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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimmythesnowman

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/07/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    I. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my walkthrough of the game Call of Duty: Brothers in Arms 
    for DS. Although it has lackluster graphics, this game is a great one due to 
    its fun, its replay value, and the fact that it preserves the core COD 
    I wrote this guide because when I was scrolling through GameFAQs, I found there
    was a big lack of documentation for this game, so I decided to write one. 
    II. Legal Bit
    This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission.
    III. Contact me
     Something wrong? Something to add? Contact me! I can be reached at 
     a_bilogur@yahoo.com. Just don't expect a reply anytime soon. 
    IV. TOC
     II.Legal Bit
    III.Contanct Me
     VI.Basic Controls
     IX.Vehicles and Set Peices
     XI.What Next?
    V. Navigation
    On the Main Menu you have several options, lets explore these:
    This appears only when you are in the middle of a mission, and lets you 
    continue from the last checkpoint. 
    *Solo Campaign*
    This allows you to start a new mission. Doing so while with a checkpoint in 
    another mission will erase your continue data.
     -Mission Structure
     The missions are structured with you running between objective and ojective 
     and  marker and marker. The missions themselves are arranged into three 
     campaigns-Normandy, Tunis, and Ardennes. Comeplete one to unlock the next in 
     the series. There is a total of 13 missions, all taking place mostly in the 
     later stages of the war.
    Allows you to play a multiplayer game. More on this in the Multiplayer section.
    Look at your awards:
     Normandy Campaign Medal-Complete the Normandy Campaign in normal difficulty.
     Tunis Campaign Medal-Complete the Tunis Campaign in normal difficulty.
     Ardennes Campaign Medal-Complete the Normandy Campaign in normal difficulty.
     War Veteran-Complete the game in Veteran difficulty.
     War Hero-Complete the game in Elite difficulty.
    Allows you to adjust the game options, meaning Game Settings, Controls, and 
    also a Help section.
    VI. Basic Controls
    -Run and Gun
    This game has a solid game mechanics that, albiet hard to master, is very 
    handy once you know what you are doing. Use the stylus to aim on screen, and 
    the D-Pad (or X-Y A-B if you're left handed) to move. L (or R) is the trigger.
    You reload by dragging the ammo icon on the stylus to your weapon. You can 
    also reload by using the L/R button, but this only works when you're out of 
    ammo. To switch weapons, tap the weapon in the slot to open the menu, and then
    select the one you want. For increased accuracy, tap the Binocular icon to use 
    your scope, however you cannot move in this mode.
    -Using Cover
    This game uses a simple cover system. Just move over to an item and stop to go 
    under cover. You can use crates, pews, sandbags the most common one), fences, 
    vehicles, low walls, etc. etc. for this purpose. You can also hide behind a 
    wall by walking up to it and stopping, allowing you to shuffle side to side 
    and then come out of cover to shoot, then duck back.
    -Throw Grenades
    Throw grenades by pressing onto the grenade icon, and then selecting the force
    of your throw. Enemies can throw them too, but unlike yours they have a fuse, 
    allowing you to escape.
    -Action Button
    Performing actions, like mounting machine guns, planting charges, mining tanks,
    getting in and out of vehicles, and cutting rope all require the action button,
    which appears in the place of the scope button when you can perform the action.
    VII. Weapons
    The basic weapon of this game is the Thomsom. This weapon has a decent rate of 
    fire and decent damage, and decent range. Basically, this the status quo basic 
    weapon for you, and pperforms like it. It has some cool kickback though.
    The other ammo-less weapon is another rifle, its name escapes me, but it is 
    longer, more powerful, much faster firing, and more long range, though not as
    accurate, however the rate of fire more then makes up for this. This is 
    basically an advanced Assualt Rifle as compared to the standard one.
    There are three ammo weapons, the Bazooka, the Sniper, and the Grenade 
    Launcher. The first one is the Bazooka. It has a clip size of one, but a mean 
    punch, and can take out a tank in three hits. However one must remember that 
    the missle is slow moving, so calculate that when shooting at a moving target.
    Also the Grenade Launcher is a far better choice for infantry smashing.
    The Sniper is, well, a Sniper. It has a powerful shot and extreme range, 
    excellent for headshots, but it is unsuitable for close range, though it can 
    one hit KO as a bolt-action rifle. This weapon has a one hit Ko, regardless.
    The RPG is like a slightly weakened version of the Bazooka. It's faster to fire
    and load, making it more suitable for killing infantry then the Bazooka, but it
    has a weaker shot that takes more hits to kill bigger enemies, so one should 
    perfer the bazooka for killing tanks, but on everything else the weapon is 
    superior. The RPG is only available after completing the game on Normal mode.
    IIX. Enemies
    This part of the guide covers the enemies you will encounter in the game. There
    is a small variety of them:
    These are the ordinary infantry, armed similar to how you are. They use cover 
    and toss grenades.
    MG Gunners
    These are MG Gunners, which arm a (stationary) MG-42 machine gun. Shooting them
    will cause them to drop their machine guns and pull out a rifle, like the 
    infantry, but shooting AT them will usually direct their attention at you.
    Light MG Gunner
    Later in the game you unlock a "Light MG" Rifle. Well, these are basically 
    German troops armed with one of these. They attack like infantry, except they 
    have a heavier but less accurate gun. They also toss grenades.
    Panzargrenadier, or "Bazooka Sniper"
    These are German heavy infantry, in other words the anti-tank unit. Each one is
    armed with a Bazooka. They can stand on the front lines as regular infantry do,
    but more often they're aback, like in a tower or on a rooftop balcony, 
    "sniping" you with their bazooka.
    Snipers are almost always far behind, like in a bunker or on a tower, and 
    deliver point-accurate fire that, though it doesn't do much damage, can be 
    deadly when in the middle of a firefight. The best way to counter a sniper is 
    effective use of cover, and to snipe THEM, and theach them what it feels like.
    Tank Hunter
    These soldiers only appear in tank missions. Their only goal in life seems to 
    be to chuck a grenade down your tank turret, which they achieve by making a mad
    dash for your tank and throwing a grenade into the turret. They are fodder for 
    machine guns, yet in an urban environment or when they can get close, they are 
    extremely dangerous. My suggestions are to move back while engaging it with 
    your machine guns and if in enough range, your main turret.
