take the right whirlpool for Bronze Blade. Also you can
    encounter Poyomons if you go all the way. 
     Back in the CITY engineers are studying the D Word. It turns out to be a boost
    program to reinforce the virus. But engineers managed to use it to restore
    Access Zone and Shine W area. Collect the reward on the way back out. You'll
    notice some Digimons in the area have Digivolved.
     Visit the Shine W area by taking the portal past city guards to outside just
    before the world map, and go through the doorway. You can buy Lv20 species
    specific gears and a few good accessories. You can buy better farm goods, 
    including farm goods that increase resistance to elements.
     -Quest 7: 6 Species Quests
     Another 2 has been added, and 2 can be unlocked by having certain Digimons in
    the farm.
     Holy Species Quest: Refreshing Digijuice
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Tapirmon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Gummymon at Chip Forest,
      or Renamon at Limit Valley. You need Gummymon at level 16, which can't be
      reached without Digivolving Gummymon to something and Degenerating or
      Degenerating Renamon which is easier. Level up your Gummymon to level 16
      then save. Digivolve into Tapirmon and see if it has Lazy personality. 
      If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Tapirmon at the farm after accepting the quest. Looks like
      you can get Digijuice at Thriller Ruins.
       Keep following the road. When it splits take the upper path. Ignore the 
      door and keep going and talk to Digitamamon. It wants you to find Digian
      fruit first. Backtrack one map to find Digian Fruit in a treasure chest.
      Give it to Digitamamon and deliver the juice to your Tapirmon. Get the
     Dragon Species Quest: Save Shellmon
       Talk to Agumon in Shine Square. He tells you they went on a picnic at
      Loop Swamp and Shellmon's gone mad after eating a poisonous fruit. He gives
      you an antidote fruit. Let's go save Shellmon at the Loop Swamp.
       Enter the left whirlpool. You'll very soon find the Shellmon. It roars and
      attacks you. Feed it the antidote fruit and it asks you to save 
      ShogunGekomon, who also ate the poisonous fruit. You need to find another
      antidote fruit, go to the next area to the right and it's in a treasure
      chest. Enter the whirlpool to the left, and ShogunGekomon is where you
      fought WaruDragomn. Talk to it for a fight, it has about 2500 HP. 
       Feed it the antidote fruit, and report to Agumon, collect the reward.
     Aquan Species Quest: Digideli-Cake
       Talk to Gizamon in Shine Office. It always wanted to try the legendary
      Digideli-Cake, and Sunflowmon in Shine W Area will make one.
       Go talk to Sunflowmon to find out it's out of SP DigiMilk. Hookmon in the
      Sunken Tunnel has some.
       In Sunken Tunnel some barricades have been removed. Follow the top path to
      a new map. You'll encounter new enemies too. Close the valve and go back.
      Choose the bottom path, and you'll find one more valve, close it. Go back
      to the first map and take the left path. Keep following for a couple maps
      and open the treasure chest for Digimin80D if you want. Next map's chest
      holds a GateDisk. And even the chest in the next map. Climb up the ladder.
      Go left and close the valve. Back to the ladder and open the chest for
      Tunnel Key. Use the key to open the door. Next map's chest contains 
      Digiar150S. On the next map you'll find Hookmon. It turns out Hookmon wants
      Digideli-Cake, so you'll have to fight for milk. He says take as much as you
      want but you only take one... Keep going for a portal back to CITY.
       Talk to Sunflowmon and you'll get a Digideli-Cake. Give it to Gizamon and
      collect your reward. Hook mon can be encountered.
     Bird Species Quest: Apemon's Golden Hair
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Peckmon with "Wild"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Tokomon at Login Mountain,
      Digivolve it to Falcomon. Level it up then save. Digivolve into Peckmon and 
      see if it has Wild personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Peckmon after receiving the quest. It wants Apemon's golden
      hair, so head to Limit Valley.
       You may encounter a lot of Kyubimons in one battle if you finished the 
      Interesting DigiComic quest, so be careful. You'll find Apemon in the next 
      map. Apemon wants a Feather Blade from Peckmon in Limit Valley. Go around to
      the opposite side of the bridge to find Peckmon. It'll trade the Feather 
      Blade for Apemon's Stretchy Bone. Talk to Apemon and it attacks you. You'll
      get the stretchy bone after defeating it. Take it to Peckmon and it was just
      kidding. Return both items to Apemon and get the Golden Hair. Take it to 
      Peckmon in your farm. Collect the reward.
       Apemon can be encountered.
     -Quest 8: Night Crow Assault
     After you clear 6 species quests, this one becomes available. There are total
    of 12 species quests that are available up to this point, of which 4 need to be
    unlocked in a specific way. 
     Go to the Union Room and talk to chief. It turns out three kids were attacked
    by the Night Crow at Resistor Jungle. New DigiArea Resistor Jungle is unlocked.
    The map is pretty straightforward. When you have a split path take the bottom
    one, the next map will take you to a Night Crow member. He asks you if you are
    a Light Fang member, and suddenly attacks!
     His Digimons are only slightly stronger than wild ones, so there should be
    very little problem. After you defeat him, he babbles a bit and runs away.
    Keep following the path until you have a choice between a road and vine. Take
    the road first, grab the Jungle Key from the treasure chest and back to the 
    vine. Go to the next map to the right, unlock the door and back to where you
    got the key. Climb up the vine and go through the door. You'll meet Newton,
    a weakling from Night Crow. He only has one level 45 Koguwamon, which shouldn't
    be too hard. After you defeat him he runs off.
     Follow him and his head hurts again, looks like brainwashed. Sayo appears from
    the back and sends Newton running. And Sayo attacks you with Machgaogamon and
    Rekismon. Machgaogamon has a all-range attack, and Rekismon can induce sleep.
     After you defeat Sayo, chief tells you to avoid engagement and run away from
    the Resistor Jungle. Portal is right in front of you so just go on. Back in
    the CITY Gideon is debating wether Night Crow is really destroying the CITY.
    Also Night Crow members acting stangely has been brought to attention. And that
    is it for this quest. Feels like only half a quest...
     -Quest 9: 8 Species Quests
     Again, 2 new, 2 more unlockable quesst.
     Holy Species Quest: The Stolen Awards
       Talk to Kyubimon at Shine Plaza. This Kyubimon's won a beauty contest and
      the Cool Trophy and Cool Medal were stolen by Arukenimon and Dokugumon.
       They're hiding in Resistor Jungle so go there. A couple maps down you'll
      find Dokugumon who has a Cool Medal. Fight for it. You should have killed so
      many of this it wouldn't feel like a quest battle. Don't climb up the vine
      but go to the right. You'll find Arukenimon, defeat it and you have the Cool
      Trophy in your hands. Probably use a GateDisk and return the trophies. 
      Collect your rewards.
     Dragon Species Quest: Bomber Incident
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Growlmon with "Scared"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Guilmon at Resistor Jungle,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Growlmon and see if it has Scared 
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Growlmon in the farm. In Task Canyon, BomberNanimon blew up
      Gryphonmon's house but too afraid to say sorry. Go to Task Canyon.
       You start from a far end of the map, go left and down the rope. Go down one
      more rope and you'll find BomberNanimon. He wants you to go say sorry and he
      will fix the house too. Go up one rope and to the right map. Talk to
      Gryphonmon and you get what you (actually your new friend) deserve.
       Gryphonmon has near 4000 HP but shouldn't give you too much trouble. It
      says it'll forgive everything if she (Oh so BomberNanimon is a she) fixes the
      house. Go talk to Growlmon and collect reward to finish the quest.
     Aquan Species Quest: Loop Swamp Rumor
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Gomamon with "Scared"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Poyomon at Loop Swamp,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Gomamon and see if it has Scared 
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Gomamon in the farm. It says it's picked up a Katana at Loop Swamp
      and put it in a treasure chest. Also there's a samurai that's asking around 
      for his Katana. We'll go find out about this instead of this scared Gomamon.
