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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimmythesnowman

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/30/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [I] Introduction
    Arrg, me maties! Welcome to my guide for the DS version of Pirates of the 
    Caribbean: At World's End. It's safe to say that the DS version is TOTALLY 
    different from the Wii/Xbox/PS3 versions. IT's relatively fun, too. I have some
    fun playing this game, though not as much as my perhaps-too-much love for 
    Pirates 2.
    The movie itself sucked. Pirates 1 was amazing, Pirates 2 was good, and Pirates
    3 sucked. The only reason most of us watched it was because we wanted to see 
    how the cliffhanger in Pirates 2 would end. I don't even remember how many 
    times Jack and Turner swaped betrayals. But that's beyond the point.
    This game is relatively addictive and mostly fun. It's very different from the
    other version however, in fact they share little resemblance. This game can be
    hard, but nowhere near as freaken hard as the Wii version. Trust me on that 
    [V] Version History
    | v 1.00            8/26/09                          |
    | First version of the guide comepleted. This guide  |
    | covers getting 100% comepletely.                   |
    | v 1.10            8/30/09                          |
    | Adding a few things I missed. Most likely the      |
    | final version.                                     |
    [C] Contact Information
    a [underscore] bilogur [at] yahoo [dot] com. I don't want to put it in ordinary
    format because I've already recieved several rounds of spam asking for the use
    of my guides. How annoying.
    If you have any questions or comments send them to me!
    [T] Table of Contents
    [I] Introduction
    [V] Version History
    [C] Contact Information
    [T] Table of contents
    [1] The Story
    [2] The Controls
    [3] Main Menu
    [4] Gameplay
         [4.01] The Game Screen
         [4.02] Your Moves
         [4.03] Special Items, Adventure Items, Pick Ups
         [4.04] Dueling
         [4.05] Minigames
         [4.06] Your Ship
         [4.07] Charecters
         [4.08] Map and Mission Structure
         [4.09] Liar's Dice
    [5] Walthrough
         [5.01] Isla Cruces-where Disaster Strikes
         [5.02] Singapore Sewer Docks-Of Rats and Map Pieces
         [5.03] Singapore Part 2-Taking the Fight to the Streets
         [5.04] Sao Feng
         [5.05] Welcome To Davy Jone's Locker
         [5.06] Ships Graveyard and a Lost Soul
         [5.07] Jack's Nightmare-I must be dreaming
         [5.08] Upside-Down Ship
         [5.09] Black Sand Beach-Where's The Sand?
         [5.10] Secret Areas O1-Singapore
         [5.11] Ambush Cove
         [5.12] Ship-To-Ship: Confronting Chevalle
         [5.13] Shipwreck Cove-Espace From The Flying Dutchman!
         [5.14] Secret Areas 02-Davy Jone's Locker and Black Sand Beach
         [5.15] The Beach-Landfall
         [5.16] Taking the Flight to the Streets
         [5.17] Hallowed-Out Ship: Because Not All Ships Are Hallow
         [5.18] Secret Areas 03-Shipwreck Cove
         [5.19] The Brethren Court - Gremlins and Goblins
         [5.20] The Maelstorm-Final Confrontations
         [5.21] Post-Story Stuff
    [6] Enemy Guide
    [7] "Unobtainable" Chests
    [L] Legal Bit
    [1] The Story
    Will Turner and elizabeth Swann, with the aid of the vile Captain Barbossa, 
    will journey At World's End and beyond to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the
    depths of Davy Jones Locker. to find jack and defeat the neferious East India
    Trading Company, You will travel the world from the canals of Singapore to the
    shores of Black Sand Beach to the center of Shipwreck Cove to collect the 
    forces of the sea's great Pirate Lords. To gain the alliegance of your pirate
    brethren, you'll need to best each of the five great Pirate Lords in epic 
    duels until they're ready to face off with Captain Davy Jones and bring 
    balance to the seas once and for all. (this was taken from the game's manuel)
    [2] The Controls
    | Adventure Mode |
    | Y - Attack                                            |
    | X - Kick/Pirate Move/Sneak Attack/Accept/Use/Interact |
    | B - Jump/Back                                         |
    | L - Block                                             |
    | R - Use Secondary Weapon                              |
    | START - Pause Menu                                    |
    | SELECT - N/A                                          |
    | D-pad - Move                                          |
    | Touch Screen - Equip adventure items                  |
    |   Duel Mode    |
    | Y or Left - Block Left                                |
    | X or Up - Block Up                                    | 
    | B or Down - Block Down                                |
    | A or Right - Block Right                              |
    | Touch Screen - Attack/Disarm Opponent                 |
    | L or R - Taunt                                        |
    [3] Main Menu
    Continue - Start at the last save game you played.
    Start Game - Manuelly select which one of the 3 slots you want to play.
    Wireless- Duel with friends wirelessly.
    Options - Choose options to go to the options menu, where you can adjust 
    [4] Gameplay
    [4.01] The Game Screen
    On the top screen you can find, in the top-right corner, the health and savy
    meters. The health meter is the red one, and it, obviously, denotes how much
    health you have. Below it is the blue meter, the savvy meter. You use the savy
    meter to use special items, like bombs and posion daggers. The savvy meter 
    recharges slowly overtime, faster if you defeat enemies in that time. The 
    health meter, meanwhile, can be restored by picking up the apples strewn along
    the game. To the left of the two meters is a small cirle, displaying what
    special item you have equiped right now. Special items can be exchanged at 
    certain points in the game, and this meter tells you which one you have 
    equipped right now.
    The top screen is reserved mostly for gameplay, but the bottom screen is where
    your vital stats are displayed. The 5 circles at the top are for each of the 5
    special weapons you get in the game, used for certain gameplay nicks. For 
    example, the Bamboo Pole allows you to jump over long areas. In the center is
    your current weapon, including your special weapon, if you equip it. To the 
    left is the amount of coins you have; to the right, your level and the amount
    of tears you have. Collect a set of 6 tears and you will gain a health and 
    savvy bonus. There are 60 tears in the game. The walkthrough will describe how 
    to get all of them.
    [4.02] Your Moves
    What's an adventure without some fancy moves? This section covers these moves. 
    Use B to jump, obviously, and the control pad to direct your jump's direction.
    Certain objects can be hung from; use the control pad to slide along, B to 
    climb up onto the ledge, and Y to drob back down from it. If you just catch 
    the end of a platform, you'll  catch it and hang from it. You can climb certain
    things too; use Y to jump off. In Tarzan-esque style, you can swing across 
    chasms on vines and such. Press left and right to increase your swing, and up
    and down to climb up or down your rope. use B to jump off. 
    There are two basic attacks in this game. Y is the sword swipe we all know,
    while X is the less conventional kick-in-the-heels attack. Y is stronger, but
    X can break through blocking and temporarily stuns your aggresor, pushing 
    them back. Good for getting some distance between you and your enemy. Also,
    each pirate has his special Pirate Move that can only be unleashed at a 
    certain time. Watch for the skull and crossbones appearing above your enemy's
    head; when the time is right, use x to perform the knockout attack.
    You can be stealthy and defensive too. Sneak up behind an enemy and use X to
    perform a funny-looking sneak attack and decapitate them on contact. Use the R
    shoulder button to perform a block.
    Here's a powerful move that's not mentioned in the manuel. Jump and then press
    Y. You will smash back down and perform an area-effect hit that also breaks
    [4.03] Special Items, Adventure Items, Pick-Ups
    There is a myraid strew of stuff to pick up in this game. 
    First, I'll cover the special weapons. At any time in your adventure you can 
    use a available special attack by pressing L. This uses up a bit of savvy, but
    special attacks are very powerful and act when you are overwhelmed, which is
    quite often the case late in the game. Special weapons appear spinning at 
    certain points in the game; pick it up to exchange your current one for the one
    provided. The first special weapon is the Flash Bomb. Throw it to temporarily
    stun your enemies, allowing you to get away, move on, or kill some while they
    stand around confused, lightening the load. The tar Bomb meanwhile is like the
    slow-ifier. True to its name, it engulfs nearby enemies in tar, they glow pink,
    move slowly, and attack slowly, allowing you to kill them with ease. The dagger
    meanwhile is for close combat. se it to deliver a thrust that doesn't due much
    damage, but leaves them poisioned. The enemy dies soon after. The whip 
    meanwhile is arguably the strongest of the four, and my personal favorite. Use
    it like a weapon; it has a huge damage arc, long range, and a lot of damage
    packed in, greatly weakening your targets.
    Next-adventure items. You start out only with Jack's Compass, but pick up the
    rest into the game. The compass leads you to the nearest treasure. Very 
    useful for us treasure hunters. The Bamboo ole can be used with special plates
    to Spring! you to other platforms too far away to jump to. The torch can be 
    used with lit braziers to light stuff up, like obstacles or other placers. It
    only lasts a limited time however and dissapears when you put it away. The
    grappling hook can be used to create your own rope line to swing on, while the
    hooks let you climb etting and other fixtures.
    Last are the pick-ups. First come apples, which can resore your health. Coins,
    well, add to your treasure, duh. Gears, dropped by certain opponents, let you
    open closed doors. Map fragments are needed to unlock the next section. You 
    can find these pick ups by defeating enemies and breaking crates.
    [4.04] Dueling
    Dueling is a new thing to Pirates. In your adventures you will encounter the 
    pirate lords and other pirates, whoom you have to defeat in a duel to progress.
    Duels are basically the boss battle then. Use the touch screen to draw lines,
    and later complex shapes, that perform attacks. You can block in the direction
    attacks come from with the appropriate D-pad/A-B X-Y combo-for example, an up
    stroke can be be defeated with the up block, performed either by X or by Up.
    Block an opponent's attack correctly and they will be temporarily stunned, 
    allowing you to hit them. the winning tactic is to just block their attacks, 
    stun them, counter, and then repeat. This whittles their hp down without
    wasting yours. Other pirates can block too, and the same thing happens as when
    you attack, you can be stunned. The duel ends once someone runs out of hp. You
    can unlok more complex attacks then the basic 4 by comepleting parts of the 
    game. Talk to the pirate at the helm of the ship and you can practice dueling
    with him. Harder bosses give you less time to react to their attacks.
    At the end of the duel you have to disarm the opponent. Memorize the presented
    pattern and then execute it correctly to disarm your opponent and finish the 
    After you comeplete a duel you are given points and a rank based on how quickly
    you finished the duel, how much damage (fatique) you took, and how much style 
    you did (basically how manty different moves you used). Rake in over 1000 
    points to get the highest rank, Pirate Lord. Down from there is Commrade, 
    Captain, and the rest I don't remember.
    [4.05] Minigames
    There are 3 minigames splayed throughout the game.
    Picking Locks
    You play this to pick certain treasure chest locks. Draw a line as quickly as
    possible from one side to the next and avoid the falling tumblers. If you touch
    a tumbler you have to start over. On harder difficulties the tumblers are 
    splayed out so that you have to draw a complex line quickly to avoid them, but
    this is still an easy mingame.
    Arranging Map Fragments
    Go to your desk to arrange your map fragments. This is a very cursory minigame,
    just stick the fragments in the right places relative to one another and get
    your comeplete map.
    Gearbox Minigame
    At intervals you'll meet doors in the game. Openning them requires you to stick
    the gear in the right slot and spin it in the right direction to disingage the
    lock. Easy again.
    [4.06] Your Ship
    Your ship acts as your base between adventures. It's also where you practice
    dueling and learn new moves.
    The Deck
    This is where most of the action is. Switch charecters, and practice dueling 
    Captains Quarters
    Visit the captain's quarters through the door in the ship's helm. Here you can
    admire unlocked artwork, change costumes, assemble maps, and admire your game
    Cargo Hold
    This is in the ship itself. it contains all your trophies, wealth, adventure
    items, and also Gibbs, who can start a game of Liar's Dice if you talk to him.
    The Bridge
    Walk over to the wheel to take command of your ship and go to another area. You
    can only visit areas you've unlocked.
    [4.07] Charecters
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    One time and possibly future captain of the Black Pearl, Sparrow is a pirate's
    pirate. Relying on his wit, his sword, and lots of luck, Jack is one of the 
    sea's most endeering, and least trustworthy, souls.
    Will Turner
    Try as he might, turner may have to sword skills of a pirate, but not the cold
    heart. His good hature makes him a valuable ally, but the pirate blood in his
    veins can lead to reckless actions.
    Elizabeth Swann
    She's no damsal in distress-she's a girl with a mission! Elizabeth is both fast
    and graceful and wields dual swords that carve a place for her commanding
    [4.08] Map and Mission Structure
    The game follows a certain structure that I will describe here. It can be 
    broken into 4 "areas," each with a certain amount of levels. These are 
    controlled collectively from the map, where you choose your destination. There
    are two types of levels-ordinary levels and boss battles. Ordinary levels make
    up the majority of the levels, and are the basic side-scrolling key to the 
    game. Boss Battles are what they sound like-Boss Battles. They occur with 
    bosses and have their own designation. There are usually 2 bosses per area.
    Boss battles are basically duels with key storyline charecters, and some 
    unexpected ones too.
    Red Circle - A level you have yet to comeplete. Comepleting these levels 
    advances the story.
    Green Circle - A level you have comepleted, but not comepletly. This means you
    have left a chest behind, and in order to get 100% of the game you have to go
    back and finish it.
    Crown - you have comepleted this level 100%. There is nothing more to see here.
    Two Swords - You have beaten this boss battle.
    [4.09] Liar's Dice
    Liar's dice is a minigame that you can access by talking to Gibbs in the 
    cargo hold. It's really just a distraction but if you master it the game can
    become quite fun. this is basically what wireless multiplayer consists of.
    You can play Liar's Dice with up to 3 friends or against the machine. To start
    the game, each player rolls their dice but doesn't show their roll to the other
    players. Your roll is displayed on the Touch Screen. shake the cup and look at
    your dice. When it's your turn to play, you may either raise the bid or call 
    the previous bidder a liar.
    The bid consists of how many of a certain die everyone at the table has. To
    raise the bid, increase either the number of (a.e. five 8s -> seven 8s) or the
    actual number of (a.e. five 8s -> six 9s) the current bid To add a degree of
    difficulty, skulls, which are pretty common, count are wild and count as all
    There are two numbers in each bid: the value of the dice you're bidding on (2.
    3. 4, 5, or 6) and the number of dice that you claim have been rolled. That 
    number can range from one all the way up to however many dice have been rolled.
    If the bid is to high and you are called a liar, you lose a dice! If you are 
    called a liar but really aren't, the caller loses a die. After every call, 
    someone loses a dice, and the die are reshuffled. The game ends when only one 
    person has any dies left. 
    Here are some tips: be conservative. Unless you are certain that the bid is
    wrong, like saying five 5s when there are only 8 dice in play, try to avoid
    calling altogethor. This is because if you lose a die, you both come closer to
    losing, and take a disadvantage. Fewer dies means you have less insight into
    the game. in the reverse, more dies, like having 4 when there are only a total
    of 8 in play, gives you a massive advantage.