    IX. Vehicles and Set Pieces
    No war game is complete without vehicles. Although it doesn't have nearly as 
    many choices as other games, this DS game does have driveable, usable vehicles 
    built in. This game has three tanks-the Light Tank, the Tank Destroyer, and the
    Panzar, as well as a driveable 4x4.
    All of the tanks have identical performance. The standard vehicle is the Light 
    Tank, the Sherman. When you comeplete the game on Normal difficulty, one of the
    things you unlock is the Tank Destroyer. Despite its name, it's no more 
    powerful then any of the other tanks (by the way, this one is a Grant tank.)
    The Panzar is the German armor peice, the one you fight  every mission. You 
    only get to drive it twice, in two of the Tunis missions, but it's pretty cool.
    Tanks can roll over cover like nothing, and are fairly manuverable. They pack 
    a punch too, with their powerful main cannon and two secondary machine guns. 
    It can kill other tanks in between 1 and 3 shots. The biggest threat to a tank 
    is Bazooka troopers, which can shoot at you from long range (but they are easy
    to avoid), and Tank Hunters, which run up to you and place a charge on your 
    turret (but they are easy to machine gun) . It takes about 6 such hits, tank, 
    bazooka, or charge, to kill your tank.
    To kill a tank, you fire heavy weapons at it. It takes 3 Bazooka shots, ~5 
    grenades, and ~5 Grenade Launcher shots to kill a tank.
    Another driveable vehicle is the 4x4, accessible in a couple of Tunis missions.
    It's a two person vehicle, with you driving and another person operating the 
    machine gun. Very fast and very manuverable.
    There at two vehicles that are undrivable, and one is the halftrack. This 
    vehicle isn't all that formidible, any grenade or tank or bazooka or RPG will 
    destroy it. But it does sport a good bit of speed, and it mounts an albiet 
    easily killed machine gunner. Kill them before they start spawning infantry and
    make your life harder.
    The other is the German Scout Car. This one is a rare sight and easy to 
    destroy, but like yours it has a machine gunner on it, which makes it 
    dangerous. The vehicle is extremely fast, so be careful
    There is also three notable set peices. One is the M-42 machine gun. Enemies 
    mounting these babies dish out a lot of damage quickly, so take them out 
    quickly. You can mount one yourself and shoot some serious balls out. Another
    is the 88 guns scattered throughout the game. These hardcore artillery cannons 
    pack a large, tank-like punch, and double as an anti air unit. Kill them and/or
    its crew as soon as you get the chance, although most of the time destroying 
    them is a mission objective. The last are Oil Canisters; shooting them will 
    cause them to explode, flushing out any German infantry/tanks unfortunate 
    enough to be by them.
    X. Walkthrough
    A. Normandy
    Airborne Landings over the Cotentic Peninsula were broken by heavy flak and
    cloud cover last night. Seperated from your squad, you advance into unknown
    enemy territory.
    A1. Tough Welcome
    You've had a hard landing. Search the village to find the rest of your squad.
    You start this mission with your parachute stuck in a tree. Luckily the passing
    Germans squads do not see you. Incoming American units roll back the German 
    foe. As the first mission in the game this one serves as a tutorial, and 
    introduces you to some of the basic functions of the game.
    OK, your first task is to cut yourself free of the tree by using the action 
    button. Link up with a small group of soldiers and advance. You soon come under
    scattered fire, use the haystack to get cover as instructed by your commander.
    Proceed through the next set of markers to find that the Jerries have blocked 
    the bridge.
    Advance under the bridge. As a few Germans appraoch, the captain teaches you 
    the basics of combat-use your stylus on the touch screen to aim, and the D-pad
    (or the X-Y A-b buttons if you're left handed like me) to manuveer on foot. 
    Keep moving to meet a German straffing you from a rooftop, you now learn about
    using the scope. Kill him, and advance through the building to a wall. Here you
    learn about using walls as cover, and sliding along a wall out of sight of 
    enemies and then opening up on them. Overtake the two officers and then the 
    three by the searchlight.
    Now you get to do a bit of free-forming. A couple of Krauts move in, kill them,
    and then the Panzershnieght that opens up from the balony. Once your fellows 
    blow the half track, advance to the downed bomber and grab the grenades. 
    Following his instructions, use the grenades to kill a group of Germans from a
    perch in a downed truck, and then advance some more. Kill the Krauts on the 
    right to get to your first encounter with some heavy stuff-enemy armor!
    A bazooka spawns nearby, run to it and fire at the tank. Once you engage a tank
    it starts to fucos on you, so run around while reloading and then blast the 
    bugger away. Continue onn the markers to encounter two Germans at an arch, 
    these are the last enemies of the mission. Kill them to finish your first 
    mission. Congrats kid!
    A2. Crossing Corners
    A Panzergrenadier company is fortified in this village. Flush them out. No 
    support available yet.
    From now on I'm going to assume you know all the basic controls.
    As you begin the mission you are treated to a cutscene. You and a bunch of 
    other guys are walking through a field, engaged in a converstation. Out of 
    nowhere an artillery shot comes in and hits two of your men. Battle stance 
    everyone! You guys run into the outskirts of the village and meet a group of 
    encrouched Germans. Kill the MG guy first, then all of his friendly goons. 
    Colenal sends a couple of men to scout out the next street-bad idea, there's 
    an MG (machine gun, if you don't know) there. Flank it, using the wall as 
    cover, and kill it. A bunch of Jerries come out, and one is in the balcony, 
    kill all of them. Then get to the other side of the building and destroy the 
    other MG.
    Advance and take point. Kill the guards while your squad catches up. More come,
    kill them too. Usually one of them throws a grenade at you, you'll have to move
    to another cover or shoot in the open (a bad idea) to avoid the detonation.
    Then one of your guys unwittingly goes foward, only to be taken down by a 
    sniper in the curch balcony. Grab the bazooka and shoot the guard, and heck the 
    entire tower, to oblivion. 
    Your squad takes cover by you and provides support as you kill the last gaurds.
    When they're gone more come on your right flank, in two waves, while your 
    friends fire foward at nonexistant enemies. Kill both waves, it's not that hard
    because they don't ahve cover and you do.