       Head to Loop Swamp obviously, as soon as you start you'll see a treasure
      chest. Open it to find the Katana. Take the bottom whirlpool and you'll see
      a Kogamon. When it sees the Katana, it thinks you're Musyamon and attacks.
      After you defeat Kogamon you find out Musyamon wanders around there. Go up,
      don't take the whirlpool but walk up to the next map.
       You'll find Musyamon and to no surprise you get attacked when you talk to 
      him. After you defeat him, he asks for his Katana and you agree to return it.
       That concludes this quest, go talk to Gomamon and pick up your reward. You
      get a Bit Ring alpha for reward, but the benefit is very small compared to 
      EXP in my opinion. 
     Bird Species Quest: Dig in Task Canyon
       Talk to Garudamon in Shine Square. Garudamon is injured so you need to fill
      it up. Go to Task Canyon which is newly unlocked.
       Go down the right rope to get Gorgon from the treasure chest. Go to the left
      and follow the path. Talk to the researcher and you find an Ancient Box. He
      asks you to find a key. Go to the next map and drop down to the right. You'll
      find Shakkoumon. It'll attack you when you talk to it. It tells you there is
      a treasure chest further down. Go to lower left map to find Ancient Key.
       Give the key to researcher and it's a Digimon Fossil. You can return to CITY
      or you can move all the way down to the black portal and light blue portal to
      grab some treasure chests and fight some more Digimons to level up. I was a
      bit disappointed to find out Digimons in there are the same ones outside.
       Usual procedure to end the quest. Shakkoumon can be encountered from now.
       You get an EXP Ring alpha for reward, I love EXP rings.
     -Quest 10: The Palette Amazon
     After finishing total of 8 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 16 species quests, and 6 of them need unlocking.
     As you can expect from the title, Palette Amazon DigiArea will be unlocked.
    Go to the union room, and a strong virus signature is detected at Palette 
    Amazon. The briefing is rather quick, perhaps it's one of a minor main quests?
     When you walk to Shine Gate area, Gideon is telling people to watch out for
    Night Crow. Kenpa, Tonpei do unfunny jokes and so do Gaoh and Lyla. And when
    guys are off to do their quests, Komachi and Pulsa deals a final blow with a
    bad joke. Gideon thinks chief and Ophanimon are suspicious, you'll see what 
    happens. I don't want to spoil it unless you're reading ahead.
     Go to Palette Amazon, walk left and grab a Spirit Ring beta from the treasure
    chest. You'll notice a door and a key inserting machine. Go ahead to the next
    map. Follow the left path, you can grab an AntiBrainD in a treasure chest. Keep
    following the path and get DigiRevivorS on the way. On the next map you can 
    find Courage DE, which is used to Armor Digivolve certain Digimons. On the next
    map you'll find GateDisk on the left and DigiRevivorS on the right. When the
    path splits take the left path and get Digiar600T. On the next map there is
    AntiNumbD, on the last map you'll find Silver Cloak and Gaoh/Lyla facing three
     They're having trouble against Spinomon. You'll have to step up and fight it. 
    Spinomon sends two Fugamons to you, you should have defeated them so many times
    2 should be a piece of cake. Gaoh and Lyla is surely good at lowering tension
    of the situation...
     Spinomon has various range attacks. One attacks 1,3,5 location, Mega Breath
    attacks two side by side. It has about 5000 HP, but since it takes up 3 spaces
    dealing damage wouldn't be too hard. Especially since now you could have
    Ultimate Digimons if you spend a lot of time leveling up like me. Multi-zone
    attacks really help.
     After you defeat Spinomon, Lyla accuses Spinomon with sending out a virus
    signal. It turns out WaruSeadramon asked him to make a M-D Word. He gives it to
    you and then Spinomon walks away. Return to the chief. 
     Shine S area is restored using the M-D Word. This ends the quest. Oh I almost
    forgot, don't forget to collect your reward at Shine Center.
     Shine S area is located left of exit on Terminal. Shine S area sells better
    Farm goods, including B rank resistance goods, along with a MiniCrystal that
    raises all resistances (But you can't use Training on this which means Digimons
    have to voluntarily seek and use this good) and farm goods that raise EXPs for
    all types. In the consumables section there are Full RepairD, which will make
    your life a lot easier in boss battles at the cost of Bits. 30 all species
    weapons and 20 species weapons, and 30 armors with bunch of accessories are
     -Quest 11: 10 Species Quests
     Holy Species Quest: Penguinmon's Lost Item
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Starmon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Starmon at Palette Amazon.
      Save, Digiconvert Starmon scan data and see if it has Lazy personality. If
      not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Starmon in the farm after accepting the quest. Penguinmon 
      forgot his Wing Ring. Return it to him in Palette Amazon.
       Go to the bottom path, and then head right. Go all the way (there is no 
      split path) You'll find an Amazon Key in a treasure chest. Go back and insert
      the key. Then talk to Penguinmon, it'll fly away. Since you have a bad 
      feeling about this, go look for it.
       Go to the bottom path and the head bottom again. You'll see Penguinmon. It
      turns out you gave the Wing Ring to a different Penguinmon. Go back to the
      starting point with Portal. Go through the door you opened earlier. You'll
      see Muchomon, he complains how he can't fly even with Wing Ring. You find out
      he's not a Penguinmon and he attacks you.
       Muchomon should be easy even though its level has increased to 40 instead of
      30. You get the ring back after defeating it. Give it back to Penguinmon.
      Talk to Starmon and collect the reward.
     Dragon Species Quest: The Assault Balancer
       Talk to WarGrowlmon in Shine Hall. When it was flying over Macro Sea,
      MarineDevimon attacked it and the Assault Balancer was dropped.
       Go to Macro Sea. Walk top left and then bottom left, soon you'll find
      MarineDevimon. It has the Assault Balancer but it wants Diverman's 
      DigiCircuit in exchange. Since MarineDevimon is blocking the way, it narrows
      down where Divermon can be, and makes your job easier...Not. It is not really
      blocking the way, walk past him to find Divermon in the next map. Talk to it,
      it's very cooperative, he said MarineDevimon's power should go up right away
      and gives you the DigiCircuit. Give it to MarineDevimon and it wants to check
      out the power. So it attacks you.
       MarineDevimon has just about 5000 HP, shouldn't be too hard. After defeating
      it, it apologizes and gives the Balancer back. Give it back to WarGrowlmon.
      WarGrowlmon says he'll go apologize for invading the territory. Geez these
      Digimons are so mild, they don't seem to be so "Devilish" or interested in a
      "War" like their names suggest. Anyway, collect the reward to finish the 
      quest. You receive EXP Ring beta, which is even better than alpha. Note that
      alpha and beta don't stack, only beta will take effect.
     Aquan Species Quest: Macrobattle Tourney
       Talk to Ebidoramon in Shine Office. It wants you to enter a tournament in
      its place. Head to Macro Sea which is unlocked at this point.
       As soon as you go in, go left and open the treasure chest for Dmg Ring alpha
      , which increases damage. Go through the bottom path, because the right path
      is blocked by a barricade. Here you'll find multiple paths to choose from.
      Go through the bottom path again, keep going until you see a door. Head to
      the bottom path of that map to find a treasure chest containing Macro Key.
      Insert the key and open the door. Go through the door and Dragomon takes you
      to the tourney. You receive a Sea Egg, and need to steal items from two other
       Back to the bottom path, and you'll find Pukumon. Talk to it and it'll 
      attack you. It has about 5200 HP, and probably has high evade because I
      noticably missed a lot. After defeating it, you'll get a DigiCoral.
       Take the top path in a map with tower and Dragomon. Then take the right path
      where I told you not to go. This time you'll find MESeadramon. Talk to it and
      fight it. After defeating it, you get a DigiMarine. Go back to Dragomon to
      return the items. Probably use a GateDisk unless you're sick of fighting sea
      Digimons. Go talk to Edidramon to finish the quest.
