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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mikaa

    Version: 0.60 | Updated: 10/30/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Transformers:  Decepticons FAQ/Walkthru
    Written by Mikaa
    Version 0.60
    FAQ started 2007-07-12
    Copyright 2007 by Michael "Mikaa" Robbins.  This FAQ may not be redistributed 
    for profit and/or without the written permission of the author.  This FAQ may
    also not be claimed as works by those other than said author.  Finally, only 
    sites listed in the Credits section may be allowed to post this FAQ.
    Table of Contents
    1.)   Intro
    2.)   Version History
    3.)   Basics
           a.)  Controls
           b.)  Transforming
    4.)   Free Play
           a.)  Casino Strip
           b.)  Tranquility
           c.)  Qatar Desert
           d.)  Hoover Dam
    5.)   General Tips
           a.)  Forms
           b.)  Combat
           c.)  G1 Starscream
    6.)   Story Mode
           a.)  The Rookie
           b.)  Hazing
           c.)  Beware of the Locals
           d.)  Robots in Disguise
           e.)  The Diversion
           f.)  Stings Like a Bee
           g.)  Decoy
           h.)  Blackout at Qatar
           i.)  Leftovers
           j.)  Ratchet Retaliation!
           k.)  Torching the Welcome Wagon
           l.)  Code Breaker
           m.)  Reinforcements
           n.)  Communication Breakdown
           o.)  Cover Your Six
           p.)  Tag Team
           q.)  Megatron's Return
           r.)  Get the Chip
           s.)  Ambush
           t.)  Street Brawl
           u.)  Starscream's Betrayal
           v.)  Sibling Rivalry
           w.)  Final Showdown
    7.)   Goal Missions
    8.)   WFC Support
    9.)   Cheats
    10.)  Contact Information
    11.)  Credits and Thanks
    1.)   Intro
      If you are reading this, odds are you are interested in Transformers:  
       Decepticons for the Nintendo DS.  Or you are stuck and need someone to 
       lend a hand.  In any event, this guide is specifically designed to offer 
       suggestions, hints, information, and tips on how to best the irritating 
       Autobots and to find the Allspark.
      As will be noted later in this FAQ, this FAQ will not cover the assorted 
       forms you can obtain in-game (though if I find a specific form extremely 
       useful, I will point it out, or if a rare form is there, where it is).  
       Whenever possible, I will provide the dialog that the game presents 
       (including a specific error that occurs in one mission), and will give as 
       much useful info as possible.
      WAAY at the botton (section 10), I have placed contact information.  As 
       will be noted down there, to contact me, you MUST have the subject line 
       "Transformers:  Decepticions FAQ" (without the quotes, mind you...), or I 
      Depending on how much free time I get (and on the assumption that I can get
       past a particularly annoying mission), I might consider doing an Autobots 
       FAQ as well.  First thing is first, though.  ^_^
    2.)   Version History
    v0.60 (2007-10-30)
     - Gah, I finally get a chance to write this, and now I see how long its been.
         Updated a few minor bits in the general section, as well as hints and
         story bits for the first few missions.  Will try to add more later this
         week, before Dragon Quest Monster Joker comes out and eats what time I
         have (seeing as how consumers will eat up what time I have period by
         shopping.  Blasted retail...)
    v0.52 (2007-07-17)
     - Formatted what I already had so that if I decided to go ahead with the 
        GameFAQs submission, it would be ready.  Also decided to at least finish
        the first two or three missions before the week ends (hopefully).
    v0.50 (2007-07-13)
     - Added Free Play, Contact Info, Thanks, and General Hints content.  Also 
        added Goal Missions Section (was not included prior)
    v0.45 (2007-07-12)
     - Began to add more content and info
    v0.40 (2007-07-12)
     - Initial version
    3.)   Basics
      In this section, we will look at two key factors in playing Transformers:  
       Decepticons, the controls and the ability to transform.