    More intantry rolls in at front, followed by a Panzer. But this is what the 
    Bazooka is for, right? Open up and blow it to bits. Advance across the street 
    and take refuge in the church. Uh oh, that was a bad idea, the place is covered
    in Jerries. Get behind the pews, which make horrible cover by the way because 
    of their open construction, and destroy the initial slew. More come in from a 
    hole in the wall in the left, deal with them accordingly. After they are dead a
    dumb tank rolls in and makes its OWN hole, I say dumb becuase it gets stuck in 
    the rubble it made from the breach, allowing you to easily walk over and plant 
    a mine on it, blowing it to smitherines. 
    As more Jerries approach you are tasked with arming the MG-42 at the hole in 
    the wall. At this point they start to retreat, but throw a few enemies at you 
    to cover their retreat, and in the feign hopes of killing you. Not happening. 
    The MG is a real souped-up weapon, but be careful about overusing it becuase it
    will quickly overheat. Kill the advancing guards and the halftrack too, if you
    so perfer. this group comes heavily armed with RPGs to compliment the usual 
    Rifles, but this isn't a problem as they are killed quick by the sheer force of
    your gun.
    A3. Smoked Steel
    10th Armored Division is moving to link up with the paratroopers attacking
    Carentan. You have been dispatched to a tank platoon to lead the spearhead
    assault through enemy territory.
    I think this is a very fun mission for the simple reason that you get to use a 
    It starts out with your crew busy repairing tanks. Corenel runs in and orders 
    everyone in a tank, NOW. Obviously we've got enemy units approaching. Mount 
    your tank and roll out, trooper.
    The tank controls are the same as ordinary, bar that the tank has a seperate 
    health bar, and that it has a short "reload" time between shots. Also you have
    two guns, the main gun and the "secondary" machine gun. Use the latter to take
    out troops that get to close to be killed effectively by a cannon blast, and in
    general as support in close combat situations. It's automatic, without your 
    control, so yeah.
    Kill the first tank and advance into an ambush. Fall back while landing shots, 
    and then kill the three Panzars while they are exiting cover. Advance once more 
    to find a field area. First, blast the first bunker. Then shoot at the infantry 
    mulling around. Most are armed with Bazookas, much more dangerous to a tank 
    then just an Assualt Rifle, so watch out.
    After you clear them an armored train will pass by. Stay off the tracks because
    if it hits you, it's boom and bye-bye. An armored tower with a Bazooka-armed 
    Panzergrenaider will start firing at you as you advance, take it out and prove
    that no amount of armor is enough to stop you. blow up an 88 (artillery/
    ainti-air cannon). Along the way most of your squad is killed, thankfully you 
    link up with Able squadron after this and continue. There's an engineer's 
    halftrack for repairs, if you need them. Doing so also resets your ammo to 99.
    Your objective now is to seize control of the train station. The entrance seems
    to be "too heavily guarded," so you make your own little entrance-by making a 
    big hole in one of the buildings. Kill the initial Jerries, and then the armor
    that moves in to stop you. Destroy the two artillery cannons too, they're a 
    pain in the neck.
    Topple a building by the train tracks to disallow an incoming train to escape 
    the station-and you. The heavily armored train has three turrets on it, each 
    functioning like a tank turret and taking 2 shots to destroy. Once you do so 
    they deploy a LOT of infantry, keep moving and don't let the Tank Hunters, 
    which come over to your tank and drop a charge on you, causing major damage, 
    come close.
    A4. Cloud Dagger
    Wehremacht troops deployed an AA battery nearby in an effort to disrupt our
    air cover. Secure these guns and then link up with elements of 3rd Battalion
    for a reconnisaince in force mission.
    Your task is to place smoke grenades on bomber targets and take out the Kraut 
    air defense network to let friendly bombers through. Go up the hill, kill an 88
    crew, and then TNT the gun. Continue to a courtyard area stuffed with soldiers 
    and two guns, kill the guys, set a charge on one, kill the rienforcments, and 
    then blow open the second one. Tank comes in, come over and drop a charge 
    inside to end that encounter.
    Now two Scout Cars come over. Grab one and drive down the road, killing Krauts 
    as you go. Don't stop to kill them, the car is easily damaged and you don't get
    anything for it, anyway. You come to a nice little emplacment, kill the many 
    Germans and then throw a smoke grenade at the marker to alert the air force.
    Get in a car again, only this time your orders are to kill the units on the 
    road. Do so, avoiding the armor, and then drive on. You pass another, mostly 
    tank unit, avoid the armor and keep going to arrive at your destination, a 
    pinned down squadron in a building.
    Kill all the nearby enemies and grab some smoke grenades. The back of the 
    building is pinned down by several tanks, throw it at the marker to call in the
    air strike on them and watch them do their duty, and finish the mission.
    A5. Silenced Skies
    Baker Company has been has been tasked with securing a heavily fortified German 
    V2 launching facility. Elite German infantry supported by a newly refitted 
    Panzer group are laying in wait for the incoming attack. You are to assist 
    Baker Company in their mission.
    You start the mission outside the actual complex. You ambush a convoy escorting
    a V2 missle to the launch facility. Defeat the infantry and then engage the 
    tank, wether via bazooka or mining, it doesn't matter. Get down to the road and
    place a charge on the V2 and its carrige, then run to the safety of the barn as
    it detonates. Grab the sniper rifle in the corner and snipe the guards in the 
    sandbag constructs outside the perimeter. You then advance to the entrance, and
    the perimeter is patroled by a bunch of guards, snipe them quickly. The area is
    alerted and more guards come, snipe them too.
    You are instructed to kill the machine gunners thar are killing invading force.
    Snipe them (man, how I love the sniper), and a tank rolls out. Thankfully a 
    soldier mines it for you, and it promptly blows up. Much good that did.
    Now you enter the complex itself. Soldiers come in through the breach, open 
    fire on the nearby infantry and then kill a bunch of guards/bazooka snipers 
    from long range. A tank roolls in with supporting units, and another batallion
    flanks, get to cover and kill the flankers. One of them tries to diffuse the 
    bomb, make sure the only thing HE's diffusing is his brain. The rocket lauches
    and blows up in midair, allowing you to move onto the next one.