     Bird Species Quest: Stop Kabuterimon
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Saberdramon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Biyomon at
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Saberdramon and see if it has Lazy
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Saberdramon in the farm after accepting the quest. His friend is
      having a duel with Sinduramon and doesn't look like Kabuterimon is in favor.
      Go to Resistor Jungle to stop them from duelling.
       Enter the Resistor Jungle. As soon as you go in, you'll find Kabuterimon on
      the left. Talk to it and you get attacked. It has about 4500HP, normal for a
      41 level Digimon. After defeating it, it wants you to tell Sinduramon the 
      duel is off. Take the vine to the bottom right path. Go through the door and
      follow the only path to find Sinduramon. Talk to it and it wants to train 
      more as well. Go back to Saberdramon and collect the reward. That was a very
      short quest. 
     -Quest 12: Go to Thriller Ruins
     After finishing total of 10 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 20 species quests, and 8 of them need unlocking.
     Go to the Union Room, you'll come across Gideon. He has a bad feeling and 
    walks off. Litton is in chief's place, looks like Chief has disappeared. Litton
    wants you to investigate Thriller Ruins some more. Now you can go deeper.
     Go into the black portal, inside map has only one way so follow the road. When
    you come out, head right.
     When you walk near a room with a symbol on the floor, 4 Tsukaimons ambush you.
    After defeating them, Gaiomon appears. Then WaruSeadrmn says you're the one
    he's been talking about. Even Spinomon appears and wants revenge. You learn
    that this group is called Kowloon Co. Sayo suddenly appears so Spinomon and
    WaruSeadrmn is up to her. And you get to fight Gaiomon. I think Gaiomon has
    about 6500 HP, strongest so far. It even gives you hefty 9000 EXP at the end.
     Gaiomon runs away and so do the other two. They all left a P-D Word each. And
    you give all of them to Sayo. It turns out both chiefs think its the other club
    is responsible for destroying CITY. Sayo wants to work together and share 
    information to find out who's responsible. 
     Return to the Union room, report to Litton. There's something going on in
    DarkmoonCITY, and chief is still missing. Collect your reward.
     -Quest 13: 12 Species Quests
     Holy Species Quest: The Haunted House
       Talk to Digitamamon in Shine Plaza. Digitamamon wants to open a haunted 
      house. Dracula role is missing and it wants you to ask Myotismon for the role
      , so head to Thriller Ruins.
       As soon as you go in, you'll see Myotismon to your right. Talk to him. He
      declined the initial request and declines your request as well. Then he 
      attacks you. After defeating him, he'll consider but you need VNMyotismo's
      permission first. Go into the black portal. Exit from the other side. Go
      through the top door. 
       Talk to VNMyotismo and it'll refuse and attack you. VNMyotismo is quite
      strong. It has over 7000 HP, and has range attacks. But since you're likely
      to have Holy Digimons, you'll easily deal big damage. After defeating it, it
      will agree to play whatever role. Talk to Digitamamon and collect the reward.
     Dragon Species Quest: KChessmon's Memory
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a MetalGreymon with "Prissy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan an Greymon at Task Canyon,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into MetalGreymon and see if it has Prissy
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to MetalGreymon in your farm. His friend KChessmonWH has lost its
      memory. He's in Thriller Ruins, head there.
       Go right and you'll see KChessmonWH. He keeps thinking about a Chess Board.
      Go to the next map to the right. You'll find the board. Give it to 
      KChessmonWH and its memory returned a bit. It used to play chess with
      KChessmonB. Go back to the room with a symbol on the floor to find KChessmonB
      . Talk to him and he attacks you for stealing it.
       I think he's on a stronger side considering he's level 50. But still nothing
      you can't handle after beating Gaiomon. He gives you a memory chip, hand it
      over to KChessmonWH. And I think the text is screwed up, if anybody noticed.
      He got his memory back and you'll get your reward after talking to 
     Aquan Species Quest: Tasty Water
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Gawappamon with "Cool"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Kamemon at Loop Swamp,
      level it up then save. Digivolve into Gawappamon and see if it has Cool
      personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Gawappamon in the farm. He wants everyone in the farm to drink Tasty
      Water but Blossomon in Loop Swamp has to make it.
       Go to Loop Swamp and use the whirlpool on the right. Use the whirlpool on
      the bottom. Walk upper left to find Blossomon. It needs a DigiBranch. Use the
      whirlpool on the left. And another whirlpool on the left. Walk left and you
      will find a treasure chest containing DigiBranch. Take the whirlpool and walk
      left. Give it to Blossomon and you get Tasty Water. Talk to Gawappamon and
      collect reward to conclude the quest.
       You get an EXP Ring beta for reward, although you may have already picked it
      up somewhere else.
     Bird Species Quest: The Secret Letter
       Talk to Akatorimon in Shine Square. It wants you to deliver the secret
      letter to Lilamon in Palette Amazon.
       Go to Palette Amazon, head to the only path you can take. On the next map
      you have only one choice again. And same for the next map. You'll find 
      Lilamon on the fourth map. Talk to her and she attacks and accuses you of 
      stalking her. After defeating her she accepts the letter.
       Now go back and talk to Akatorimon. He tells you to collect the reward.
      What? That's it? Apparently that's it.
     -Quest 14: Search the DigiArea
     After finishing total of 12 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 24 species quests, and 10 of them need unlocking.
     Go to union room and talk to Litton. Chief is still missing, so we need to
    search the entire DigiArea. As you exit the Union Room, you find out some other
    members are missing. So you hold a secret meeting, and decide to invite Sayo of
    Night Crow over to SunshineCITY. You're given a choice but they result the same
    . She comes over and all Night Crow are acting strangely. Sayo gives you access
    to Access Glacier. Digiar600T on top of ladder. Go left, and go lower left to
    find a treasure chest containing FriendshipDE.
     The pipes lead to Macro Sea. There are two pipes you can access from Access
    Glacier at this point. You can choose either one, but since you are close to
    the one near FriendshipDE, enter that one. Go in to Macro Sea, follow the path
    until you see another tower. Go around and go lower right. Upper left, and 
    then through the open door. Follow the only path to the tower.
     When you exit back to Access Glacier, you find Sayo facing Grimmon and bunch
    of members that are under some dark effect. Soon Sayo falls under the power as
    well. You face Grimmon but you fail too. But you rise up, and save Sayo. 
    Virused Ophanimon attacks you. I had a hard time fighting this because my 
    strongest Digimon was also Ophanimon, full of Holy skills.
     After defeating Ophanimon, it and chief come to their senses and take everyone
    to analyze. Treasure chest on the left contains a healing item if you want to
    collect it. 
     Go back to union room. Shine N Area is restored by creating vaccine from 
    attacked members. Sayo will stay for a while. Collect the reward to end the
     In Shine N Area, you can buy all sorts of Full heal items. They aren't so
    expensive considering how easy you can get Bits. You can get Lv40 species gears
    for Dawn species (Holy, Dragon, Aquan, Bird). Also you can buy the best farm
    goods, you can have max resistance and max stats (Except HP and SP) by training
    Digimons hard on the farm. In fact, farm is the only way to raise resistance
    of Digimons. Maximum is 1100 and it doesn't mean immune.
     -Quest 15: 14 Species Quests
     Holy Species Quest: Stop the Duel
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Monzaemon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Kumamon at Chip Forest,
      Digivolve into Grizzmon, level it up then save. Digivolve into Monzaemon and
      see if it has Lazy personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Monzaemon in the farm. Monzaemon wants to stop his friends from 
      duelling but it's too lazy to go itself. Head to Access Glacier.
       Go through the only path. Go into the black portal. Exit via the black 
      portal in the same screen. Follow the second right path to the next map. 