    The computer isn't actually that difficult, but they do have a tendancy to call
    wild bids. While that usually means that you can strike them out, the annoying
    part is when their bids are actually right. Also they will call out often, even
    in what are almost certainly bad calls. That's good for you but again, 
    occasionaly they are right. Remember that the coomputer players attack one 
    another as well, so by biding your time you can quickly gain an advantage, 
    beacuse no matter the call as long as you're not on one end or the other the
    computer as a collective will lose a die.
    One of the tricky parts of the game is that you have to raise the bid on your
    turn. That's right, HAVE TO. The best tactic to keep this problem low is to 
    raise the number to your best number and not raise the amount. Or, raise the
    amount by one and don't raise the number.
    [5] Walkthrough
    [5.01] Isla Cruces-Where Disaster Strikes
    Isla Cruces, in the not-so-distant past...
    Captain Sparrow,  running from a deal gone wrong with Davy Jones, has found 
    himself locked in mortal combat with James Norrington and william Turner over 
    the key to the Dead Man's Chest.
    Jack Sparrow:
    Davy Jone's heart is in the Dead Man's Chest, savvy? Whoever has the key can
    open it and control Davy Jones or destroy him!
    William Turner:
    I will see my father free of his servitude to Davy Jones on the Flying 
    Dutchman! I say we open the chest now and stab the heart. Excepting that Davy
    Jones set the Kraken after me when I "declined" his offer to join his crew. If
    he dies, I will never be free of that beastie.
    James Norrington:
    This is a chance to get my life back-and I'm going to take it.
    Jack Sparrow:
    On the subject of taking-I'm taking the key!
    *They start slowly moving around one another*
    *Will knocks over Sparrow but Norrington rushes through Will. Sparrow gets up
    while Norrington makes a break for it*
    [End Dialouge]
    Yes, that's right, this game starts at the end of Pirates 2. After that dynamic
    cut scene you assume the role of Will as you rush after Norrington. Grab the
    coin out in the open and then jump between the platforms. Another coin. This
    "mission" basically introduces you to the comtrols. Grab the ledge and slide
    down as instructed. On the ground, walk between the stone pillars and snag all 
    of the coins there. Backtrack and climb onto the pillar. Jump across the 
    pillars, collecting coins. here is your first save point-the Pirate flag. 
    Finish jumping and land on a tall wooden platform. Destroy the barrel with Y 
    and grab the coins, then climb down the rope netting back to the ground. Here
    there's a setof moving platforms, you have to time your jumps carefully so as
    not top dunk yourself into the water.
    On the other side is another save point, two barrels, and your fist enemy. 
    Kill the pirate with Y and collect the crates. slide along the pole and keep
    moving and you come to a block and an unscalable wall. However, Will 
    Will: Hold on a moment...I've got a feeling there's something nearby. I should
    take out Jack's compass and check...
    [end dialouge]
    And so you get access to your first special item, Jack's compass! Use it to 
    track down treasure. Use it now with A and it will lead you acrss a jump to a
    small chest. Play the tumplers minigame and get your first treasure, a 
    Tear of Calypso. Find 6 and increase your health and savvy, permenenetly.
    Tear of Calypso #1
    Cross the chasm and open the chest for your first Tear! The rest won't be so
    Now go bakc and kick the crate to the wall. climb it and then scale the two
    walls, ad you will get to pick up a Special Weapon-Flash Bomb! Use it to stun
    enemies. You'll need it on the next section. Cross the chasm and quickly throw
    one with R to stun them. you get a chance to perform a special on them now. 
    Look for the skull and crossbones and press X when you see it to do so, but you
    can go without it.
    Scale the net and then another one. Crab the pole and slide along it to the 
    next platform. Beat the pirate and grab the gear he drops. Use it on the locked
    door right there to open it. Stick the gear in the top slot and then turn it to 
    open. Cross into some sort of ruined home. Two more pirates here, and a chance
    to brush up on your skills. go to the door and open it with the gear one of 
    them drops. Slide it into the center-top pin and then rotate to open the door.
    The china-thing symbols tells you you are entering a new area.
    New area. You start out on a ruined road with a bit of a grade. Move to see a 
    pirate staring into space absent-mindedly. the perfect oppertunity for your 
    first sneak attack! Sneak over to him and then press X to execute it and 
    decapitate him instantly. Climb the net and then slide along the broken wood
    support frame. You drop right onto a stupid pirate; don't worry, he can't hit
    you while you're hanging. wait for his attack to pass, drop down and assualt 
    him. Kick through his block and then kill him. Oh, Tar Bomb!
    Ignoring the commands for now, go down the rope and kill the pirate. Snag all
    of the treasure here and then get back onto the main course. Jump the long
    distance to the rope, rotate it and then jump off. Jump onto another one, you
    land pretty high on it, climb down to near the edge for more momentum. Swing it
    and then jump through another two just like it to land on a small platform with
    a flag (checkpoint and a coin on it.
    More ropes follow. Another 4 ropes and you should have mastered the art of 
    jumping ropes by now ;) You see a new area to go to now. But wait:
    Bag of Gold #1
    You see the net there, by the exit area? Ah ha, missed it didn't you? Climb 
    down it onto a small sandy area with a bag of gold worth 25 coins-more then you
    could even have collected so far. Gold doesn't show up on the compass, remember
    NOW exit through to the next section for another cutscene.
    *The three stand with three crossed swords again in a jungle-ish area*
    Hand it over, pirate.
    We both want the chest to be safe. I believe an accord is in order.
    I won't join forces with the man who ruined my life!
    In point of fact, it was strapping Will who stole your fair lassie, freed me 
    from jail, and made you look like a fool. I was merly along for the ride.
    *Norrington turns to Turner*
    Sparrow, I do believe that this is the first thing that you have ever said that
    makes sense. Turner is to blame.
    Lovely. glad to have helped. You two settle this. I have a boat to catch.
    *Jack makes a break for the ruined tower. Everyone else follows him. Sparrow 
    gets to the top, looks down, and slides down the rope. Will and Norrington look
    down and then ascend the top*
    [end cut scene]
    Wow, that was pretty bad. sparrow succesfully turned Norrington on you, and you
    now have to duel him. Draw the line instructed from right to left. Now do it as
    instructed in the other direction. Up down and down up. Now do some blocks and
    stun him as instructed. Attack.
    you're set for the *real* battle.
    [cut scene]
    *Norrington looks down and jumps across a bunch of pillars. You follow and 
    confront him again*
    [end cut scene]
    Boss Battle: Norrington
    It takes 12 hits to kill Norrington. But considering that 5 were landed in the
    duel tutorial, it's only just 7. It's not a long shot to call this the easiest
    boss battle in the game, which makes sense because this is the tutorial boss.
    He doesn't even stun you, and misses half his blocks. Also attacks at long
    intervals. Beat the pattern the skewer him and beat him.
    [cut scene]
    Norrington and will run for Jack, whose on the beach getting his boat off the
    beach. They confront him. As the titles play, you watch Elizabeth chain Jack to
    the bridge. He pulls out but is engulfed by the Kraken. The ship goes down to
    the sea...
    The Dalma's Shack, Prsent Day...
    Why do you come to The Dalma? What magic do you seek? 
    No magic, we lost Daptain Jack Sparrow, your friend as well as ours. He's 
    passed over to the other side...to Davy Jones Locker.
    How could Davy Jones catch such a clever fellow as Jack?
    The Kraken took him and the Pearl too. It was regrettably our only means of 
    escape. If only there was some way for me to rescue him.
    Do you want jack back to the world of the living?
    Yes. Norrington took the Dead Man's Chest and gave it to Beckett. I need to get
    it back, and I don't think I can without Jack's help.
    Only someone who knows those dark waters can find Jack Sparrow. I think I have
    the man you need.
    *Barbossa walks down the stairs*
    So, where's my ship?
    Captain Barbossa! But you're dead!
    so I was, temporarily. I was fetched out of Davy Jones Locker, the resting 
    place of all blackhearted pirates...and I can find the way back.
    Then you'll want to guide us. Jack is there, and so is the Black Pearl.
    Hold boy, first we'll need to get to Singapore.
    singapore? Why Singapore?
    To find the way safely to World's End you'll be needing a map. Only one map 
    will do, held by the Pirate Lord Soa Feng. he will not part with it easily.
    *scene cuts out, returns to a ship*
    Welcome to the Hai Peng, Miss Swann. From here you control your adventure. I
    will teach ye new dueling moves, if ye dare. talk to Ratteli to discover 
    information about this port. Pintel is always eager to show ye a thing or two
    about duels. Talk to Will to swap places and have him take on the dangers 
    onshore. Grab ahold of the Captain's Wheel if ye wish to set sail for another
    port. walk down the gangplank to visit your current port of call, where danger
    lurks. Below deck lies the cargo hold. There you can play Liar's Dice with 
    Gibbs and check on your treasure. In the Captain's Quarters can be found your
    maps, logs, and many other soveneirs of your travels.
    [end cut scene]
    Whoo, what a lengthy cut scene. You've been introduced to the ship's functions
    and what the first part of your adventure will consist of. Now you switch back
    to Elizabeth in...a fisher's getup? It's a disguise. Talk to the guy standing 
    by the plank to learn a bit about singapore. Sao Feng loves bathouses and 
    apparently his is a dandy. Go to barbossa to see about those "special moves" he
    was going to teach "ye." He says he wants to see you practice first, but 
    apparently he means real-world practice because Pintel has no effect. Oh well.
    there's nothing more to see here, so walk the plank into your first real level-
    [5.02] Singapore Part 1-Of Rats and Map Pieces
    Singapore! we've come a long way to rescue Jack Sparrow.
    We've longer still to go, farther then you can imagine. Here there be fragments
    of a map that points to davy Jone's Locker. We find them, we find Jack.
    The sooner we find the map fragments the better. They'll lead us to Davy Jone's
    Locker-and Jack.
    are you sure you're okay going alone through the sewers, Miss Swann?
    I can take care of myself. besides, no one will recognize me in this, and who
    would harm a fisherman?
    Just be careful. We will meet up again at the courtyard...keep your eye open 
    for map fragments.
    Come on boy, you heard the lass. She'll be fine. We need to find Mistress 
    *they walk away*
    [dialouge end]
    The first level of Singapore is in...the sewers. Collect the gold coin right in
    front of you and a window will pop up, saying that gold coins are worth 5 
    silver, bags of gold are worth 25, and gems are worth 5000!! We'll be sure to
    keep our eyes out for that wallop of a big prize. with every 100 coins your 
    savvy meter refills, with every 200 both your savvy and health refill.
    Collect enough a find a reward back on your ship.
    You start out on a dock. You see the platforms to the left? And the slots in
    them? those are bamboo slots. The distance is too far to jump, which sucks 
    because there's a map piece right there. You'll have to find the bamboo pole
    and then double back for it. Oh well. As you go up the pier, a cut scene plays.
    [cut scene]
    *Two guards talk to one another. One spots you and points to you. They start
    walking towards you*
    [end cut scene]
    Don't worry about those creeps just yet. Break the crate and grab the coins. 
    Then go up the platform. Up the wooden peir, and you can sneak up on both of
    those bastards. Grab the coins, break the barrel and crate, and then climb
    another slightly-graded wooden structure. Go all the way to the left, past
    the way up, to see a Poision Dagger special item exchage-and a chest:
    Tear of Calypso #2
    Go past the exit point to an easily-seen chest. Open it for another tear.
    The poision dagger can used at close range to poision and slowly kill hard
    enemies. Go up the stairs and you see two swordsmen. They carry really big
    double-swords! These are a lot tougher then the pirates you fought in the 
    tuturial levels. Their attack is very strong and long-range, but slow to get 
    out of the gate. they have 12 hp though, so be careful! Beat them and collect
    the coins at the two areas. grab the gear and open the door to the next area.
    You come out in an open, un-urbanized area. Kill the two crates for coins and
    take the other one right there in the open. Open the chest in the corner, or
    rather try to, because another enemy comes-the tar Bomb dude. They run around
    and toss Tar Bombs at you, and are the reason you should shorten your 
    engagments. Kill him and go take the chest.
    Tear of Calypso #3
    Open the chest in the corner for another tear. You have to beat a suprise
    enemy to get it. The tumbler game here is a lot harder then it was before, 
    isn't it?
    Jump onto the platforms and scale the wall. Get the coin and break the two 
    barrels for more coins. Jump to another platforms, with two coins and shiny 
    metal plate. try walking onto it; it will expose some platforms for jumping 
    across the river. Get onto the planks and jump the 3 platforms to land on the
    other side of the river. Grab the pirate flag checkpoint here, destroy the two
    Tar Bomb guys and then break the crate for more stuff. Get down the stairs and
    then destroy the swordsman, and two barrels. Grab the open coin and activate
    another metal plate to open the door. But before you go...
    Tear of Calypso #4
    Despite being out in the open, this one is easily missed at first glance. Don't
    rush for the door or you'll miss the little nook in the wall to the lower 
    right, where you can find this chest and a tar dude guarding it.
    Go through the door and activate another flag. Jump a set of platforms and then
    break the crate and barrel, go through the door for a new area. Grab the coin
    and kill the crate, then kill the sword and tar dudes. Moving on, destroy the
    crate for another coin. by now telling you about coins is getting repetitive,
    it should be self explanetory, so I'll stop.
    Jump the river onto a wooden plank with a bamboo slot and two crates on it.
    Paifully, there are not one, but TWO chests in the background, across the jump,
    along with two barrels and a crate. GAH!! Ignoring it, grab the crate in the
    corner and then kill the two swords. Ascend the stairs and jump. Here the path
    splits in two. Follow the ladder down to another chest, along with some goodies
    and coins...
    Tear of Calypso #5
    Go downstairs and grab the chest for this one.
    No use going further right right now, just climb the two stairs (kill the tar
    on the way) and grab the swordsman. Destroy the crate and barrel in the corner,
    grab the chest for.
    Bamboo Pole
    Go up the stairs and open the chest for this unmissable quest item!
    Yay!! We got a really big pole! Elizabeth examines it closely and puts it away
    (he he). You can go onwards, but I reccomend doubling back to where you saw the
    two chests. go back, and stand on the shiny notch-plate. Equip the pole and use
    it with A to get to the goodies on the other side!
    Tear of Calypso #6
    Congrats on comepleting your first set of tears! This is in the chest to the
    Rare Gem #1
    Oh my god, you're rich! Congrats on finding the first of the rare gems! This 
    VERY valuable item is to the right of the set. Collect the goodies and it's 
    time to head back.
    Go back to where you were "supposed" to go. Go down and use the pole on the
    shiny plate to vault all the way to the other side, landing right at a 
    flagpole. Grab the goodies and have at your first Misstress Swordswomen. She
    carries a long-range, razor sharp bamboo pole. however, she doesn't block, so
    what-ever. Problem? they poision you!