     a.)  Controls
          I.)  Car Controls
               B Button - Accelerate
               A Button - E-Brake (Emergency Brake)
               L Button - Reverse
               R Button - Boost (once unlocked)
               Y Button - Fire Laser (Hold, once unlocked)
                        - Fire Heavy Weapons (Tap, once unlocked)
               Up       - Accelerate
               Down     - Reverse
               Left     - Turn Left
               Right    - Turn Right
          II.) Combat Mode (standard humanoid mode)
               B Button - Jump
                        - Ground Pound (press Down plus A while in air, once 
                        - Jump Kick (press A in air, once unlocked)
               A Button - Attack
               X Button - Pick up/throw object
                        - Climb (next to tall structure, once unlocked)
               Y Button - see Weapons Mode
               L/R      - Rotate the camera left and right, respectively
          III.) Weapons Mode (While the target cursor is visible)
               Up/Down  - Run towards and away
               Left/Rt  - Strafe left or right
               Y Button - Fire Laser (hold, unlocked during first mission)
                        - Fire Heavy Weapon (tap, once unlocked)
               L and R  - Rotate camera/cursor
          IV.) Helicopter Mode (while in Helicopter form)
               D-Pad    - Fly
               A Button - Rise
               B Button - Decend
               L/R      - Strafe
               Y Button - Same as Combat Mode 
          V.)  Jet Mode (while using Starscream or G1 Starscream)
               B Button - Thrust (fly faster)
               A Button - Air Brakes
               Hold L   - Allows you to strafe using Left and Right
               R Button - Afterburners (once unlocked)
               Y Button - Same as Combat Mode
          VI.) Tank Controls (While using Brawl)
               B Button - Forward (same with pressing Up)
               A Button - Reverse (same with pressing Down)
               Y Button - See Combat Mode
               R Button - Boost           
      b.)  Transforming
       Ah, transforming.  The unique feature of the Transformers franchise.  In 
        this particular game, you use the ability of transforming to elude foes, 
        reach new places, participate in side quests, and just have fun.
       Excluding Story characters (Brawl, Starscream, etc), your custom character
        is able to transform into a wide variety of vehicles that can be found 
        throughout the game.  Some forms are far more useful than others, and 
        some must be found while you have a high wanted level (cause as much 
        destruction as possible).  One (in)famous form is typically achieved 
        (normally) via a DS Download Station at most Targets nation-wide:  G1 
       Unless a form is essential to a particualr mission, I will not say what 
        form for you to take.  Because most forms only become available the 
        further in the game you progress (usually after the story jumps from one 
        area to another), it's normally up to you as to what you prefer.
       To get a form (or to see if you have already obtained a form), simply tap 
        the Scan icon on the touch screen while near a vehicle.  Once the scan is
        complete, you will either unlock a form or recieve a message that you 
        have already acquired that form.
       Before we go any further, I should point out that the missions that allow 
        you to use your custom character, I will probably have seperate guides 
        for normal forms (ie - cars), and a seperate one for G1 Starscream (since
        the game does NOT prohibit you from using it, and it typically takes a 
        differient path than most other forms).  Granted, a helicopter form could
        easily follow the same path, but due to the fact that the G1 Starscream's
        Jet mode controls not unlike a car in the air, it deserves its own guide.
       And now, to the show.
    4.  Free Play
         In Free Play, you basically choose a form and roam the streets/terrain 
          of a given area.  You can fight rival Autobots, race around, fly around,
          climb around, scan around, and/or play around.  Note that you can move 
          the story along by going to the green markers (until you have beaten 
          the Story Mode, at which point these no longer appear), and you can go
          to Goal Missions by going to the gold markers.
        a.)  Casino Strip
               The starting area, there really is nothing special here.  Easily 
               one of the smallest areas, the big points of THIS area are the 
               open area near where a pool resides (one of the buildings near 
               this has the rare News Copter form for scanning), a giant "Cube" 
               statue (which you will see quite often during the final mission, 
               trust me...), and the express way.