      Head to the bottom bath and you'll find Mamedramon. Talk to it and it'll 
      attack you. After defeating it, it'll stop. But you have to convince 
      METyrannomn to stop as well. Head right, you'll find METyrannomon. Talk to
      it and then obvious result. It wants you to get a Courage Sign from 
      IPDramonDM in CITY.
       You can find IPDramonDM in Shine S Area. Get the Courage Sign and back to
      MameTyramon. Talk to Monzaemon in the farm and collect reward to finish the
     Dragon Species Quest: Minervamon Challenge
       Talk to Triceramon in Shine Hall. Minervamon challenged you after hearing
      you defeated Spinomon. Go to Palette Amazon.
       Minervamon wants you to fight Deramon to see if you're real. Follow the only
      path for 4 maps, go to lower left and you'll find Deramon. It should be very
       After defeating Deramon, go lower left and again to find Minervamon. I
      have to fight all sorts of weakling Digimons but Minervamon gets to pick its
      fight, that's so very fair. Minervamon has about 7000 HP, overall strong but
      not as strong as your trio of 3 Mega Digimons..
       Talk to Triceramon and collect the reward.
     Aquan Species Quest: The Combat Game
       Talk to Hyogamon in Shine Office. Hyogamon is fan of Vikemon in Access
      Glacier. Enter their combat game.
       Go to Access Glacier and talk to Vikemon. You need to fight 3 Zudomons to
      win. Go to the next map to fight the first one. You receive Ice Stone after
      defeating it. Go to the next map. Choose the second left road to fight the
      second Zudomon. You get a Frozen Stone. 
       Go to the left path and into the black portal. Go left up to enter the black
      portal to exit. Go to upper right path to find the third Zudomon. You get 
      Snow Stone. Go back to previous screen, up the ladders and into the pipe.
      Retrack the path you've gone through in Search the DigiArea quest. I hate 
      Access Glacier because of this.
       Talk to Vikemon and you get attacked. Vikemon is full of HP considering its
      level. After defeating it, you win the game. Talk to Hyogamon and collect the
     Bird Species Quest: The Monk Sword
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Karatenmon with "Cool"
      personality in one of your farms. You re-use Saberdramon that you made for 
      Stop Kabuterimon if you still have it. Level it up then save. Digivolve into
      Karatenmon and see if it has Cool personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Karatenmon in the farm. He lost his Monk Sword in Thriller Ruins.
      The Quest details information lied, it says "Recover the Monk Sword lost in
      Palette Amazon". Bandai Namco should fire whoever's responsible for QA.
       Anyway, head to Thriller Ruins. Go through the right upper door. Talk to 
      Mummymon and it attacks you for being friends with Karatenmon who bullies
      Mummymon and his friends. It doesn't know about the swords, go back and walk
      into the black portal. Inside is very straight forward. Follow the path and
      find Mummymon. Fight again. Pharaohmon has the sword. Exit the portal to the
       Head upper left and you find another Mummymon. Fight and go left. Fight 
      Pharaohmon. It has a little more than 7000 HP, and is strong against Holy. 
      After defeating it you get the Monk Sword. Exit, give it to Karatenmon and
      collect the reward.
     -Quest 16: Merchant of Death
     After finishing total of 14 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 28 species quests, and 12 of them need unlocking.
     Go to the Union Room. You learn about the origin of the virus. You have to 
    talk with GranDracmon of Kowloon Co in Proxy Island to restore the Center 
    Bridge. Proxy Island is unlocked.
     Walk right, the treasure chest contains Bit Ring alpha, which is useless but
    you can still sell it for bits. Head to the right map, then go up past the 
    bridge. You'll see two paths, but in the end the lower path is the right
    answer. There isn't any tresure chest on the way so head to the lower path.
     After you walk all the way to the map where the upper path ends, you can grab
    a Full DigiarS from a treasure chest down the ladder. Go upper right and there
    is another treasure chest down the ladder that contains a Silver Cloak. And
    one more that contains a Silver Blade on the other side. Head right to the 
    next map.
     Climb up the ladder to find AntiNumbT. Head to the bottom middle path. There
    is nothing on the most left path. Follow the only path to the next map. You
    will find a Spirit Ring Beta in the treasure chest. Then go to the left most
    path, there's nothing on the bottom two paths. And go left again, on the next
    map you'll find Digiar600T. Go left. Another treasure chest gives you Crit 
    Ring alpha.
     You'll find WaruSeadrmn singing. It runs off after spotting you. Follow it.
    You face the Kowloon Co. Gaiomon wants revenge, fight it. A lot easier than
    when you first fought him right? You tell them Union wants to hire them to
    repair Center Bridge. They charge 1 million bits, and 100 thousand bits has
    to paid up front. You can have Union pay, or pay it yourself. You get a 
    Kowloon Blade if you pay it yourself. Kowloon Blade is pretty much junk,
    unless you're collecting every single item, don't bother with it. 
     If you'll have Union pay, you'll need to fight GranDracmon. GranDracmon
    gives tons of EXP (22680 Dark), I think it's very useful when you Digenerate
    Mega into Ultimate, so you get a quick level up boost.
     Go through the portal back to CITY. Go back to the Union Room. Then go 
    collect your reward.
     -Quest 17: 16 Species Quests
     Holy Species Quest: The Flower Bulb
       Talk to Unimon in Shine Plaza. It wants you to ask Lillymon in Resistor 
      Jungle about the Mystery Bulb you got from it. Go to Resistor Jungle.
       Follow the only path for two maps. Then talk to Gabumon. Fight, and it tells
      you she's off to see Woodmon. Backtrack one map to find Woodmon. Fight, and 
      now she's gone to RedVeggiemon. Back to Gabumon, you can see RedVeggiemon to
      your right on the second map. Go lower right, climb up the vines to find
      RedVeggiemon. Fight, and go to Cherrymon now. What's going on, is Lillymon
      banging everyone in the forest? 
       Go upper right, and climb up the vine to find Cherrymon to your right. Talk
      and fight again. Cherrymon has about 6000 HP, that's nothing at this point.
      Lillymon went back to CITY, go to Shine N Area and talk to her to find out
      it's a flower seed fossil. Talk to Unimon and collect the reward.
     Dragon Species Quest: DigiLove Ring of Love
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Dinohumon with "Cool"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Dinohumon at Palette Amazon,
      Digiconvert and see if it has Cool personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to Dinohumon in the farm. It wants a DigiLove Ring of Love made by (
      Just wondering, doesn't "DigiLove Ring" pretty much say it's a ring of love?
      Adding redundancy made the name silly) Guilmon in Task Canyon.
       Go to Task Canyon. Climb up the ropes and head right. Climb up the rope and
      talk to Guilmon. You need a Metastone and ARVeedramon has some. Go back to 
      the starting point and use the portal. Head left and go down the rope to find
      ARVeedramon. Talk to it and battle it for Metastone. Go back to Guilmon, you
      can use a GateDisk to cut down number of encounters. Guilmon will make you a
      DigiLove Ring of Love, give it to Dinuhumon in the farm and collect rewards.
       You get a HP S rank farm good, Treadmill as a reward.
     Aquan Species Quest: The Ultimate Cuisine
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a ShogunGekomon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a ShogunGekomon at Loop Swamp
      Digiconvert and see if it has Lazy personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to ShogunGekomon in the farm. It wants to eat the Ultimate Pancake. And
      the ingredients turn out to be Gesomon Leg and Octomon Leg. You'll need to go
      get their legs from Proxy Island.
       Go to Proxy Island, follow the only path for two maps and you find Gesomon.
      Fight and cut its leg off. I can't imagine how you can give one of your legs
      that casually. Go lower right. Keep following the only path, until the road
      splits. Take the right path, not the lower right. Go all the way and you'll
      find Octomon. Climb the ladder and fight it. So he can just re-grow his leg.