    Head down the plank stairs and you can walk on the swamp water. You encouter 
    another Misstress Swordswomen and a Swordsman. Try to sneak up on them, given
    the wide space it's plety possible, otherwise just kill them. You see 3 plates
    in the ground; this is a bit of a puzzle. You have to align the blocks in the
    back so that they lead to the exit area. Each one controls a block. Do it in
    this order: first, last, first, last. DON'T TOUCH THE MIDDLE ONE, IT WILL RESET
    THE PUZZLE. jump across the platforms and enter the door to enter the next 
    Battle time! You've entered a bit of a fishing area. Kill the tar man and then
    two Swordswomen. Remember, her attacks are long distance but very narrow. After
    that go to the chest in the bottom-right corner.
    Tear of Calypso #7
    The first tear of a new set. easily visible but you have to best some enemies
    to get it.
    Collect the crates and coins. Head down the platform to see another jumping
    platform. get out yours sword so as to kill the lousy swordsman that come for 
    Head up the platform (the bottom part has nothing) and climb the stairs. The 
    top of the little covered hut has a tar man and a metal plate. Activate it to
    see platforms rise where there was nothing before. A tar man suddenly apears, 
    jump across and kill him. Jump the platforms to another dock plank. Grab the
    flagpole. Cross the platform and go up the small bridge. It has a silver and
    gold coin, and is guarded by a swordswomen. Destroy her. Kill the barrel and
    head downstairs (it splits into two). Grab the barrel-bourne goodies. In the
    corner there are two chests! 
    Secret Map Fragment 1/4
    This is no ordinary map fragment. This is one of four highly rare map fragments
    that, if collected, unlocks a secret special area...obviously highly desirable.
    This one is in the northern corner nick
    Tear of Calypso #8
    This one is in the eastern nick.
    Get onto the platform, and make the jump to the tall platform with the jump
    pad. You drop onto a straw-tatched roof. Drop over and activate the plate to
    open a door below. Drop down and go through. Immediatly you encouter a tar and
    a swordsman. Kill them and use the jump pad to jump to more planks and a pirate
    flag. A swordsman and a swordswoman come next. Jump over the platforms. On the
    other side is a tar man and a swordswoman. On the plank in the back is a chest.
    Tear of Calypso #9
    Another tear. Quite enticing as you can see it from quite some compass range.
    Bungie over and you'll land splat in the face of a sworsman and his buddy. 
    Blast through him. Go through the door. There's a sword and a tar here. The
    problem is that the tar keeps throwing from out of your sight range. Anyway
    kill them and go for the chest in the middle of the room.
    Mytical Chart Fragment 1/4
    The first of the four "mytical" map pieces need to rescue Sparrow.
    And so the level ends.
    The level flows seemlessly into the next level, which is the boss battle, 
    Mistress Ching.
    [cut scene]
    *everyone runs over*
    Mistress Ching:
    Stop where you are.
    Misstress Ching, queen of the eastern pirates! Why would you trouble simple 
    travellers such as us?
    Misstress Ching:
    You are no simple traveller Barbossa. You are a pirate. These others I do not
    We don't intent to intrude on your domain.We're merly after certain...charts.
    Mistress Ching:
    I know well what you are after. You come where you are not welcome. You seek 
    what is not yours.
    We're after no more than we need, and we'll go as you please.
    Mistress Ching:
    I think not. You will do great harm with the map fragments you seek. It is 
    forbidden. Now go.
    And if we refuse?
    Mistress Ching:
    You will still travel to the Locker, just not in the way of your choosing.
    *Her swordswomen guards come in, she tells them to stand aside and draws her
    Boss Battle: Mistress Ching
    This one is far more difficult then the first battle, but that's not saying 
    much. Your best bet is just to attacking and conter, she's really bad at 
    defending. After 7 hits you get a chace to disarm her, but she's down, not
    out. She orders her guards to take you out. Elizabeth takes them out and runs
    up to confront the mistress again. She needs just 4 more hits and the duel is
    Mistress Ching:
    You may have defeated me, but you will never get the charts. You are but one
    against many.
    *Will runs up*
    Mistress Ching:
    Two? Two against many! You will still fail.
    *Barbossa, two sailors move in*
    Misstress Ching:
    I will never give up! It would take an army...
    *Monkey shows up*
    Mistress Ching:
    ...Parley? I will show you where the map peices are hidden, but the last must 
    be torn fron from the grip of that coward, Sao Feng, in his bathouse sanctuary.
    [5.03] Singapore Part 2-Taking the Fight to the Streets
    The next level is in the crowded, grueling Singapore streets. NOt very 
    inviting, to say the least, but neccesary to get to Sao Feng. But before you do
    so, backtrack to the Sewer Docks level. Remember the "inaccessible" map 
    fragment there? You now have the means (Bamboo pole) to get it.
    Secret Map Fragment 2/4
    Yes! Another ultra-rare map fragment! This one isn't even accesible the first
    time you played the level. Told you they're well-hidden.
    Back to the new level...
    You start out in a waterside curb. Come around and guess who? A tar and a 
    swordsman. Climb the stairs to see another tar guy, and a gold coin. Jump 
    across to a flag point. Kill another tar guy, progress a bit, and then kill 
    another one. they're strangly prevelent here aren't they? Anyway the second one
    drops a gold coin, and is guarding a chest.
    Tear of Calypso #10
    This tear is guarded by a relatively valuable tar guy, if only for the gold
    coin he's carrying.
    Backtrack a little to the flag. Grab the rope hangging and climb it (it doesn't
    swing). Cimb down and slide along the rooftop. Drop down onto a bamboo platform
    and then swing across with the rope hanging there. There's a save point here.
    There's a really long rope down to the ground, and in close succession there is
    a tar,s word, and then another tar here. Try to avoid having to fight them all
    at once. The tar guy can hit you while you're on the rope so be warned.
    Four silver coins ring a central plate. Activate it to open the door. You enter
    a marketplace-like area. Save, the map splits in two here. Go up the bridge and
    kill the two swordsmen on it. One of them drops a posion dagger if you need it.
    Go down the bridge to see a gold coin, and a chest. 
    Tear of Calypso #11
    Also nearby-a gold coin. "Guarded" by two swordsmen. Across the bridge.
    Go down and move across the moving platforms below the bridge. Grab the ladder
    and climb up onto a raised stone platform; you can probably ambush one of the
    enemies here, sword or tar. Climb down and then kill the two guards, sword and
    tar, again, of the exit door.
    Kill the crates and barrels; treat the sword and tar combo the same. Ignore
    the ladder for now, instead head to the right and drop down. You should be able
    to ambush either of the swords and kill the other one standardly. There's a 
    couple of barrels here, and another chest...
    Tear of Calypso #12
    Congrats on comepleting your second set! This comes with its own little extra
    section and two swordsman guards. Easily missable.
    Climb the ladder and get back on track. Climb the other ladder and move across
    the raised platform. Put your pole into the jump slot and spring across the
    chasm. climb back down another ladder for another tar-sword combo-and a save
    Go down the ladder. You should easily be ticked off by the empty space near the
    ladder up. Obviously there's something more to the right. Go down the right and
    counter another tar-sword to get to a chest. There are two tars this time. One
    of them drops a gold coin. 
    Tear of Calyso #13
    You should be ticked off of this one by the laerge empty space past the ladder
    you're supposed to climb. In the central corner of this extra area, which is
    guarded by a sword and two tars.
    Happy trips again. Climb the ladder and use the pole to vault to a far-away 
    raised platform. Drop down the ladder and head to the right to see another 
    chest, easily seen.
    Secret Map Fragment 3/4
    ...Not the best hidden secret fragment. Or the best-hidden chest, period. But
    still, you can almost feel the enticing pull of whatever this unlocks-just one
    more piece...
    Don't climb the ladder just yet, head to the right to get to an open area. Kill
    the two sword guards and collect the treasures, then activate the plate outa 
    Get through the door and save. Two more swords. Sneak-by them as they are 
    unimportant. Climb the ladder and head across planks, ropes, and jumps to a new
    Crate; follow the coins to another sword/tar. Kill them and then break the two
    barrels for goodies. Ascend the bridge up the stairs and kill the two guards,
    along with collecting the goodies. Head down to a save point. Ignore the ladder
    for now and head west. Kill the swords, guards of a rather more barren chest-
    courtyard, and then get to the chest.
    Tear of Calypso #14
    Another chest-courtyard, but this one is signifigantly more barren then the
    rest. Soon after entering the new area. Kill the guards to get it. The crate
    is uninteresting, but the barrel contains a whip, if you need it.
    Climb the stairs. Vault across and now jump between a bunch of platforms 
    ringing the courtyard. You arrive at a really large bamboo-plank platform. Kill
    the sword and tar; the tar has a gold coin in his drop.
    Climb down to arrive at another save point. Cross the moving platforms across
    the water. bamboo-pole across the remainder of the water and back onto solid
    ground. Ascned he long stairs, collecting all of the goodies on the way. You
    come to a courtyard with two tars and two swords. Biggest fight yet! Your 
    reward? One of the tars drops a gold coin, and there's a chest in the middle of
    the court.
    Mystical Chart Fragment 2/4
    Collecting this well-rotected chart fragment is "required" as it also opens the
    door. Two tars and two swords mean you'll have to fight for it. Not well hidden
    Herin lies the door and your ticket outa there.
    [3.04] Sao Feng
    Sao Feng is really wierd. his fortress is his bathhouse? Oh come on, give me a
    break. Anyway...yes this is a boss battle, but you have to do some side 
    scrollin' to get there. You come in and are immediatly ambushed by two swords 
    and a tar. Jerk-offs. Soon after is another fight with a sword/tar, with 3 
    crates by it. Kill them and then climb up onto the platform by the side.
    Drop down and kill the sword mistress. Who, she's back! In the corner...
    Bag of Gold #2
    Not very well hidden but a nice touch and reward for your efforts.
    The misstress drops a gear to open the door. But here's something worth 
    knowing. You see that net up there? And the platform up above with a bamboo 
    slot on it? DAWM IT! You can't get this, anythime soon, as the gap is 
    unjumpable and you need to final special item in the game, hooks to cross. We
    will return for it later...much later. Anyway, gear the door and advance.
    Climb the short stairs and kill the sword and tar. One drops a gear, use it on
    the door to open it. There's a save point here, and a large water-filled chasm
    and some barrels. Kick them open and they will act as a platform for you to 
    cross. Pole across, but DON'T PROCEED. Instead wait for a moving platform to
    appear to the right. Take it to a chest in the water that you poled over.
    Tear of Calypso #15
    You need to take a "secret" moving platform to this one, but the secret was
    ruined when you pole jumped over it. Worth every second.
    Drop down and kill the swordwoman to recover a gear for the door. Open it to
    advance to a new area. 
    Now, DON'T MOVE. Here lies one of the best-hidden chests in the game. You see
    those bedsheets in the back? Scale them. Drop behind them to find...a chest!
    Tear of Calypso #16
    This is easily one of the best-hidden chests in the game. It's behind some 
    laundery that looks like part of the scenery! Very tricky, but that's why you
    came here isn't it-to get all of them!
    Advance again feeling awesome that you have this hard part tackled. Jump across
    the platform onto another one with, what else, another chest.
    Rare Gem #2
    Yay!!! We're rich again. Found on a platform used for locamotion, this bugger
    pretty mcuh doubles your wealth single-handidly. No wonder they're so rare.
    Woot! Sweet! Jump back on and go down to the platform at the lower side now.
    Wait for the slow-moving platform to come and jump on. Then onto another one,
    and another one, which takes you over a pole you have to jump. Two more such
    pole confugations and you get on solid-ish ground again. Climb the ladder to
    Before you go, look to the right. See that lousy pole? You can use a hook on
    it to get whatever goodies are on the other side. Of course, WE DON'T HAVE ONE. 
    You arrive at another "station" with a door. Sneak the swordwoman guad and grab
    her gear. Both of the crates have gold coins, so break them. Open it; use the
    two crates at the top to heal, they contain an apple and an apple kebob.
    Climb down the stairs and you come to another water area. From the platform,
    jump to the back and hinge onto the long pole. Avoid the steam and drop down
    onto the bamboo platform. Vualt to the next one, which as an open item on it:
    Tear of Calypso #17
    Impossible to miss. Literally. You're coming close to comepleting your third
    Bamboo back and grab another steam-infested pole. Once you cross it climb up
    and you get to save. Two swords here. Kill them, BUT don't break the crates!
    They both contain an Apple Kebob, becauce you have to square off with two
    swords, two tars, and two mistresses to pass through. The mistresses are
    absolutely LETHAl, save it for them. Once you are done the door opens and you
    can leave.
    Finally, Sao Feng!
    *Will and Elixabeth look into a room, nod, and then take out the two guards at
    the entrancee*
    Sao Feng:
    You are either extremely brave or foolharty, you who dare intrude me as I 
    prepare to take my bath...
    You know, they say too much heat is bad for your health.
    *Sao stands up and gets his sword*
    Sao Feng:
    Who are you and what do you want?
    Who we are is of little concern to you.
    We have come for the mystical chart, of which you have to find piece.
    Sao Feng:
    you'd only want the chart to find Davy Jones' Locker. What could you want 
    Captian Jack Sparrow. We mean to bring him back.
    Sao Feng:
    if he returned from the dead, I'd only send him back. I'll save myself the 
    trouble and keep the fragment.
    Then we'll have to take it from you!
    Sao Feng:
    I honor your nerve. I will give you the fragment...if you defeat me.
    [end cut scene]
    Boss Battle: Sao Feng
    He's a lot more challenging then anything you fought yet. But the effect is
    ruined by his predictable attack pattern and insistent over-taunting. 9 hits 
    and you disarm him, but he avoids you attack and grabs his sword again. 5
    more and he's down permenently.
    Sao Feng:
    Impressive. I am a man of my words...sometimes. The map fragment is yours,
    although I can't promise you'll make it back from that terrible place...hear
    that? There are soldiers approaching. You must have been followed. Leave 
    quickly before you are captured. I'll show those foosls what happens when you
    invade my house.
    *everyone runs off*
    *Sao Feng meets 3 Imperial redguards*
    You get back on the ship. It's time to assembe your map pieces and chart for
    the next area-Davy Jone's Locker. Step up to the desk and press A to begin.
    Put the four pieces togethor.
    The map is assembled and the path before ye opened. Take the helm and go to
    Jone's Locker if ye dare. Be warned though, these are the last friendly words 
    ye be hearing.
    [end dialouge]
    Before you go, talk to Barbossa. He will teach you a new duel move, the 
    strong undercut! At this point I also changed Elizabeth's costume from the
    slightly creepy Singapore fisherman one. Go helm your ship and steer it for the
    Watch as your ship falls off a massive waterfall and into the Locker!
    [5.05] Welcome to Davy Jone's Locker
    You can now climb down the plank as Will. First stop-the hilly Desert Hills.
    [cut scene]
    well, we're here, whatever here is.