    More infantry come, along with halftracks and scout cars, kill them as you wish
    while your buds blow open the armor. Armor support FINALLY arrives at the scene
    but if I knew it was going to be such a pain in the ass it could have gone on 
    without it, the tank seems to need more protection then it gives. 
    Panzargrenadiers immediatly swarm over to destroy the tank, kill them before 
    they get a chance. 
    Place the charge on the V2 and continue onward. As your tank rolls foward it 
    encounters a tank and some infantry, kill the foot soldiers letting the tank do
    its duty in destroying the other tank. Hey, that's what this is for, right?
    Now we get to the "not as useful as it is annoying" part. The tank breaks down,
    and you are sent to a platform to snipe anyone who approach. Two tanks are 
    rolling down two roads to rendevous and destroy your armor. The trick here is 
    that the road is lined by explosive canisters-blow them up when the tank 
    aproaches to damage it. Do this on both roads on both tanks to kill them. If 
    one does escape you, destroy it quick before it destroys your armor.
    More infantry appear in the left, grab the MG and tear them to shreds. Then a 
    lot of Panzargrenadiers come in, in two waves, don't let them get close enough 
    to fire down your tank.
    Some more come out on the oppisite side, take them down. Now you are ordered to
    snipe the machine gunners in a nearby bunker. Grab the sniper and silence their
    guns forever. As you are doing this a few Tank Hunters make a haywire for your 
    tank, kill them. More sodiers appear to the right, destroy them. If a tank 
    hunter manages to get to your tank, you fail the mission, so don't let them. 
    Another group, fvortified by a tank, comes as you advance, from a hole in the 
    wall. Destroy the foot soldiers and then mine the tank. Unfortunatly right here
    comes a tricky Kraut tank hunter, who sneaks behind while you are fighting the 
    wall group and mines the tank, so anticipate him and kill him before he gets 
    the chance.
    As soon as the area is clear, you plant a charge on another V2, the last one. 
    Panzars are moving in from a field up ahead, but Corenel tells you he can hold
    them off, find a good sniping position and snipe the fuses on the V2s to blow 
    them up. herin you make one hell of a flight, fighting through a bunch of 
    German sandbags as you run as fast as possible from a persuing Panzar, and end 
    up at the top of a buunker. Close enough, take out the sniper and destroy the 
    charges. More armor support rolls in, and finally silences the last of the 
    A6. Closing Act
    The Germans have had time to fortify in this town and are not particularly
    convinced they should retreat anytime soon. Our armor and rangers are still
    engaged with the Panzer Lehr Division 10 clicks south. It's up to the
    paratroopers to secure the town and cut off any available German retreat
    As soon as you spawn, a German comes out of an attic trap and opens fire. Kill 
    him, and then his buddies as they advance on you. Two friendlies land across 
    from you, but first you have to take out the MG on the balcony across the 
    street. Link up with them and kill the suprise attacker from behind. Kill the 
    Germans on the balcony across the street, and then toss a grenade at the 
    reinforcements on the street. Keep moving along the balconies, killing enemies 
    in front of and across from you.
    Now you link up with some units on the street, and move foward. You go up a 
    broken stair, but a couple of Jerries spring ouit and kill one of your men, 
    kill them and then advance upon the fortified position on the broken-down floor
    and kill the Germans. There's an MG and a Sniper at the end of the building, 
    grab both, kill the sniper in the church balcony and then grab the MG 42 to 
    kill the incoming reinforcments coming down below, on the street. They consist 
    of a group of soldiers, a halftrack, and a scout car, tear them all apart.
    Meet up with another guy on the street, and then proceed. You're immediatly 
    flanked by a tank and some infantry, kill them while running to the checkpoint.
    You and your guy continue to a downed C-42, but you first have to take out an
    88 gun en route. Ambush the Germans on the ruined building and grab their 
    Bazooka. Destroy the light armor (a Scout Car) that's blockading the tram, 
    forcing it to collide with a biigger obstacle ahead and fly off the tracks. 
    Why? No clue. Anyway, continue on into another yard, this time one soldier 
    stays back to help some poor kid digging dirt with his fingers. It's just you
    and him now, and you follow him into a new courtyard. A bunch of officers exit
    a building, wait for his order and then open up on them. Continue onward to 
    finally find the C-42. No survivors, but a sniper and a firefight, so grab them
    and join. Friendlies have taken heavy casulties, Germans are swarming over your
    position, and orders are to hold the lines. There are about a dozen snipers and
    bazooka snipers in the rooftops above, but these are secondary to the main 
    troops pinning you down on the road. The road is a crossroads, with a MG-armed 
    church in the middle. After killing the initial wave, another one comes from 
    the left, then the right, and then flanks you. The tank from before makes an 
    apperance again, destroy it with a bazooka or mine to advance.
    Reinforcments finally arrive, and you regroup at the bridge. The bridge happens
    to be one last escape route for cut-off germans, so you are ordered to secure 
    it-by blowing it up. The initial soldiers are pletiful, but skillful shoooting
    will wether their ranks to 0 in no time. An advancing halftrack provides decent
    cover. Once you get halfway across the bridge you are ordered to place the 
    charges. He also wants to detonate a bus blocking the halftrack's way, but when
    you get close...a tank rolls over it! Make sure you don't go directly in front 
    of the bus because the tank will roll right over you. Mine it, and then proceed
    to mop up the remaining infantry. The MGs need sniping, the Panzargrenadiers 
    need killing, and the regular infanry fall quickly. 
    Run through to the house and place a charge on the 88, after killing its crew. 
    so that's what was providing the heavy support across the bridge. Anyway, two 
    things about this. The house will infinitly spawn more soliders at interval, so
    be advised to that. Also, if you try to advance without killing the soldiers 
    first, you'll get killed by a framed mortar shot. Keep that in mind.
    As you prepare to detonate the bridge, the Germans make a last ditch effort to 
    break out. Heavy infantry roll in, followed by a tank, but one of them stops to
    defuse the charges. Snipe him first, and then kill the rest of them. As the 
    tank gets closer, the bomb detonates, taking the bridge, and tank, with it.