      That answered my question =P. Go back to ShogunGekomon and let him enjoy
      his seafood pancake(?) and collect your reward at Shine Center.
       You get a All EXP rank S farm good, Digimon Lab as a reward.
     Bird Species Quest: Gorgeous Nuts
       Talk to Deramon in Shine Square. Deramon wants you to get some Gorgeous Nuts
      from Proxy Island. Head to Proxy Island.
       As soon as you enter, go down the ladder and talk to Solarmon. Climb back
      up and head left. You'll find Tortamon and all his nuts were stolen by 
      Vermilimon, he'll give you some if you bring them back. Head left. And then
      go lower left. Follow the only path for two maps and you'll find Vermilimon
      in the corner. Fight for the nuts, after defeating and getting back the nuts
      you can use a GateDisk to save yourself from battles.
       Go back to CITY and give some Gorgeous Nuts to Deramon and collect the
      rewards to conclude the quest.
     -Quest 18: The Final Battle
     After finishing total of 16 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 32 species quests, and 14 of them need unlocking.
     Go to the Union Room and talk to Chief Glare. Center Bridge is almost fully
    restored and Light Fang are to be gathered for the final assault. Then 
    WaruSeadrmn comes in and reports that the Night Crow are gathered on the other
    side of Center Bridge as well. The Union has sent messages to all Night Crow to
    gather up and finish off the traitors, Light Fang, which means you. WaruSeadrmn
    would put a lock on the bridge so Night Crow can't easily come this way.
     Walk out of the Union Room and Sayo and WaruSeadrmn are looking suspicious.
    Anyway, head to the Center Bridge. While Kowloon Co is having thier lock ready,
    (Come on, those barricades existed from the beginning of the game...) enter the
    black portal to find out WaruSeadrmn and Sayo has prepared a portal to 
    DarkmoonCITY. This quest has some serious red text/black text problems. Hire 
    new QA guys already. Use the portal to enter Darkmoon CITY.
     The tamers don't seem very interested in the existence of a Light Fang member
    in their city =P. If you enter Dark E, Dark S, Dark N Areas, you'll be forced
    to return to the terminal. Don't go into the green portal because it'll lead
    you to the world map.
     Darkmoon CITY is pretty much the same as Sunshine CITY except flipped the
    other way. So pathfinding shouldn't be a big problem
     Go to Dark Hall, and talk to Ponch and it'll recognize you as Sayo but 
    incompatible. So he attacks you with MGarurumon. Then go to Dark Plaza to
    find Gutts. Battle again, this time it's Cherrymon. Now go to Dark Square.
    You'll find Barone, who attacks you with a Volcanomon. After defeating her,
    you get MasterID. Now you can enter their Union Room.
     You find Chief Julia and CGallantmonC. The lock seems to be working, and
    you fight CGallantmonC. It has about 7000 HP, pretty on low side considering
    its level is 77.
     After defeating it, ChronoCore ejects from the body of Chaos Gallantmon.
    A gateway to Chaos Brain is opened, and Julia gives you three Full RepairT.
    (Although I'm thinking you should have dozens of this by now.)
     Head into Chaos Brain. Take the lower right path first. Upper path will
    lead to a treasure chest containing Speed Ring beta. Take the lower path
    and again. Follow the only path to the next map and you'll find a black
    portal. You'll find a Dash Ring alpha in the treasure chest. Head upper
     You find Grimmona and ChronoCore fuse into ChaosGrimmon. And you fight
    it. It has about 8000 HP, and mostly has wide range attacks that can 
    damage all your party. Avoid using Holy and Dark element attacks because
    it seems ChaosGrimmon is quite resistant to them. 
     After defeating ChaosGrimmon, it seems it's over. But it Digivolves into
    ExoGrimmon! You fall down after getting hit by Chrono DSR. The second blow
    will erase your existence. But you withstand the second hit because 
    everyone is cheering for you...
     ExoGrimmon has about 10,000 HP it seems, I found this battle surprisingly
    not difficult. Same ChaosGrimmon tactics applies to ExoGrimmon.
     After defeating it, ChronoCore mentions a Chronomon and you go into the
    credit screen. 
     After the credits, you get a Cosmo Medal from Glare for saving the world,
    and Shine Sword. The game forcefully saves and moves you to the title screen.
    The next time you load your save, you start in Tamer Home. Go collect your
    reward at Shine Center. The game really emphasizes collecting reward to end
    a quest, so I have to keep saying it over and over and over and over even
    after you're so sick and tired of me saying it.
     You can access Chaos Brain from the world map now.
     -Quest 19: 18 Species Quests
     You've beat the game. But there are still quests available for you to play. 
     Holy Species Quest: The 3 Archangels
        Talk to SL Angemon in Shina Plaza. CherubimonG, Ophanimon, and Seraphimon
       want to learn teamwork from you. Go to Highlight Haven.
        After you enter Highlight Haven, head left, then lower left. Go lower left
       to find CherubimonG. You get to fight all three at once, each of them are at
       level 63. They'll change location and strategy. The treasure chest on the
       right contains Digimin400T. 
        Go back one map and go upper right, then upper left. Go right and into the
       portal. Go right, and enter the portal. Head left to find Seraphimon. It's
       the second fight, their layout is changed but fundamentally the same.
        Backtrack one map to find Ophanimon. This is the third and the last battle.
       Their formation changed again, and all are at level 70. After defeating them
       Ophanimon says you should have gotten stronger as well, which is true 
       considering the EXP they gave out.
        Go back and talk to SL Angemon. Then collect the reward at Shine Center.
       Note that if you don't talk to SL Angemon and cancel the quest, you can take
       it again later. This way you can grind more than 25,000 Holy EXP in a rather
       short period of time.
        You get a S rank All Types resistance farm good, G.Statue, as a reward.
        This is the final Holy Species Quest.
     Dragon Species Quest: The Stolen Microphone
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Megidramon with "Lazy"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Guilmon at Task Canyon.
      Digivolve it all the way to WarGrowlmon. Level it up then save. Digivolve 
      into Megidramon and see if it has Lazy personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Megidramon in the farm. Volcanomon of Shadow Abyss bought a new
      Mic but BWGrowlmon stole it. 
       Go to Shadow Abyss. Go right, and you'll find BWGrowlmon. Talk to it and it
      will give you the mic without much hassel. Go up, left, then you'll find
      Volcanomon. Give the mic, but it's missing a DigiBattery. Fight BWGrowlmon
      to get the DigiBattery. Return it to Volcanomon. It wants to try the new mic
      so it attacks you.
     Aquan Species Quest: Cancel the Duel
       In order to unlock this quest, you need to have a Vikemon with "Cool"
      personality in one of your farms. You can scan a Vikemon at Access Glacier
      (If you have finished The Combat Game Quest), and save. Digiconvert and see
      if it has Cool personality. If not, reset and retry.
       Talk to your Vikemon in the farm. He has to cancel a duel with Zanbamon at
      Shadow Abyss because of his stomachache. That's a cheap excuse but we'll do
      it. Shadow Abyss is unlocked.
       Enter Shadow Abyss and talk to Devidramon. You'll fight instead of Vikemon.
      Go into the portal. Head left twice. There are 3 paths. If you go right,
      you'll find Digiar600S in a treasure chest. If you go up, you'll find Pltnm
      Cloak. Go right and keep following the road, and you'll meet Zanbamon.
       He says if you beat DKLizardmon and LadyDevimon, you can fight him. Go 
      upper right to find DKLizardmon. The treasure chest contains Digiar600S. Go
      upper left to find LadyDevimon. The treasure chest contains Dmg Ring beta. 
      Fight LadyDevimon and now you can challenge Zanbamon.
       Go lower left and you'll find Full DigiminD in a treasure chest. Go lower
      left again and fight Zanbamon. He has about 6000 HP. Go back to Vikemon
      and pick up your rewards.
       This is the final Aquan Species Quest.