               Note that you can get the Police Copter form here, but only if you
               have a Level 2 Wanted Level (and the means to trick it so that you
               can scan it without getting knocked out of scanning mode...).
        b.)  Tranquility
               THIS monster of a level is almost impossible to describe, due in 
               part to the limitations of the DS hardware.  Because of the lack 
               of details that the DS can produce, many areas look exactly the 
               same until you are on top of them.  The draw distance (or fog) 
               also hurts in several areas, and if you are flying, you will have 
               to be VERY low to see some key locations.  Such key areas include 
               the docks (near which you can find the rare Raider form), the 
               suburbs, the museum (which you will begin to hate during a certain
               mission), the football and baseball fields (the latter has the 
               rare SWAT Van nearby...).  There are some other key areas, but 
               few of them are as important here as they are in the Autobots 
               As with the Casino Strip, getting a Level 2 Wanted rating brings 
               out the Police Chopper.
        c.)  Qatar Desert
               Elements, did I HATE this area at first.  A third of the map is a 
               desert town, the other two-thirds is devoted to a sizable army 
               base.  Other than the town and the air field, there are few key 
               areas of note here.  The only scannable form that is "unique" to 
               this area is the Chopper form, which the story forces on you.  It 
               should be noted that, no matter your "Wanted" level, entering the 
               base WILL RESULT IN THE ARMY ATTACKING YOU!!  Be advised.
        d.)  Hoover Dam
               Oh, THIS area.  Upon first arrival, you might be bored with the 
               massive roads that go on and on, but as you get to the dam, you 
               will find the area is very, very large.  Once you've rescued a 
               certain Decepticon, you are able to explore the extensive military 
               base below at your lesure.  Key points include the dam itself, the 
               underground lab (which doesn't play a large part in this version, 
               the Holding Area (where Megatron is kept frozen), and the LOONG 
               road at the far west half of the map.
               There are several unique forms to be had here, key among them 
               being the Peace Van (up on a cliff right before you reach the Dam 
               from the main road), the Safari Truck (North of the Dam, along the 
               beach), the Stealth Chopper (you will need a LEVEL 4 WANTED 
               LEVEL), and an Attack Chopper (there's a hanger that is easily 
               found near the Dam that houses this as well as useless F-16s).
    5.) General Tips
       Not really much to into into this;  basically, this section is just advice
        and general hints.
        a.)  Forms
             As I stated before, I will not go out of my way to recommend forms, 
             due mostly because it's up to preference.  Some forms are downright 
             useless (the first one, for starters), while some are terrific (the 
             Hot Rod (...)).  Experiment to find what makes you happy, and be 
             sure to play with the color pallates...  ^_^;
        b.)  Combat
             Most non-transformer foes can be felled rather easily with just the 
             Heavy Weapons function, and most foes (Lvl 2 Wanted and lower) can 
             be bested with the Laser option.  Physical combat with vehicles is 
             not recommended, unless your weapon bar is drained.
             Against standard Transformers, just blast them with Heavy Weaponry.
             Hand to had works well, but against a group, just blast.
             Drones (foes you fight later on) are best handled with any kind of 
             weapons - just don't be too close.
             Most bosses and key battles can be won by simply holding right or 
             left and tapping the Y button to fire.  Straffing and shooting wins 
             virtually all battles in this game, with rare excpetions.
        c.)  G1 Starscream
             OK, if you are fortunate enough to have been able to download this 
             (or used an Action Replay code), you have what is easily the 
             cheapest form in the game.  Because G1 is not limited to the ground,
             because it can use Trubo in the air (choppers cannot Turbo), because
             its weapons are hideously overpowered, and because it's cool, G1 
             Starscream is easily the most useful character in the game.  Why 
             drive through obstacles when you can simply fly?  Why fight when 
             you can blast with deadly lasers?  If you have this form, this easily
             cuts the difficulty of the game in half.
    6.) Story Mode
       Like I said, I will try to have the dialog added to these missions for 
        reference sake.  For now, though, let us look at how we beat these 
       For simplicity, the generic character will be referred to as "Player."
        a.)  The Rookie
             Story:  Upon arriving in the Casino area in Proto-Form (aka, the form
               like that of the Autobots in the movie when they arrived on Earth),
               Player contacts Starscream, wondering why he was on a nothing world.
               Starscream tells Player to seek out Barricade, and to assist in
               seeking the All Spark.  When Player contacts Barricade, the other is
               not crazy to have a partner.  After a bit of verbal sparring, Player
               is to run a systems check to see if he is operating correctly.