    B. Tunis
    U.S Forces have landed in North Africa and now threaten Rommel's Afrika Korps
    in Tunis. The Allies are pushing through the desert towards the German occupied
    fortifications of the Mareth Line.
    B1. Urban Desert
    Fight through enemy positions and secure the center of this desert town.
    Expect close-range engagements.
    You start out following a tank on a road, when you meet infantry resistance. 
    There are a lot of them, but they should fall in short order. An 88 in the back
    is soon obliterated by your tank.
    You continue onward under air raid from German bombers and find another, 
    tougher enplacement. Flank it, down a corridor of boxes that the idiot Germans
    made just for you, blow up the oil tank to dispose of the people they send to 
    plug you in, and then kill the MG nesters as they are preoccupied with your 
    buddies. At this point the tank takes point, and blows up a tower with Bazooka 
    snipers, only to get blown up itself by more of them. You grab a sniper from a 
    fallen comrade and kill two bazooka men in another tower. A halftrack arrives 
    with infantry, blow it to smitherines. You are then ordered to snipe an MG-42 
    gunner in the mousqe, do so quickly. You then kill another gunner by the mosque
    and then some arriving infantry, then advance.
    Your comrades spot a damaged Panzar, kill the soldiers and then rig the tank 
    (orders are to distract it whiile someone else mines it, but this makes it go 
    slower) to expose an MG-42. Get on it to repel an incoming wave (or two) of 
    Germans, then dispose of the halftrack (someone does it for you pretty quickly 
    though). Two more infantry come, deal with them, then go around the corner and 
    kill an 88 crew. Here the street opens up some, and there are some snipers and
    regular infantry around. Kill them, before placing a Sanchel on one of the 88s.
    A tank rolls in from the other side and quickly deals with the other one. Herin
    you regroup with the rest of your squad. Done!
    B2. Mareth Line
    The Axis forces have withdrawn into a defensive position at the Mareth Line.
    Every rock in this wasteleand has been turned into a fortification. Now, an
    entire Afrika Korps mechanized division is lying in wait for the incoming
    allied frontal assault.
    This is a real "big" mission, lots of tanks and infantry on both sides in 
    addition to the myraids of impressive fortifications on the German front, so 
    obviously taking the line is going to be quite a challenge. Plus, you get to 
    use a tank, and also a Panzar later! 
    Ok, you start with three other tanks under heavy fire. Blow up the MGs in the 
    bunker and then the surrounding troops. Wow, cheap tanks, your numbers have 
    quickly been reduced from 4 to 2. Two panzars come over to play, make sure they
    get your gun instead.
    You become a lone tank when a run to get troops in the open goes badly. There 
    are two routes, the one on the left that's deadly and the one on the right. 
    Troops rush to dissasemble the right baricade while you lay out some covering 
    Now you start to REALLY get into the area. More infantry rush at you, destroy
    them and then blow the nearby bunker. There are several 88 cannons nearby, go
    between them and destroy them. you get attacked by a tank and a halftrack, blow
    both to bits before continuing. As you destroy a second bunker a Panzar comes 
    out, kill it, two more come out on the left and you are ordered to flank them.
    hit them from the back to discover why-tank armor is weakest on the back, near
    the turret-and clear the attacking tank hunters. 
    Lots of incoming planes, You are ordered to get a bit away from the buner and 
    blow open a communications antenna. As soon as you do this some darned snot 
    of a general runs over and yanks the tank away from you. Three tanks and about 
    a dozen infantry link up and encounter artillery that zeros in one of your 
    tanks. You and another two dudes flank them. There are two 88s and a heck of a 
    lot of infantry there, kill the infantry as you can while running to the cannon
    and then blow it up with a grenade or whatever. Advance to the second one and 
    do the same. Your tanks and buddies advance, an MG opens up, only to be quickly
    silenced by your tanks. 
    And you find out that was only the OUTSKIRTS of the defense network. You enter 
    a trench parrelell with some buddies. A Panzar moves up to kill you, only to be
    shot out by the guy who confiscated your tank. Dirty snot even says that's the 
    last time he's saving your ass. Anyway, continue to a juncture, where Germans 
    run through to set up a position down the left. Kill them as you can, then move
    and kill the rest at their position. Much good that did them. Another Panzar 
    greets you after, throw a mine down its hull to destroy it. Germans enter a 
    nearby bunker, get in there and kill them. Then advance to discover that the 
    Germans are fleeing. Chase them, kill as many as you can.
    A tank and some infantry show up to cover the three fleeing halftracks, 
    dispense of them quickly and then vault up the road to chase them. The leftover
    halftracks all stop at intervals and dismount, kill the infantry. A freindly 
    tank-that idiot again-rolls through to help out, but doesn't stay as it is 
    being chased by two Panzars. He does one thing right though by disabling one 
    Panzar, allowing you to get in and drive!
    A couple of Panzars roll in-reinforcments-destroy them. The Germans have 
    captured one of your positions (remember, the antenna thingy?), and you are to 
    see if you can take it back. Kill the two Panzars. Another one rolls in with 
    tank hunters, deal with it. Destroy the bunker on the side. Two more come, this
    time you have to flank them. After destroying them destroy the barricade to 
    break through to Charlie company, which is pinned down by German armor. Blow up
    the tank, and the halftrack, to secure their position-and the whole line.
    B3. Sand Raiders
    U.S mechanized regiments have fortified in the Eastern Tunisian desert after
    breaking through the Mareth Line. The Africa Korps mounts constant
    counterattacks in a desparate attemp to recapture the lost front sectors.
    In this mission you are defending a fort from Axis attacks, and you get to 
    drive the 4x4 Scout car. You'de just finished scout recon when you learn the 
    fort is under attack. Your firt job is to take out the recon cars circling the 
    fort, then the Panzargrenaders that are pinning it down. Reinforcments quickly 
    arrive in the form of two Scout Cars, destroy them and then drive in to 
    resupply and refuel. Now begins an artillery barrage, get the car over to the 
    designated building and start sniping German gunners. Once you are done a tank
    rolls in with some infantry, snipe the infantry and let the arriving tank 
    destroyer corps do their duty on the tanks. Grab your recon car and drive back
    to the fort. You are tasked with delivering Bazooka ammo to the soldiers at an
    ambush point. Unfortunatly there is a German convoy moving up the same road, 
    avoid them and get to where you need to be. take a right on the road to arrive
    at the ambush point; the men open up on the convoy. While they deal with the 
    panzars, you must destroy the enemy recon cars. Advance further and maim the 
    infantry while the Anti-Tank unit does its job on the tanks. 