     Bird Species Quest: Airdramon's Data
       Talk to Phoenixmon in Shine Square. He wants to collect Airdamon's data.
      Goldramon in Highlight Haven has it, but you need a Gold Feather to go in
      there. Highlight Haven is full of Holy and Bird type Digimons
       After you enter Highlight Haven, head left. You'll find Piximon, who'll give
      you the Gold Feather. The treasure chest contains Full DigiminT. Head to the
      bottom path then upper right. Go upper left, then upper right. Open the chest
      for Pltnm Cloak. Enter the portal to upper right.
       You'll get Digiar600S from the treasure chest, go right to enter another
      portal. Talk to Sorcerymon to find out the Gold Feather is a fake. He gives
      you a real Gold Feather. Go lower left to find Digiar600S in a treasure
      chest. Go back to Sorcerymon and head right. Treasure chest contains a
      Digimin400T. Head upper right, cross the bridge and enter the portal.
       You'll face Goldramon. You get the Airdramon data if you win. After
      defeating it, you get AirDra-Data. Use the portal to get back to CITY and
      give the data to Phoenixmon.
       You get Max MP S rank farm good, Pyramid, as a reward.
       This is the final Bird Species Quest.
     -Quest 20: Gaia Origin Challenge
     After finishing total of 18 species quests, this quest becomes available. So
    far there has been 36 species quests, and 16 of them need unlocking.
     Go to Union Room and talk to Chief Glare. A group of respected Digimons called
    Gaia Origin has challenged the Union. Transfield is unlocked. Go there.
     Transfield is basically all maps in one. Composed of different subareas. You
    start in the mountain area. Go to the bottom right path. Go left to pick up
    Full DigiarD from the treasure chest. Go through the bottom left path. You 
    can pick up a Wind Robe gamma if you go through lower left path. Then choose
    upper left path to the portal.
     When you come out, you'll be in a jungle area. You can get a Light Robe gamma
    from the treasure chest. Go lower left. Now there are three choices. The bottom
    two paths merge anyway, so if you want to pick up EXP Ring gamma you can choose
    either path and go all the way to find it. (I'm thinking why not?). Go back to
    where road splits. Go upper left this time, and you can pick up a Full DigiarT 
    from the treasure chest. Keep going left to a portal.
     You'll be in a desert area. The left chest contains Bit Ring gamma. Go all
    the way right. If you want to grab an Ice Robe gamma, go upper right. 
    Otherwise, follow the bottom path. Then follow the only path to the portal.
     Now it's just like inside of Thriller Ruins, I guess I'll call this area
    ruins. If you go upper left first, you'll find Fire Robe gamma from the
    treasure chest. Go through the bottom path from the portal you came from.
    Go into the portal. 
     You face Sleipmon and Duftmon from Gaia Origin. Both are level 90 Digimons
    and they are not weak by any means. But the thing is, if you're not strong 
    enough to face Gaia Origin members, you wouldn't have made this far anyway.
    (Or you used too many healing items to count?) It is pretty safe to say no
    matter how you layout your team, all of them are going to get damaged in
    one attack very frequently.
     After defeating them, Apocalymon appears and challenges you. I personally
    felt like this one was stronger than the first two, especially its defense.
    After winning against Apocalymon, you chat a bit and Susanoomon appears.
    This is another battle without any breaks in between. Susanoomon has over
    8000 HP, but dealing damage would be way harder than before. 
     And three more Gaia Origin members appear. Give me a break already... You
    haven't gone through half yet. Yeah it's true. The next battle is 
    ZDMilleniumn. I have to say ZDMilleniumn is about as strong as Susanoomon.
    About 8500 HP, but seemingly weaker defense. And a battle against this 
    funny talking duo comes next. 
     Now you know there are 2 battles left. BeelzemonBM comes next. And look,
    you say you were holding back in previous fights! That's a good joke, but
    don't think BeelzemonBM is pleased to hear such jokes. No matter, you 
    should win this fight as well. 
     Finally you face GallantmonCM, your last opponent. GallantmonCM seems
    to be very resistant to every kind of element I've tried. It was kind of a
    long battle compared to previous ones because this guy wouldn't give up.
     You've officially won all of them! You get GallantmonCM scan data, which
    I'm absolutely loving. 
     At this point, barricades behind black portals have been removed. So you can
    save time moving between the 4 areas.
     Return to the Union Room in CITY. Talk to Glare and head to Shine Center. I
    assume you know what to do =P. The reward includes Blutgang, something of less
    value than expected but anyway.
     -Quest 21: The Legendary Tamer
     In order to unlock this quest there are 3 prerequisites. 
    1. Have done wireless communications, be it Wi-Fi or local wireless. Doesn't
     matter whether it's battle or matching either.
    2. Clear Gaia Origin Challenge.
    3. Obtain the rank of Platinum Tamer.
     Go talk to Glare in Union Room. You're participating in a grand tournament 
    where even tamers from other Digital Worlds enter.
     Head to DigiColiseum and enter the battle stage. The first fight is Sayo 
    from the Night Crow. She's grown to a Platinum Tamer just like you did. 
    Sayo has Lv74 Lotosmon, Lv83 Dianamon, and Lv74 MRGaogamon.
     After defeating Sayo, you're the one to represent the Union. Now you fight
    three contestants from V Jump area, Tsurugi, Yu and Sho. Tsurugi uses 
    GeoGerymon, Yu uses Gaogamon, and Sho uses Peckmon. All of them are level 85
    Digimons, and are lower rank Digimons. But that doesn't mean they're any
     The next two contestants are Yoshino and Crier from Data Squad. Yoshino
    uses RosemonBM and Crier uses RavemonBM. There are only two enemies, but 
    they are stronger than the last ones. Their stats are higher, and do status
    ailment attacks. 
     Now the fourth battle is against Marcus and Thomas from the Data Squad. 
    Thomas uses MirageGaogamonBM, and Marcus uses ShineGreymonBM. (In battle
    their names are SGreymonBM and MGaogamonBM) They are not only strong, but is
    paired to cover weaknesses. SGreymonBM is weak against Earth while MGaogamonBM
    is strong against Earth. If you want to take out SGreymonBM first, then go with
    Earth attacks, if you want to take out MGaogamonBM first, go with Fire attacks.
    I guess they are level 90 for a reason.
     The final battle is against Kogure, the master of Digimons. Kogure uses
    Chronomon, the Digimon ChronoCore mentioned. ChronomonHM is at level 99, and
    probably is almost maxed out in all stats. Unless you use Dark attacks, you'll
    be dealing few hundred damage. So be preapred for a long battle or use items
    to your advantage.
     You've won and promoted to Tamer Legend. You get Chichimon scan data from 
    Kogure for fighting so well. Go back to the Union Room. They congratulate you
    and give you a special reward which can be claimed at Shine Center. Which is
    270 Tamer Points, 64000 Bits, and Digimon Lab which could have been obtained
    earlier by doing The Ultimate Cuisine quest... This isn't that special..
     Even though your tamer rank has changed, you don't get any reward from 
    BAN Leomon. Also I haven't found out any special bonus for getting 100.0% Quest
     This concludes ALL the quests possible in Digimon World: Dawn. Hope someone
    else does a full guide on Dusk to keep Dusk users happy as well =)
     DigiArea                                                                [DGAR]
     Not all Digimons listed here appear when you first visit the area. You'll 
    notice there are barricades that prevent entry, and most of the time you need
    to remove the barricade before encountering certain Digimons.
     This list excludes one time bosses because you can't encounter them for a scan
    . This list for Dawn only. I don't have plans to make on for Dusk. 