    We be in Jack's personal square of eternity.
    Why would Jack's eternity be a waterless desert wasteland?
    I did not say it was heaven, lass.
    well, heaven or not, we need to get jack and find a way home.
    There be tell of a riddle that can guide travellers out of places such as 
    these. We should look for it as well as Jack.
    Nothing to do but get started. I see some cliffs in the distance. Let's start
    *Will climbs a cliff, a zombie spawns out of the ground*
    Defeat the zombie, but another one spawns where the first one fell! Kill him 
    too and it will show a treasure chest at the top of a bunch of cliffs.  Climb
    onto one and pole to the next, and then again, to get to it. There's a trick
    to the ghouls; after you kill one, another one spawns, so circle around while
    the first dies so you can sneak-attack the second.
    Hmm, another quest item. Use it with a lighted brazier to light stuff and to
    light braziers.
    Light it on the brazier and then light the vegitation blocking the entrance.
    Jump past and grab the gold coin. Light another brazier at the end of the 
    platforms. Jump down to conserve time and run and light another brazier. Now
    kill the ghoul.
    Climb down the tusk-ladder and defeat the ghoul there. Light the 
    brazier and a chest appears. 
    Tear of Calypso #18
    Appears mysteriosly after you light a brazier. Congrats on comepleting your
    third set!
    Light the two braziers besides the door to open it. Generally, as you advance
    down the level, keep a lit torch. Also...
    Bag of Gold #3 and #4
    In the same room with the above ghoul, there are ttwo crates. Break both; both
    of them has a bag of gold, worth 500 coins!
    Go through the door and beat the ghoul there. Light the vegitation and pass 
    through. There are two chests here and three crates, and, guess what:
    Bag of Gold #5, 6, 7
    ALL of the crates have bags of gold! Maybe I've missed the other ones so far or
    something...That's a whopping 750 coins.
    Tear of Calypso #19
    In the first chest, directly in front of the door. First of a new set.
    Rare Gem #3
    This does seem to be the wealth room doesn't it? I mean, 3 bags of gold and a
    rare gem in one tiny room? That's 5,750 coins! 
    Backtrack, but before you go up the ladder as you should, go all the way to the
    first room in the set. You'll see a dead end and, gasp, another grapling pole.
    Yet another impossible-to-get-in-the-first-run item. Sigh. Anyway, remember 
    this and go foward. Climb the ladder. Bamboo across the chasm and you get to a
    metal plate and a save point. the plate activates a brazier on a far-away 
    Jump betweeen the set of platforms (two of them have gold coins) to get to the
    brazier. Light your torch on it and then quickly jump back and light the one 
    near the door. It will open, revealing a new area.
    Immediatly sneak attack the ghoul whle he's not looking. Light your torch and
    then light the other three braziers in the room. The door opens and admits you
    onto a frightning-looking bridge with spikes on it. Pass while they're 
    retracted and quickly light the vegitation blocking your way off.
    Kill the ghoul. Before you climb the ladder, bamboo across the chasm. You will
    fly right over a set of treasures. climb the ladder and bamboo over the first
    barricade. There is a braizier here; use it to burn down all of the barricades.
    Bag of Gold #8, 9, 10
    Is this a joke? These things were so rare back in the day. Now they appear in
    sets of 3 all over the place! Located in the three crates up the first ladder,
    or from your position all the way to the left.
    Use the bamboo slot that was hidden under the vegitation. It will throw you
    directly to the first treasure
    Tear of Calypso #20
    Can be gotton from the bamboo slot hidden under vegitation.
    But wait! You say. There's another one! Yep. To get this go back to the first
    room and over to the bamboo slot. DON'T USE IT, it will throw you all the way 
    to the other side. Instead,jump from here into the gold-coined platform in 
    front of you. from there jump over onto the block, which has a chest and a gold
    Secret Map Fragment 1/6
    Hmm. Another secret map? We didn't fish the first one yet unfortunatly... This
    one is bigger, with 6 fragments over 4.
    Jump down the ladder, light the brazier and destroy the vegitation to go to the
    next area.
    When you enter, cross and beat the two ghouls, but they spawn two more, and
    these teleport! Beat them too and the brazier will light. Torch the vegitation
    to reveal a jump pad. On the other side is a platform with a flag on it-save
    point. Jump over from one platform to the next (gold coin). Bamboo across, but
    before you finish...
    Tear of Calypso #21
    It's easily seen, but you have to do a very difficult jump to get. Start from
    the nearby platform and jump. If you do it right you will catch the edge and
    can climb aboard.
    Finish and then bungie all the way across the huge chasm. Go back to the 
    platform before and light a torch to burn down the vegitationblocking your way.
    Bungie across. You see Sparrow, but he runs away and leaves a map piece 
    Piece of Riddle
    Remember the riddle Barbossa was talking about? This is the first piece. 
    Dropped by Sparrow.
    [5.06] Ship Graveyards and a Lost Soul
    Yay! This is more like what I was thinking as Jack's resting place. Go down and
    you will see a new enemy-a Ghoul Captian. They have less hp, but when they die
    they blow up and poision them. Kill them and then kick the barrel to the wall.
    Light it and it blows up. Slide down the shipwreck and then drop down onto a
    platform with a chest on it.
    Tear of Calypso #22
    Slide down the wrecked ship and drop down to see this on a platform.
    Slide along some more and climb up ontio a ship's deck. Light the torch and 
    blow the barrel. Move onto the platform, there's an enemy and a couple of gold
    coins here. Swing across to the mast platform, then jump over and climb down
    for a save point.
    Good thing too, the next few jumps are brutal. Light a torch and jump the three
    platforms. They're really far away from one another, you'll just catch the edge
    or even worse miss. Get onto another platform and kick the barrel to the bridge
    and then blow it up.
    There are two ghoul captains here. Kill them. Before you climb the netting up,
    you might notice that there is a chest across the wall. Climb the net and 
    scale to the left. There is a chest (another one) here. 
    Secret Map Fragment 2/6
    Yay, another Secret Map fragment!
    Head right and kill the two Ghoul Captains. Don't swing just yet though, we
    still want something-the chest, remember? You see the broken plank? Drop down
    from it and you will land on a plank. Drop down from here and claim the chest.
    Tear of Calypso #23
    Easily visable beyond a wall. You have to drop down from above to get it.
    Rope across onto a narrow platform leading down. Beat the captain and then the
    ghoul. Bamboo across to a save point.
    Bamboo across again and you land in another wreck. Defeat the ghoul and captian
    there. Bungie across another gap and you land at what appears to be a dead end.
    Drop onto the edge and then slide across
    Bag of Gold #9
    You drop down from the platform right into a wooden plank with this goodie on 
    Drop down and calim the above. Rope across onto a mast-piece and then again.
    go into the red circle for the next area.
    Ignoring the bridge for now, go downstairs. Kill the ghoul and captian. Light a
    torch and now, RUN for the bridge. Get across and blow up the barrel. ...You
    starting to hear monkey noises? Anyway ignore the rope and drop down for...
    Tear of Calypso #24
    Another day, another set comepleted. Congats on advancing to level 4! You have
    to drop down from the main level to get this one.
    Climb up the net back into the game. Align yourself with the rope and use it to
    swing across the gap. Grab the gold coin and swing down, then slide along the
    wrecked part of the ship. Drop down, and kick the box to the right and then
    foward so you can use it to jump onto the next slide. slide along and get up to
    save at the flag.
    switch out your torch for the bamboo now and spring across the chasm. You land
    on a small rock outcrop with a chest...
    Tear of Calypso #25
    Take the bamboo slot directly across to land on a small outcrop with this in a
    chest on it.
    Drop down and kill the captain and ghoul down there. Collect the gold and silver
    coin and keep doing. Go down the rock bridge and grab the gold coin there. Wait
    for the platform to come and jump on. Jump across the set of three, carefully
    as there is a lot of distance to cover, and clear to the other side for a save
    Light a torch and climb up. Quickly climb up the neetting and then jump between
    the three masts. Jump down and kick the barrel into position then light it to
    blow the bridge down. Collect the gold coin and proceed.
    Bag of Gold #10
    On the other side of the bridge, by the box, lies a bag of coins for you to 
    Jump onto the box and grab the edge of the next ledge. climb aboard and destroy
    the ghoul and captian there.
    Tear of Calypso #26
    Defended by a captian and a ghoul. Out in the open in the corner of the podium.
    Climb down to the edge railing of the ship and slide along. Get back up and 
    save at the flag. Take out bamboo and spring across the gap. You land on a 
    small ship section. Align yourself down the middle and jump to catch the next
    rope. Tarzan across the two ropes. Climb up the netting and across another rope
    to get to the next signifigant peice of solid ground.
    Kill the captain and his mate. Climb down the rope into the ship's bowels. On
    the raised platform grab the gold coin, and then drop down. Another brazier,
    dawm. Light your torch and proceed. Jump across the moving platforms quickly,
    kinda hard but wait for them to align at the end, then get clear, grab the gold
    coin, and burn down the vegitation blocking you from another chest. Now kill 
    the captain and claim your prize. (He drops a gold coin by the way). Ignore the
    brazier, it doesn't trigger anything. 
    Piece of Riddle
    Another vital peice of the riddle. As you get it, the door opens, a ghoul 
    spawns, and Jack runs through the door, which is the exit outa here.
    Ignore the ghoul and get out of there. The next stage, lost soul, is a boss 
    [cut scene]
    *Will runs up to some ghoul-thing*
    Hey, you there! can you help me?
    Lost Soul:
    If you be here, no help can I be.
    I'm looking for Captain Jack Sparrow. Have you seen him?
    Lost Soul:
    No captains or sparrows round here, only the lost.
    Well, you're of no help. It seems we are both lost.
    Lost Soul:
    it doesn't look like your soul is lost yet. Let me help you with that.
    [end cut scene]
    Boss Battle: Lost Soul
    This guy is definetly an attacker. He just keeps attacking you and doesn't stop
    doing so. Your best bet is to defend and stun him, then counter. Keep doing 
    this to wear him out quick. After seven hits comes the first disable, but he 
    escapes and runs a little before restarting the fight. The Lost Soul mostly
    does the up-attack, very predictable, but occasionally mixes things up a bit. 
    Six more and he's down for the count.
    Lost Soul:
    What happened? Where am I? I feel as if I've been dreaming.
    You were a lost soul, sunk into madness.
    defeating him must have cleared his mind. That could work with Jack too!
    Lost Soul:
    Thank you for setting me free!
    You're welcome. So very sorry you're still dead.
    Lost Soul:
    Huh, yeah. Ain't that a barnacle in the britches. Well, what can you do?
    [end dialouge]
    [5.07] Jack's Nightmare-I must be dreaming
    As soon as you enter the next pevel, Jack's Nightmare, you are confronted by a
    captain. Kill him and another one, and a ghoul, spawns. Uh oh I think I know
    where this is going...next comes captain, ghoul, ghoul. At the end of this 
    chain the brazier in the center of the room lights and you can torch the 
    vigation blocking your way. Destroy the lone crate in the corner for an apple
    kebob to heal your damage.
    Across the door is a lava field. The crate has another apple kebob so you 
    should be full-health now. Jump across, grab the gold coin, and then jump two
    more. The crate in the final corner contains a gold coin btw.
    Torch the vegitation and pass through. Kill the ghoul that comes out of the 
    door, and then the next five. I highly reccomend standing inside the door and
    then sneak attacking them when they come out.
    Now go to the other arch and defeat an equally anoyying wave of captains. 
    There are size of them. Ambush them as before, but after you do run. Once 
    they blow up return and repeat to avoid getting poisioned miltiple times.
    There are two chests in the corner of the room to reward your efforts.
    Tear of Calypso #27
    After that epic battle, this is one of your two rewards. In the chest to the 
    Secret Map Fragment 3/6
    After that epic battle, this is one of your two rewards. In the northern chest.
    Climb up the middle tower. Grab the gold coin there. Go to the left and you 
    will see yet another ungettable treasure. There is a grappling pole here, but
    YOU HAVE NO GRAPPLING HOOK!!!! Light the torch and proceed out of there. The
    brazier isn't let until all of the enemies fall, if you're wondering.
    In the new area, jump  between the well-stocked gold and silver coin platforms
    and get to the save flag. Get on the ropes and Tarzan across. Claim the stuff
    there and then kill the Captain and Ghoul.
    Bag of Gold #11
    The crate in the back of the room has a bag of gold in it.
    Save flag! There's lots of gold coins in the next room, a metal plate, and a
    Tear of Calypso #28
    In the same room as a bunch of gold coins, to the right.
    Depress the plate and it opens three platforms to a top part. Be warned; they
    make for a VERY difficult jump. Once at the top, head all the way to right for
    a chest. 
    Tear of Calypso #29
    To the right of the main pathway. You're coming close to comepleting your 5th
    Proceed upwards, down a long hallway. You can engage the two captains and ghoul
    there, but there's really no point as the exit gate is at the end of the hall.
    Here we enter a sort of maze. First, go left and collect the goodies there. Go
    right and activate the plate. Go downstairs, and right to get some more 
    goodies. Go left, defeat the ghoul and captain there, and activate the second
    switch. Go down. The left end is right there, grab goodies and then head right.
    Defeat another captain-ghoul combo and activate another plate there. Light your
    torch on the brazier and quickly jump down. Run left here and then light the 
    vegitation there to reveal a chest.
    Rare Gem #4
    5,000 coins is certainly worth the effort isn't it?
    Besides the chest is a jump pad. Use it to catapult to the other side. Activate
    yet another plate at the end. Now, jump down to the ground floor. Kill the 
    ghoul and pirate captian here. There are two prizes to claim
    Bag of Gold #12
    Near where the ghoul captain is patrolling, in the northeast corner of the
    Tear of Calypso #30
    Opposite the bag of gold, in the southwest corner, close to where the ghoul is
    patrolling. Congrats on comepleting your sixth set! Enjoy the upgrade.
    Go back up two levels. go all the way to the right and climb the stair there. 
    This is the level with the broken ground. Activate the last plate there to open
    the door on the ground floor-or rather, unlock a chest.
    Piece of Riddle
    Another piece of that infernal riddle. Collect it to open the door.
    Take the door outa there. Cut scene time!
    [cut scene]
    Jack! Is that you?
    Will, how are you? I'm balmy as a bilge rat myself. Have you met my 
    Jack's Mirage:
    Captain, he's even more pathetic then you described.
    What are you talking about?
    Elizabeth! My mirages are improving.
    I'm sorry for what happened, Jack.
    Think nothing of it. I couldn't stay angry with you. After all, you're not 
    Not real? Are you all right?
    I've never been better, other then being a gibbering lunatic. Well, with you
    two here, it's becoming quite too crowded in my head. Time to leave I think.
    What the devil are you talking about? We can't leave, we're stuck here!
    And that's where you're wrong. It's all a matter of leverage.