    More tanks come and you must kill the infantry. An American tank arrives but is
    quickly killed. After destroying the infantry head back to the fort. Now the 
    blanked German assualt begins. First kill the bazooka snipers. From your 
    position, grab the bazooka and pummel the two tanks. Destroy them to finish the
    B4. Suprise Visit 
    U.S forces organised in small but highly mobile raiding units are conducting
    surprise attacks behind the Afrika Corps lines. Their objective is to disrupt
    communications and cripple German air support. Inspired by the British SAS
    operations in the early days of the African war, these raids prove to be
    effective once again.
    You are going through with an attack on the airport, but first you have to 
    make a pass through a German-held village. Ignore the enemies except for the MG
    gunners, who you have to kill, and the recon cars, which you have to destroy.
    You arrive at a courtyard, dismount from your Scout Car to engage the enemies. 
    Kill the initial guards and blow the antennaa in one corner. More come through 
    a breach in the wall, deal with them and destroy the second communications 
    atennna. Even more come from the breach, this time there are enough to be a 
    threat, so kill them quickly. Meanwhile Krauts are trying to flank you on the 
    main road, but friends are holding them off.
    Your attemps to escape back to your recon car are rebuffed, first by a 
    halftrack, and then a balcony-top Panzargrenadier. Kill them both and escape on
    the car. A bunch of German scout cars are trying to escape and warn the people
    at the airport, destoy them en route and rendevous with another Recon car. At 
    one point a Panzar drives through the main road and blockades you, use the 
    broken wall to continue.Continue onward through more infantry and a couple of 
    tanks to the airport. Task one is to kill the MG nests lining the left side, 
    let your buddy handle the incoming halftrack. You have to drive through a 
    couple of barricades en route, just floor the gas to burn right through them.
    There is one last MG behind the halftrack, kill its fire.
    A plane then tries to take off, get on its tail and shoot the back rudder off 
    to force a crash landing. More Krauts come, with a tank too, regroup a bits 
    away. Grab a bazooka and destroy a couple of parked planes, and a bazooka 
    sniper tower. Then bazooka a door and enter a hanger. Be careful, and kill the
    German infatry guarding the planes within. Once they are dead, plant charge A 
    on one plane. more Krauts file in, drop the plane tutress on them (shoot the 
    suspender thingie from which the wires are suspended) and then plant the other 
    A panzar and some infantry roll over, grab the Panzar and then kill the 
    infantry. Two more come in, flank them through a hole in the hanger wall in 
    the back, keep an eye on the Tank Hunter infantry and kill the tank and 
    halftrack. Hitting the tanks in the back nets an Instant Kill, do taking them 
    out from behind is a peice of cake. After this regroup. Airport destroyed!
    C. Ardennes
    Winter 1944: the 101st airborne is sent to reinforce the crumbling american
    50-mile front in the Ardennes mountains. Their orders are to take back and
    reinforce Bastogne, a crucial position holding key supply line crossroads.
    Upon arrival, the Paratroopers are promptly surrounded by the German forces.
    Greatly outnumbered, lacking supplies and even winter equipment, the 101st make
    their stand in the Battle of the Bulge.
    C1. Breaking the Ice
    With the newly acquired armored support from Patton's Third Army, you must
    hunt elements of the German divisins retreating from the siege of Bastogne. We
    have reports of German strongholds in villages south of St. Vith.
    You spawn right into an ambush. As planes make a bombing run on your tanks from
    above, infantry flank you on the left and front. Advance as you shoot down the 
    Germans. Your scope is very useful for the task, just move up the hill and then
    sweep down the side, be cafeful of the MGs though. More Germans invade from the
    forest, get behind cover and kill them. Two panzars invade down the road, grab 
    a bazooka and shoot them while running to them. You should be able to bazooka 
    one and mine the other. A little ways down the road is an 88, approach it, hide
    behind a haystack and shoot the gunners. Open up on the 88 to blow it open. The
    village ahead is absolutely covered in Germans, but luckily support rolls in in
    the form of a tank and a recon car. get in the tank and follow the 4x4. 
    As soon as you enter the village you encounter Panzargrenadiers on a blacony, 
    blast them. You were going to go down the main road, but there appears to be an
    88 at the end of that road with its gun pointed right where you're going to be,
    so you have to flank it on a smaller road to the right. Kill the tank hunters 
    and blow out the building's wall to advance and destroy the gun.
    Advance to be attacked by a bunch of tank hunters. Watch out, they're hard to 
    see in the urban environment and are deadly when put togethor. A tank appears, 
    destroy it, then destroy the building down the other side of the street for its
    bazooka sniper. A Panzar appears from behind, it doesn't appar to notice it, 
    which just makes your job easier. Another one comes out from an alleyway on the
    A big group of infantry and a couple of tank hunters appear, destroy the hunter
    groups and then move foward to wipe up the regular infantry. They retreat, 
    round the corner to find out why-there's a hell of a lot of infantry on this 
    street, which appears to be main street. Tank hunters, a halftrack, lots and 
    lots of bazookas and regular infantry. Teach them they should have stayed 
    hidden by killing all of them. After that clean up the church at the crossroads
    which houses a balcony-top bazooka sniper.
    Destroy the 88 cannon by the curch and then drive back to avoid the tank hunter
    infantry that come out of a little tell by the end of the road, and shoot them.
    Dispatch the infantry in the tell and continue following the 4x4. As you try to
    cross the corner, the building and the Scout Car is destroyed by a tank shot. 