     Login Mountain Digimons:
     AquiLamon (After Fly to Login Mountain quest)
     Dorugamon (After Dorugamon the Digger quest)
     Chip Forest Digimons:
     Flymon (After Find the Pink Lipstick quest)
     Thriller Ruins Digimons:
     KChessmonB (After KChessmon's Memory Quest)
     KChessmonWH (After KChessmon's Memory Quest)
     Bakemon (After Water Goggles Quest)
     Myotismon (After The Haunted House Quest)
     Pharaohmon (After The Monk Sword Quest) 
     Anubimon (After Gaia Origin Challenge Quest)
     Sunken Tunnel Digimons:
     Hookmon (After Digideli-Cake Quest)
     Limit Valley Digimons:
     Kyubimon (After Interesting DigiComic Quest)
     Apemon (After Apemon's Golden Hair Quest)
     Loop Swamp Digimons:
     Musyamon (After Loop Swamp Rumor Quest)
     Blossomon (After Tasty Water Quest)
     ShogunGekomon (After Save Shellmon Quest)
     Resistor Jungle Digimons:
     Arukenimon (After The Stolen Awards Quest)
     Kabuterimon (After Stop Kabuterimon Quest)
     Cherrymon (After The Flower Bulb Quest)
     Task Canyon Digimons:
     Shakkoumon (After Dig in Task Canyon Quest)
     Gryphonmon (After Bomber Incident Quest)
     ARVeedramon (After DigiLove Ring of Love Quest)
     IPDramonFM (After Gaia Origin Challenge Quest)
     Palette Amazon Digimons:
     Lilamon (After The Secret Letter Quest)
     Minervamon (After Minervamon Challenge Quest)
     Macro Sea Digimons:
     MA Angemon (After Gaia Origin Challenge Quest)
     MarineDevimon (After Assault Balancer Quest)
     MESeadramon (After Macrobattle Tourney Quest)
     Pukumon (After Macrobattle Tourney Quest)
     Access Glacier Digimons:
     Vikemon (After The Combat Game Quest)
     Mametyramon (After Stop the Duel Quest)
     METyrannomon (After Stop the Duel Quest)
     Darkdramon (After Gaia Origin Challenge Quest)
     Proxy Island Digimons:
     Vermillimon (After Gorgeous Nuts Quest)
     Gesomon (After The Ultimate Cuisine Quest)
     Octomon (After The Ultimate Cuisine Quest)
     Darkmoon CITY Digimons:
     Chaos Brain Digimons:
     SL Angemon
     Highlight Haven Digimons:
     HL Angemon
     CherubimonG (After The 3 Archangels Quest)
     Airdramon (After Airdramon's Data Quest)
     Goldramon (After Airdramon's Data Quest)
     Shadow Abyss Digimons:
     Zanbamon (After Cancel the Duel Quest)
     Volcanomon (After the Stolen Microphone Quest)
    Transfield Digimons:
     Mountain Area -
     Jungle Area-
     Desert Area-
     Ruins Area-
      Evolution Chart                                                        [EVCT]
     Evolution Chart can become too massive. So I'll skip the minor requirements
    like level, friend, EXP and etc but mention if you need to have befriended that
    Digimon to evolve into one. 
     I'll add a symbol (*,#,@,%) after the Digimon's name if that Digimon requires
    befriended before digivolved/degenerated.
     For example, Sunmon* - Coronamon. It means if you want to degenerate Coronamon
    into a Sunmon, you need to befriend Sunmon first. Refer to the ZephyrantesKai's
    bestiary FAQ for detailed requirements. (It was hard to figure out the 
    flowchart so I'm making my own flowchart from scratch)
    Chichimon Chart
     Chichimon* - Penguinmon - Kiwimon - Deramon - Phoenixmon
                |            L Kokatorimon
                L Muchomon - Diatrymon - Sinduramon#
                           L Akatorimon - Parrotmon - Eaglemon
     * Requires Chichimon
     # Requires Sinduramon
    Koromon Chart
     Koromon - Agumon - GeoGreymon - RiseGreymon - SN Greymon
             |        |                          L DSGreymon#
             |        L Greymon - MetalGreymon - WarGreymon@
             L DotAgumon* 
     * Requires DotAgumon
     # Requires DSGreymon
     @ Requires Agumon
    Tsunomon Chart
     Tsunomon - Gabumon - Garurumon - WGarurumon - MGarurumon*
              |         L JMojyamon
              L Goburimon - Ogremon - WGarurumonB - Gulfmon
                          L Minotarumon - Etemon - MetalEtemon
                          L Nanimon
     * Requires Gabumon
    Poyomon Chart
     Poyomon - Kamemon - Gawappamon - Shaujinmon - JumboGamemn
             |         L Tortamon - Brachiomon* - Preciomon
             L Gomamon - Ikkakumon - Zudomon - Vikemon
             L Crabmon - Ebidramon
     * Requires Brachiomon
    Tokomon Chart
     Tokomon - Patamon - Angemon - MAngemon - SL Angemon
             |                              L Seraphimon
             L Falcomon - Peckmon - Yatagaramon - Ravemon
             L Dfalcomon*
     * Requires Dfalcomon
    Tanemon Chart
     Tanemon - Palmon - Togemon - Lillymon
             |        L MoriShellmon
             L Aruraumon - Weedmon - Blossomon 
             |           L Woodmon - Cherrymon
             L Floramon - Veggiemon
    Pagumon Chart
     Pagumon - DemiDevimon - Devimon - Myotismon - VNMyotismon*
             |             L Musyamon - Vajramon - Zanbamon
             |                                   L Boltmon#
             L Impmon - Vilemon - LadyDevimon - Lilithmon
                      L Wizardmon - Mummymon - Pharaohmon
     * Requires DemiDevimon in party
     # Requires Boltmon
    Kapurimon Chart
     Kapurimon - Hagurumon - Guardromon - Andromon - HiAndromon
               |           L Hookmon
               L Kotemon - Omekamon - Tekkamon - Puppetmon*
               |         L PltSukamon
               L PwnChssmnB - KChessmonB - RookChessmon - QUChessmon
     * Requires MachDramon
    Kuramon Chart
     Kuramon* - Tsukaimon - Bakemon - Phantomon - GhoulmonB
                          |                     L Apocalymon#
                          L Devidramon - Kimeramon@ - MMillenniummn%
                                       L Gigadramon
     * Requires Kuramon
     # Requires Apocalymon
     @ Requires Kimeramon
     % Requires Millenniummon
    Puttimon Chart
     Puttimon* - Salamon - Gatomon - Angewoman - Ophanimon
               L Kudamon# - Reppamon - Tyilinmon - Sleipmon
               |          L Starmon - SPStarmon
               L PwnChssmnW - KChessmonWH - BPChessmon - KingChessmon
     * Requires Puttimon
     # Requires Kudamon
    Chibomon Chart
     Chibomon* - Veemon - ExVeemon
               |        L Veedramon - ARVeedremon - Goldramon#
               L Monodramon - Dinohumon - Cyberdramon - Justimon
                            L Airdramon# - Megadramon - Darkdramon
     * Requires Chibomon
     # Requires Airdramon
    Dorimon Chart
     Dorimon - Dorumon - Dorugamon - DoruGreymon - Dorugoramon
             |         L Drimogemon
             L Armadillomon - Ankylomon 
             |              L NDrimogemon
             L Shamamon - Fugamon
                        L Apemon* - Kyukimon - Kuzuhamon#
     * Requires Apemon
     # Requires Kuzuhamon
    Gigimon Chart
     Gigimon - Guilmon* - Growlmon* - WarGrowlmon - Gallantmon#
                        |           L BWGrowlmon  L Megidramon*
                        L Tyrannomon - Triceramon - Cannondramon
     * Requires Guilmon
     # Requires Megidramon
    Gummymon Chart
     Gummymon - Terriermon - Gargomon - Rapidmon - MegaGargomon
              L Tapirmon - Unimon - Piximon - Jijimon
              |          L Seasarmon
              L Renamon - Kyubimon - Taomon - Sakuyamon*
                        L Sorcerymon 
     * Requires Kuzuhamon
    Kokomon Chart
     Kokomon - Lopmon - Centarumon - BRapidmon - BSGargomon