             Mission Goals:  Just learn the controls, and don't die - that would be
             Hints and Tricks:  Nothing really key at this point in the game;  just
               learn the controls, especially how to scan.  Also, try to get a hang
               on the weapons targeting system, as it will become essential later
               on.  And don't feel bad if you have issues with the driving parts;
               you will get MUCH better vehicles later on.
             Story:  Barricade's insults aside, once you best all the Autobots (and
               get your first form), you simply proceed to the next mission.
        b.)  Hazing
             Story:  As part of your initiation (wait, isn't Player already a
               Decepticon?), you are to cause chaos and destruction to lure out
               Autobots.  What do you do when they appear?  Hmm...
             Mission Goals:  Destory objects to flush out Autobots.  Kill said
               Autobots.  And don't die.
             Hints and Tricks:  When you first go into this mission, you might not
               have a variety of forms to choose from.  Take the time in the over-
               world to learn the controls if you are still having issues, and make
               sure to level up a bit to get a few abilities (now would be a good
               time to participate in the WFC All Spark Wars to get new vehicles
               and EXP).
               After you best the grunts, Player will have a brief dialog with a
               character called "Unknown."  This is Player from the Autobot version
               and might be a challenge if you are still unfamiliar with the 
               weapons yet.  Make sure you have leveled up enough to get heavy
               weapons for an easier time.
             G1 Starscream:  This is the first Mission where you can whip out this
               monster, and though he doesn't really change the overal strategy,
               his weaponry is vastly superior to most of your options at this
             Story:  Once you best Unknown, Barricade will send you to a town named
               Tranquility.  Hmm...  New area.  New forms.  New foes.  Wee.
        c.)  Beware of the Locals
             Story:  Upon arriving, Barricade (as cheerful as ever) sends you to
               blast a few cars.  Upon doing so, the police show up to blast you.
               How nice of Barricade to spring this nice gesture on you.
             Hints:  This is basically a way of teaching you about the Wanted level
               system, only in this mission, you cannot back out to change forms to
               drop said level (or regain health).
             G1 Starscream:  Like the prior mission, G1 only helps in that he has
               better weapons than anything else you have at this point.
             Story:  After Player grumbles about the "lesson" Barricade has given,
               Barricade reveals why they are on this rock:  they have detected a
               Decepticon signal - from Megatron.  When Player makes a wisecrack,
               he is promptly smacked by Barricade, who says that without Megatron,
               Player would be a blind slave to Optimus Prime and the Autobot
        d.)  Robots in Disguise
             Story:  Clearly having gotten over Player's comment about Megatron,
               Barricade sends him after an Autobot they have detected within the
             Hints:  Here's where it gets more complex, though not by much.  You
               can either scan or blast the cars you are given (hint - SCAN!), and
               be careful waltzing up to the third scan section, as the Autobot is
               lying in wait.
             G1 Starscream:  The biggest advantage he gives you is the ability to
               fly strait to the scan zones.
             Story:  Player scans the remains of the Autobot, learning that 
               Bumblebee has found references to a giant "Metal Man" frozen in the
               Artic.  When Barricade races to find the Autobot, Player contacts
               Starscream.  Careful to not mention Megatron by name, Player is told
               to not waste energy by "chasing ghosts."  Player notes that his boss
               seems to wish to not find whatever is there, and then moves on.
        e.)  The Diversion
             Story:  Barricade grumbles about how the authority figures (ie -
             police) is making the task of finding Bumblebee harder than it should
             be.  Player offers to take the heat, and goes to blast some humans.
             Hints:  Basically, blast a bunch of cars, get to a Level 3 Wanted
             status, and destory enough cars and objects to raise the damage to the
             target goal.  Note that many objects do release health drops.
             G1 Starscream:  No real advantage here except in weaponry.  Then
             again, by this point, you should have some added muscle to choose from
             (you have been scanning, right?).
             Story:  Barricade wants to know why Player offered to help, and does
             not buy into the story that Player was being helpful and wanted 
             respect.  Player denies that his help was prompted by Starscream, yet
             Barricade chooses to ignore his denial.  Barricade then goes off to
             "sting that Bumblebee."
        f.)  Stings Like a Bee
             Story:  Arriving in a small subdivision, Barricade finds Bumblebee
               at a house, and proceeds to chase him down the city streets.  All
               the while, Barricade notes that Bumblebee is trying to lure him away
               from the humans.  During the final match, Barricade notes that it
               was Megatron that damaged Bumblebee's vocal abilities.  (Note - if
               Megatron was lost for so long, why did it take Ratchet so long to
               fix that problem?)
