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"It has the flaws that all movie games have, but all the little things make the play worthwhile."

While the console versions of Transformers: The Game allow to play both sides of the story, the DS versions force you to choose your sides. I chose the Decepticons version mostly because I wanted to blow stuff up, but now that I've beaten it, I realize that there's more than just the destruction factor that makes this version better than the other. I'll get to that later.

GRAPHICS- 8.5/10
This game has one of the best 3D engines on the DS so far. The framerate never slows, and the Transformer models look and animate excellently. Also, the way the robots change into vehicles and back looks great too. Destruction effects are also above average. So why not a 10/10? The environments, while extremely detailed up-close, just disappear when you go to far away or too high up, and seem to just pop back in when you get close again. There are some minor glitches, but none that really hinder the gameplay. Other than that, these games easily match most N64 games.

SOUND- 9.5/10
The music is so-so. That's all the bad I can say about the sound in this game. The in-game sound effects are fitting, but what really bumps up the score is the unbelievable voice-over. Every cutscene features full (and very well done) dialogue between multiple characters. And Optimus Prime and Megatron are voiced by their original actors!

We have tight control in place, and everything is very smooth. Missions, while predictable, aren't awfully repetitive. What's most enjoyable here is a custom Transformer that you play as for most of the game. There are light RPG elements, and for destroying baddies (I mean goodies) you earn XP and level up. When you level up you gain increased stats and new abilities. You can also scan vehicles and choose a form, from car to copter, on a fly. In missions you will mostly use bigger-name characters, however. While the custom bot system is well done, the main drawback from the gameplay itself is the lack of a defensive move. Your only defense, is just moving back and forth. While you can get scattered health items, a block button would have really helped bump up the score.

The whole ‘choose your side' thing represents in the game's wifi mode, where you download daily missions, get a high score and send it to your side, where points are calculated and the winning side gets bonus cheats and vehicles. This is pretty fun, as is 4-player deathmatches and cool ‘all spark sports'. But, while romping through the city or desert as a giant robot is decently entertaining, there's no real point to the game after you beat the last boss.

OVERALL- 8.0/10
Like every movie based game, this game has its flaws. But the developers, while leaving the gameplay a bit unrefined, pack so much into the technical design of Transformers that makes it worth the buy. Besides, who wouldn't want to buy the game of the greatest movie ever?

I said earlier that I would explain why this game is superior to the Autobots version. Well, it's because the Autobot game follows the movie, and if you've seen it, you know what'll happen. The Decepticons version, however, takes surprising twists all the time, straying far from the movie plot in later missions, and really letting you get closer to the Decepticons, who didn't have much screen time in the movie.

Hope my review helped! Happy playing!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/02/07

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