    *cut scene plays of Jack putting on his cap and overturning the ship*
    [end cut scene]
    [5.08] Upside-Down Ship
    Yep, you read it right, the next level is the upside-down ship :) Funny but 
    also annoying.
    Tear of Calypso #31
    You'll notice right off the bat, if you play attention, a net besides your 
    starting point. Climb down to claim your prize.
    You start on a platform with a jump slot on it. Fly across and blow out the 
    captain there. Climb the net up and you see a grappling hook pole!! Oh boy 
    let's use it! Oh wait we don't have a grappling hook. Go back down and catch 
    the end of the up-side down raft floating around. Jump clear and beat up the 
    ghoul to light the brazier. Light your torch and then use it on the gunpowder
    wire on the cannon by to the raft. Needless to say it will proppel you up a 
    bit. Light your torch by the brazier and then jump across the moving platform.
    Use your torcha gain to light another cannon, which proppels you into the ship.
    You might notice there are two braziers in the room, but no fire. Keen eye. We
    will go for them later. Collect all of the gold-coin barrels and then jump onto
    the platform to the right. In the new room you will almost immediatly spot a 
    lit brazier. Grab your torch, light it, and activate the brazier in the room 
    before, as well as torching the vegitation. Here we doth see another 
    inaccessible item; you have to climb the net with hooks to get at the chest
    across. ...GAH!!!
    Head back after that waste of time and go through the next room. Activate the
    metal plate to spawn a platform with a chest...
    Tear of Calypso #32
    Spawned by an actived plate.
    Now light your light and I will show you a little secret I know...
    Bag of Gold #12
    At first glance there is none. But..light your torch and then light the cannon
    fuse again. It will go up into the air a little and give you access to a bag of
    gold hidden in plain sight!
    Climb down the net. Kill the three enemies-two captians and a ghoul. It's a 
    tough battle as there is no healing nearby. Light the brazier. When it's lit
    you can cross to the other side on the platforms that appear. Light the torch
    and then light the brazier. Go downstairs and destroy the barrels to claim the
    prizes and light the vegitation to reveal a hole in the floor. Fall through.
    Drop down and then walk over. Do a bamboo jump to get over to the top, or rather
    the bottom of the ship. Move right and see a chest...
    Tear of Calypso #33
    At the top, or rather, bottom, of the ship.
    Go down to the left and onto the raft. Remember to light a torch. 
    And slide to the side...
    Rare Gem #5
    There's a gem worth 5,000 coins hdden behind the raft.
    Go down and drop down from the other side of the ramp. Drop down and light the
    cannon to blow out the wall blocking your advance.
    right where you enter there is a treasure chest, hidden and easily missed. It's
    right there among the other chests. Open it.
    Secret Map Fragment 4/6
    Another secret map fragment. Pretty well hidden in plain sight.
    Kick the box to the wall. Light your torch on the brazier there and then light 
    the cannon there. Blow out the wall to advance. 
    In the last section, just run to the end to end with you pulling Jack down.
    *Jack and Will land*
    Jack! Have you gone mad?
    Hmm...I'm going to go with yes.
    Then I must bring you to your senses. This is for your own good.
    With your sword? Are you crazy too? Enough of this. Jack!
    Jack's Mirage:
    Yes, captian?
    Kill this man.
    Jack's Mirage:
    Ay ay captain.
    [dialogue end]
    Boss Battle: Jack's Mirage
    Jack's mirage is a bit conservative, but not much. He still tuants too much, 
    but not as much, and attacks a lot too, but not as much. After 8 hits comes the
    first disarm, which fails, after 6 more you can disable him permenently.
    [cut scene]
    *Will punches mirage overboard*
    Well, that was exhilerating. What next? Barbossa? I shot you! You're dead!
    As are you, captain.
    Fair enough. All right then, I'll ask the expert. How do we leave the locker?
    We have collected all but one riddle fragment. If we can piece it togethor, we
    can leave.
    I just so happen to have the last piece right here! We can piece it togethor in
    my captain's quarters.
    Your captain's quarters?
    My riddle fragment. My captain's quarters.
    But, even if we escape, what do we do? Beckett has the heart and the Dutchman.
    That's simple really. We kill Jones.
    To kill Jones will take more than your smiling face. We'll need a proper 
    distraction and some bait. We need to convene the Brethren Court.
    Well, that be convenient, as, in your absence, the Court has been called.
    Excellent! Then our work is half done!
    But, there still be those that are holding out, refusing to honor old promises.
    They be hidden at Black Sand Beach.
    then we'll just have to collect them. To Black Sand Beach!
    [end cutscene]
    Go to the Captain's quarters and assemble the riddle. This unlocks Black Sand
    Beach. Go to the wheel and set a curse for more adventure! But before you go, 
    talk to Barbossa to learn a new move-the strong uppercut!
    [5.09] Black Sand Beach - Where's the Sand?
    For this set of missions you commandeer Captain Jack Sparrow. Exit onto the 
    plank to enter the first level: Beach.
    *Turben dude walks over to a bunch of sailors*
    Ah, my crew! You are perhaps wondering why we are here when we have been 
    summoned to the Brethren Court. I have word that the East India Company's
    fastest ship is heading there to capture us all! It seems that we will need a
    bargaining chip or two to get out of our skins. Fear not, your captain has a
    plan. You see, rumor has it that Captain Jack Sparrow is not only alive but
    heading here to fetch us. Compared to rouges like him and Chevalle, we are
    but little fish to the East India Conmpany. I want you men to ambush Chevalle
    on his ship and then set a trap for Sparrow. When the East India Company 
    finally comes, we will trade them for our freedom! Brilliant, yes? Now get to
    Tear of Calypso #34
    As soon as you start go back through the cave that is your entrance point. At
    the back you will find a Calypso's Tear. Incredibly well-hidden and impossible
    to see without the compass, this is one of those I'm missing one tear things.
    You start in a forest-ish area. Jump over and then again and you will see your
    first new enemy-a big black guy with a giant axe. He has amazing reach and a
    really high attack, but he's also slow and his attack is avoidable. Try to
    sneak-attack him if possible, otherwise kill him. Two chests...
    attack to poles and then swong across large gaps. In the chest directly in 
    front of you.
    Tear of Calypso #35
    In the chest to the back.
    And also...
    Rare Gem #6
    Another one of the best hidden items in the game. Impossible to get without the
    compass. Drop down from the black guy and walk over to the near end of the 
    broken ship, in the soutwest corner in geographical terms. Hidden behind the
    wreck is a Rare Gem worth 5,000 coins!
    Needless to say, I'm pleased to finally have the grapple :) I hope you just
    read this part because it revealed the location of two super-duper hard-to-find
    items, a rare gem and a tear. Climb down and you will see your *first* usable
    grapple pole. use it to swing onto the platform.
    Bag of Gold #13
    Immediatly on the other side.
    Grapple hook again to another high platform. Use the bamboo to get even higher.
    A new enemy appears. You see him? Sneak-kill him because he calls his buddies-
    two poleax dudes. Kill them. keep your distance and don't attack when they
    block because they can counterattack!
    Moving right along, light your torch and run down the cliff face. Light the 
    barricade to pass through. Save. And what have we here? A pirate, but different
    from the one on Isla Cruces. I call this guy buccaneer. Kill this quickie and he
    stands up again! Talk about playing dead. Actually beat him and kick to box next
    to the cliff to scale it. Grapple across and then bamboo. Before you drop down
    grapple across another. You have to do it in mid-air to get across both. Feeling
    the item multi-tasking yet? Anyway on the other side is a chest.
    Secret Map Fragment 1/5
    Yet another Secret Map Fragment!  This one belongs to a new set too.
    Grapple back and then descend the flimy platforms. Back to the ground. Save and
    break the crates here, then advance.
    Bag of Gold #14
    An easy leap across from the save point.
    DON'T GRAPPLE ACROSS THE CHASM!! Instead, fall down from the first block. You
    will land right on solid ground. Jump foward and use bamboo to get to the small
    island with the chest on it.
    Tear of Calypso #36
    Another VERY well hidden one; in fact, without your trusty compass you probably
    would never have found it. You have to willingly drop down from a high ledge
    and land down on a small island to get it. Congrates on a complete set!
    Take the bamboo slot back on the regular course. Grapple across the gap. Kick
    the box and then climb up to the door. Grapple across another double-chasm and
    then defeat the axeman and pirate here. Now open the chest!
    Tear of Calypso #37
    This one is out in the open but guarded by an axe and a pirate.
    Onward! Another grapple, triple this time. Cross the bridge to see the exit
    gate. The next level is Tavern, and this is a boss fight, so as not to impede
    the progression of the story I will go on with it. But in reality we have some
    buissness to attend to. Meaning, now that we have the grappling hook, we can go
    and claim the hidden unobtainable chests from before (see section 7 - 
    "Unobtainable" Chests for a full list).
    The Tavern:
    *Jack runs up and converses with a buccaneer*
    *Ammand walks over*
    Jack, my friend, fancy meeting you here.
    Oh, so those weren't you crew who attacked my on the beach?
    Heavens no.
    And those weren't your men I saw climbing aboard Captain Chevalle's ship?
    You're planning to sellus out aren't you?
    You  were always a bit too smart for your own good, Sparrow. I guess where my
    men failed I will succeed. En guard!
    [end dialouge]
    Boss Battle: Ammand
    Again, better then before. This dude's attacks are very strong yet very fast.
    He's the fist one to use the strong sidecut move, even before you can get it!
    He attacks mostly but blocks too, and his attacks are not predicatable but 
    still blockable. Also when he blocks he can stun you. Definetly a grade up from
    the rest but still no sweat. After 7 hits you push him through the window and 
    you two continue to fight on the balcony. After another 7 hits (14 hp, more 
    then any boss before) he finally goes down.
    I yield! I yield! I'll do whatever you want. Just do not kill me!
    I have no desire to dispatch you. I need you. Give me your map fragment.
    It will do you no good; you will need all of them to find your way to 
    Shipwreck Cove.
    Where are the rest?
    There is one in the abandoned villager nearby, but even now my men wait there
    to ambush you, and I have no way to call them off. The last lies in the hands 
    of the East India Trading Company, with Chevalle. He is already aboard their
    prison ship.
    I'll worry about that. You worry about what the court will do to you for 
    refusing the summons.
    Surely you don't mean for me to go there. They will surely kill me.
    Either them maybe and later, or me now and for certain, the choice is yours,
    I will go.
    Good man. let them know that Captain Jack Sparrow sent you.
    [end dialouge]
    [5.10] Secret Areas 01-Singapore
    Now that we have the grapple hook we can get most of the chests we've been 
    forced to miss so far. To cut to the chase, they unlock some VERY valubale, and
    often missable, goodies, that not everyone bothers to get.
    First, go to Sigapore. Play the bathhouse level up to the part where you see a
    grappling pole, that is, after the set of bamboo-moving platforms. On the other
    side? 3 crates and a chest...
    Secret Map Fragment 4/4
    The final piece of the puzzle. You need a grappling hook, which comes two areas
    later, to get this. And I mean areas, not levels. A after-game goodie that's 
    worth getting in the middle because it unlocks something awesome!
    Quit to ship and assemble the map. It unlocks the Singapore Secret Stage! Go
    out of the ship and investigate the new stage that pops up on the map.
    The Singapore Secret is a ruined monastary. Run along the platforms and then
    jump onto the ladder. Climb up and use the bamboo pole in the slot to bungie
    over to the roof. Circle around and you will discover a chest!
    Dragon Statue
    This highly prized item only appears in the secret stage, and only after you
    collect all 4 jelously guarded Singapore Secret Map Fragments. In a chest at 
    the ruined monastary lies the dragon statue.
    After you get it you are tepleported back to your ship automatically. Go down
    into the cargo bay and to the right to see the dragon posted to one of the
    walls. Examine it for the description:
       A small statue representing the Dragon King of the East. Said to ensure good
       weather for sailors.
    Awesome. As you can see by the four posts there, there are four-count 'em, 
    four-such collectables. That also reveals that there are four areas in the 
    game. But we're not done yet, there's a bunch of other fragments to collect. 
    Singapore has given up its secret, but Davy Jone's hasn't. Sadly, you cannot
    yet unlock it, as one of the fragments requires a hook to get, which you don't
    get until the beggining of the first level of the next area. But we can still
    clear the other 3. 
    First up: Desert Cliffs. Play up to the part with the ladder down and a ghoul.
    Go left and you will see a grappling pole. Grapple through 3 and jump clear. 
    There's a chest and two lit braziers here, plus a crate. 
    Secret Map Fragment 5/6
    The second-to-last map fragment for the secreat area of Davy Jone's Locker.
    Only accesible after you play the first level of the next area, Black Sand 
    Quit to ship, and then go for the second one, in Jack's Nightmare. Play through
    the level until you come to a set of three masts. Go to the left-most one and 
    use the grappling hook on the pole there.
    You land on a small platform. Go through the door and jump between the lava-
    infilled platforms. Jump to the end.; you get an apple and the chest!
    Tear of Calypso #38
    ...Epic? Not what I expected but OK. I guess this one is one of those darn-I-
    can't-find-the-last-tear tears. Makes sense. Anyway you cannot get this really
    difficultly emplaced tear until you clear the game up to Black Sand Beach
    because you need a hook for it.
    Upside-Down Ship time. Play the little distance between you and the pole; it's
    located up the netting after the first bamboo jump. It's on a small platform.
    Tear of Calypso #39
    Hmm, another second-pass tear? Needless to say this is one of the obvious 
    things keeping you from 100%.
    And that's the end of the first section of secret areas. Now, back to gameplay.
    There will be more secrets sections in the walkthrough.
    [5.11] Ambush Cove
    The Cove
    You enter the level and a bomb-throwing dude spots you and calls out. Two 
    buccaneers leap down. Your entry-level fight is going to be in a large open 
    area with a bunch of crates on the side. 
    Bag of Gold #15, 16
    Visable surrounding a whip to the left of the entry area. Collect the two for
    a nice 50 coin bonus.
    Kill the two buccaneers. Kick the crate into position next to the stack of
    three boxes and light a torch. Jump between them and then torch the vegitation
    blocking your way, or rather, your chest.
    Tear of Calypso #40
    This tear is located in a chest hidden unde some vegitation. Torch the 
    vegitation to get it.
    Climb down onto the ridge and slide across to the other side.
    Bag of Gold #17
    Out in the open where you get off from the ridge.
    Climb down the net and onto a wood plantoon.
    Bag of Gold #18
    Sheesh, another one? Four in close succession? It's right there in the open so
    nab it.
    Grab the moving platform and jump across to a chest.
    Tear of Calyspo #41
    On a small platform in the movement of a moving platform, right next to land.
    Easily visable. But really, so much treasure arranged so close to one another!
    Climb back up and now grapple across the chasm. It's a quadruple grapple to the
    other side. BUT...