             Hints:  You are your own worst enemy in this mission.  You greatly
               outclass Bumblebee in speed (mostly so you can catch up), and it is
               quite easy to overshoot and miss his turns.  Also, in battle, make
               sure you keep on your toes, NEVER risking hand to hand.  Also,
               beware his heavy cannons;  those will leave a mark.  There are trees
               and assorted objects to try to obtain health from if need be.
             G1 Starscream:  Ha ha.  This one is all about Barricade.
             Story:  With Bumblebee out of commission, Barricade learns of a human
               group called Sector 7, and Project Ice Man.  Putting two and two
               together, Barricade decides to send you and Blackout to a military
               base to obtain the details on the location of Megatron.  Brawl is
               supposed to meet you when the two of you arrive.
        g.)  Decoy
             Story:  Player brings Brawl and Blackout up to speed on Project Ice
             Man, and quickly begins to bark orders.  Brawl demands that the rookie
             get a change of attire quickly, suggesting a helicopter form.  Yes,
             this means no G1 Starscream again.
             Hints:  Ick, I did so HATE this mission my first two times through it.
               First off, don't feel afraid to flee the scene of battle to hunt for
               health pickups.  Fighting the helicopters is not nearly as bad as
               the tanks that appear, and you really don't want to have to replay
               a mission over.
             G1 Starscream:  Only useful in getting to the copter form faster.
             Story:  Blackout, you are cleared for landing!
        h.)  Blackout at Qatar
             Story:  Blackout, get going on those communication dishes!
             Hints:  I swear, this was the mission that I recieved the most e-mails
               on.  And with good reason:  you have to blast the five dishes while
               dodging all manner of weaponry coming your way, THEN you have to
               scan specific targets to get the data.  All the while, you have a
               time limit.
               There is no real easy way to handle this mess if you don't take it
               with a calm mind.  With the dishes, the best method I have found is
               to dodge around while firing as often as possible at the targets.
               It IS possible to nail the targets even when you don't have a lock
               on them, which helps when you are dodging the various projectiles.
               Note that a couple of the dishes can be taken out easily if you fit
               yourself between them and the turrets nearby.
               As far as scanning goes, luck plays into this one moreso than not.
               If fortune favors you, your enemies will spawn in positions that
               prevent them from hitting you.
               The first scan target is best scanned when you are atop the roof,
               hopefully with the peak of the roof between you and any copters near
               The second scan target is far easier, but also out of the way.  Get
               to it, and scan away.  You might have a tank or copter near, but 
               finding cover is much easier here.
               The third target is either easy or hard, depending on if you land
               right onto a building with no copters near.  It's not hard, but you
               have to be wary of how you land.
               The fourth target is much the same as the third, and the usual rules
               keeping out of the line of fire apply.
             G1 Starscream:  Blackout only.  Sorry.
             Story:  Project Ice Man data found, heading out.
        i.)  Leftovers
             Story:  Brawl wants to blow things up.  The military is sending a
               convoy to the nearby town.  Guess he gets his wish.
             Hints:  Ew, this is irritating.  The biggest issue here is the fact
               that you have to run between two points to keep the convoys from
               reaching the city (the yellow marker on your radar).  This would be
               easy, if you had speed.  And Brawl lacks that speed.
               Keep an eye on your Radar to see which convoy is closer, and take
               them out.  Be sure to attack from BEHIND the convoy, so that they
               cannot bring their weapons to bear on you.
               Finally, ignore the copters unless they become too many (or you need
               health);  they are there to distract you.
             Story:  That was fun?  Wierd sense of fun there, Brawl.
        j.)  Ratchet Retaliation!
             Story:  Time to move out, except that a few Autobots have arrived!
               Led by Ratchet, you must blast them to scrap!
             Hints:  This one is almost pathetically easy, if you have learned
               to use your heavy weaponry effectively.  Ignore the random Autobots
               and focus on Ratchet for a quick kill.