    Drive back through the building you ruined earlier to destroy the two tanks 
    from the back, but they anticipated you and instead of their vunerable backs 
    you get their cannon crosshairs. After you dispatch them a plane comes in for a
    bombing run and blows your tracks, trapping you in place. Uh oh, there goes the
    Get out and RUN. Your under heavy fire from multiple panzars and artillery guns
    but ignore them and try to get behind the building and through the winter 
    grounds onto the bridge. Take down as much infantry as you can on the way. When
    you get to the bridge kill the occupying infantry and capture the MG. Your guys
    tell you this is our "last stand" (funny, this is down to three, four people, 
    aand started out as four tanks, infantry, and a bunch of halftracks...) Get off
    the invading infantry, they just charge like idiots ignoring the cover 
    altogethor, and then after just a few tries the Germans are stymied by a bunch 
    of diving fighter-bombers as in the distance, American tanks roll in.
    So now you have to take the fight to the darned Krauts while they're still 
    reeling from their losses. A Scout Car comes over to pick you up. Go down the 
    road, throgh the gate, over some helpless Jerries, over a plank ramp, down a 
    corner, and arrive at some ruins. You have to take back a German-held position.
    unfortunatly, this involves a break in the open in the face of concentrated 
    enemy fire. There's an MG nest directly in front of you and a string of German 
    infantry to your right (and more Americans to your left), take out the 
    concentrated German position to your right and take their cover, that is, if 
    you want to survive. Further right to the formelly German position is another 
    MG gunner, kill him.
    A tank comes in from the west, retreat as you fall in with your buddies. A anti
    tank unit prevents tank support as another panzar rolls in, kill the remaining 
    infantry and the tank will do the rest. One of them needs to be mined by you 
    though. Mop up the remaining infantry, mostly near the 88, and destroy the 88 
    too. Regroup to finish the mission. Whoo, that was fun.
    C2. Firestorm
    The American 4th Armored division is heading in full force through the
    Ardennes towards Bastogne in an attempt to lift the siege. In the meantime, the
    101st must keep holding the line despite constant German attacks and lack of
    You start out in base camp, sharing the gruel, when a bunch of German planes 
    fly over and deposit smoke markers all over your base. Artillery promply dials 
    in and starts blowing the hell out of everyone. Stay out of the marked areas 
    you flee with everyone else up the road. You eventually get to the "front"-a 
    complex construct of barricades and MG nests of great length. Grab one and 
    start slicing away at the huge waves of Germans. At lenght you are ordered to 
    get out and snipe the machine gunners on the other side, but try hard enough 
    you can do that with the machine gunner. A Panzar exits the forest, duck covers
    to get close to it and mine it or take out the bazooka, your choice. Anyway, 
    there are a bunch of snipers all over the place, if you're close Assualt Rifle
    them and if not, take out the sniper and sniper the snipers. After this two 
    halftracks roll in and start deploying troops, take them out and the troops 
    they deploy.
    Germans flank you on the right side, but it's not a major threat. Kill them, 
    and then head for the 88s emplaced on the far right corner. Destroy them, and 
    then the tanks that come from behind. You continue right, all the way to the 
    trenches. Grab the additional bazooka ammo by the crate. It doesn't take the 
    Jerrs' long to show, though the blunt assualt they give is far too 
    unsophisticated for my tastes :P Unfortunatly while you were busy dealing with
    them, more have invaded your trenches from behind, so you have to clean them 
    out. The Germans appear in twos at short intervals, just run n' dice. After 
    flushing them out the fighting calms for a change, and you regroup with the 
    rest of your guys in trenches even further right of where you fought. 
    The enemy goes at it again, this time bringing LOTS of tanks to your right 
    flank. You and the other guys retreat down a backwards trench parellel while 
    fending off infantry to the right. At intervals tanks make passing runs, but 
    one does truly get stuck in the trench so you have to/will get the joy of 
    mining it and blowing it to smitherines. 
    When you FINALLY get to escape the cruddy trench, you walk right into the 
    middle of a giant tank battle. Grab the bazooka ammo at the crate and start 
    firing away. One tank croses right over by where your trench is, easy to mine. 
    The rest need to be blown up. First there are two, then three more arrive. Now
    that all of the tanks (including yours) are gone it turns into a giant infantry 
    battle. ah, good times. Run between cover and cover under heavy bunker fire to
    get to the barricade. Set a charge on it and destroy it to let a foward-bound 
    invasion for once. There's a bunker right across from the location, who could 
    choose a location so stupid to do a charge through, but whatever.
    Now that you're closer (but still not inside of) the German formitations, 
    follow the instructions by killing the snipers, and then the MGs. Don't bother 
    shooting the regular infantry, they spawn infinitely so there's no point in 
    killing them if more will come.
    Once you do this, move to the left and open up a hole in the second, last 
    barricade. Now you're really within the German base, and they'll try their best
    to flush you out. Blow up the bunker (since when can a mundane C4 charge beat 
    reinforced double-thick concrete?) and then move sideways to do the same with 
    the other one. Now you get an idea as to to how far you've gotten into their 
    grid, because the artillery, which is always in the back, is just a few steps 
    away. Grenade the two normal 88s and the charge the huge Bunker-enplaced 
    cannons. The Germans are making a last stand at a group of sandbags in front of
    the bunker cannons, climb up the ruins and blast them to peices with a few well
    thrown grenades.
    C3. Crimson Hills
    The Germans have withdrawn towards the Rhine, but pockets of resistance still
    remain in the area. Elite units of paratroopers and panzergrenadiers have dug
    in the hill. Flush them out at all costs.
    This is the last mission in the game.
    It starts out ominously, with a breifing from your general that says that 
    yesterday, D Company was wiped out before even reaching the German-held hills. 
    Today is our turn. Obviously, that doesn't sound good, and that means this will
    be one hell of a fight.
    Your first job is to run as fast as possible to the German position, avoiding 
    the many falling shells and bombs that are tearing your friends apart. Down the
    road to the right side you finally reach some cover, but there's a MG nest 
    keeping you pinned. Snipe the gunners. Advance down a further peice of open 
    land, and support arrives in short-lived halftracks. To the left of the road is
    a bunker housing German snipers. Once you kill them a Panzargrenadrier runs up 
    on the rooftop, but a tank blows up the bunker so you need not worry.
    You and a couple of other soldiers have to flak the line on the left, moving 
    behind the ruined bunker to discover a small German camp. Open fire, use a 
    grenade on the MG nest and then concentrate on the infantry. As you start 
    killing them a Panzaargrenadier starts firing at you from a distant tower, 
    snipe him and his buddy. A couple of infantry move in to a stack of wood on the
    far side of the camp, kill them too.