    Secret Map Fragment 2/5
    difficult to get even with the compass on overdrive. You can just spot it from
    the are with the moving platform. Drop down from the second grappling pole from
    the left and you will land on a tiny platform with this and a bamboo slot on
    Sneak the net-thrower and kill the buccaneer. Light a torch and then run down
    the stairs and catwalk to the first save point and a unlit brazier. Light it.
    Now relight your torch and cross the moving platforms. the exit gate is closed
    off by a barricade. Torch it to continue. 
    First thing first; kill the crates and jump down onto the moving platforms.
    Grapple across the rest; you have to jump from the grapple to a moving platform
    without missing, which is needless to say pretty hard. You end on a small 
    raised platform with a closed door, a save flag, and a axeman on it. Kill the 
    ax and use his gear to open the door. 
    Go through and climb the nets all the way up. You see a chest but cannot get it
    right now. You need hooks to cross the underside of the ship and get to the 
    Cross the long plank and cimb down. Defeat the buccaneer, axe, and
    net guy here to get a gear and to get to open the chest in the corner of the
    Tear of Calypso #42
    Congrats on comepleting yet another set! You have to beat three guards to get
    this one.
    Climb back up and continue along. Open the door with your new gear. Go through
    to get to the next section. 
    Defeat the Buccanner and Pirate there. Yes, Pirate! They look very much like
    the original but have 6 hp instead of 3. Still pathetically weak. Break the
    crate in the corner to reveal a lit girder. Light your torch and light the 
    barricade in the corner to reveal a chest.
    Tear of Calypso #43
    Located in a chest hidden under vegitation. Easily spotted but you have to look
    at the barrel in the corner carefully to see the brazier needed to light it.
    A door opens with an axeman on it. Sneak him and then run across the stone
    bridge. It breaks up behind you! Grapple across to the exit.
    Kill the grapple dude and then depress the metal switch in the new section. Yes
    there is treasure down there but this is from the first area actually, and the
    door automatically opens and you aoutomatically go through. Plus you can't go 
    down there, and even if you did you'd lose a LOT of progress.
    This new area is of waters and ships. Walk down the planks and then grapple
    across. Land on the platform and climb up. On this ruied ship there is a chest.
    Tear of Calypso #44
    Early into the water section is a chet out in the open containing another 
    Grapple one more and land on a platform. Jump to a moving platform and get on
    another platform. Jump at the end of its swing and you will catch the edge of
    a new platform. Climb up and save. Drop down onto the moving platform and to
    another one. Jump to the grapple and then wait for the platform to come. Jump
    on and then across another one to another ruined ship. This one is more 
    signifigant then the others. Right there on the deck is a chest. Open it for a
    map fragment and leave. 
    [5.12] Ship-To-Ship: Confronting Chevalle
    The next level is Ship-to-Ship, a totally water and ship-based level. 
    You start out on a small boat. Activate the plate and then jump off onto the 
    moving platforms. The music here is pretty wacky isn't it? Anyway jump onto the
    rock and kill the buccaneer and net-thrower there. Jump to the next rock and 
    then onto a moving platform. Get off and wait for the patrolling axeman to pass
    so you can ambush him. Walk down the plank to a save point and a jump pad on 
    yet another moss-covered spooky-looking rock. 
    Kill the axeman on the other side and climb up to the ruined ship's deck. Climb
    the netting and then grapple across two more mast platforms. On the second one,
    climb the net to get even higher up, to a save point and bamboo slot.
    Bungie across the gap and then jump across to another platform. Climb down the
    netting from here. New enemy time! There's a brute here, the naval version of
    the axeman, and a uniformed swordsman who is like the buccaneer.
    Kill them and continue. Across from them is another devious pair, a brute and
    a flash-thrower. Kill the thrower and then kill the brute. If they hit you they
    WILL stun you so be careful. Kill them and open the chest in the center.
    Tear of Calypso #45
    Located in the center of one of the many rocky islands in the level.
    Jump across and kill the sword.
    Bag of Gold #18
    In the barrel on the small island besides the main one you will see this.
    Now go back to the fist one and light a torch. Jump between the islands and 
    then light the barricades blocking the exit door and the lone one on the island
    blocking...a chest.
    Secret Map Fragment 3/5
    You have to be quick to light  up both this and the exit barricade, but it's 
    worth it.
    And here's a secret.
    Rare Gem #6
    The keen eye may notice a rotating pink-red thingie at the end of the first
    platform. You might think it's a bug, but by dropping down and sliding over you
    can claim this deluxe, easy-to-miss valuable!
    NOW leave.
    Secret Map Fragment 4/5
    Before doing ANYTHING in the new area, go back through the rock arch that is 
    your starting point. You will find this at the right side, hidden behind the
    arch. A very good catch.
    In the new area, drop down the rocky slits, following the trail of gold coins,
    to a raft. on the raft is an axeman. They're back! Before you go foward though.
    Tear of Calypso #46
    found discreetly sitting on a platform next to where you jump down. All the way
    to the right, easily missable if you're too busy with the level.
    NOW grapple across to a platform. Grapple double and land on a platform. Climb
    the net to get to a bamboo slot and a save flag (and a gold coin too). Grapple
    across and kill the flashbang dude, then the axe. Move along the planks, 
    following the gold coins, and then you get to a rope.
    Tear of Calypso #47
    The game developers are getting a lot better at hiding the treasures as the 
    game progreses aren't they? This one is located at the top, that's right the
    top, not the bottm, of the rope, so head up before climbing down. You're 
    appraching your eight full set.
    Save flag, axe dude, lit brazier. Ignore it for now. Jump across the rope to 
    the next platform. Kill the flash and brute on the next platform. Kick the
    barrels into the water and cross them to the first platform. Carefully, light
    a torch and jump across. Use the torch on the cannon to open up the next area.
    You blow out a door in the next ship and a sword emerges. Catapult across and
    butcher him. When you get over there you discover there's a brute and flash
    there too so kill them likewise. It's a tough battle which just goes to show
    how much the enemies have progressed.
    Bag of Gold #19
    The sword drops this when he dies. Why thank you!
    Take the exit gate outa there, and to the final level of the area-Prison Ship.
    This is a boss battle.
    Boss Battle: Chevalle
    Finally, a boss that puts everything togethor! He taunts right, uses a variety
    of attacks, blocks well, and overall makes a worth opponent. But still 
    mincemeat for your raw skills. After 7 hits you will get first disarm, my 
    favorite disarm. Chevalle basically makes a thrust that Jack dodges, then runs
    up a ladder to the main deck. Jack follows. Here's the funny part. There are 
    two guards here, so the two pirates look at each other. The view switches to
    the side of the ship, you hear clanging and clashing, then both sodiers are
    thrown overboard. You round him up with 7 more.
    [cut scene]
    *A soldier climbs back to the rim and throws a grenade. Jack and Chevalle look
    at each other and collectivaly jump off the ship with the powder magazine 
    [end cut scene]
    Well, that involved far more explosions and swimming then I expected, but we
    escaped, and I took the Liberty of relieving Chevalle of his map fragment as
    we went overboard. He'll be halfway to Shipwreck Cove with the other Pirate
    Lords before he notices.
    Sao Feng:
    Not all. You are still here, and the East India Company will not let you 
    Sao Feng! Barbossa, you dog, why did you let him onto my ship?
    we have little choice Jack. The man's right. We cannot outrun the East India
    Company without his distraction. I will help you escape with the Black Pearl.
    But I have a price.
    Name it.
    Sao Feng:
    Give me Elizabeth.
    *draws sword*
    What? You must be mad!
    That's not so mad. She's what I'de ask for, and I'm sane nowadays.
    Will, it's the only way. I'll be all right. I can take care of myself.
    Sao Feng:
    I pledge that she will not be harmed. I will meet you at Shipwreck Cove.
    This way to Shipwreck Cove, lads. Let's assemble this map.
    *turns to Elizabeth*
    I will come for you Elizabeth.
    [end dialouge]
    Go to the Captain's Quarters and assemble the map. The path is clear to
    Shipwreck Cove! 
    Before you go talk to Barbossa to learn a new move, the strong sidecut (left)!
    [5.13] Shipwreck Cove-Escape from the Dutchman!
    [cut scene]
    *Jack picks the lock and frees Chevalle, who comes out, pushes him aside, and
    challenges Jack to a duel, all without saying anything*
    [end cut scene]
    [5.13] Shipwreck Cove - Escape From the Dutchman!
    [cut scene]
    You treat me better then I expected.
    Sao Feng:
    I'm not a cruel man. I thought if I showed you kindness you might learn to...
    what's that?
    *banging, the ship rocks*
    It sounds like we're under attack!
    Sao Feng:
    It must be the Dutchman. Take cover before...argh!
    sao Feng, you're hurt! I'll get help.
    Sao Feng:
    Too late...my wound is mortal. Take my Captain's Knot and Piece of Eight. You
    command The Empress now. Go in my place to Shipwreck Cove as the next 
    Brethren Lord.
    But why would you give this to me?
    Sao Feng:
    I know a pirate when I see one...
    *The Dutchman walks over, Elizabeth draws sword*
    The Dutchman:
    You shouldn't wander about unescorted, young lady. Come be my guest at the
    *fades out, reappears with her in jail and Will there*
    Elizabeth! Thank heaven's you're safe.
    I'm not safe yet. We need to get to Shipwreck Cove. How did you get here?
    Jack sent me to find you. The Pieces of Eight must be gathered and brought to
    Shipwreck Cove. Each Pirate Lord has one. So we need to bring Sao Feng, too.
    Actually I...have Sao Feng's talisman. I thought it might come in handy.
    That's my girl. now let's get out of here.
    *opens door, two enemies spawn out of the wall*
    Secret Map Fragment 1/7
    You see the rope? Climb it to find this baby.
    You pick it up as Elizabeth from here. The enemies don't take damage in the
    normal way; instead, you have to hit the orbs in the room 8 times each to kill
    them. The one on the plank has only 3 hp, but if you don't finish them quickly
    they willturn white and invunerable for a time. After this kill another one,
    bigger and stronger version of the first ones. You see a chest on a podium but
    there is no way of getting it right now. Go across and get to the grappling
    pole over the...green stuff. Grapple across-another orb dude here. Activate the
    save flag and then depress the metal plate. This will activate a moving 
    platform. This seems useless a first but you will notice that the cannon needs
    lighting, and torches don't stay lit for grapplings. So grapple (or move) back
    to the first room. There will be a lit brazier by the cells. Light a torch and
    go to the cannon, activating it. It'll blow out a door for you.
    Enter this new room.
    Bag of Gold #20, 21
    the first bag of gold is dropped by one of the enemies that spawns here; the 
    other is in the crate in the cener to the back.
    Kill the enemies that spawn and move to the right. Climb the ladder to come to
    a chest.
    Grappling Hooks
    The final quest item. Besides allowing you to cross nets, this baby will allow
    you to access all of the chests that you've been forced to miss so far.
    Don't go down the net just yet. Go back to the room with the chest you can't
    get. Use the hooks on the net and climb over to the chest.
    Tear of Calypso #48
    If you move to quick and forget about this chest, which can only be gotten
    using an item obtained a few rooms later, you're bound to miss it.
    Now leave as you were supposed to. In the next section grapple across the pit.
    Kill the two big-ghouls near the net and climb it. There is a Tear of Calypso
    Tear of Calypso #49
    Drop down from the plank-it willl kill you, but the save point is just across
    the room and you get to keep the tear.
    How hook along the really long chasm. At the end:
    Bag of Gold #21
    At the end of the hook net.
    Before you go, drop down and you will land on a chest.
    Rare Gem #7
    5,000 coins worth of stuff is a great prize.
    Depress the plate, which will spawn a moving platform that will move you back
    to the beggining of the net. Kill the ghouls and move up, and back through the
    exit gate.
    In the new area, jump across to the other side and kill the 3-hp sailor ghoul.
    Jump back and climb the platform. Net to the other side, over a large wall.
    Secret Map Fragment 2/7
    Right there behind the second plank, on the ground, is a chest with this inside
    it. Wait, 7 pieces?!? That's a lot.
    Kill the regular ghoul and sailor ghoul there and save.
    Bag of Gold #22
    The Sailor Ghoul drops this when he dies.
    Get to the end of the first platform and climb up the towers. Use the hooks to
    to cross over to the other side of the wall. There's a chest here.
    Spell Component
    What? After you open the chest the brazier there lights. ...wierd. Oh yeah this
    is what is needed to...oh but I won't tell you, you'll have to play and see, 
    Light a torch and jump and run all the way to the cannon. Use it on the cannon
    to blow open a hole for you to pass through. That was a short level!
    The next level, Dutchman, is the boss fight, Elizabeth and will drop down, then
    a hammerhead enemy drops down. His name is Maccus, he's the Dutchman's second
    in command.
    Boss Battle: Maccus
    Ugh, what a sight for sore eyes. He uses almost expclusively power attacks and
    has a brute strength you can't match. Just use quick attacks while he powers up
    his power attacks, and/or block them and counter. Stupid fish-thing is all 
    about power, which is where he goes wrong. After 9 hits you run for it but he 
    respawns where you're runnning. Another 3 hits and he's out for the count.
    After you beat him Elizabeth and Will escape.
    Thank all the seven seas I found you! I was afraid I'de never see you again.
    Oh hello. well I didn't see you there.
    We escaped from the Dutchman, so Davy Jones might be trailing us.
    And I need to get to Shipwreck Cove as soon as possible.
    I know why I need to get there. Why do you need to get there?
    You'll foind out soon enough.
    [end dialouge]
    [5.14] Secret Areas 02-Davy Jone's Locker and Black Sand Beach
    And so we again divulge from the main storyline to do some more secret-hunting.
    The hook you just gained gives you access to the last piece needed for both the
    Locker and beach secrets.
    The last piece for the Davy Jones secret is in Upside-Down Ship. Play up to the
    room after the room with the net. The first net you see isn't usable. You have
    to beat all the enemies on the ground and then cross the platforms that appear
    to pass on. But in the next room, there is a net too, but this one is usable.
    Net across the room and into a nook with a chest in it.
    Secret Map Fragment 6/6
    The last secret map fragment. With this you can reassemble the map and get 
    cracking on the secret area.
    Go back to ship and assemble the map to reveal the area. The map calls it the
    "Locker Secret." OK. Go to the secret. Activate the metal plate to move two
    platforms into position. Light a torch and then climb the platforms. Burn down
    the vegitation to reveal a bamboo slot. On the other side...
    Bag of Gold #23
    Don't worry, this is a small bonus not the actual secret.
    Climb down the net to see the chest. 
    Davy Jone'S Music Box
    Yay! Another secret item. Brag about it to your friends-and enemies.
    Go down into your ship's cargo hold to see its description. It stands on a
    barrel next to a post:
    Davy Jone's Music Box
    An enchanted replica of the organ found in the Captain's Cabin of the Flying
    Nice :) Now, there's one more that we want to get-for Black Sand Beach. To get
    this one you have to go back to the Cove level and play up to the part with the
    overturned ship. hook over and then drop down onto the small outcrop on which
    the chest is.