             G1 Starscream:  You can use him again, but his advantage is on par
               with the chopper you recieved a few missions ago.
             Story:  Upon besting Ratchet (who flees), Blackout and Brawl chase the
               Autobot Grunts.  While they are busy, Player contacts Starscream to
               bring him up to date.  As he does so, Player learns from Starscream
               that the All Spark, thought by Player to be a myth, is the reason
               that Megatron seemed to "abandon" the Decepticons eons ago.  Player
               wishes to tell the others, but Starscream forbids it, claiming that
               the others would simply fight over control of the relic.  Just as
               Player ends his conversation, Brawl and Blackout return, praising
               his abilities.  Player orders the trio to return to Barricade to
               hack the data.
        k.)  Torching the Welcome Wagon
        l.)  Code Breaker
        m.)  Reinforcements
        n.)  Communication Breakdown
        o.)  Cover Your Six
        p.)  Tag Team
        q.)  Megatron's Return
        r.)  Get the Chip
        s.)  Ambush
        t.)  Street Brawl
        u.)  Starscream's Betrayal
        v.)  Sibling Rivalry
        w.)  Final Showdown
    7.) Goal Missions
       These are the missions you take when you either activate a Gold Marker in 
        Free Play or via Download Missions from the WFC.
       (More Data Later)
    8.) WFC Support
       This section is basically here to tell you that if you connect to 
        Nintendo's WFC through a hot-spot, you will be able to download daily 
        missions to play at your leisure.  Note that your total score (not your 
        highest) will be uploaded to the server.  Once the day is over, all 
        scores are tallied for the Decepticons.  Also, the Autobot users will 
        have their scores added together.
       Once the scores are tallied, a winner will be decided.  Whoever wins gets 
        a sizable chunk of Wi-Fi points (which, when enough are gathered, allows 
        you to unlock cheats and cars) and a piece of the Allspark.  Whenever a 
        side gets ALL of the Allspark, you get a HUGE Wi-Fi point bonus.
    9.) Cheats
       (More info Later)
    10) Contact Information
       If you wish to contact me, please be aware of the following rules:
         *  You MUST use the subject line "Transformers:  Decepticons FAQ" 
            (quotation marks are not required).  Any other subject lines will be 
            ignored and/or marked as SPAM.  I will accept minor variations 
            (Transformers DS FAQ, for example).
         *  Compliments are welcome.  Flames are welcome, if they are written 
            with proper grammer and spelling.
         *  Suggestions and other means of completing goals will be accepted, but
            added only if they differ radically from existing data and/or are 
            unique unto themselves.  Note that I would first have to confirm 
            anything before I post it.
         *  Do NOT ask me to ID where all the cars are;  there is another FAQ on 
            that already, and it is a very good source in itself.
         *  No, I cannot provide game saves, and no, I will not post Action 
            Replay/CodeBreaker codes.  The reasons for this include the facts 
            that the Action Replay MAX CANNOT copy a save once you have been to 
            the WFC (the online server) (note:  if anyone knows otherwise, please
            share), as well as the fact that using AR codes tend to wipe out a 
            save if you have been onto the WFC before (this happened to my copy 
            of Custom Robo Arena).
         *  If you wish to host this FAQ, e-mail me following the rules above, 
            and I will probably grant you permission.  Just ask nicely.
    11) Credits and Thanks
       This FAQ is Copyright 2007 to Michael "Mikaa" Robbins, and shall not be 
        redistributed without express written conscent.  If you wish to make 
        personal copies for private use, feel free.  This may not be copied and 
        redistributed for personal gain or altered for use and claimed by another 
        for their own work.
       As for the thanks...
         *  Thanks to Nintendo, for designing a portable system that appeals to 
            everyone, and is still useable by the hardcore crowd.
         *  MANY thanks to Activision for making a movie tie-in game that didn't 
            chew on liquid steel.  Also many, many thanks to Activision for using 
            the WFC in a very unique, creative way that appeals to so many.
         *  Thanks to M32atDon for his YouTube video of the final battle;  said 
            video should still be at http://youtube.com/watch?v=FPNTXiVWRGI, and 
            DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!  Thanks again!

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