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"No system is safe, WW2 has com to the DS!!!!!!"

Normally, I dont review games, but after seeing the low scores for this game from others I have no choice.

Somewhere along the way it became common knowledge that a reviewers job is to expose a games faults and rip it apart accordingly. At least that is how it seems after viewing the reviews for this game thus far.

It is true that the game features no WiFi capabilities, nor does it have any of the squad elements which are common to this series. That being said, there is something the other reviewers forgot to mention, such as the fact that this is an excellent war game for the DS.

Does that still count for anything?

The graphics of this game do an excellent job of bringing the battlefields of WW2 Europe to life on the DS. This is one feature of this game that greatly superceded my expectations.

The sounds are also way beyond anything I have experienced on the DS so far. There is LOTS of chatter from your squadmates, and the explosions and gunfire rock through the small speakers of the DS in a way I havent experienced before. The sounds are even more impressive when heard through headphones.

The gameplay of this game has a great feel to it. The touchscreen aiming is, in my opinion, very well implemented and responsive. Also, the 3rd person perspective used in this game give it a fresh feel compared to other WW2 shooters. Movement is simply handled with the Dpad, while loading your weapons and throwing your grenades are done on the touchscreen, and done very well I would like to add.

In closing, the lack of WiFi and squad elements keep this game from being perfect. And many may feel the game is too linear compared to other Brothers in Arms games, but what they seem to be forgetting is that this is the first WW2 shooter on the DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right the DS, not the 360 or the PS3 or the PSP, this is the DS and this game handles the limits of the hardware by delivering an experience that is beyond that which we have seen on the DS yet.

My hats off to UBIsoft for what I would consider an EXCELLENT first try for this kind of game on the DS.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/07

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