                      L Wendigomon - Antylamon - CherubimonG
                                               L CherubimonE
    Tsumemon Chart
     Tsumemon* - Keramon# - Kurisarimon# - Infermon - Diaboromon#
               |                         L ArgomonUT - ArgomonMG
               L Dracmon - Sangloupmon - Matadormon - Piedmon@
     * Requires Tsumemon
     # Requires Keramon
     @ Requires Piedmon and requires Puppetmon
    Minomon Chart
     Minomon - Wormmon - Stingmon
             |         L Snimon
             L Tentomon - Kabuterimon - MKabuterimnR
             L          L SYanmamon   L MKabuterimon
             L Kunemon - Yanmamon
                       L Flymon - Dinobeemon* - IPDramonDB
                       L Sukamon - Garbagemon
     * Requires Dinobeemon
    Wanyamon Chart
     Wanyamon - Gaomon - Gaogamon - MGaogamon - MRGaogamon
              |        |                      L DMGaogamon*
                       L Leomon - GrapLeomon - SaberLeomon
              L Kumamon - Grizzmon - Monzaemon - Babamon
                        |          L Pandamon#
                        L Mojyamon - Mammothmon - SMammothmon
     * Requires DMGaogamon
     # Requires Pandamon
    Budmon Chart
     Budmon - Lalamon - Sunflowmon - Lilamon - Rosemon
            |         L RedVeggiemon         L Lotosmon*
            L Mushroomon - Ninjamon
            |            L Kogamon
            L Dokunemon - Kuwagamon - Okuwamon - GKuwagamon
                        L Dokugumon - Arukenimon
                        L Roachmon
     * Requires Rosemon
    Botamon Chart
     Botamon - BlackAgumon - Monochromon - Vermilimon - BW Greymon
             |             L DKTyrannomn - SkullGreymon* - MachDramon#
             |                           L METyrannomn
             L Candlemon - DKLizardmon - Volcanomon
                         L Flarerizamon
     * Requires SkullGreymon
     # Requires MESeadramon
    Sunmon Chart
     Sunmon* - Coronamon - Firamon - Flaremon - ApoLLomon
     * Requires Sunmon
    Solarmon Chart
     Solarmon - Clockmon - Knightmon - Alphamon*
              L BomberNanimon - Giromon
     * Requires Clockmon
    SnowAgumon Chart
     SnowAgumon - SeaDramon - MSeadramon - MESeadramon
                                         L GigaSeadrmn*
     * Requires GigaSeadrmn
    SnowGoburimn Chart
     SnowGoburimn - Hyogamon
                  L Frigimon
    Otamamon Chart
     Otamamon - Gekomon - ShogunGekomon
              L Geremon
              L Numemon
    Syakomon Chart
     Syakomon - Coelamon - Scorpimon - Pukumon
              L Shellmon
              L KaraNumemon - Digitamamon* - Lampmon
                                           L Devitamamon
     * Requires Tapirmon
    Betamon Chart
     Betamon - Octomon
             L Gesomon
             L Dolphmon - Whamon - MA Angemon
                        L Divermon*
     * Requires Divermon
    Biyomon Chart
     Biyomon - Birdramon - Garudamon - Gryphonmon
             L Saberdramon - Karatenmon
    Hawkmon Chart
     Hawkmon - AquiLamon
    Kokuwamon Chart
     Kokuwamon - TDBallmon - Mamemon
    Gotsumon Chart
     Gotsumon - Icemon - Meteormon
              L Golemon 
              L Tsuchidarumn*
     * Requires Tsuchidarumn
    ToyAgumon Chart
     ToyAgumon - Tankmon - MetalMamemon - PrinceMamemon
               L Revolmon - MameTyramon
    ToyAgumonB Chart
     ToyAgumonB - Mekanorimon - EXTyrannomn - Ghoulmon
    Paildramon Chart
     Paildramon - ImperialdramonDM* 
                L ImperialdramonFM#
     * Requires Chibomon
     # Requires ImperialdramonDM
    Dragomon Chart
     Dragomon - Neptunmon
     Silphymon - Valkyriemon
    LucemonFM Chart
     LucemonFM - Daemon
    Vadermon Chart
     Vadermon - Ebemon
    Gizamon Chart
     Gizamon - IceDevimon - MarineDevimn
             L Raremon - Datamon - Parasimon
      Tamer Ranks                                                            [TMRK]
    Bronze Tamer
     500 Bit fee
     Shadramon Lv31
     Magnamon Lv31
     Reward: 5,000 Bit
    Silver Tamer
     2,000 Bit fee
     Parasimon Lv42
     MMillenniummn Lv42 
     Vedarmon Lv42
     Reward: 10,000 Bit
    Gold Tamer
     6,000 Bit fee
     BAN Leomon Lv62
     Lucemon CM Lv62
     Lampmon Lv62
     Reward: 25,000 Bit
    Platinum Tamer
     12,000 Bit fee
     Minomon Lv91
     IPDramonPM Lv91
     Kuramon Lv91
     Reward: 50,000 Bit
    Tamer Legend
     Refer to Quest 21.
      Frequently Asked Questions                                             [FAQS]
    Q: Your walkthourgh says 2,4,6 Species Quests,etc but in fact there are 4,8,12
       Species Quests. What's up with that?
    A: You need to finish 2,4,6,etc Species Quests to be able to take on the next
       Main Quest. So even if there are 4,8,12... Quests, you only need to complete
       whatever number I said.
    Q: It seems like you're not having much trouble with boss fights. What's the
    A: If you unlock all species quests and do all of them without directions, you
       will be stronger than enough to fight bosses. I may have had less trouble
       fighting bosses, but my playtime would probably be twice more than most
    Q: Can you recommend me a good Digimon?
    A: You can use whichever you want. I beat the entire game with the first 3
       Digimons you get at the beginning of the game.
    Q: I have this this that Digimon at level such and such, am I strong enough
       for something?
    A: Level and type of Digimons say very little. Stats/strategy/equipments/items
       are big factors.
    Q: How do you get a certain Digimon?
    A: Refer to ZephyrantesKai's in-depth FAQ.
    Q: What are the conditions of armor/DNA digivolutions?
    A: Refer to ZephyrantesKai's in-depth FAQ.
    Q: Do you know anything about Dusk?
    A: I know almost nothing about Dusk-exclusive contents.
    Q: I can't Digi-convert any more
    A: You've reached the limit number of Digimons you can have at the same time.
       Turn some of your Digimons into scan data.
      DUSK users read the capitalized paragraph above.
     Contact me via E-mail: deathfisaro at gmail dot com
      DUSK users read the capitalized paragraph above.
     Send me questions, typos, suggestions, almost anything. 
     Please have Digimon somewhere in your email.
      Credits / Special Thanks To                                            [STHX]
     Wikipedia for information
     ZephyrantesKai's guide, it was useful for figuring out enemy weaknesses.
      History                                                                [HSTR]
    v0.1 Mar.24.2008 
     -Started writing
    v0.2 Mar.29.2008
     -Covered 20% of the quests.
    v0.3 Mar.30.2008
     -Covered 33% of the quests. 
    v0.5 Apr.1.2008
     -Covered 54% of the quests.
    v0.8 Apr.4.2008
     -Covered 81% of the quests.
    v1.0 Apr.6.2008
     -Covered every single quest from start to finish, and post-ending quests as
    v1.1 Jul.15.2008
     -Updated FAQ section
    v1.2 Nov.13.2009
     -Added a note for Dusk users as I get too many complaint e-mails for what is
      not my fault.
     I am the sole author of this FAQ
     This guide is only available on http://www.GameFAQs.com
     You may not reproduce/redistribute this FAQ without permission. You may use 
    this guide for non-commercial and personal use in its original form only.
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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