    You advance further to the side of the German ranks. Across a bridge (on a 
    frozen river) are a bunch of infantry and to the left is an MG. Kill the 
    infantry and then the MG. Advance further, now you start entering the bunker 
    areas, the ones pinning ther main troops. Run and gun the few soldiers in the 
    open, and then enter the first bunker. Kill the troops inside using the wall, 
    or if you want the overturned table, as cover. More come through the tunnel in
    the far side, toss a grenade at them or kill them with regular fire. Exit the 
    bunker as they are going to blow it up. Advance further. More troops come out,
    one in front and two across on the right, behind the barbed wire barricade, 
    kill them and then make a beeline for the bunker. Enter through the door and 
    just hold onto the trigger and sweep.
    There are two machine gunners to your right, on the far end of the camp, run up
    and kill them. Advance to snipe two tower guards. There's a tent here, it seems
    to be a troop meeting area or something because a bunch run out. Engage and 
    kill them, then turn to the right to see an emplaced bridge. You can either 
    stop to snipe, or run and gun. kill the further one on the bridge and a panzar
    starts rolling towards you, deal with it. You are told that orders have been 
    given to advance down the main road, not this side road, so run to behind the 
    tent that I described earlier and kill the few guards there. Get to the bunker,
    kill the man outside, and then TNT the door (finally, a closed, locked door for
    once) and run in and kill the infantry. There's a lot of heavy armnent, point
    blank range fire, so instead of risking death through a firefight toss a 
    grenade at the concentrated mass and then clean up.
    Open up on the MG gunners below you on the slope and then take cover on the 
    main road and engage the infantry that advance on you. For some reason all but
    one hold back to further along the road, so just run up to them and kill them 
    or snipe. Now there's a nother underground bunker, and this is a big one, as 
    evident by the fact that there's an 88 positioned within. Chuck a grenade at 
    the mass, there's a lot of concentrated firepower, and then clean up. Although
    you aren't given orders to do so, destroy the 88 too as it keeps firing at you.
    Or is that the tank outside? bazooka snipe the tank on the bridge, and then 
    exit the bunker.
    Kill the sniper that took the tower you'de engaged earlier and then take out 
    the 88 and its crew in the small emplacement to the right. One of your gunners
    is wounded on the main line, and you are pulled to take his position. Grab the
    bazooka ammo and then bazooka (or RPG) the 88 cannon, the splash damage will 
    take care of the crew. Snipe the infantry and then advance. You're close to 
    your goal now-you've finally reached the main base, as evident by the chain 
    link fencing and rally siren. Kill the guards hogging the entrance and then 
    grab the crates just inside the complex as cover.
    Follow this little "corridor" between the gate and the right-most bunker to 
    get to the back entrance. Blow it open and then throw a grenade to cover your
    entrace. Get behidn some cover and kill the infantry. More come out from the 
    next room, kill them as they try to come through the door, then go into the 
    next room and clean up what's left. Regroup with your men and then watch them
    raise the American flag. End of game!
    XI. What Next?
    So you think you beat the game comepletely? Wr-ong. After you comeplete the 
    game on Normal mode, you get several things. First of all, you unlock a new set
    of weapons for your missions. These is the M1918A2 Light MG (a stronger rifle)
    rifle, and a grenade launcher. Also you unlock the ability to chose the Tank 
    Destroyer on tank missions. The last unlock is the "Veteran" difficulty mode.
    Like any game, this game has difficulty levels. So it's not done, yet.
    Beat the entire game again on Veteran mode to nab the War Veteran medal and
    the "Elite" difficulty mode. This is the hardest mode in the game, and beating
    it nets you the war Hero medal and bragging rights.
    As you advance from Normal mode throughy the higher difficulty levels, the 
    enemies get harder and more tricky. Their fire is more accurate (to the point 
    where being out of cover is like asking for being killed), they toss grenades 
    more often (on Elite mode, whenever you're behind cover), and they are smarter
    There are also "after-mission" medals after each mission, aquirred for the 
    Combat Veteran - Take 30% or less damage in combat.
    Marksman - Make 5 headshots.
    Grenadier - Kill 15 enemies with grenades.
    Sniper - Make 6 Sniper kills.
    Tank Destroyer - Make three tank Instant Kills.
    XII. FAQ
    Q: What is fame?
    I'm not sure. It has no in-game function, so doesn't appear to have any real 
    meaning beyond being an in-game points system.
    Q: What's the best way to destroy a tank?
    There are a few ways to destroy a tank, the best is probably to just run over 
    and mine it, but this exposes you to enemy fire. The second best choice is the
    bazooka, and everything else comes after, as the bazooka is the strongest 
    weapon in the game. Try hitting it on the front of the turret for an "Instant 
    Kill" (yes it does say that), hitting it to the treads can destroy it in two 
    hits, netting you a Flanking Kill. Sometimes you get a Frontal Kill, I don't 
    know what that is though, probably shooting the tank in the front.
    Q. What's the best way to kill a group of infantry?
    Grenade Launcher. Aim for the cortex to blow a whole group away, or for a 
    vehicle to inflict some splash damage. Regular old grenades work too, but 
    their range is limited comepared to the RPG, and they're harder to aim. 
    Bazookas work just as well as the Grenade Launcher, but their shots are slow 
    and better suited for tanks then foot soldiers.
    Q. How long does it take to finish the game?
    It took me ~3 hours of intensive play to finish the game. After you comeplete
    it on normal mode you unlock veteran and then elite modes, as well as a few 
    new weapons, so beating the game should take a couple of days. Yeah, it's not
    that long. Now that I know everthing it takes me about an hour to finish the 
    entire campaign :P
    Q. What's the replay value?
    Pretty good. Even after finishing the game, I had fun on it for a week before
    getting bored, and still play it every now and then...
    Q. What about multiplayer?
    I don't know anything about multiplayer. Unfortunatly the game only has a 
    MULTI-card multiplayer, and good luck finding anyone else with the game. I do
    know that there are two modes, deathmatch and team deathmatch, and some maps 
    to choose from.

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