    Secret Map Fragment 5/5
    This fragment is impossible to get on your first pass on the mission. In fact
    you have to get hooks from the next area in order to get it. Climb along the
    underside of the boat to get to the chest.
    You know the drill. Exit, and assemble the map, then go to collect your 
    The Black Sand Secret, as it's called, is composed of ancient ruins. From where
    you start out, head right then up across to the bamboo slot. Use it to land on
    a high section of stone pillar. From here jump to get to the final pillar, 
    which has a chest on it.
    Kraken Tentacle
    I actually never got this one previously to writing this guide. This is by my
    opinion the coolest of the secret objects.
    The ruins were so-so as an environment, the ruined monestary was easily the 
    best and Jones just plain sucked. Go down to your cargo hold to find that it's
    not pinned to a pillar-it's hanging from atop the wall! It's really big, and 
    takes up all the space between the pillars. COOOOLL...Anyway go to it and press
    A to read the description:
       A souvenier chunk of Davy Jone's foul beasie. It seems to still pulse with
    Also, there is one more thing you can get, from Singapore. You might have 
    noticed that the level is STILL incomeplete. Play up to the part with the hung
    fishing net, in the first section after the bath-changing jump over.
    Tear of Calypso #50
    Hook the net and you will land at a bamboo slot. Use it to boost to a high 
    platform above the exit, with a chest containing a tear.
    Well, I am thrilled with the gains from this secret area session. There remains
    but one, for Shipwreck Cove. This last one wilol be covered with the next, and
    final, Secret Areas section. Stay tuned, and until then, back to the story...
    [5.15] The Beach-Landfall
    The next level in the set is the beach. Elizabeth runs over on an island, and 
    sees a couple of crocidiles that *could* be used as a rather dangerous platform
    to the next island. she is followed closely by a Dutchman Ghoul, and elects to
    jump. She makes it. The enemy doesn't.
    After this you reconsolidate control of Elizabeth. You start on a small island.
    This level is really a conglomerate because it has enemies from all of the last
    levels. First comes the return of the axeman and brute. Now you have to cross
    two more gators. Here's the trick-jump after their mouth closes. When their
    mouth is open and they are trashing, so wait for them to thrash and then jump
    quickly to the other side. If you get caught in their mouth, they'll drown and
    kill you!
    Climb the net and you will find a Swordmistress, from the first area, 
    Singapore. Kill her and climb onto the plank. Grapple across and kick the box
    to the wall. Climb up and sneak attack the Sea Ghoul there. They are the same
    thing as the ghouls from the Dutchman level, but when they die they explode and
    leave you tarred! So be careful.
    Climb up the net and then use your hooks to cross the open area. You land on a
    bamboo platform. Bungie across to the next platform. Jump to the next one and
    climb down the net instead of going along. Climb down another one and you end
    up at the very bottom of the beach. Here you will find some things.
    Rare Gem #8
    Move to the left from the beach detour and you will see two platforms, the 
    latter of which contains the 5,000 coin Rare Gem. You can also drop down from
    the platform above but that's a lot harder.
    Now go right and save at the flag. Climb the nets again.
    Tear of Calypso #51
    At the dead end to the far right of the platform chain. Out in the open.
    Drop back down and move to the right. Climb onto the net. Align your shadow 
    with the croc and then drop down. Immediatly jump clear to the other side. On
    the other side is a Sailor Ghoul and a Flashbang Thrower. Kill them, and then
    wonder why they're working togethor, only to remember Beckett controls Jones
    now. Run along the beach and sneak kill the sword. Then Bamboo across the rocks
    to the other side. Climb onto the moving platform and ook onto the net from 
    Bag of Gold #24, 25
    Easily visible against a plate to the back of the net. The challenge is that 
    the plate is a spike strip, so you have to nab it while it's retracted. Another
    one just like it is at the end of the net.
    The net's pretty long, just hook along until you reach the other side. Climb 
    the cliff face.
    Secret Map Fragment 3/7
    The chest is out in the open right next to the bamboo slot.
    Bamboo across and you  reach a save point. Run along some more and drop down.
    Light a torch and drop down to the bottom level of the beach. (Ignore the 
    sword mistress) Walk along until you get to the cannon. Light it and it will
    blow out the wall to the next section. Draw your swords and kill the Sea Ghoul.
    Drop down and cross two more gators. There's a Buccaneer and a Sword here, but
    ignore them because the exit gate is right there.
    In the new area, kick the crate so you can access the net. 
    Bag of Gold #26
    Another bag of gold on a spike-strip.
    Drop down and kill the net-thrower and sea ghoul there. Light the vegitation on
    fire with the nearby brazier. Bamboo across on the revealed jump plate and 
    defeat the swordswomen and Brute there. 
    Bag of Gold #27
    Above a bottom-mounted spike strip. Grab it when the spikes are retracted.
    Light the vegitation and bamboo across. Kill the two sea ghouls and go to the
    back. Slide along to the next island, and a save point.
    Ambush the sword and bamboo across. 
    Bag of Gold #28
    In the little cliffside nook. Easily visible from where you are.
    Climb up the rope and jump through to more beach platforming. Drop down from 
    the cliff face to collect the gold coins then continue foward. Jump and beat up
    the sword and tar. Bungie across to a save point. Jump between the planks, they
    are all spiked so be warned, and then climb between the net. Too bad it has 
    spikes too. Bamboo across then slide along to the next save point.
    Kill the sword and sailor ghoul.
    Tear of Calypso #52
    Before you climb the ramps to the exit point, go down past them and you will 
    get to a tear, out in the open in a rock nook.
    Secret Map Fragment 4/7
    On the last lone stone pillar before the dead end with the tear to the right,
    drop down from the front and you'll land on a platform with this fragment out
    in the open on it.
    Bamboo from the rafts to the other side.
    Spell Component
    In plain sight after the bamboos.
    *Elizabeth climbs down a net and to a boat*
    [5.16] Taking the Flight to the Streets
    You start out on a long plank. Shipwreck Cove streets is basically one long 
    muddy streatch of dull onto the next, like Ship Graveyard missed with Singapore
    streets. There's a thick green haze, and the levels are very plain, with hardly
    any crates or chests. In fact the compass reads none detected most of the time.
    Move into the wreck. Grab the metal grating and hook to the other side, 
    avoiding the spikes. Move along and get to the save point. Kill the buccaneer
    and then climb up the net. grab the netal rail and move along. Climb back onto
    the platform. Jump across and then slide along to the next one. Climb down the
    net and kill the buccaneer and axeman.
    Tear of Calyso #53
    It's in the chest to the northeast corner of the room at the net below.
    Climb up the net and jump across the platforms to one with a bamboo slot. 
    Drop down and sneak the net-thrower. Take the coins and activate the plate, 
    which activates two platforms across a chasm. Jump across teh two platforms to
    a save flag.
    There's a buccaneer and two axemen there! It's a hard fight. Activate the 
    switch at the end of the platform. Now climb up the net. Grapple across.
    Ignoring the flash-thrower, light a torch and jump down to the exit gate.
    Bag of Gold #29
    At the end of the platform you start on in the new area. Drop down to get it 
    then climb back up to proceed with the level.
    Climb the net and kill the axeman at the top. Move through to the plank. Drop
    down from it and slide along the railing, then drop onto a platform at the 
    other side. 
    Tear of Calypso #54
    Kill the buccaneer and climb the stairs. Light a torch and torch the 
    vegitation. The tear mysteriously appears affter that. This one is not read
    by the compass, which says there are not treasures in the area. Congrats on
    comepleting another set!
    Grapple across and you land on a raised platform. From here you have to hook
    along whilst avoiding the spikes. After this drop down and kill the three 
    buccaneers. Climb up the raised platform and jump to another one. Activate the
    metal plate there to activate two platforms. Jump them to the save point.
    Kill the axeman on the pier then the buccaneer on the stairs. Climb to the top
    and hook the grating. Pass the spikes and drop back down. Grab the grappling
    pole and swing hard to catch the edge of the really high platform. Hook across
    to the exit gate.
    Secret Map Fragment 5/7
    Get to the grapple just in front of you, but don't swing across. Let yourself
    fall off. You will land on a platform with a switch and a chest.
    Depress the switch and a platform will come to pick you up. It takes you to a
    grapple pole you an use to get back on track. Kill the sword then bungie across
    to the next platform. Grapple across then quickly get past the rock bridge, 
    which fails really quickly. Go down the stairs and sneak the bomb-thrower. 
    Truly a grand tour, t 3-it kill pirates from the tutorial returns! Light a 
    torch and burn down the vegitation blocking your way. Grab your hooks and get
    across the murky waters.
    Tear of Calypso #55
    Instead of heading down the right path, take the back detour on the grate. 
    Climb up the net. Ignore the brazier, you don't need it. You will end up atop
    the grating you climbed below before; walk over to the other side and grab the
    Bag of Gold #30
    Also at the end of the grate-a Bag of Gold. 
    Use the bamboo slot at the end of the grate to get back on track. Kill the sea
    ghoul at one end and the axeman at the other. Climb the steps and slide across.
    Go down another set of sets and kill the Buccaneer there. Save point!
    Bamboo across the gap. Don't activate the switch, it switches the platforms. 
    After this equip the hooks and go through the ginormous net field.
    Spell Component
    After the platforms equip the hooks and go through the ginormous net field. At
    the end will be a little area with a chest, guarded by a swordswomen and a 
    And then you FINALLY see the exit gate.
    The next level is...Hollowed-Out ship? Oh come on another level? This is 
    getting boring already. where's the boss?
    [5.17] Hallowed-Out Ship: Because Not All Ships Are Hallow
    You enter a rotaturd area with a plqnk on a rotating roturd. The panel to the
    left rotates the catapult counter-clockwise while the right spins it clockwise. 
    There are a bunch of "Targets"-Bags of Gold-to hit. Select your direction and 
    Bag of Gold #31, 32
    In the first, and third positions.
    You can't get the gem just yet. Don't worry you'll get to later.
    Anyway, now in the actual level, light a torch and burn a hole for yourself
    through the vegitation. Jump to the next platform and go to the back, and jump
    again. Light the brazier on this platform. Ignoring the flash and buccaneer on
    the platform, jump to the next what appears to be house and light the brazier
    there. Jump between the three platforms, careful they move VERY fast, and light
    the vegitation on the other side to reveal a jump plate. Jump and then kill the
    flash, Singapore sword (first appearance), and axe. There's a save flag here 
    and a jump pad.
    Bag of Gold #33
    Drop down from the platform before bungieying off the find a ramp with this, a
    crate, and a gold coin on it.
    Bag of Gold #34
    You see that gold coin? Go towards it. you will be teleported to another area
    where there are some enemies and this, another bag. There's actually a secret
    passageway in one of the ships!
    Bamboo across.
    Tear of Calypso #56
    Before you go anywhere, go to the back of the new platform. See the silver
    coin? Jump for it. There is a set of narrow ramps leading up to the tear.
    Ironically you do the exact same thing, meaning narrow planks, to get to the 
    next boat.
    Tear of Calypso #57
    On the second to last plank, drop down. You will land on a small platform with
    a tear on it. The back route in on a bunch of crocs.
    Climb the net up. Now here's a wierd situation for you. There's a long slender
    "ship hallway" with a LOT of apples and apple kebobs on it. And an axeman is
    dropping exploding barrels on you. You have to dodge the barrels as best you
    can, deat the two enemies (swordswomen and ghoul, from Davy Jones) and grab the
    gear to open the door and get the **** out of there. 
    Bag of Gold #35
    After the rolling crates hallway this will be out in the open, your "reward."
    Here's the really confusing part. flip the switch there and you get teleported
    back to the first room. If you go through the same of the 2 as you did last
    time you have to do everything all over, if not there's a "whole new level."
    ...You start out on a long plank. Kill the ghoul and ascend the crate.
    Tear of Calypso #58
    Ascend the crate. Bunjie up the platform and then hook your way all the way to
    this tear.
    Back on the main path again. Or rather...
    Tear of Calypso #59
    You have to jump crocs to do this one. The timing is insanely hard to nail.
    Jump through the first 2, and as the second one opens his mouth, jump. If done
    exactly right they will finish trashing and be safe to cross once more by the
    time you get down to the next one. This is the second-to-last tear in the game.
    This part of the level is pretty complicated to say the least. For the REAL
    Kick the crate backwards. Climb atop and then jump to the platform. Bungie 
    across. On the new platform, run like heck and jump at the last moment to catch
    the edge of the net. Climb to the top. Take the moving platform to another 
    platform. Climb the net. Go to the right to save! 
    Secret Map Fragment 6/7
    To the right side, down another net, is a chest containing this.
    Go left. Jump over the spikes and kill the Brute and Flash on the platform. 
    Jump, jump, jump. Grapple across. You land on a small platform. 
    Secret Map Fragment 7/7
    Follow the small platforms all the way up into the sky. The last one has a 
    chest with this in it. The final Secret Map Fragment!
    Go back to the second wood plank. You will see a grapple. Jump and use the
    grapple. After another one you are led to a small chain of platforms. Grab the
    save flag and run and you can catch the edge of the grate to the right. Light a
    torch and run up. Grab ahold and climb on; now run as best you can whist 
    avoiding the many spikes. Light up the barricade and pass through to...another
    This time, in respawning at the catapult thingie, there is another panel, 
    which allows you to finally go down the middle and grab that gem. Also, a tear
    Rare Gem #9
    In the central position of the "shooting options." You can only access it after
    you beat the first and third areas.
    Tear of Calypso #60
    The final tear appears in front of the catapult once you beat the first and 
    third areas. Enjoy your winnings! You've maxed out your health and savvy.
    The next section of the level is rather unique. You fight from a top down 
    perspective, litterally you see her head. It's a bit wierd but overall 
    advantegous, at least to your fighting, because you can see around yourself
    comepletely. Kill the Buccanner, Axeman, and Flash that spawn with you. 
    Now, you have to get through an obstacle course. First, you have to jump two
    sets of 3 floating barrels, rotating into and out of the water. Jump across
    them and to the first of the submerging platforms, then to the second to grab
    the bag of coins. Jump another one and then land yourself on the other side,
    with a save point.
    Bag of Gold #36
    On the second submerging platform.
    Once you get past this you have to run down a long dock plank as barrels come
    rolling for you. Then, guess what, more barrels, platforms, followed by two 
    rows of...crocs? As you can tell the hectic timing and near-impossibility of 
    making it make this a challenging section, but also lots of fun. Refreshing 
    considering the bore the levels in this area have ben so far. The up-down 
    perspective is really cool too.
    Bag of Gold #37
    Between the second crocs in the first and second rows.
    Here's how I did it. Dodge the barrel while waiting for the barrels to come.
    Jump on and then to the second ones. Jump to the second platform then the third
    one in the row. As the second one is submerging, jump from your soon-to-be-
    underwater platform and onto the croc, which has just finished thrashing. Jump
    to the finish line. There's lots of enemies here, but just ignore them and go
    for the exit gate!
    So, the next level is the Brethren Court. I don't reccomend you go there just
    yet however, as you've just finished the last of the secret map pieces for 
    Shipwreck Cove. You know what that means, right? Secret Area time!!!!
    [5.18] Secret Areas 03-Shipwreck Cove
    Go to your cabin and assemble your pieces to unlock the "Cove Secret" as it is
    called. Are you as exited as I am? Head to the map and select the skull and
    crossbones to access it. 
    You start out in a wierd blockular area which, coincidently, gives you access 
    to every special weapon in the game, so you can use it as an exchange point if
    you want. Go to the back and hook onto the net. Cross it to a small strip of
    land and then get back on another net. Drop down from there and climb another
    net, only horizontal this time :)
    Bag of Gold #38
    At the top of the small rock spire you are climbing. As I said before don't
    worry this is a small secondary bonus, not the real thing.
    Jump across from the rock spire onto the final piece of land. The chest sits
    lonelily on a small raised platform in the center...
    Brethren Court Globe
    Halaluha, the final special object! This is the final collectable, and can be
    found at best circumtances at the very end of the game.
    Go down to your cargo bay. The globe will be standing near the barrels. This is
    a very interesting globe to say the least. Mostly because it has swords 
    sticking out of it in all directions. Probably not useful as a globe anymore,
    more like an accessory sword-holder or to demonstrate one's pirate tempernmant.
    Pretty cool obviously ;) Here's the description:
       Brethren Court Globe
    Taken from the Brethren Court, it symbolizes pirate domination of the seas.
    Short but to the point. I wanna know more!! Here's my personal rating of all of
    the special items:
    1. Kraken - Oh come on it's the arm of a giant octopus that swallowed the Black
    Pearl whole. How can something that cool NOT be awesome?
    2. Brethren Court Globe - If this was just an ordinary globe it'd be yawn, but
    the swords really do make the pirate image...
    3. Dragon King of East - This is the only special item not to hold any movie-
    related signifigance. It's a pretty cool post decoration, perhaps, and fits the
    Black pearl's image, but it's no standout.
    4. Davy Jone's Music Box - This would have been really cool if it was a whole
    organ or something, but instead it's a practically microscopic replica. 
    Bor.ing. You can't really see anything either, but the name carries 
    signifigance to the Pirates franchise, while the Dragon King of East does not.
    And there you have it, folks. The hardest collectable achievement in the game,
    achieved. There's little more left to the game itself other then wrap-up
    anyhow. Back to the story!
    But before we go I want to add a final little tidbit of information. When you
    talk to Rageti, the sailor by the plank off:
    "'Tis a certain party I know in Tortuga who's offering a king's ramson for the
    globe of the Brethren court. Be a mate and tell me if you see it, won't ye?"
    Lol we should have said it's right here :)
    [5.19] The Brethren Court - Gremlins and Goblins
    Before we go to the court you should talk to Barbossa and he will teach you the
    final duel move, Strong Sidecut (right).
    We can finalize the vote to unleash Calypso when all the Pirate Lords are here.
    Right. We're waiting for Sao Feng.
    And Captain Jack Sparrow? Sao Feng sends his regrets. First, because he cannot
    attend. Second, he's dead.
    He was killed during an attack by the Dutchman. He passed his captain's mark to
    me. I am now captain of the Empress. And one of you.
    I always knew she had it in her.
    This slip of a girl, one of us? 'Tis skill that makes a pirate, not some hank
    of knotted rope.
    Does the fact that I have the components to unleash Calypso  change your mind?
    No. we could just take them from you; and I have the final piece.
    If I prove my skill at arms, you must acknowledge the rank I claim.
    blast! You've envoked the Ancient Pirate Code. Very well, raise your cutlass!
    [end dialouge]
    Boss Battle: Jocard
    You have some unexpected friction with yet another Pirate Lord. That makes...
    the fourth one (in order, Mistress Ching, Sao Feng, Jack, Ammand, Chevalle, and
    now Jocard). Wow, talk about fighting big fish, that's 6 of the 8 Pirate Lords!
    And some masterfel diplomatic manuveering by Elizabeth. Jocard is by far the
    best boss you've fought so far. His attacks come in quick succession and he can
    halve your hp in 2 hits. He also blocks masterfully. The only way to beat him 
    is to block, stun, counter. After 7 hits he falls through ahole in the planks 
    and Elizabeth follows him. Another 7 and he's done.
    *Elizabeth sticks her sword through the globe*
    Davy Jones is here, and he has more friends then I thought.
    There's no escaping a fleet that size, we have to stand and fight.
    I wouldn't have it any other way.
    *goes to Barbossa, Jack, Elizabeth watching a ship battle*
    Combine the pieces of eight, read the spell and release Calypso, the fury of 
    the sea!
    A whirlpool is forming. Davy Jones' fleet is being swept into it!
    Bloody marvelous. but we're being swept in too!
    [end dialouge]
    Go to the map room and assemble the spell to unlock the final area of the map-
    [5.20] The Maelstorm - Final Confrontations
    This is it, kiddoes, the grand finale. If there's anything you want to do you
    should do it now before you enter. Go back to the map to enter the final level,
    The Maelstorm, wwhen you're ready. Assuming you've been reading this guide, 
    trust me, you're ready ;)
    [cut scene]
    *Davy Jones plays his organ when Jack, Elizabeth, and Will enter*
    *he stand up*
    Davy Jones:
    Beckett is no more, so I have my heart back. I'm not so vunerable as once I 
    It isn't too late to put this all behind us, savvy?
    Davy Jones:
    Oh, but it is, Jack. Your account is part due.
    Well then, stop flapping your tentacles and let's get to it!
    Stop your gloating, you slimy monster!
    Davy Jones
    Monster? Yes, but hardly slimy. Out of my way, girl!
    You'll never pillage the soul of another sailor!
    Davy Jones:
    Oh, but I shall, and yours will be next! Back to rejoin my crew, young Turner?
    It's time you paid for what you've done to my father!
    Davy Jones:
    What I did to your father is triffle compared to what I'll do to you!
    [end cut scene]
    Final Boss: Davy Jones
    Of course Davy Jones is the final boss of the game. There be no other way to 
    end the encounter then with an up-close and personal duel. The music sucks 
    though, you'de expect hectic not melancholy and sad. Davy Jones gives you no
    time whatsoever to prepare your defenses; you have to block on instinct. The
    basic order is block, stun, counter, bock, etc. After 7 hits Jack sneakily 
    grabs the box and makes a break for it. Elizabeth and Will follow. And what do
    you know he appears magically in front of them for round 2. After another 8
    hits he's down.
    Davy Jones drops back and two goons drop in. Will and Elizabeth go for the
    goons while Jack scrambles up to Jones himself. But then Jones is hit by 
    lightning and falls overboard. WHAT THAT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE MOVIE!!!!! Oh
    well this is a movie game so what hey?
    Off to the locker, Davy Jones. The Dutchman has a new captain.
    The East India Flagship is going to the bottom! The battle is won! Good for
    the cause of justice!
    Good for the cause of freedom!
    Good for buissness if you ask me.
    Three cheers for piracy!
    Three cheers for the Black Pearl!
    Three cheers for Captain Sparrow!
    Three cheers for Captains Swann and that fellow who follows her around!
    Psst...I think his name is Will. (this guy is supposed to be touge-less, lol)
    All right, two cheers for Will then.
    We can sail the Dutchman towards a more noble course now that we have command!
    What do you mean "we" darling? I'm captain here. But you're definetly First
    Cue the credits!
    ...Wow. That was horrid. This game ended nothing like the movie. No 
    Dutchman-esque Will, no brokenhearted Elizabeth, no boat-less Jack. Oh well...I
    guess that's what you get for being a movie game.
    [5.21] Post-Story Stuff
    So you've beaten the story have you? Well, you think it's over yet? Nope, not
    yet. Suprisingly, there are a couple of things left once you beat the game 100%
    (which you should have with this guide). For one, you can duel good ol' 
    Barbossa; for another, you can try out god mode.
    Now, about Barbossa after you finish all of his training, if you go and talk to
    him he will laugh when you ask to fight him, saying that you're a little shrimp
    and come back when you're a full-grown lobster. Well after you beat Story Mode
    you finally get to duel him.
    Post-Boss Battle: Barbossa
    Barbossa's almost exactly like Davy jones before him. The only difference is
    that at intervals he turns "undead." when he turns undead, basically becomes a
    skelaton, he will not take any damage, and the most you can do is block. He'll
    be undead about half of the time. You can fight him an unlimited amount of 
    Note: You can only duel Barbossa in the first save slot for some reason.
    the other poststory thing is god mode. ANd no, it's not easy to get. In fact I
    think that this, the only cheat in the game, is a freaking rip-off. YOu may
    have noticed that in the title screen it says you can go to a Disney site to
    claim a special "prize." Well when you go it tells you you have to go a booth
    in one of the Disneylands, which has long since been taken down by the way, to
    download a special package. Once you do, you finally get to open the only chest
    you have yet to open-the one in the Captain's Quarters, which is impossible to
    open. In it is god mode. You take no damage from hereon in.
    Well, that's about it. You can play a couple of rounds of Pirate's Dice but
    that's as far as it goes. Now you may have heard that once you get enough gold
    you unlock a special, but my hoard is rated as Massive, the top rank, and I
    don't see anything, but if you do please email me (the Contacts section is at
    the beggining of the guide). Now, for the end matter...
    [6] Enemy Guide
    Pirate (Isla Cruces)
    Can only take 3 hits. Nothing special about him. He likes to block though so 
    use X to disrupt him.
    Sworsman (Singapore)
    These guys are the first Singaporian enemy you face. They're a lot stronger 
    then the measly pirates you fought before. They carry two REALLY big swords,
    and attack by swinging them in a cirle that eventually leaves them dizzy. This
    has a lot of start-up time and leaves them dizzy, so despite apperances they
    really aint so tough. They also have another, shorter-range attack, that's
    perfectly normal and something to look out for. Their biggest asset is their
    12 hp.
    Tar Bomb Guy (Singapore)
    For lack of an formal name. They run around and toss bombs at you. A mere
    nuisance alone, but with a large group of enemies...they can be a pain in the
    ass. shorten your engagments to avoid their throws. They only have 6 hp, but
    when they die they blow up so be ready for it. Commonly drops apples. The tar
    bombs don't slow you down though. Also, the bombs can damage them or other 
    enemies if it explodes closely enough.
    Mistress Swordswomen (Singapore)
    The last standard enemy to rear his-er, her-ugly head. They may not look like
    much, carrying a sharp bamboo pole for a sword and without a block, but one hit
    from that thing can poision you. Also, they have 12 hp.
    Ghoul (Davy Jone's Locker)
    Creepy and slow-moving. They spawn out of the ground, and have a quick, but 
    short-range attack. Each one has 16 hp, butafter you kill them another one
    spawns where they fell. The trick is to circle around so you can sneak-kill the
    second one.
    Ghoul 2 (Davy Jone's Locker)
    The second ghoul spawned is actually different from the first. He reasserts
    himself every fe hits with a wierd spin thingie, and has far less hp-8.
    Ghoul Captian (Davy Jone's Locker)
    They have less hp and fewer tricks then the ordinary ones, but when they die 
    they blow up and poision you, so put some distance between you and them when 
    they die. 12 hp. They also have longer range and can, suprise, block! Fast too.
    Poleax Pirate (Black Sand Beach)
    Boy these guys are tough. They have 18 hp, high attack, long reach, and they
    block and then COUNTER, dealing some damage. But they're big and slow and easy
    to outrun. Pirate moves are the most effective thing, but leaves you vunerable
    to attacks from their buddies.
    Buccaneer (Black Sand Beach)
    Different from the pirate in the tutorial but following the same concept; 
    meaning, hash and slash. They're quick bugger and attack with fast swipes, and
    can block too, however after you kill them they stand up again! Talk about 
    playing dead! Kill them again. they have 10 in the first and 8 in the second, a
    collective total of a whoopin 18 hp.
    Net Thrower (Black Sand Beach)
    They throw nets that will tangle you. You can untangle by yourself but are more
    likely to be untangled by a hit from a enemy! Luckily they're rare and have but
    10 hp. Slippery too...to avoid their nets, either hit them, run around, or jump
    out of the way.
    Knave (Black Sand Beach)
    strangly, they look just like the pirates from Isla Cruces, and are comparitely
    just as weak, with just 6 hp (the original had 3 however). Rare, only appearing
    Brute (Black Sand Beach)
    The British naval version of the axeman. He's just as big and strong and 
    paralell in every way, except that he's also uniformed. They get payed to bash
    brains...18 hp.
    Sword (Black Sand Beach)
    A uniformed swordsman just like the buccaneer from before, except he doesn't
    stand up again. Good.
    Sailor Ghoul (Shipwreck Cove)
    Their 3 hp my make them look like the weakest thing since the pirates on Isla
    Cruces, and they are, but their sword swipes are really fast and if you don't
    finish them off quickly they will become invunerable!
    Dutchman Ghoul (Shipwreck Cove)
    The standard enemy of the Dutchman enemy, the most common one. 16 hp. Nothing
    special although in a few areas in the Dutchman, you can only damage them by
    attacking orbs.
    Sea Ghoul (Shipwreck Cove)
    Same as the Dutchman Ghoul, but strangly on land these carry shark-tooth swords
    and slightly different rags. 16 hp. They only appear in the land levels and 
    when they die, they explode, leaving you tarred temporarily!
    [7] "Unobtainable" Chests
    There is a set of chests in this game that are inaccessible the first time you
    play, because you do not have the right items to get them. So you have to go
    back and get them after you beat the main game. They contain secret map pieces
    to unlock hidden areas. Here is the comeplete list.
    Singapore Sewer Docks - At the very start of the level, you can go left onto a
    boat. There is a jump pad here to a chest. Luckily, bamboo is aquirred later in
    the level, so you can finish the level and then go back to claim it.
    Singapore Bathhouse - At one point deep into the level there is a net into a
    window that leads to a chest. Doing so requires the hooks, the last item given
    in the game.
    Davy Jone's Locker Desert Hills - In the room before the room before the 
    treasure room deep in Desrt Hills, there is a grappling pole which, obviously,
    requires a grappling hook.
    Davy Jone's Locker Jack's Nightmare - At one point you come to a set of three
    ship masts. The leftest gives you access to a grappling hook pole.
    Davy Jone's Locker Upside-Down Ship - You need hooks to access an early net 
    leading to a chest.
    Davy Jone's Locker Upside-Down Ship - Right next to where you start there is
    a grappling hook pole.
    Black Sand Beach Cove - The chest is easily visable but impossible to get as
    it is accessible via the underside of a ship. You need hooks to get to it.
    [L]. Legal Bit
    This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission.
    Oh, yeah, and if you're paying to read this, let me tell you that you're
    a dammed fool.

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